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Legend of Zelda: Link respect thread (Part 2)

So because the content for Link was sooo long, I had to split up the respect thread for him, so here is part 2! Some may have already seen this before, but I added A LOT more to it, there's more Twilight Princess stuff and HH/Encyclopedia quotes here.

The TP Manga still isn't finished yet...but when it continues I'll be adding more later.

Links to Part 1 and other LoZ RTs below!

Link Part 1





Knights of Hyrule

Princess Zelda/Sheik



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Hyrule Historia/LoZ Encyclopedia Quotes

Even though Ganon is defeated time and time again, he is evil incarnate and will come back time and time again, with a vengeance. Each time, when the world is blanketed in evil, a young boy and girl will be born.

- Hyrule Historia

Each time the world of Hyrule is blanketed in evil, a young boy(Link) and young girl(Zelda) are born. This connecting all 3 bearers of the Triforce respectively throughout time(Ganondorf, Link and Zelda).

Link is not just one individual; he is the Hero reborn to many homes, over the course of many lifetimes, chosen by the Goddesses with a singular purpose; to stand up and fight when evil descends upon Hyrule.

- LoZ Encyclopedia

To further expand above. Link isn't an individual character in each timeline, but the Hero reborn over many lifetimes, the one who had been chosen by the Goddesses the 1st time. Born again and again whenever evil is upon Hyrule.

Medallions imbued with the power of the awakened sages. With each medallion he obtains, the Hero of Time attains even greater power.

- Hyrule Historia

With each Sage Medallion Link gets, the strength of the Sages grants Link(HoT) even more power than he had previously.

Oracle of Seasons

Here Link defeats some enemies, avoiding their attacks too.

Shows an item called Fruit of speed, which...as shown increases his speed by a lot.

Here he fights Gorgon who withstands his sword strikes, the guy using a giant ball and chain, Link avoids his hits, but eventually he gets hit hard, his sword breaking in the process and KO'd. The fact Link didn't die from the one blow is pretty great, given the size of how big the ball was and how it was leaving craters in the ground.

So...Link gets into a boxing match with the champion, he doesn't know what boxing is and his opponent is pretty skilled, Link gets hit multiple times yet he ends the fight with one punch. Might having also been controlled by the dark power from Gorgon.

To put the above fight more into perspective, Might was able to send Ricky(Kangaroo) flying through a wall.

Now to put the above into perspective, Ricky was strong enough boxer to injury enemies with a Tornado shot which can also send large boulders flying.

To put in more perspective, Ricky was also powerful enough to defeat multiple monsters at a time and move his fists fast enough to block a dragon's fire.

So here he fights Gorgon again, avoiding his chain and ball, landing strikes on him this time.

So Gorgon shows his true form, Link lands multiple hits on his weak spot. He then along with Ricky and Maple(witch), take him down with one final combined attack.

The Four Sword

The Four Sword made 4 Links, so the 4 of them soon take on a giant stone creature with the ability to regenerate. So working together they all attack in different areas to defeat him.

So here are the 4 Links fighting against some giant eyeball with mini eyeballs, they each grab a different item to fight against it and thus defeating the giant eye.

When the 4 Links get separated one of them faces off against possessed Knight of Hyrule Valenzuela who can't be hit, however the Link does show some crafty stuff such as using the pots of oil. It isn't until he uses the Moon Pearl that he is able to defeat him, breaking the sword and helmet thus freeing the Hylian Knight.

Here Green Link is taken by surprise from a cyclops however Blue and Red Link come in and save him, showing more teamwork.

Here the 4 Links together again take on a group of ogres and a dragon, before one of the Link's destroys the ground with a hammer and sends them falling.

So...Link's dad is revealed in this manga, and he fights against Link....s. Though when they stopped holding back he was soundly beaten, still though...a nice showing...also showing of the sword beam again.

So here the 4 Links fight Vaati, who is kind of immortal thanks to the Dark Mirror, it isn't until it's destroyed he dies. This is more of a feat of not dying against a powerful immortal foe, yet still able to do damage to him.

Here they face off against Ganon, withstanding his lighting attacks and combining their power with Zelda's to seal him away.

Twilight Princess

Here he shows some nice strength in taking down and subduing an Ordon goat.

A simple showing really, he was the best warrior in his old hometown before moving, those that protected the frontier of Hyrule. Also stating he could beat someone with either his left or right hand, implying he can wield his sword in either hand.

Here he fights against Bulblin, showing great skill and agility in avoiding blows, only stopping due to the guy using Ilia as a shield.

Much like in the game, he's protected from the dark magic of the Twilight Realm by his Triforce piece. Transforming into a wolf, rather than a spirit.

In wolf form, Link easily dispatches Twilight beasts moving very fast, these guys having been immune to swords and spears and they slaughtered Hyrule soldiers, cleaving them in half through their steel and chainmail armor.

