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Star Wars: Dark Jedi respect thread(Legends/EU Canon)

So yes another Star Wars respect thread I have made. This however will be a tad different, as first it will be looking into your typical Dark Jedi and then move into the Dark Jedi which are more powerful to give a real understanding of where they are at.

So then...let's get to it!

Link to Jedi Knight RT= Jedi Knight

Link to Je'Daii Order RT= Je'Daii Order

Link to The Inquisitorius= The Inquisitorius

Link to Witches of Dathomir= Witches of Dathomir

Link to The Darkstaff= The Darkstaff

Better viewed in Blog format.


Dark Jedi(Standard/Independent)

Above is your typical Dark Jedi, one who is strayed from the path of the Jedi Order or is just someone who was found to be Force Sensitive and has been trained by others in the utilization of the Dark Side...so let's explore this.


Those Force Users who claim to be Dark Jedi, are for the most part, former members of the Jedi Order. However some of those classified might have been individuals who never have been trained by the Jedi and actually began their instruction under another Dark Jedi. In any case, Dark Jedi pose a significant threat to the freedom of the galaxy by opposing those who have sworn to protect it.

- Taken from Threats of the Galaxy- Dark Jedi

Whether they be former Jedi or ones trained under other Dark Jedi. They are a significant threat to the galaxy, this galaxy mind you having powerful government organizations, police agencies, Jedi and so on.

Facing a Dark Jedi in battle is a risky venture at best, considering the resources at the individual's disposal. The darkside of the Force combined with anger or passion can cause even skilled Jedi to balk momentarily. Whether by himself or with supporters, a Dark Jedi enters combat with little hesitation and tends to focus his energy on Force using heroes who oppose him before turning on any others, using his lightsaber and any offensive Force powers to quickly end the fight.

- Taken from Threats of the Galaxy- Dark Jedi

Dark Jedi can cause even skilled Jedi to balk, they don't hesitate and use their lightsaber and Force powers to end fights quickly.

No Caption Provided

They specialize in lightsaber usage and proficent in saber combat and using simple weapons. Adept at fighting unarmed. Can make two quick strikes in a single attack(Rapid Strike), have honed their Force ability(Skill Focus). They can slam one or more beings into the ground using The Force(Force Slam), they can enhance their combat abilities(Battle Strike/Dark Rage).

Although Dark Jedi may live alone, some make astonishing connections, serving under masters of the Darkside such as a Dark Jedi Master or Sith Lord, while others go in the direction of recruiting non-sensitive individuals such as mercenaries or pirates. Others might try to pass off as a true Jedi associating themselves with diplomats and politicians in governments to reach their goals.

- Taken from Threats of the Galaxy- Dark Jedi

Can make some pretty good connections, forming a group, serving under a Master or even worming themselves into a planetary government.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Knowing Affect Mind(Mind Trick), Empathy, Fear, Telepathy, Sense.

Before the near destruction of the Jedi Knights, they were able to fashion items of great power through which they controlled The Force. While most of them were destroyed, one, the Heart of the Universe survived. Now the gem has been found and several parties hope to gain its power and unlock its secrets.

The Heart of the Universe is being held by Croym, a Dark Jedi of extraordinary power. He has used his considerable powers to draw the characters and two other groups of gamemaster characters to his world, where he hopes to find one among them that is worthy enough to become his Dark Side student and slave.

- Gamemaster Screen, Second Edition

A powerful Dark Jedi known as Croym lures 2 full groups to his world and he holds the Heart of the Universe, a powerful Jedi artifact.

He makes his home in a dark tower, located on a barren and cold asteroid. The tower itself is a maze of traps and horrors, including simple physical or energy traps, horrible alien beasts of direct challenges from the Dark Jedi(naturally the Dark Jedi needs to make it clear he could kill them at anytime he desires).

He declares the surviving members battle to the death for the right to serve him and take training under him. The battle plan is up to the players. Of course, Cryom will stay out of the battle and if the characters attempt to confront him, he will quickly put them down.

- Gamemaster Screen, Second Edition

It's noted that Croym can at anytime kill all of the members of the group, some of them would have to be Jedi in order for his desires of wanting a student to make sense. A rather impressive feat.

Comic Scans- Dark Jedi

1st scan shows the Dark Jedi Lycan having taken out a shuttle that was bringing him back for his trial, he escaped with only a head injury which caused him to lose his memory.

2nd scan shows him dismantling a droid with TK.

3rd scan is pretty impressive, he killed an entire casino room of various aliens by bursting an artery to the brain killing them instantly, he didn't even seem to move at all.

4th is another pretty good scan, he's able to bring up a Force Barrier to protect him(at least momentarily) from falling rubble from a cave explosion.

Here we have Dark Jedi Dray, use Force Lightning on a group of guards. He then uses The Force to hold a ship from taking off until getting Force Pushed away by Finn.

Campaign Guide Quotes

Months later, Kibh Jeen returns. Strong in the dark side, he plans to subject the entire system and lash out at the Jedi Council. Piloting the shuttle into space, he searches for minions who would make useful tools. Pirates in the asteroid belt suit his purposes admirably. In an almost thoughtless display of power, he dominates their minds, and through them attracts others to his service.

- Taken from Living Force Campaign Guide

So Kibh Jeen who was just a Jedi Padawan, falls to the dark side where he plans to subject an entire system, hardly even thinking, he dominates the minds of all the Pirates in an asteroid belt.

After his servants sabotage a local power plant, he unleashes his anger on the floating cities of Genarius. Lighting arcs through the clouds, destroying hundreds of homes as his followers scream through the streets, blasters white-hot. Thousands die.

- Taken from Living Force Campaign Guide

Then later Kibh arcs Lighting from the sky and destroys hundreds of homes. Mind you folks, this is just a fallen Dark Jedi Padawan and he's throwing around freaking lighting of all things from the sky.

Dark Jedi: Namman Cha

No Caption Provided

Star Wars Galaxies: Trading Card Game

So Namman Cha is a Dark Jedi(Sith Acolyte) who serves Darth Vader/The Emperor, he seeks out various hidden Force relics and taking out entire Rebel bases.

Here we see through his tenure, taking on various Jedi in combat. This also showing some knowledge at his disposal, with knowing certain techniques such as Sokan and Falling Leaf(which hasn't been seen in wide use since the New Sith Wars).

Noted to have considerable lightsaber training(more than likely due to Vader) though he's also very well adept in unarmed combat .

Sun Djem Jung Ma- Growing in their ability to channel the Force, Sun Djem Jung Ma improves a Jedi's ability to sweep all surrounding targets with a powerful offensive strike.

The inflicted damage is comparable to a Jedi strike affects all targets with an affect radius of 5 meters.

- Star Wars Galaxies

^ What Jung Ma is described as.

He can enhance his strength to throw a landspeeder.

Also knowing the lightsaber technique Mou Kei.

Showing of Force Lighting, using TK to blow away a group of men in 360 degrees and showing to have enough power to destroy a Holocron.

Evidently, Holocrons are partially powered by The Force, as only Force Users can access them. However, not all data is readily available , because Holocrons are engineered to detect a student's abilities in order to hold back elements they are not prepared to know.

- Jedi V Sith: Essential Guide

The latter I find to be an interesting feat, because Namman is basically overpowering The Force imbued within this Holocron and destroying it outright after of course gaining the information. Something similar to when Darth Bane did.

Shown the ability to dual wield lightsabers and has knowledge of more arcane Force abilities, which then helped him channel his darker powers.

Not only has he fought multiple Jedi, but he's fought against Wampas(along with the Nightsister Kyrisa) and also underwent the Trials of the Blackguard(noted to be a series of painful tests), facing against the Dark Jedi Master(San'sii) on Mustafar.

