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268640 Djinn Character this was her origin in the teen titans current run also i checked other sites to see everything checked out 08/16/19 05:25PM 0 denied
229657 Jason Character He is wonder woman twin brother meaning they would have the same last name. 05/17/19 05:10AM 0 denied
215758 Empress Character all of these powers are voodoo magic which empress can use the women in her family are voodoo practitioner and eventually she will get these powers as she grows 04/20/19 01:10AM 38 approved
215440 Empress Character all of theses are powers that voodo can do and most of these powers Doctor Voddoo has which means empress can get them in the future with practice 04/19/19 01:43AM 0 denied
214019 Jon Kent Character John has the super flare or supernova that his dad had in the new 52 where he expels all the store up solar energy in his body in a giant blast 04/16/19 02:46PM 2 approved
213938 Secret Character all of these powers are wht ghost have found superpower wiki 04/16/19 12:30PM 10 approved
213925 Secret Character all these powers are ghost powers which i found on superpower wiki 04/16/19 12:06PM 20 approved
212944 Djinn Character i went to superpower wiki to see what powers djinn have and put them here 04/15/19 08:43AM 8 approved
212267 Crush Character her father has all these abilities which means she will get them too 04/13/19 03:18AM 20 approved
212233 Crush Character her father had all of these powers which means she has them too 04/12/19 11:54PM 10 approved
212232 Crush Character her race can duplicate themselves from a drop of their blood 04/12/19 11:45PM 2 approved