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Sparks and Shadows(Short Story by WollfMyth209)

Note:This is a short, fan story I've been working on for some time now which is meant to represent the struggle between Darth Gravid and his apprentice Gean. This is just a fanfic with some concept art drawn by yours truly. All criticism welcomed. Now, I hope you enjoy:

Sparks and Shadows

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By WollfMyth209

It’s more than 5 centuries before the Battle of Yavin, and a massive conflict will begin on Jaguada. A young Sith apprentice – Darth Gean – walks towards her master’s fortress. A green Twi’Lek with a slender, but beautiful body, she was covered in dark brown cloths. A black cape billowed behind her. On one hand, her middle and index finger were covered in black tattoos that lead up from her hand up to her shoulder and then onto her head. Her left eye was surrounded by three black tattoos that marked her pain tolerance and training. Her right eye only had one tattoo coming from her right lekku. It symbolized her loyalty to the Sith. She gained all four during her mission to Kashyyyk. There she fought four giant Terentateks – monsterous beasts noted for their ferocity. Gravid was surprised to not see a single scratch on her when she came back from that training. But her master had crossed a line. She had known that he’d been meddling in Jedi arts, but to discover he had done something so traitorous as outright destroying holocrons and Sith scrolls? It made Gean’s blood boil. The power of Bane has been passed down for more than 500 years now and the chain will not be broken here. Gean has become more powerful than all Sith before her, and none can now stand up to her power.

Not Darth Zannah, who could summon the deepest nightmares and cause the most powerful to quake in fear.

Not Darth Cognus, who has brought down mountains under her power.

Not Darth Millennial, who’s storms ravaged cities.

Not Darth Occidite, who annihilated colonies of warriors.

And now not Darth Gravid... or does he even deserve the title Darth, anymore?

Gean stands before the fortress now, prepared for the Dark Side to take it’s course. She could die in this battle, or she could bring the Sith to glory.

Gravid’s Barrier still holds the fortress under protection, but it wouldn’t for long. Gean filled herself with the Force, manifesting it’s energy. It rippled through her body, shaking in it like an earthquake. She extended both her arms as fast as a viper stricking. Through her palms the energy she called on was unleashed in a wave. Like rocks hitting glass, the telekinetic attack broke the gigantic Barrier and nearly destroyed the entire fortress. Inside, a meditating Gravid was knocked off his levitated state and slammed onto the ground.

“She’s here“ he whispered to himself. He threw up both hands side ways and jolted upwards like a bolt of lightning. From the podium on one side, a lightsaber was drawn, flying through the air. From the other podium placed slightly closer, another lightsaber flung and drew closer to its owner. As Gravid began his sprint, the lightsabers connected to his plams. In a fraction of a second, he crossed his arms and activated both of them. On one side, illuminating his brown eye, was a string of blue plasma. On the other side, illuminating his reddish eye was a formation of crimson energy. He stood at his doorway gazing on the lower levels of his fortress. Gean was standing infront of it with her arms extended. She pulled her limbs back towards her and returned to her neutral position she had a mere moment earlier. Her old master kept a watchful eye on her. While Gravid was indeed an old man, he was not incapable. Now his Dark Side degredation was barely even noticeable.

His beard, once almost as black as night, was now a light brown. His hands, once with veins thrusting out and boney fingers similar to talons, now a standard color for humans with fingers as soft as a newborn child’s. His face, once wrinkled and revolting to look at, was now as normal as could be. Obviously, some scars and a few darker areas showed themselves, but he was almost completely cleansed of the Dark Side. The sight of this made Gean growl in anger as she activated her own lightsaber. She dropped her cape, crouched for a moment and extended her long slender body out. The motion continued as a Force Jump that gave the illusion she was flying. Her lekku waved in the wind as she surpassed the highest top of Gravid’s fortress. Her descent began. It was fiery, not unlike herself. An asteroid of anger and hatred was about to hit Gravid, and this was an asteroid he wanted to dodge. He willed himself to do so, but he was a nanosecond to late. His blue blade met her red blade. The impact caused the stone ground underneath them to shake before crumbling under the pressure and fell. They both followed in suit. Gravid gracefully glided down with the Force, whereas his apprentice just fell until her feet met the ground. The fall did nothing to her, she slammed onto the rock hard battleground and caused pebbles or larger rocks to flip over or fling up from the pressure of her fall. She was now in a kneeling posture, a position she was all too familiar with. Her lifetime under Darth Gravid made her humiliate herself with this bodily expression of inferiority more times than she could count. This would not happen again. She extended her left knee first, and her entire leg followed as she leapt at her master again. By now, Gravid had glided down to safety, without wasting any energy. He would have to now, however, as his former apprentice now charged at him like a raging bull seeing the color red.