Side Note: The Black Guard

The Blackguard is a dark side cult that seeks to increase its knowledge and power by searching for held by Force traditions all over the galaxy. Shortly before the Battle of Ruusan, a dark apprentice of Kaan named Vulta Daanat comes to the belief that the Force not only serves as a source of personal power but also a means to understanding the universe. Kaan disagrees.

Their disagreement turns physical and the subsequent lightsaber duel leaves Dannat badly injured, Kaan leaves him for dead. Daanat nurses his wounds and leaves the Brotherhood of Darkness. After a time, he searches the galaxy, following the rumors and leads to various Force-related artifacts. He learns many secrets about the dark side, settles within the Southern Jedi Ruins on Mutafar, and takes on several apprentices to pass his knowledge to a new generation of dark siders.

- Jedi Academy Training Manual

The Blackguard is a force of Dark Jedi, a cult coming from the Apprentice of Kaan who then trains many apprentices of what he knows. This is particularly impressive, because now all these Dark Jedi are going to not only have knowledge from what Daanat knew during his time with the Dark Brotherhood, but also any other related Force knowledge he learned elsewhere. So these Dark Jedi should all be well trained.

End of Side Note

He stalemates Jedi Knight Rachi Sitra, who she herself shows pretty good ability and also scales from general Jedi.

Dark Jedi: Danaan Kerr

No Caption Provided

Wanted by Cracken

With the Empire gone, that element of fear is lost. It was due to this increase of crime that the Military High Command commissioned a report on those who pose a threat to the New Republic.

- Wanted by Cracken

Something to note within the book created by General Airen Cracken(head of Alliance Intelligence and later New Republic Intelligence), that all those within pose a threat to the New Republic.

No Caption Provided

A list of the Force abilities he knows, in fact going by the dice roll for attributes, he's a pretty dangerous opponent all things considered.

Danaan Kerr is a most unusual target for the New Republic, a rumored Dark Jedi. Reports from field operatives have a strong indication that this individual seems to posses powers attributed to the legendary Jedi Knights. Word of atrocities committed by an "insane dark magician" have spread throughout the Bitrose, Hunnoverrs and Instrop sectors, spread by traveling merchants and smugglers. There is a sense of fear among many of these individuals, and a demand that the New Republic do something about the situation.

Denaan Kerr is a Jedi Knight of little renown, entering into that exclusive order during the Clone Wars. In their search of the galaxy for Jedi Knights, Vader and the Emperor found Kerr, but detected his inclination towards the Dark Side and spared his life, leaving him to eventually be consumed by the Dark Side.

- Wanted by Cracken

So he was a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars, spared by Vader and the Emperor to be consumed by the Dark Side, after which he went on committing atrocities throughout three different galaxy sectors. This prompting a demand for the New Republic to do something about him.

Since the fall of the Emperor and the Empire, Danaan Kerr has settled on the planet of Rannon. In recent times however, Kerr has begun to sense stirrings in the Dark Side of the Force that has led him to believe the Emperor is somehow still alive. Kerr has since begun to influence the populace on the planet Rannon, terrorizing the population and training several Initiates in the Force, while encouraging them to embrace the Dark Side.

Kerr lives in an area of Rannon called the Valley of Ternaxx, a once lush beautiful valley covered with forests. Since Kerr's detection of a disturbance in the Force, his evil and corruption have manifested, causing the valley's once beautiful landscape to become rotted, dark, and evil.

- Wanted by Cracken

So since the fall of the Empire, Kerr eventually sense the Dark Side, leading him to believe the Emperor was alive. He then started to influence and terrorize the population of the planet he was on as well as training several Apprentices of Dark Jedi. The Valley he lived in, covered in forests, was soon then rotted by his power.

The characters are on the planet Rannon, when a Force User(or Force Sensitive character) detects a disturbance in the Force- someone strong in the Dark Side is on the world).

- Wanted by Cracken

Just a small bit, noting that he is strong with the Dark Side.

Side Note: The Planet Rannon

No Caption Provided

Just to put this planet and Kerr's power to perspective, this planet holds a population of 10 million people. So the fact that this singular Dark Jedi can basically hold the entire planetary population in fear with his power, is pretty impressive and even training some of them. This being consistent with all the other things I've outlined above with regards to Dark Jedi.

Hammer of the Dark Side: Malleus

No Caption Provided

Star Wars Insider 147: Hammer

Although Telloti had dueled and bested Lumas and most of the other Initiates during the Apprentice Trials-before finally succumbing to Wollwi Enan- Master Ryelli had selected Lumas as his Padawan Learner. No Master had claimed Telloti. For seven years he had been a Pathfinder in the Explorer Corps.

- Insider 147: Hammer

So as an Initiate Telloti Cillmam(Malleus) had bested most other Jedi Initiates during the Apprentice Trials before getting bested, though he wasn't chosen as a Padawan. (For more info, see my Jedi Knight RT up top at what the Jedi Initiates go through and the Apprentice Tournament) He was then assigned to the Jedi Explorer Corps.

It was no statue, he realized, but an archaic suit of battle armor. He came closer, fogging his breath mask with excitement. Ryelli would be ecstatic at this discovery. Telloti started to call upon him, when his eyes fell upon a long object lying on the dias between the metal-shoed feet of the figure.

It was an archaic, two-handed lightsaber. He knelt down and reached out to take it. The right hand gauntlet fell, from the bent knee of the seated figure and clamped down over his hand. When Telloti opened his eyes again, the helmet was in his hands. He had shed his clothes, he was wearing the armor.

- Insider 147: Hammer

So during an excavation, Telloti and his Jedi Master known as Master Reylli(someone who fought in the Geonosis Arena, one of the few Jedi to survive it, losing 3 fingers in the process) are exploring when his Padawan finds the ancient armor of Warb Null, a powerful Dark Jedi of the Old Republic where he ends up wearing the suit of armor.

The armor was like a web of conduits. It drew the Force into him. Telloti felt it surging through his blood vessels, contracting muscles, swinging his arms up to defend the downward stroke of Ryelli's lightsaber almost before Telloti could even think it. He was fast. So fast. And strong.

He drove Reylli back with shuddering blows. The emerald sabers flashed and buzzed as they clashed and were batted aside, inadvertently hewing chunks of glowing stone from the walls. He forced Ryelli out of the corridor, and there locked blades with the Jedi Master.

- Insider 147: Hammer

With the armor of Warb Null, the Force surges through Telloti and he fights his Master, he was noted to be very fast and strong, chunks of wall being destroyed inadvertently from the blows the two made as Telloti forced his Master from the corridor and locked blades with him.

The blades squealed and sizzled, Ryelli forced him back. The Jedi Master with the mangled hand was winning. His expression grew serene. Why was he so calm?! It was infuriating like the face of the girl Enan during the Trials all those years ago when she'd made a fool of him. Ryelli's blade angled ever closer, forcing the great two-handed lightsaber of Warb Null down. Telloti's knee buckled and clanged against the stone floor.

The archeologist was stronger. How could that be? Stronger perhaps...but not smarter.

Telloti knew the weapon in his hands. Sha Dovos, the man who became Warb Null, had inspired by the dark teachings of Freedom Nadd and dread King Adas before him. He had their memories, their wisdom, the cunning of the Sith.

His bare thumb felt along the length of the two-handed hilt to a small toggle and as Ryelli forced his superior position, bearing down with all his strength, Telloti triggered it and sidestepped. The extra long green blade of the ancient lightsaber retracted into the hilt.

