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Star Wars: Imperial Army Trooper respect thread!(EU Canon)

So yes folks, another Star Wars thread relating to the Galactic Empire. Now this thread we shall be looking at the Imperial Army Troopers! The standard foot trooper of the Galactic Empire.

Yes folks, despite many a belief, Stormtroopers weren't the main ground trooper for the Empire in Star Wars. Stormtroopers were the elite shock troops, hitting hard and fast or doing special missions IE: Death Star plans, and so on.

The Imperial Army Troopers are the main force and do a lot of the fighting, while they aren't shown much they do have some pretty nice accolades.

So let's get to it then!

For Stormtroopers thread: Stormtrooper respect thread

For Royal Guard thread: Imperial Royal Guard


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Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

Army Troopers make up a vast number of the Empire's planet bound fighting forces. These soldiers are trained to only fight, and they do it very well. They are taught all manner of combat techniques, hand to hand, blaster pistol, grenade and heavy weapons are just some of the areas these soldiers are expected to excel in.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Taught all manner of combat techniques, including H2H, blaster, grenade and heavy weps. They are expected to not just know these things, but to excel in each area.

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Proficient in heavy weps, blaster pistols/rifles and simple weapons. They have blast helmets and vests and are also adept at fighting unarmed.

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Helmet comlinks, survival gear and utility belts, also grenades.

The Imperial Army is highly trained and able to put up a good fight. SpecForce respects the Army's power and skill.

- Taken from Rules of Engagement: Rebel SpecForce Handbook

The Imperial Army Troopers are noted as highly trained and able to put up a great fight against the Rebellion's SpecForces and are given respect by them for their power and skill.

With the New Order, the Army was completely overhauled. Rigorous training and recruitment programs were re-established, and the missions of the Army were expanded. Drop missions into hostile territory were considered routine for normal troopers rather than the province of a few elite units. Training for complex assaults were considering the norm.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd edition

Army Troopers go through rigorous training, what was once considered select missions for elite units were considering routine for normal troopers and complex assaults were normal training for them too.

The Imperial Army Academy was on Raithal, in the Colonies. Most of its cadets endured a grueling 1 year long training program that included simulation and live fire drills in drop camps on a variety of worlds.

- Taken from The Essential Guide to Warfare.

Army Troopers go through 1 grueling year of simulation and live fire drills in various drop camps on a number of different worlds.

We'll make you fitter and healthier than you have ever been. By the end of it, you'll be tired but fit: ready to take on anything the galaxy can throw against you. The Imperial Army is the best in the galaxy, that means every soldier is highly trained to carry out the various jobs demanded of him. In the Imperial Army we don't send you into battle half trained. We have a galaxy to protect and have no use for dead soldiers.

So weither your a member of an armored unit, infantry regiment, the artillery, engineers or communications corp, we ensure that your basic training is second to none.

- Taken from Imperial Sourcebook 2nd editon

The Army makes their Troopers fitter and healthier than they have ever been, they are highly trained and their training is described as second to none.

At drop camp we aim to prepare you for every situation that you're likely to face. We train you in the types of environment you will be seeing the most action in. For most regiments this will be on standard worlds with a wide mix of terrain types. We'll teach you to survive and operate in jungles, deserts, swamps, arctic regions, forests and how to handle yourself under different planetary gravities.

- Taken from imperial Sourcebook 2nd editon

The Troopers are aimed to prepare for every situation they might come across, trained on various environment types including jungles, deserts, swamps, arctic, forests and dealing with different planetary gravities.

So even becoming an Imperial Army Trooper isn't easy, nor should it with a galaxy spanning organization, who knows what one might come across.

The Imperial Army has installations on nearly every inhabited world. For the most part, these bases train local forces and supplement the local defense forces in the event of a ground invasion.

- Taken from Lords of the Expanse Gamemaster Guide

The Imperial Army has bases on nearly every world and train the local defense forces.

"The two, a Captain Ganig and a Sergeant Stecker, are both inside the station. COMPNOR made each famous after the Battle of Sagma, but since then their casual observation of doctrine has come to light. If they take this station, COMPNOR will again make them heroes."

"What is your point, Barezz?" asked the colonel. The ISB man snapped his eyes toward him. The colonel met the gaze. "My point, colonel, is that for propaganda purposes, dead heroes are nearly as good live ones. And dead heroes cannot defect to the Rebellion."

