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DCU Online

I am so in Love with DCU Online, I can play for hours, switching between all my favorite characters. :)


Superman's Flings Quest

I have clicked on almost every woman ever associated with Superman and I can only find 4 of the 5 flings needed for the quest.  Can I get a little help please?

My Super Story

In the celestial city of Heliolympus, the embodiment of DESIRE, Princess Selina, gazed at the mortal realm on Earth and was very fascinated by all the people and places. Sensing mankind's need of LOVE in the world below and a growing sense of fear and negativity in the mortals, the Council of Dieties sent Princess Selina to live among the mortals and help to strengthen the LOVE mankind has turned its back on. The Princess took up many different identities in which to get to know mankind as one of them. Some of these are Nurse Goodbody, a French maid, Nashville's resident super-heroine, WONDER PRINCESS, as well as many others. Where ever LOVE is needed, Selina Desire is always close at hand.