In the same instant, the butt sprang open like the maw of a sarlacc, revealing a hidden, secondary emitter. A blade of red energy erupted from it, the ingenious mechanism within realigning and refocusing the power in a nanosecond.

Without resistance of the green blade, Ryelli stumbled forward, dangerously off balance. Telloti shifted his grip and flipped the new red blade, slicing neatly through the nape of Ryelli's neck. The Jedi Master tumbled to the floor.

- Insider 147: Hammer

So during the fight, Ryelli begins to gain the advantage, though Telloti has knowledge on his side, able to trick the Jedi Master by revealing a second emitter in the space of a nanosecond and killing him as he was off balance.

Dark Jedi: Garth Ezzar

No Caption Provided

Living Force Campaign Quotes

Garth Ezzar is the ultimate "wannabe". He is a big-time loser, on whom the Dark Side played a nasty trick: it made him powerful with the Force. He escaped jail and lived as an outcast for a few years, becoming what some Jedi call a Dark Side Marauder. One day a woman came to his countryside from off-planet.

She was about five years older than Garth, and seemed immensely wise and powerful in the magical, destructive ways that Garth had only begun to explore. She taught Garth and he was an apt pupil. The two went on a rampage of destruction and theft and then, when they were to boost into space together, she turned on Garth, attacking him. She meant to leave him dead to take the blame for their joint crimes, for there were Jedi coming to investigate the reports. She was only slightly more surprised than Garth when her student, enraged by yet another betrayal, drew on unimaginable power from the Dark Side and killed her

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

The backstory of Garth, who was powerful with The Force, living as an outcast on his planet. He was then found by someone who became his Master for a short time, teaching him of the Dark Side before betraying him. Though he survived her attempts at killing him and instead killed her, by drawing on 'unimaginable power' from the Dark Side.

After three more years of crime and travel, Garth Ezzar found his way to Coruscant, hoping either to connect with a major criminal organization, or to found one. Instead, someone found him. "The Master", always hooded and hidden, demonstrated and promised to Ezzar power beyond his darkest dreams, more power than that possessed by "any mere Jedi". And so, Garth trained and even came to learn the use of the Jedi's trademarked weapon, albeit with a very different style

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

Garth eventually found his way to Coruscant where he found "The Master"(Palpatine, it's Palpatine), who then went to train him more in the Dark Side, even learning how to use a lightsaber!

By now Garth has grown powerful in the Dark Side of the Force and is responsible for the deaths of three Jedi, an apprentice and two knights. He has become a megalomaniac convinced that he is indestructible and that he will one day he will learn the last of his Master's knowledge and then dispose of him. What Garth does not realize is that his Master has never intended Garth to become his "right hand man. Garth is too old to learn the special philosophies of his Master, but he is an excellent tool and distraction. The Master has been following another's career with great interest, unknown to Garth, and now that that one is ready to be turned Ezzar will be discarded.

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

He grew only even more powerful, even getting to kill 3 Jedi(Padawan and 2 Masters). Though he is far too old to learn his Master's philosophies(that and he's already grooming Anakin as his Apprentice), he still is an excellent tool.

Garth Ezzar, male Human Soldier 1 / Scoundrel 3 / Dark Side Maurader 4 / Sith Warrior 6.

Force Skills: Affect Mind , Battlemind , Force Defense , Force Grip , Force Push , Force Lightning , Force Stealth , Move Object, See Force.

Force Feats: Alter, Control, Burst of Speed, Dissipate Energy, Force Speed, Force Whirlwind, Lightsaber Defense, Lightsaber Form Five Mastery, Rage, Sense.

Equipment: Double-bladed lightsaber* (blood-red blades), electrobinoculars, commlink, glowrod, 2 mastercrafted +3 medpacks, He also has a black, custom-made body suit that acts as a spacesuit and which gives him a save versus heat, cold and stun effects. It comes with an integral helmet, armored gauntlets, boots and air supply. featureless faceplate that includes macrobinocular properties. From any distance, his black cape and hood obscure the exact details. If the suit is slashed or punctured, it has limited self-repair capability. It also has mounts for a rocket pack on the back.

Look over his stats, feats and skills. You’ll see that he is equipped with Lightsaber Form V Mastery, which gives him a great chance to reflect blasters. He has a monstrous Attack Bonus and very good Defense. He has Force Defense to aid his saves, a lot of Vitality, and Dissipate Energy to try and soak lightsaber strikes, or any energy crits, to his Wounds. Rage can give him a Vitality buffer and make him even nastier, in extremity. Frankly, it would be very hard for Ezzar to miss in combat

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

His stats as per the Campaign Adventure, per game stats(which I took out, so this is easier to read) he is an extremely powerful opponent. He has Form 5(Shien/Djem So) Mastery with a double bladed lightsaber, he has a monsterous attack and very good defense to the point where he can soak lightsaber hits. His armor giving him a great boos, as it has a self-repair capability, it's also very difficult for him to miss his strikes in combat.

Side Note: Dark Jedi Marauder Garth Ezzar(Pre-Formal Training)

Warriors who discover in themselves an ability to wield the Force can become dark side marauders. Like Jedi guardians, dark side marauders combine physical prowess with training in the Force. Unlike Jedi, they bend it to their own violent purposes. Without the mental disciplines and strict code of conduct the Jedi Order provides, these warriors become brutal, living weapons, delighting in inflicting pain and taking lives.

- The Dark Side Sourcebook, Dark Jedi Marauder

As a Dark Jedi Marauder, Garth combines physical prowess with The Force, becoming brutal living weapons.

The dark side marauder becomes an extension of the dark side of the Force in the same way that their weapons are an extension of their bodies. They live in a world where their destiny is entirely dependent on their mastery of their weapons and their strength in the Force. The dark side makes their survival far more likely. Dark side marauders are the ultimate mercenaries. Dark side marauders combine the best aspects of the soldier and the Jedi guardian, mixing a well rounded complement of fighting tools with the ability to wield the Force.

- The Dark Side Sourcebook, Dark Jedi Marauder

Dark Marauders become extensions of the Dark Side in the same way their weapons are an extension of themselves, this also makes their survival more likely and they are the ultimate mercenaries. They are well rounded in their fighting tools along with wielding the Force.

Side Note: Sith Warrior Garth Ezzar(Formal Training)

The Sith warrior combines combat mastery with the power of the dark side to create a living embodiment of rage and savagery. Physical conditioning and punishing discipline make the Sith warrior into a formidable opponent, and facility with the powers of the dark side add a wicked barb to an otherwise deadly weapon.

- The Dark Side Sourcebook, Sith Warrior

The Sith Warrior combines combat mastery with the Dark Side, becoming a living embodiment of rage and savagery, making them a formidable opponent.

The training of a Sith warrior is always one of deprivation and hardship. Mercy and forbear-ance create a weak weapon, and such a weapon is useless. The Sith warrior is subjected to endless conditioning and drilling.

- The Dark Side Sourcebook, Sith Warrior

The training is hard, subjected to endless physical conditioning and drilling.

End of Side Notes

From the Captain’s conference room, of the main bridge, Ki-Adi-Mundi walks in. For once, his characteristic calm seems somewhat shaken. “My friends. We have no time. Since the Force has arranged for you to be here, this may work out. “I have been torn between two paths, and you may know that some Cereans can be almost immobilized by such paradoxes. I was not, but I came perilously close to having to put personal insight against that of the Council. “I have been on the trail of a being who is very strong with the Dark Side of the Force. I have discovered much that I must report back to the Council."

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

Jedi Council Member Ki-Adi-Mundi states that he's been hunting down Garth, stating that he is very strong in The Force.

