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Githany Respect Thread

Respect Githany

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  • I will be spliting this respect thread into two parts; Githany as she appears in Jedi vs. Sith comic series and Path of Destruction novel
  • Within these sections, I will count her feats from those respective sources

Jedi vs. Sith

Force Valor

Valor is a power that allows Force users to increase their speed, strength and durability.

Githany moves fast enough to catch a bat and proceeds to crush it with her strength:

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Githany speedblitzes a Jedi:

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Githany survives an explosion:

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Telekinesis the most basic Force power. It allows a Force user to lift, throw, pull and push objects with their mind.

Githany hurls Bug with a glance:

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Combat skill

Githany casually beats her lover, Kiel Charny, in combat:

Path of Destruction


Kaan says Githany is remarkable:

At his side Kaan whispered, "Remarkable, isn't she?"

Source: Path of Destruction

Kopecz considers her dangerous:

“I think she's dangerous.”

Source: Path of Destruction

The Dark Side of the Force is strong in Githany:

The dark side is strong in her.

Source: Path of Destruction

The Force was exceptionally strong in her.

Source: Path of Destruction

Even though she'd been with the Sith only a short time, the ways of the dark side came naturally to her.

Source: Path of Destruction

Force prowess

Githany could manipulate and control her lightwhip with both her physical motion and her Force powers:

Githany eschewed traditional weaponry in favor of the very rare energy whip: just one of the many traits that made her stand out from the other apprentices. It operated on the same basic principles as a lightsaber, but instead of a steady beam, the energy of the crystals was projected in a flexible ribbon that would twist, turn, and snap in response to both Githany's physical motions and her use of the Force.

Source: Path of Destruction

Force lightning/Storm

Lightning is a dark side power which allows a Force user to call upon and summon torrents of lightning through the Force. When further amplified, this ability could be used to summon storms.

Githany was among the top apprentices who were taught how to use lightning and corrupt the Force in a deadly storm by Quordis:

Only the top apprentices had been present when Qordis had taught them to use the dark side to corrupt the Force into a deadly storm.

Source: Path of Destruction

Combat skill

Githany had a reputation for crushing her rivals:

In only a few weeks she'd already developed a reputation for crushing those who got in her way.

Source: Path of Destruction

Githany and Bane beat the top apprentices of the academy, Sirak, Yvera and Llokay, in combat:

"Enough!" Sirak shouted. Bane threw himself forward, rolling out of the way at the last second as the double-bladed lightsaber sliced a deep furrow into the spot where he had been standing. As he rolled to his feet, he saw Githany move; when she tossed his lightsaber to him, he was already extending his hand and using the Force to guide the hilt into his grasp.

The weapon flared to life and he turned just in time to block Sirak’s charge. Yevra and Llokay were a few meters behind, rushing forward to join the fray. Bane counterattacked, slashing down at Sirak’s legs. The Zabrak parried the blow, and their blades collided with a burning hum. On the edge of his awareness Bane heard the sound of Githany’s whip igniting.

A quick flurry caused Sirak to retreat. Bane feinted as if he was going to press forward, then took a step back, opening a full meter of space between them. It gave him just enough time to cast out his arm in the direction of the unsuspecting Yevra. Catching her up with the Force, he hurled her against one of the nearby shelves hard enough to splinter the wood.She crumpled to the floor, dazed. Before she had a chance to rise, Githany lashed out with her whip and ended the Zabrak female’s life.

Bane barely had time to register her death before Llokay was on him. The red-skinned Zabrak was overmatched, but his grief and rage empowered him, and he drove his much larger opponent back with a brutal series of desperate slashes and strikes.

Staggering back, Bane was almost too distracted to see Sirak unleashing a bolt of crackling blue lightning at him. At the last second he twisted and caught the potentially lethal blast with the blade of his lightsaber, absorbing its energy. The move had been one of instinct and last resort, and it had left him vulnerable to a single quick thrust from Llokay.

But Githany’s whip was snapping and cracking at Llokay’s eyes and face, and his blade was busy frantically warding off the blows. Bane turned his attention back to Sirak, who hesitated. At that moment there was a scream from Llokay: he had misjudged the erratic path of Githany’s energy whip and lost an eye. A second scream would have followed, but she gashed open his throat, the burning tip of her weapon searing his vocal cords so he died in agonized silence.

Outnumbered, Sirak extinguished his lightsaber, dropped it to the ground, and fell to his knees.

Source: Path of Destruction