Wolverine08's Favorite Superhero Movies.

Here comes a real list.

List items

  • Most people crown The Dark Knight as the high point of the Dark Knight trilogy, but to me, Batman Begins is the true master piece. Made me really enjoy Batman for the first time.

  • Robert Downey Jr. simultaneously jump started his career and Marvel Studios with this nigh flawless CBM. Hope to see more like it in years to come.

  • I find this movie criminally underrated. It stayed true to the dark comics that spawned the TMNT while also being a fun ride.

  • Nothing much to say. Bringing so many franchises together for the first time automatically gets it a top 5 nod.

  • The high point of the X-Men trilogy and I hope X-Men: Days of Future Past follows its excellency.

  • The oh so humble origin movie that helped kick start the superhero movie craze of the 2000's.

  • A truly heart touching comic book movie that made me a Captain America fan.

  • This sequel kept the great quality its predecessor first started.

  • Despite the controversy around this movie when it first released, I loved it. I felt that it moderinzed Spider-Man's origin for a new generation to enjoy and relate to.

  • 10. Viper sucked, but the character development Wolverine received was phenomenal and heart warming. Take note Paul Cornell.

  • 11. A superb origin story that helped continue the momentum X-Men started.

  • I also find this movie quite underrated. The final battle is pure boss.

  • I don't quite enjoy this movie as much as others, but it still deserves a spot.

  • Good introduction for Thor.

  • Christopher Reeves. Nuff' said.