All he can tell them of his target, if asked, is that he is Human or a near Humanoid, large, heavyset, and very likely as powerful with the Force as a Jedi Council member.

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

Mundi tells that Garth is very likely as powerful in The Force as a Jedi Council Member.

Red, green and blue lightsabers flicker and dance ahead of you, their wielders moving impossibly quickly and gracefully in the dance of death. Suddenly, the balefully gleaming red lightsaber darts forward in a spiraling thrust, and a female scream rings out: “NOOOOOOO!” But it is a different, silent Jedi that falls, her blue lightsaber dropping from her hands.

As you get nearer and nearer, you see Meera Lisso launch herself towards a tall, heavily built, black-robed and armored figure— which effortlessly unleashes a stream of Force Lightning that knocks her to the ground beside the still figure of Zelice Sturm.

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

Here Garth takes on two Jedi(Padawan and Master), moving impossibly quick and graceful. He takes out one before then using Force Lightning on another, which knocks her back to the ground.

Suddenly, a whirlwind of dust, gravel and building debris flashes into being, obscuring everything. You hear the whine of a speeder bike and, projected mechanically, a deep, evil voice that says, “Not yet."

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

He uses The Force to obscure his escape, bringing up a whirlwind of dust, gravel and building debris.

Master Devan, who goes to meet Ezzar and his minions, along with the pitifully few remaining staff and Knights. . Ezzar kills Devan, though Devan wounds him.

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil: Destruction

Garth is able to duel and kill Jedi Master Devan, a bit getting injured in the process.

Relative Power levels: A hero team of 4 to 6, with levels 10+ (Tier 3), could very likely take on Garth even if he were unscathed, though one or two of them would almost certainly die or sustain grievous injury (lost arms or legs get a hero out of combat rather effectively.)

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil 3: A Hero Seeks Not Vengeance

This is mostly relating to how the Player creates their character, but it puts into perspective how powerful Garth is that it would take a team of 4 to 6 Heroes of being level 10+ in their classes. Garth himself is a level 14, this puts him beyond Jedi Master level.

10+ level Heroes in the Jedi class, would be beyond Jedi Knight level and just 3 levels shy away from Jedi Master. Now obviously not all Players have to be Jedi(this is just an example), but any Hero class of level 10+ would pretty much be an extremely powerful opponent to fight.

But even taking on this many opponents, an unscathed Garth would take out at least 2 of them via injury or just straight up killing them.

So this is essentially Garth taking on 4 to 6 Jedi Knight level opponents at once, which is pretty impressive!

The Emperor only wants one apprentice, and it’s not Garth—he was just a potential backup and fall guy.

- Living Force Campaign: Heart of Evil 3: A Hero Seeks Not Vengeance

Garth actually was a potential Apprentice backup for the Emperor.

Link to Additional Dark Jedi/Force Users

Prism Prisoners

Dark Force Adept

No Caption Provided

By tapping into his inner rage, the Force Adept turns his weapon into an extension of his body, using his might and personal Charisma to get what he wants. Although this Force Adept lacks a lightsaber, he's still a dangerous individual in melee combat, calling upon the dark side to bolster his natural abilities and become a whirling dealer of death.

- Taken from Threats to the Galaxy

Force Adepts bolster their abilities with the dark side and though lacking a lightsaber, are still dangerous in melee combat.

No Caption Provided

Force Adepts are proficent in advanced and simple melee weapons, pistols and rifles, specializing in advanced melee weaponry. They know Battle Strike(Bolstering their abilities) and TK(Move Object/Force Slam).

Primitive dark side adepts are savage Force users who exploit the Force for their own wicked ends. Such characters could use their power to take over their tribe and exert their will through terrifying methods, ruling through fear and destruction. Others might support powerful warlords, using their dark magic to augment and enhance their master's abilities.

A dark side adept could emerge as a significant threat, using his Force powers to bend others to his will and spread wickedness throughout the land.

- Threats to the Galaxy

They can use their dark powers to take over entire tribes, or support and augment the abilities of warlords, being a significant threat and bending others to their will.

No Caption Provided

Knowing Dark Rage and Mind Trick.

In the case of the latter though, the dark side adept seeks revenge, turning his fear into a powerful weapon and dominating the minds of powerful predators and queer creatures to serve as his soldiers.

- Taken from Threats to the Galaxy

They can dominate the minds of powerful predators to serve them.

A Dark Side devotee begins his training in The Force by taking what he wants from others and dominating the world around him.

- Taken from Dark Side Sourcebook

They begin their training by just...dominating the world they are on. Usually a primitive world given that is where the majority Force Adepts come from, which as noted they can take over entire tribes. Which if you look at it face value, might not seem like much. But when looking at it, it's one person that dominated a group of people large enough to sustain some form of community.

Dark Side Talisman= A Dark devotee gains the ability to imbue a small item of personal significance with the dark side of the Force. It takes one full day to imbue the item.

- Taken from Dark Side Sourcebook

They can imbue a small item of importance with the dark side, though it takes them a full day.

Force Weapon= A Dark devotee can imbue a nonpowered melee weapon such as a club, knife or quarterstaff with the Force.

- Taken from Dark Side Sourcebook

They can also imbue weapons with The Force. Force imbue weapons can stand up to things such as lightsabers for a period of time and increase the damage the weapon would normally do.

Comic Scans- Dark Force Adept

So when Palpatine fell, this random Imperial Tech Devoronian named Cartariun stayed behind at this Sith Temple after the Empire abandoned it and basically expanded his own Force abilities with it to take control of the native Irrukiine.

Alright so here's some scans showing that Cartariun mind controlling the Irrukiine, even going so far as being able to do coordinated attacks against Rogue Squadron and even moreso showing the ability to control the Irrukiine's flying TIE Fighters. Obviously they're not skilled as Rogue Squadron, but controlling them with flying in all those factors is pretty impressive.

He was able to heal Wedge Antillies(he got shot down in his X-wing) and hold him in place with The Force, at least until his concentration gets broken as he has to deal with a pair of Irrukiine.

Later on the Bothan known as Girov Dza'tey notes he is far more powerful than Cartariun, stating he is a greater master of it. The guy then just...blows off his hand casually with a blaster, uses The Force to TK the hand in order to choke Cartariun and THEN he basically blows up the Devoranian's head before reattaching said hand. He then goes onto control the Irrukiine with better success.

Weird power flex to blow your hand off and then use it to choke someone before just...reattaching said hand, but you do you I guess.

So here's the telling of when even before recorded history, that those of an evil sort, harnessed the power of the Dark Side. These Magicians labeling themselves as Kings or Gods, using their powers to make war, taking over whole worlds and star systems. Destroying whole nations and civilizations with such power.

So here we have Queen Amanda who worshipped the Sith teachings from Freedom Nadd(who trained her Husband and all their ancestors), drawing upon the Dark Side heavily, her power so great that it rolls out in tremendous waves affect the group of Jedi during the Beast Wars of Onderon. She then goes further with it by going into the Mausoleum of Freedom Nadd, where the power is most concentrated and using it against the Beast warriors, causing them to fall ill, confused and unable to control their beasts.

So here Luke Skywalker comes across S'ybll, a Witch who is able to use The Force to drain the life force of others, adding it to her own while invading the minds of others. She can also use illusions that seem very real.

That isn't all however, as she's also is able to use The Force to hurl massive piles of stone, described as a meteor shower.

Dark Force Adept: Nalen Raloch

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A holoprojector. Yeah, I know what you mean. Nalen found one, Nalen Raloch. Maybe you've heard of him. Nalen Raloch, our dueling champion for 9 years straight. He once rescued an entire scouting party from Flesh Raiders, single-handed. He planned out defenses, protects us when we go foraging, without him we wouldn't even be having the festival.

