Star Wars: Rebel Trooper/Rebel SpecForce respect thread!(Legends canon)

So yes folks, another Non-Force User respect thread. This time however, we shall be looking into the Rebel Alliance!

Specifically the Rebel Troopers/Rebel SpecForce. I'm pretty much putting them under the same banner to make things easier and not having to make 2 separate blogs, plus the two are sort of the same anyway and the true threat to the Empire were the SpecForce branches not so much the regulars.

So let's get to it!


Rebel Trooper

Outnumbered, outgunned, yet their courage and camaraderie keeps them fighting.
Outnumbered, outgunned, yet their courage and camaraderie keeps them fighting.

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

New Rebels learn how to fight very quickly and they have a will to learn that is second to none. Rebel soldiers often learn under adverse conditions(ie: active combat) with little to no immediate reward.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide: A New Hope

Rebel troopers often learn by doing pretty much in the thick of combat and their willingness to learn is second to none.

Alliance basic training follows the standard format created hundreds if not thousands of years ago. The recruits are put through a grueling 8 weeks of physical training, learning their bodies' strength and weaknesses, learning the basic skills necessary to any soldier.

- Taken from Rebellion Era campaign guide

Though they do also have a regular training format of 8 weeks of grueling training, learning the basics.

Rebel warriors must be constantly alert and improvising, Rebel platoons are often given their assignments at a moment's notice. Therefore it is obvious, that the best Rebels are the jack of all trades, the ones who can make a difference no matter where they are or what they are up against.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide: A New Hope

The Rebels have to constantly be alert and improvising, becoming jack of all trades and able to make a difference no matter where they are or what they are up against. This is ridiculously impressive, given that at a moment's notice, they can come up with something literally on the fly and take their enemies by surprise or able to adapt very quickly to any situation.

Rebels actually care about who they're working with and what pains or joys their friends are feeling. They make strong friendships with last unto death and Alliance commanders make sure that good teams stick together. They are inventive, easy going, ferocious in combat and although they don't have a wish to die, they aren't necessarily afraid of it either.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide: A New Hope

They form strong bonds together, teams stick together, they are inventive and ferocious in combat and they don't fear death.

"You can afford to take chances.. In fact given the real disadvantages under which you operate, you have to take changes. Do so. But do so in a smart manner. Keep one step ahead of your enemy. You and your troops have been specifically trained to be flexible, to be smart and to take advantage of every opportunity that arises. Learn how your enemy thinks."

- Taken from Madine's Rules of War- Rebel Alliance Sourcebook 2nd edition

Trained to be flexible, to be smart and take advantage of every opportunity that comes up, they have to be one step ahead of their enemies and learn how they think.

"Here, as in all your military endeavors, do not match your strength against the enemy's. Hit them where he is weak, make him attack you where you are strong. Give up ground when necessary; the enemy's forward progress may give you the opportunity to launch a devastating counterattack."

- Taken from Madine's Rules of War- Tactics- Rebel Alliance Sourcebook 2nd edition

Instead of matching their enemy strength, they hit them where the enemy is weak and make them attack where they are strong, if need be give up their position and set for a devastating counterattack.

"The second lesson of Tiems: training pays off. The Alliance troops performed brilliantly. The battalions on the left and right flank held their own against twice their number for over 2 hours, allowing time for a trap to develop. The battalions in the center put up a strong show of resistance to the main attack, taking tremendous casulties and then when the time was right, pulled back to the town in good order. This maneuver could have only been performed by highly-trained, highly-motivated and well-led troops: others would have most certainly disintegrated."

- Taken from Madine's Rules of War- Tactics- Rebel Alliance Sourcebook 2nd edition

So during the Battle of Tiems, two Rebel Battalions held off an Imperial force that was 2x their number for 2 hours as Alliance forces worked themselves to get off planet. Noted it could only have been done by highly trained, motivated and well led troopers, whereas others would have just disintegrated.

Folks a Rebel Battalion is only 576 men.

Battalion(576 troopers)

- Taken from Rebellion Era campaign guide.

Do the math now the battalions held their own against a larger and much better armed force for over 2 hours. That is completely ridiculous and shows just how far their jump into combat training, bonds and ingenuity goes.