"Do your sources indicate that they are thinking of defecting?"

"No," admitted Barezz, "but we are certain that a trooper named Linds is a Rebel sympathizer. He has been in contact with each man. I do not know if we can take such a risk. Delay the starfighter support until the Rebels have killed Ganig and Stecker. Then send in the support needed to dispose of the Y-wings."

Bewen looked at Drost. They were his TIE fighters, but they were Drost's men. The colonel nodded curtly.

"How long could your men hold out in their present position, colonel?" Bewen asked.

"Normally I would say less than three minutes. They are good. I would guess seven,"said Drost.

- Taken from Picutorion Viewed From The Top

So at the Battle of Picutorion, there was an assault going on and Rebels were given heated resistance to the Imperial forces at a tracking station which the latter had broken into.

There were 2 Army Troopers who had penetrated into the tracking station, a Captain and a Sergeant from the Tensiger's 6th regiment armor battalion. These 2 were made famous at the Battle of Sagma and noted if they took this station, COMPNOR would label them as heroes again.

Unfortunately, the ISB Agent notes that a Trooper named Linds to be a Rebel Sympathizer, who has been in contact with both the Captain and Sergeant and so he suggests to kill the two Troopers, because dead ones make for just as good propaganda as live ones and they can't defect.

Colonel Drost says that ordinary would only survive 3 minutes, but given how good they are, he gave them 7.


NOTE: Take note, this is an entire station of Rebels who were giving quite a lot to defend it and these guys are just 2 Troopers, the odds are stacked against them heavily and 3 to 7 minutes can be a pretty long time when one is fighting for their life. This is a good testament to the Army training that they'd be able to hold out for so long.


"Maybe they're being shielded," Covell grunted, looking out the viewport. Still no movement from the encampment. "Let's find out. Assault squads: go."

The hoverscouts popped their aft hatchways, and from each came a squad of eight soldiers, laser rifles held tautly across battle-armored chests as they dropped to the ground. Half of each squad took up backstop position, their rifles trained on the encampment from the partial cover of their hoverscout, while the other half sprinted across the open ground to the outer line of buildings and sheds. There, they assumed covering positions, allowing their comrades in the rear to similarly advance. It was a centuries-old military tactic, executed with the kind of squeamish determination that Covell would have expected of green troops. Still, the raw material was definitely there.

The soldiers continued their leap-frog approach to the main building, with small groups breaking off the main encirclement to check out each of the outer structures as they passed. The point men reached the central building-a brilliant flash lit up the forest as they blasted down the door-a slightly confused scramble as the rest of the troops piled through.

And then, silence.

- Dark Force Rising

Squads of Army Troopers move in on an encampment, half of each squad backing up the other halves with covered positions by their hoverscouts while the other half moved in. They then doing the same so the rear half could come up. The squads then breaking off into smaller groups, checking out the encampment.

Now this feat might not look like much, but it's noted by the Imperial Commander(Covell) that while these were green troops, they still had that skill which would make them an effective fighting force. This would all point back to just how great their training was.

Side Note: Elite Soldier

To put better into perspective of the above, let's see what your Elite Soldier that could be found within the galaxy is capable of.

Elite soldiers are some of the best and deadliest warriors that an army, mercenary force or planetary guard has to offer. Taught to master the essentials of combat and basic soldiering, elite soldiers receive special, highly intensive training to specialize in particular ways of killing. Wherever there is conflict in the universe, elite soldiers are on hand, doing the dirty work that few others are capable of handling.

- Threats of the Galaxy

So the general Elite Soldier are noted as being some of the best an army, merc force or planetary guard has to offer, their training is highly intensive and wherever there is a conflict, there are those elite who do the work few others can.

Now obviously I'm not saying every Army Trooper is some one man army or anything of that sort, but everything above points them being as highly capable, especially if they can put up a decent fight against Rebel Specforces who are some of the best Troopers in the galaxy.


Pretty much all there is to it. There's not really many feats for em, other than some comic panels with them in battle with Stormtroopers, but haven't really shown anything. Novels, nothing in particular, same with the adventure journals.

The Army has been mostly used to run their vehicles/walkers and the like. As seen in the OT with AT-AT/AT-ST pilots, so the Army Troopers are there, but not many even know they are them and have been around just as long as the Stormtroopers more or less!

Even still this shows just how even the Army Troopers are a formidable force too within the GE, the Stormtroopers and Royal Guards are just moreso.