- The Old Republic, Bashenn

A Dueling Champion among his people on Tython, for 9 years straight and is able to take out Flesh Raiders single-handed.

Side Note: Flesh Raiders(As of TOR)

The hulking and barbaric Flesh Raiders are a blight on Tython and a growing danger to Jedi Padawans, whose training often leads them near Flesh Raider hunting grounds. To avoid Flesh Raiders' terrible hunger, Jedi rarely travel alone.

- SWTOR Encyclopedia

The Flesh Raiders are a danger to Jedi Padawans, so much so that they rarely travel alone. Now yes, Jedi Padawans are only just starting their training or are in their training. But even so, they are still at this point well trained in basic combat and having some formal training with The Force to augment themselves.

End of Side Note

Tython's relics still have lessons. I listen. I can....do things I never imagined possible. I will be the defender my people deserve. We make Tython ours. No Jedi. No Republic. Our world to plow, and harvest, and defend. We hunt the Flesh Raiders to extinction, and laugh. Rajivari showed me how to punish them.

- Nalen Raloch

He's learned from multiple Tython Jedi relics in order to take Tython for him and his people. He's learned from Jedi Council Master Rajivari(the Holoprojector). Master Rajivari was one of the first Jedi Council members that helped established the Jedi Order.

Nalen Raloch. He tracked and....captured. Used pain. Demanded answers to your old thing, your Fount of Rajivari.

- Qyzen Fess

He was able to track down and capture Qyzen, a Trandoshan Big Game Hunter. Rather impressive considering what Trandoshans are capable of. But even moreso up until getting captured, Qyzen had a lifetime of hunting under his belts by this point.

Gave hope, but....strangeness to see her. Yuon's scent, all changed.

Qyzen, Master Yuon has been at the Jedi Temple for hours. Nalen must have used some Force trick to make you think he was Yuon.

Trickery, on dishonor. Masking as Yuon? I will track and punish for this!

- The Old Republic, Jedi Consular & Qyzen

Nalen appeared to have used a Force Illusion to mask himself as Jedi Master Yuon.

If you have come for Nalen Raloch, he has been and gone. So much is fleeting. But I remain. And I remain the man I was. Rajivari. Here in my laboratory, I had refined certain...devices. I could give one chosen apprentice decades of experience in a day. An apprentice, to become worthy of my vision. I miscalculated....Nalen's mind wasn't equal to the wisdom he demanded. I have made...not a successor, but a monster.

Nalen will not remake the Jedi, he wishes to destroy them and everything else on this world. Stop Nalen, this....abomination my knowledge has created.

- The Old Republic, Master Rajivari

So Nalen had approached the spirit of Rajivari, within his lab he had devices which could give the one he chose decades of experience within a day. Though Nalen's mind wasn't equal to what he demanded and instead Rajivari created a monster.

Nalen Raloch- Gifs

Before Nalen even actually speaks with Jaivari directly, he still learns from the Holoprojector of him. Not only did he trick Qyzen, but also collapses a HUGE cave system with The Force..

I've been treating Nalen Raloch. The Pilgrims who carried him here told us of your battle. Impressive.

- The Old Republic, Master Satele Shan

He also of course fights the Jedi Consular Protagonist(TOR), which is noted to have been an impressive battle. Mind you, the Jedi Consular within the narrative is already a powerful Jedi Padawan, coming to Tython to complete the Jedi Trials to become a full fledged Jedi Knight. This basically being the Consular's final trial before becoming a full member.

Dark Force Adept: Dhar Bullwin

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Galaxy Guide Quotes/Scans

Dhar Bullwin is not a Jedi, not even a Dark Jedi. He is one of an ancient order of dark magicians who tap into and use the Force without understanding what it is. Dhar studied under his master of these dark arts for nearly thirty years, until he felt he could learn no more. He then tested his powers by betraying and destroying his former master.

- Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

Dhar was of an ancient order of Dark Magicians, studying under his Master for 30 years before destroying him after he learned everything he could.

No Caption Provided

His list of Force abilities.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, dust and rock blast into the air and a fissure begins to open. The fierce cry of a savage guardian shatters the stillness of the day. The ground stops rumbling, the dust begins to clear, revealing an enormous reptilian creature. The monster is 20 meters long. It turns its attention toward the robed figure and breaths out a gout of fire at the fleeing man. The flames lick the dark magician, but seem to do no harm. He responds with a blue ribbon of electricity.

- Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

So during a chase, a large 20 meter reptilian known as a Garagon creature comes out of the ground. It blasts fire at Dhar, but doing nothing to him as he then responds with a blast of Force Lightning.

No Caption Provided

The stats of The Garagon, 8 meters tall, 20 meters long and with a fire breath in range of 25 x 10 meter cone.

Dhar will stand his ground and attempt to use his powers to overcome the Garagon. The magician will use his control mind power against the creature to turn it against the group in order to slow them down, while he escapes into the forest.

- Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

Showing the ability to control a Garagon, turning it against the Spacers that were hunting him.

The characters make their way to the ancient stone fortress only to find their foe has gotten there before them. Its twisting spires of pale gray stone reach above even the tops of the huge trees. You spy movement on the side of the great central tower of the citadel. It's Dhar, climbing lizard like up the slender spire toward a tiny opening in the wall.

The stone structure is one hundred meters square and several hundred meters tall. The outside of the tower has numerous hand and footholds, the first several hundred meters are quickly conquered, but continuing higher, sections of the wall that extend beyond the tops of the trees suffered from exposure to the elements and have been worn nearly smooth, there is no way to continue past this point, you must climb down and look for another means of entry.

- Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

So the Spacers(using this term, instead of player characters) make it to a several hundred meter tall stone fortress. They spot Dhar climbing it like a lizard up into a tiny opening, they attempt to follow but are unable to do so due to the hand and footholds having been worn away.

Strange flying reptiles with stone axes and crude wooden spears surround you. The Tempestro have already made contact with Dhar. He has used his dark powers to convince the gentle creatures that he was their friend and protector and warned them of evil, unscrupulous beings that were chasing him.

- Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

Dhar showing of mind controlling a group of some planetary natives to defend him.

Dark Force Adept(Witch): Regera Girawn

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Bounty Postings 6: Scum & Villainy

Regera Girawn began life as a noblewoman on the backwater planet of Kruskan, located on the far Outer Rim. Long forgotten by the rest of the Galactic Republic, the inhabitants lived in ignorance of anything beyond their meager little planet. However, three thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, Sith acolytes traveled to Kruskan and hid a powerful Sith holocron in a mountain stronghold not far from what later became the capital city of the planet.

One day, Regera's servants arrived at her palace, presenting a strange artifact -- the holocron -- that they had discovered while unearthing some ruins. When Regera handled the pulsing sphere, it released a terrible blast of purplish light, burning her hands and face and destroying the holocron in the process. The holocron activated her Force potential, filling her mind with visions of the past, present, and future, in which she saw herself leading an army of dark disciples. She became overwhelmed with fits of madness and was quickly deposed by her terrified subjects.

Regera fled her land and traveled to the other side of the planet, where she disguised herself and survived by her wits and blossoming Force powers. Several years later, she received a vision of visitors arriving from the stars and traveled to the location, where a Republic exploration ship made contact with her kind. She used her powers to convince the crew to take her on board, and she quickly dominated them into submission.

- Bounty Postings 6: Scum & Villainy

She was once just a noblewoman of some backwater world, where her servants then arrived with a Sith Holocron left by Sith Acolytes. This awakens her Force potential where she grows mad, she then fled to the other side of the planet and survived by her wits and Force power. Later she then returns and dominates the entire crew of a Republic exploration ship.