At an instant, their lightsabers clashed and the two were engulfed in a dance of sapphire and ruby colored lights that flickered from one place to another. It appeared as if their arms were teleporting around their bodies. Gravid seemed to have wielded 18 lightsabers, rather than 2, and Gean was there to answer the thrusts or parries from all of them. At a glimpse of a moment, Gravid left his bottom half opened. Gean couldn’t afford to bring her lightsaber down, though. If she did, Gravid would cut her head off. It’s too much of a risk, but she didn’t need her lightsaber. She brought up her right leg up and smashed her foot onto Gravid’s knee. Her master staggered back, his composure completely lost. Gean took the edge and landed a headbutt on the former Dark Lord. Blood stretched out from his mouth and nose as the old man fell back. Gean twirled her body around and in the complete 360 turn – she changed her stance and combat form. It went from style IV, Ataru, to style VII, Juyo. Her rage can now manifest in it’s highest point. She ran into her master once again, firstly using her elbow to smash Gravid in the gut and holding her lightsaber up above her head and swung it down to cut Gravid in two. The old man was just fast enough to block the attack; his red lightsaber was knocked out of his hand from the force of the attack. It’s time to fall back on other tactics, Gravid thought. His stance morphed into a style III stance. It was the all-defensive form of Soresu that the Jedi used. Suddenly, Gean’s attacks were rendered almost useless. Each attack kept being stone-walled by Gravid’s defenses. Down, up, left, right, thrust, jab, slash, swing – nothing worked. Gean roared again, slamming her lightsaber onto Gravid’s once again. This time, she had the lead. As her lightsaber’s motion proceeded, Gravid’s followed. It was now away from his hand and onto the ground meters away. Gean saw the chance of a lifetime and kept attacking. Her first few attacks were dodged, others were stopped mid-stride by a Force Push or Gravid using the Force to deflect the assaults with his palms. He swung up both his hands and multiple branches and vines were brought to life suddenly. They listended to their master’s order and tied Gean up. Gravid took the few moments of the pause to call forth his blue lightsaber to his hand.

Gean was breaking free from the plants. She either tore and uprooted them from the ground, or cut them into small bits with her lightsaber. Gravid now took the offensive. Just as Gean was finished with the vegetation, a charge of pain told her she was in danger. She looked at the arm that held her lightsaber and in it’s place saw a bloodied stump. Underneath the stump, her ribs were almost completely skewered. The right side of her face had an enormous scar over it that caused blood to flow like water from a running fountain. And the tip of her right lekku was now missing.

Yield! You are defeated! yelled out Gravid.

Gean didn’t yield. She laughed, out loud. The laugh was... disturbing, to say the least. Gravid was taken a back by it and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The pain... The pain... Pain... It fuels me, drives my passion. Said Gean in the middle of her chuckle.

There was a moment of silence after the Twi’Lek chanted out those words. Gravid kept walking backwards, being driven to the brink of utter fear. Then he heard the yell:

Through passion I gain strength...

...Through strength I gain power...

...Through power I gain victory...

...Through victory my chains are broken...

Bringing her lightsaber into her palm, she rushed forward again. Even with one hand only, her attacks were unimaginably strong. Who does Gravid think he is? Believing he can defeat the most powerful Sith in existance. The Sith’Ari, the ultimate successor of Darth Bane, the culmination of all the power passed down from him. She would defeat her master and return the Sith to their absolute highest. It took only a few hits before Gravid crumbled under the pressure. First his hands were sliced off, then his arms, then several cuts were landed on his legs. Gean wanted him to suffer, she feeds on his screams of pain and torment. She could feel the power of Gravid being transfered into her. Finally, she lobbed off Gravid’s head.


The next day, a new and improved Gean walks out of Gravid’s fortress. The right part of her face was replaced with a cybernetic cheek and a red, glowing eye. The tip of her lekku had a molded, iron like look. Her right arm and hand looked almost identical to her original one, the only difference is the exposed joints and the greyish color which was a contrast to her dark green skin. She pulled up the arm that had living tissue on it and clenched it into a fist. The fortress begins to shake. The top three tower starts to fall apart. One flies out into the sky, never to be seen again, the second tower slams down onto a part of the lower sections of the fortress, and the third one was reduced to ash. Gean walked away from the ruins of her master’s fortress and pulled out a comlink.

A hologram of a hooded figure appeared and asked: Is it done, my master?

The Twi’Lek flashed a grin of sharp teeth before answering: Yes, my apprentice. Now we can uphold the Rule of Two.