To the Alliance strategists, there is nothing more flexible, practical or dangerous than a well-trained, reasonably armored trooper, willing and able to operate alone or in small groups. The Imperials rely upon specialized heavy equipment, the Alliance counters with its best asset, the bravery and intelligence of its soldiers.

- Taken from Rebel Alliance Sourcebook 2nd edition

The best asset the Alliance has is their troopers, which are practical, smart, flexible and dangerous, able to operate alone or in small groups.

Rebel SpecForce

"In half an hour, I can put together a strike team of twenty soldiers, capable of succeeding any mission, under any circumstances, anywhere in the galaxy."- General Crix Madine

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

SpecForce became the branch the Empire feared most. When Imperial propaganda mentioned "Rebel terrorists" they meant Specforce, the branch of the Alliance that the Empire's military feared most.

- Taken from Rules of Engagement

The Empire feared the Rebel SpecForces not the regulars that the Alliance had. This is pretty notable, given that above the Rebel Trooper are already jack of all trades and could improvise on the spot. Yet the Empire was more feared with their SpecForces.

"Your candidacy for Specforce training is itself a mark of a superior soldier."- From standard acceptable holo to SpecForce candidates

Once selected for special forces, the candidate goes through another round of advanced drop training. Standards are very high in every area, the washout rate is equally high. Failure in the entrance program offers no stigma, simply being accepted to a special forces program is the mark of a superior soldier.

- Taken from Rules of Engagement

Standards are high, even just having been accepted gives the mark of being superior to other troopers.

Fundamentals Specforce training exercises including two months of weapons drill in blasters, slugthrowers and heavy weaponry, and hand weapons. The trainees perform numerous deployment simulations: overland marches, stealth drills. drop-ship and para-sail deployments and so on.

As training progresses, the trainees go through increasingly difficult scenarios including life fire drills and failure rigged reenactments, finishing with an extremely realistic war game.

- Taken from Rules of Engagement

2 months of exercises with blasters, slugthrowers, heavy weapons and hand weapons. Going on various simulations which get more and more difficult until the end with a realistic war game.

Once trained to a peak in fundamental skills, special forces trainees are sent to their final camp for "finishing and polishing" in a particular area of expertise.

- Taken from Rules of Engagement

Their skills are trained to peak performance before going on to a area of expertise.

The average Specforce trooper is a little older than a Rebel soldier, has better than average intelligence and physical ability. A large percentage of Specforce troops are former Imperial soldiers.

- Taken from Rules of Engagement

They are smarter and more physical than Rebel Troopers, with a large number of them being former Imperial Troopers.

Now folks bury this in your head. The average SpecForce trooper, is better than a Rebel Trooper...ones who are highly adaptable in combat, someone who can come up with *** out of their pants and make a difference.

An experience Specforce trooper is likely to be adapt at a wide variety of skills and operations, and has probably been crossed trained to specialist levels in other fields(medical, technical or operational.)

- Taken from Rules of Engagement

Experienced SpecForce are likely to have adapted in a wide variety of skills and operations, being crossed trained to specialist levels in other fields.

First implemented by Crix Madine as the Alliance Special Forces Unit, the elite unit known as SpecForces is one of the most dangerous military units in the galaxy. SpecForce units are trained to be brutally efficient and highly mobile. A Specforce soldier is a multipurpose combatant whose sharpshooting abilities are rivaled only by his stealth. SpecForce soldiers are quiet and deadly.

- Taken from Threats to the Galaxy(Under Soldier, Elite)

Rebel SpecForce is noted as one of the most dangerous military units in the galaxy. Multipurpose troopers, brutally efficient and deadly.

Comic Scans

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Their actions are more reflex than thought, a squad of SpecForce Wilderness Fighters are able to take out an AT-ST.

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It's kill or be killed, they do whatever it takes to survive.

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They care not for their lives even when faced with certain death.

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As also noted in my Stormtrooper respect thread, a Rebel SpecForce trooper and Imperial Scout Trooper go at eachother H2H for a straight 45 minutes stalemate, before they call a truce.

This is actually an impressive showing for both sides, given both of their harsh training.


Well there you have it folks! The Rebel Trooper/SpecForce!

I'll probably add more as time goes on, but there's quite a lot of info there to digest and thoroughly detail what the Alliance has. It saddens me, when people think of the Alliance(and the Empire by extension) Troopers as nothing more than rag tag people with blasters, they are so much more than that. (They are rag tag only to a point, not completely.)