Regera roamed the galaxy, heeding her visions, which told her to locate other Force-sensitive people to bring into her flock. She has been to dozens of planets and left a wake of corpses in her search for new blood. Her visions also direct her to dark side locations, where she seems to feed from their power. She has slain two Jedi and their Padawans, marking her a target of the Council. In addition, several local planetary governments and the Galactic Republic seek her capture or elimination.

Bounty Postings 6: Scum & Villainy

She then leaves her planet, going to dozens of planets in which she leaves a wake of corpses in finding other Force Sensitives to join her. Also venturing to Dark Side locations, feeding off the power. She then slays 2 Jedi Knights and their Padawans, making her a target for the Jedi Council, as well as getting the attention of local planetary governments and the Galactic Republic.

No Caption Provided

She has a lightsaber, a Force Talisman(which bolsters her power). Knowing Force Grip, Force Lightning, has Improved Telepathy and Sense, can negate energy. She even knows Force Secrets, which are generally indicative of a powerful Force User within the realm of a Jedi Master or Sith Lord.

Dark Force Adepts(Witches): The Wyrd

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Living Force Article Quotes(Dark Force Witch: Besaama)

Five years ago, she died, and if she thought of me at all, she thought of me as one of her failures. I did not learn to harness myself. I chose instead to work to harness the world around me.

There was something about the Tree that had drawn me here, and now there was a door in the Tree, and I very much wanted to go through that door. But through fire? No. At the time, I could no more walk through fire than could anyone else. This was a skill that came much later. What I knew then was how to bring the rains back, to bring the winds, and to put out this fire. It needed to be extinguished. I needed to do it.

I raised my arms and felt the Force, the great web of life in the jungle. I felt the tension in the air that had been lightning, and was now memory. The heavy mist around me, and the puddles around my feet, shivered as I reached out and slid myself inside them. I became the tension. I became the water. I wrapped myself in the memory of the storm and brought it back, all roaring winds and whipping raindrops the size of my scorched claw.

The rain blasted sideways, swirling its way around me and into the doorway in the Tree. I tugged at the wind, twisting it, bending it through the doorway and up, deep inside, carrying the water with it. I closed my eyes and moved with the wind and rain up into the Tree, up stairs carved into wood so ancient that it had forgotten it ever lived, through rooms where Tarasin lay on the floor, all the way to the top of the Tree where the black hole that had spewed smoke now spewed rain -- my rain -- straight up.

I felt, but did not see, the fire die. Lowering my arms, I let the storm go, let the winds settle and the rain fall back to the ground, and all of the tension again settled to memory.

- Making of a Witch

So here we have the beginning of a Wyrd Dark Force Witch. Besaama at this point has only been somewhat trained in The Force, being trained by The Mother of her Irstat(tribal group leaders who are Force Sensitive), being able to summon up a storm to douse away a fire from a tree(3 meters in diameter and a height of 30 meters, with a 1 meter door opening). She also later of course learns how to walk through actual fire, but this comes later after she becomes part of the Wyrd.

Force Skills: Affect Mind +12, Enhance Ability +7, Enhance Senses +6, Fear +9, Force Grip +8, Heal Self +8, Illusion +18, Move Object +8, See Force +10.

Feats: Alertness, Force Sensitive, Skill Emphasis (Illusion, Intimidate), Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, primitive, simple).

Force Feats: Alter, Control, Dissipate Energy, Mind Trick, Sense, Summon Storm.

She is able to Mind Trick, Enhance her abilities/senses, Force Fear/Grip, Heal herself, Force Illusion, TK and See Force, as well as Dissipate Energy and summon Storms.

Priding themselves on their cruelty and barbarism, these dark Force witches and others like them can become remarkably powerful. Fortunately for the rest of the galaxy, their low level of technology prevents most of them from escaping their homeworlds and spreading their evil elsewhere. To them, only the strong should survive; the weak are meant to serve. By becoming full-fledged witches, they prove themselves strong

- The Dark Side Sourcebook

A Dark Force Witch can become remarkably powerful and it's fortunate for the rest of the galaxy they are on low technology worlds. Only the strongest of them survive, becoming a full fledged Witch shows that they are very powerful.

During the Rise of the Empire and Rebellion eras, the Emperor makes it a token effort to locate such groups. His searches so frequently end in bloodshed that he is forced to destroy or interdict entire worlds of dark Force Witches. The risk of them getting loose and roaming the galaxy is sufficient motivation for Palpatine to continue his search for such powerful darksiders.

- The Dark Side Sourcebook

Palpatine makes it an effort to locate such covens, either destroying or interdicting entirely worlds as it's a risk to let them get off world with how powerful they are.

Living Force Campaign(Dark Force Witch, Wyrd Leader: Liriana)

"For years, I have worked to hold back a great evil that seeks to wash over our beautiful planet, to despoil that which I have sought to preserve, to subjugate those who I would keep free. It has taken much of my strength, and now, aged as I am, I fear that my strength may not hold out much longer. My body grows weak, and I am tired, and a great sleep calls to me from just beyond the horizon. I do not know how long I will remain among you before I move on and become one with the Force."

For the last half-decade, I have put all of my energy into holding them back, keeping them from overrunning Cularin and using it for their own nefarious purposes. Because I know my sister and understand how her mind works in ways that would be impossible for another to comprehend, I have been successful, though not without the assistance of the other irstats. I have to wonder if my passing will mark a turning point . . . but it is not something that can be helped, if it is the will of the Force.

"Liriana now commands the Wyrd. She is nearly my equal in strength, but she lacks any compunction about utilizing her powers with the Force for ill ends."

- Datapad of Mother Dariana

So the Mother of the largest Irstat tribe(Dariana) for years have held back the great darkness that seeks to wash over Cularin, it taking much of her strength to do so. But eventually unable to do so any longer, due to her age, that and she was ill. For the last half decade(while she was growing weaker mind you) was holding back the Wyrd, with the assistance of other tribes of course.

Liriana however is nearly Dariana's equal in strength in The Force. This makes Liriana the strongest Force Witch on Cularin.

Dariana’s sister, Liriana, has decided to show her anger at today’s ceremony. The Wyrd leader feels the Tarasin showed weakness by giving in and surrendering any land and rights to offworlders with the Cularin Compact. That her sister would dare celebrate such and event has evoked the dark Tarasin’s ire. Liriana and several members of her Wyrd have driven a number of beasts, known as sclarin, into the village. All but Liriana flee deep into the jungle after. The Wyrd leader remains to whip up a storm using her great power in the Force, and watch the chaos that ensues.

- Living Force Campaign: Blinking Eyes

So here during a celebration with 326(300 Tarasins and 3 dozen offworlders) people, Liriana and the Wyrd attacks. Liriana bringing up a Force Storm around the whole village.

Liriana has created an enormous storm, some 2 kilometers in diameter, so she can affect the village yet remain safely hidden outside of it. The storm dies out after ten minutes, just as quickly as it began. What is left behind is hardly recognizable as the village before. Several huts are burned down and there is significant damage to several others due to the winds.

- Living Force Campaign: Blinking Eyes

The Force Storm being 2 kilometers in diameter. Which is 6,500 feet or 1.2 miles. It lasts for 10 minutes and at the end of it, several huts have burned down and others were damaged from the winds.

Living Force Campaign: Decision Almas(Dark Force Witch: Sheel)

Sheel is a bitter member of the Wyrd, who have fallen far from their origins as a pro-environmental, “Cularin-for-Tarasin” group of Force sensitive eco-terrorists. If you decide to throw in Sheel, the “Ambush” section can be quite deadly, so gauge your group’s abilities.

