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Wolverine08's Current Favorite Comic Artist's.

An ode to the guys who make our comics look awesome.

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  • His realistic art style is just so eye catching. Have always loved his work, and the issues he's done with Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers have been no less incredible.

  • I honestly don't need to give a speech here if you've seen this man's work, Stuart Immonen's art is just damn gorgeous. He makes all New X-Men worth it just for the art alone, and you are doing your eyes a misfortune if you don't check it out.

  • Bachalo's work has been criticized for it's cartoonish look, but that style just draws me in like no other. His work on New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and many more works are awesome. X books are lucky to have him right now.

  • An up and comer in the field of comic art, Mateus Santolouco(I hope I spelled that right) deserves oh so much praise. His work on IDW's TMNT is just beautiful, and his unique style is technically advanced to a crazy degree. Marvel/DC, I want to see Mr. Santolouco in your comics, NOW!

  • If there's one word that could be used to describe Manapul's art perfectly, kinetic would be the one. This man's art just oozes energy, and it's hard to keep your eyes off the page when his penciling. Detective Comics is lucky to have him on board.

  • Someone whom is in my opinion, the best artist Daredevil has ever had, Alex Maleev is an artist brimming with talent. His dark yet beautiful noirish feel is a sight to enjoy.

  • Only a man of incredible talent could pen a god like Thor, and no man is up to the job like artist Esad Ribic is. His regal style just radiates power. Someone I always like to see drawing my comics.

  • The modern artist for Captain America, Steve Epting is one of the most technically sound artists in the game today. His art is just so clean and easy on the eyes it's incredible.

  • Another artist with a cartoonish style but clean sty;e, I think Mr. Bates deserves attention. Check out his TMNT work, I don't think you'll be disappotinted.

  • With a hyper realistic style, Adi Granov has blessed comics like Extremis by Warren Ellis(Awesome read) with simply gorgeous art. It'd be a shame to pass him up.

  • SPLASH PAGES! Jeezus, Sorrentino almost kills me with just how stunning his work can be, even when I'm expecting it. Check out his current Green Arrow series along with Jeff Lemire for a well written and beautiful comic.

  • Only thing I hate about this guy is that he's always doing covers, but so little interior work! Nonetheless, Jock is an artist with a kinetic style that deserves respect.

  • A guy who has been putting in work since the 90's, Yu only serves to get better with time. A true artist.

  • Can't believe I forgot this guy first time around, complete beast.

  • Coipel has a pretty style to his art, and I just love it.