- Living Force Campaign: Decision Almas

A bitter member of the Wyrd, she is noted to be quite deadly for a group(there's at least one Jedi within it)

Sheel: Female Tarasin Dark Side Adept, Force Adept 6/Dark Side Devotee 6; [Force Weapon, Dark Side Talisman Equipment: Spear (force weapon), blaster pistol, breath mask, Dark Side Talisman.

. Force Skills: Affect Mind , Fear , Force Defense , Force Lightning , Force Grip , Heal Self, Move Object , See Force.

Feats: Force Sensitive, Skill Emphasis (force grip), Skill Emphasis (heal self)

Force Feats: Alter, Burst of Speed, Control, Dissipate Energy, Force Mastery, Force Mind, Force Whirlwind, Sense.

- Living Force Campaign: Decision Almas

She carries a Force Talisman(which increases her Force Powers), holding a Spear(Force Enhanced), able to use the standard Wyrd Force abilities.

Living Force Campaign(Generic Wyrd Force Witches)

Wyrd Members: Female Tarasin Force Adept 2/Force Witch 4;

Force Skills: Affect Mind +7, Drain Energy +10, Enhance Ability +8, Fear +7 to +11 (DM discretion), Force Grip +11, Force Lightning +11,Illusion +9, Move Object +12. Summon storm.

Force Feats: Alter, Control, Force Sensitive, Force Whirlwind, Hate, Sense.

- Living Force Campaign: Hunting the Wyrd

You generic Wyrd Force Witch and their abilities.

Dark Jedi Master

No Caption Provided

The Dark Jedi are Force-attuned individuals who reject the teachings of the Jedi and, for some, the Sith. Most are fallen Jedi who have failed to live up to the ideals and lifestyle of the Jedi and instead embrace the baser emotions that lead to corruption and evil. Every Dark Jedi is a tragedy, a terrible shame that stains the illustrious history of the Jedi Order, but when a Jedi Master falls, it is a tragedy beyond compare.

- Threats of the Galaxy

So a Dark Jedi Master is above your standard Dark Jedi found out in the galaxy, this is when a Jedi Master falls and when that happens, it is a complete tragedy for the Jedi Order. Take into account that these are Force Users who have decades of actual training under their belts and are masters of The Force.

Take also the fact that they are above the typical Dark Jedi, who as shown above are considerable threats to the galaxy at large and at the very bare minimum. The lowest of the low in Dark Force Adepts, can already dominate entire tribes worth of people and cause havoc on the world they are on.

Comic Scans- Dark Jedi Master

So this Dark Jedi Master, was Volfe Karkko, described as becoming a great Jedi, though he grew arrogant for he had never tasted Anzati soup. But of course this cause his fall, taking more soup, even taking other Jedi. Eventually the Jedi Council fought and imprisoned him on Kiffex as they didn't want to kill him.

Later it's shown that he has corrupted Aalya Secura(Jedi Padawan at this time), sensing her arrival on Kiffex and projecting his will out to her, bending her to the dark side and getting her to release him.

So here it's shown that Volfe has corrupted the Azati into feral like creatures, noting that they never attack together like this. This also shown his corruption of Aalya, who attacks her Master Vos. Later it's noted that the planet is covered with Darkness and that as long as Volfe lives, nowhere was safe.

Volfe easily KO's Aalya with a blast of Force Lightning.

He shows the ability to use Illusions mid-combat.

He is then blasted by Vos using Force Lightning, however remains unaffected, easily absorbing Vos' own and overpowering him with his own Force Lightning, stating he is a master of it.


Alright so here is insane Dark Jedi Master Vydel Dir'Nul(who is a little crazy) facing off against another Jedi, showcasing some alright saber skills, both having a nice back and forth. But then Dir overpowers the Jedi with Force Lightning, stopping his lightsaber throw and holding him aloft via TK while blasting him further with lightning and then using his own saber to cut him in half.


All in all, this is a pretty accurate representation I think of what a Jedi Master is capable of when they fall to the Dark Side and the threat they pose when you compare them to the lesser Dark Jedi noted above, the Dark Jedi Master are indeed far greater.


As seen, even your Independent Dark Jedi can be quite a powerful one.

But now we get into Palpatine's Dark Jedi, who are a cut above the standard ones and are quite powerful. So let's explore...


Galactic Empire Dark Jedi

Enforcers and Loyal to Emperor Palpatine
Enforcers and Loyal to Emperor Palpatine

Above are your Dark Jedi of the Galactic Empire, far better trained than independent ones, having a host of resources/knowledge at their disposal, making them powerful warriors.


No Caption Provided

A Dark Side Adept in Palpatine's Empire knows Affect Mind, Alchemy, Drain Energy, Force Grip/Pull, Healing, TK, proficent in blaster pistols, primitive/simple weapons. Sith Sorcery and having a dark side talisman.

Picture of Imperial Sentinel

No Caption Provided

These mute titans are the subject of endless talk among those at court; their origin unknown. Some believe the Sentinels are immense droids or cyborgs. Still others whisper the Dark Side Adepts are somehow behind the aberrations. The Sentinels are clones, mutated by the Dark Adepts as part of their training, the Adepts attempt to form a mental link with them, if successful, the Sentinels end up as automatons: living statues dependent on the will of the Adepts.

- Taken from Dark Empire Sourcebook

As part of their training, the Dark Adepts create Imperial Sentinels, forming a mind link with them.

The captured Padawans and survivors from the Jedi Service Corps are less gifted in the Force, but they will serve me nonetheless as Dark Side Adepts. Until I have use for them, they shall remain on Byss, where their connection to the Force will intensify the planet's growing nexus of dark side potency.

-- Book Of Sith: Secrets From The Dark Side

(Added by Zapan87) Captured Jedi Padawans from the Service Corps use their connection to the Force to intensify the dark side nexus on Byss.

The alchemy developed by Sorzus Syn is being perfected on Byss, where my Dark Side Adepts join their potent skills to warp life on a broad scale. My monstrous chrysalides, with their magnificent metal-piercing fangs, guard the ramparts of my citadel. My mute Imperial sentinels stand by my throne, their annihilated minds and enslaved wills clear evidence the dark side can manipulate clones for any imaginative purpose.

-- Book Of Sith: Secrets From The Dark Side

(Added by Zapan87) The Dark Side Adepts join their skill to warp life, creating chrysalides and Imperial Sentinels.

Training his most select servants in the ways of corruption, he made them into Dark Side Adepts, and with them, pushed the frontiers of the “science of darkness.” They rediscovered forgotten and long taboo applications of the Force, chief among them the draining of life itself from the populace.

-- Dark Empire Sourcebook

(Added by Zapan87) They rediscover forgotten and taboo Force powers, including Force Drain.

Still other wisper the Dark Side Adepts are somehow behind these aberrations. Little do these whisperers realize how close to the truth they may be. The Sentinels are clones, mutated by the Dark Side Adepts as part of their training. During the growth cycle, odd chemicals that suppress the growth of higher brain functions are introduced. Simultaneously, the Adepts attempt to form a mental link to them. If the process is successful, The Sentinels end up automatons: living statues dependent on the will of the Adepts themselves for purpose or movement. If the process is unsuccessful, the living monstrosities are disposed of. For the duration of the wretched being's existence, it is the slave of the Dark Side Adept, knowing no other will than the Adept's.

-- Dark Empire Sourcebook

(Added by Zapan87) The Dark Adepts mutated Sentinels as part of their training, forming a mental link and they are a slave to the Adept.

What better lure for multitudes than Byss’s siren call of beauty and peace? Once there, their wills are destroyed by the Emperor and his Adepts, and replaced with an illusion of tranquility as they blissfully surrender their life energy to sustain the Emperor.

-- Dark Empire Sourcebook

(Added by Zapan87) Controlling the minds of the Byss population with the Emperor to give an illusion of tranquility as their life energy is drained.

No Caption Provided

Able to create amulets and enhance weapons with Sith Alchemy aswell as crate life. (Credit to Wollfmyth209)

Sith Sorcery: You have the ability to channel the spirits of deceased Sith lords, using their power to supplement your own-but at the risk of becoming their puppet.

-- The Dark Side Sourcebook

Can channel the spirits of deceased Sith Lords to augment their own power.( Credit to Zapan87)

Force storm: A tornado of energy created by great disturbances in the Force. Dark Side Adepts demonstrated limited control over the creation of these storms. Emperor Palpatine claimed the ability to create and control Force storms at will. Light-side practitioners could also band together and create powerful Force storms.

-- The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Could create Force Storms with limited control, this is rather impressive given that the Force Storm is one of the most powerful abilities in lore and they can be hard to control, also the fact it takes Light side practitioners to band together to create them, yet Palpatine's Adepts could do so without. (Credit to Zapan87)

Using their "science of darkness", they learned to feed on the life energy of others, accumulating Force energy in their own bodies. And they learned to redirect this accumulated power in many ways - either as a weapon or in the manipulation of molecular structures.

Legend says that Adepts of the Dark Side have even succeeded in spawning living monstrosities - beasts and intelligent entities, some unspeakably ugly, some full of malevolent charm and symmetry, all utterly permeated by the power of the Dark Side.

-Dark Empire endnotes

Just some of the things they can do. (Credit to Azronger)

In the years prior to the Battle of Yavin, Byss was known as the Emperor's Private retreat. Here he began quietly training Dark Side Adepts, initiating men of great intelligence who had committed their lives to his service. None were permitted to ascend to his level of knowledge and proficiency, but the Adpets nonetheless became powerful Dark Side magicians in their own right.

-Dark Empire endnotes

Trained by Sidious, becoming powerful Dark Side Users. (Credit to Azronger)

No Caption Provided

They can also effortlessly teleport.

Cuis' Dark Jedi Clones

No Caption Provided

For a dead man Sa Cuis had a fine lightsaber technique. Lord Vader swung his blade and two beams of energy rasped off eachother. Cuis- or one of his clones anyway- circled and Vader matched him, keeping a constant distance between them.

- Taken from Two-Edged Sword

The Cuis clones are noted as having a fine lightsaber technique just as the original Sa Cuis.

Vader was satisfied. The clones had retained all the speed and sharp reflexes of the unfortaunate Emperor's Hand whose genome was now theirs.

- Taken from Two-Edged-Sword

They all retained the speed and reflexes of Sa Cuis.

Vader went back to the dais to watch the clones continue their lightsaber training. They ran through parry and riposte, redoublement and remise, red blades shimmering. Their instructor was yet another of Palpatine's many Hands, an assassin called Sheyvan, who had a taste for vibroblades as well as the conventional lightsaber.

- Taken from Two-Edged-Sword

Trained by another of Palpatine's Hands.

One Lekauf clone, the name "NELE" stenciled on his chest place, brought his staff round in a low arc to upend his opponent. But as soon as the man fell flat on his back, he sprang to his feet in one move and threw the Lekauf clone almost the full width of the training hall with a massive Force Push. The other 5 Cuis Clones laid aside their staffs and sent their opponents' weapons spinning from their hands with a single gesture.

All the Lekauf clones were knocked flat on their backs and pinned down by an invisible hand.

- Taken from Two-Edged Sword

They can send clone Stormtroopers(Lekauf clones) flying across halls and can casually disarm them of their weapons with a single gesture, then pin them down on the floor using The Force.

Vader stood back. What they needed was not so much his fighting skills as his ability to prevent the Dark Jedi from using The Force. They almost certainly had a danger sense acute to his.

- Taken from Two-Edged-Sword

Acute Danger Sense similar to Vader's.

But three shafts of energy continued to glow, and he could see three of Cuis' clones enveloped in Force shields of their own, managing to hold off the flamethrower assault.

- Taken from Two-Edged-Sword

Force shields strong enough to defend against flamethrowers.

Nele fired another burst of burning gas of the Dark Jedi. Then one of Cuis' Clones made a massive effort and sent the ball of flame at Vader.

- Taken from Two-Edged-Sword

Redirecting a ball of fire at Vader.

Emperor's Hand- An assassin recruited, trained and employed by Emperor Palpatine himself. They were the ones tasked with infiltrating the best-armed fortresses or deep in the shadows of galactic society to find their quarry.

- Taken from Complete Encyclopedia

To give an idea on what an Emperor's Hand is capable of, trained assassins and employed by Palpatine.

That second was enough. The Dark Jedi took his lightsaber hilt in both hands and jerked his arms apart, releasing two beams, a red one in his left hand and a white one in the other. Vader had a brief thought that it was a marvelous piece of theatrics until the man came at him whirling the sabers slowly like a juggler preparing to perform with clubs. And the white blade whisked so close to his helmet that he had his own lightsaber raised and blocking it before he even had time to think.

"Cuis, Lord Vader," said the man. "Nothing personal, believe me."

Vader matched him step for step in the standoff as they circled each other. Nothing personal. Perhaps Cuis thought that an ice-cold act would intimidate him. But it was anger and all the other brutal emotions that would win the fight.

Vader lunged.

My Master wants me dead.

He brought his saber down hard in a straight arc and Cuis blocked it with both of his, rasping them straight down its length as if sharpening a metal blade. Vader withdrew and sliced upward, then feinted to the left, wrong-footing the Jedi, who leapt back against the trunk of one of the trees. Vader made a double lunge on his right leg, dipping under the swirling twin beams.

He needed to force Cuis into a confined space to deny him the advantage of two lightsabers. There had once been a boy called Anakin who could have done that with sheer technique, but he was forgotten, and the transformed man that was Vader opted for sheer power and began a fast, furious slashing assault, slicing through a tree trunk as Cuis dodged behind it.

My Master forced me to live and now he wants me dead. The trunk creaked and toppled and Cuis deflected the weight of branches with the Force. It bought Vader a second. He used it to send Cuis's white beam spinning into the fountain, clattering down the wet stones. As Cuis's remaining lightsaber flew from his left to his right hand, Vader intercepted it, jerking it high into the air and using the Force to throw it to the other side of the courtyard, out of reach.

Cuis leapt high and saved his legs form a savage low sweep, but his opponent had him backed up almost into the angle of the walls. Vader couldn't match Cuis's agility, so instead he reached out with his left hand: the Force seized Cuis's throat.

- Taken from In His Image

Here is Sa Cuis the original fighting Vader to try and kill him as per Palpatine's order, he shows the ability in Jar'Kari lightsaber combat, is agile and quick and able to deflect tree branches as a tree fell.


Well there you have it folks! The Dark Jedi of Star Wars.

Now there are guys like the GE's Imperial Inquisitors, however on those I'm leaving out as I feel they would warrant there own thread. Even still, this would encompass what they go through too before they become actual Inquisitors, this is just merely going over the regular Dark Jedi that one might find in the galaxy.

While they aren't incredibly powerful, even so they aren't to be taken lightly.

NOTE: This isn't EVERYTHING about a Dark Jedi or even the Dark Jedi of the GE. There's a lot more material, but I really wasn't wanting to go through it all.