As shown they just carve right through them, right through steel and chainmail armor like nothing, noting that swords and spears wouldn't even scratch them, even when it's shown clear that a sword went right through a Twilight beast yet remaining unhurt.

Here Link fights against the Hero's Shade(OoT Link), growing not only in power but also skill and eventually defeating him.

So here Link fights Bulblin yet again, this time on horseback. However this time Link being much stronger and more powerful, is able to best him, even cutting through one of his horns and fatal wounding him something which he had been unable to do before, with a little assistance from Epona he wins.

Here Link fights an endless wave of Stalhounds all through the night until sunrise.

Link then right after that, without even 10 minutes of sleep fights some of Bulblins forces.

Upon retrieving the Master Sword, incredible power flows into his body, making him stronger.

Link easily defeats some Stalfos and an evil spirit using the Master Sword, pretty much one shotting them.

Link then goes onto defeat a massive creature and once again, basically one shotting it with the Master Sword.

So pretty much Link one shots basically all of the boss monsters he fought before, seeing them in slow motion. Basically Link at this point has become drunk on his own power and importance.

So Bulblin survived the fight and confronts Link again...and you guessed it. Link easily destroys him this time.

So here Link fights the Hero's Shade(HoT), facing multiples of him and learning the various techniques that the Shade knows. (IE: Helm Splitter, Back Slice etc) This enables Link to also get faster and stronger.

Post training, Link squares off against a Darknut which have been continuously powerful opponents across basically all LoZ, being one of the top tier enemies in the universe.

Next Link faces off against a giant spider, showing great speed in not only avoiding its attacks but blocking them as well and cut off one of its legs, even being fast enough to dodge an energy beam.

He blocks another energy beam, destroys the eggs of the spider and then destroys the spider itself.


Will be updating when the time comes, but for now enjoy!


Star Wars: The Black Sun(Legends) respect thread

So I had already made this A LONG while back, but it's outdated and doesn't have the info that I have now. So I'm pretty much making it a new, so now this blog will be looking at the most powerful crime syndicate in the SW Galaxy, let's get to it!


The Black Sun

No Caption Provided

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

Black Sun maintains thousands of agents and spies within the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, planetary and local governments large and small, other criminal organizations and law enforcement agencies.

- Taken from Rebellion Era sourcebook

Thousands of agents....pretty much everywhere you could think of, even the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.

The organizations is involved in every illegal activity in the galaxy be it gambling, gunrunning, smuggling, political corruption, assassination, bribery or spice running, from the Corporate Sector to the Outer Rim.

- Taken from Rebellion Era sourcebook

Straight forward really, does every illegal activity known.

Black Sun operates primarily in busy, cosmopolitan areas where a large number of people are available to be exploited. Whereas the Hutt crime families spend most of their time on remote, Outer Rim worlds, most Black Sun agents focus their efforts on planets that have both a high population and high crime rate.

This strategy makes it easier for Black Sun agents to blend in with other criminals, thus avoiding drawing attention to the syndicate and also provides a breeding ground for potential organization members.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

They operate on high populated/high crime worlds to blend in and avoiding attention to the organization while also possibly getting new members.

Black Sun operates in a variety of crime fields. Each Vigo(high ranking member) typically specializes in a particular crime or vice. Example one Vigo might specialize in extortion and thus would be in charge of a massive protection ring on Coruscant. Another might be a former assassin and be in charge of the syndicate's band of galaxy roaming professional killers.

Black Sun agents deal in everything from confidence scams, gambling rings, and extortion rackets to high level thievery, corporate espionage and terrorism. For the right price, Black Sun is willing and able to do perform any task outside the law.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Again really, they operate in a number of different crime fields with specialization with the Vigos and for the right price they are willing to do any task outside the law.

Black Sun is highly capable and equally ruthless. Crossing a Black Sun agent is a good way to ensure misfortune will come your way. Crossing a high ranking operative usually earns the offender a one way ticket to a block of carbonite at the bottom of a Mon Calamari ocean. Black Sun is also willing to take out its own members when they displease the Vigos or Underlord. Many well known criminals have been found dead as a result of infighting between members of the Black Sun syndicate.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Highly capable and just as ruthless, best not to cross them.

Black Sun teaches its members how to take advantage of the weak, the innocent and corrupt for their own benefit. The Black Sun demands that its agents be stronger, faster, smarter and more perceptive than the agents of other criminal organizations and failure usually results in severe punishment.

- Taken from TFU Campaign Guide

Their agents need to be better than any other agents of any other criminal organization or face severe punishment.

Pike Sisters, this deadly and beautiful duo are prime examples of the kind of operatives Xizor hires, well trained, among the best in their field and with no ties whatsoever to the Black Sun. The Epicanthix twins Zan and Zu Pike are professional fighters in the remote Pacanth Reach, a small cluster of stars in the Outer Rim Territories.

The sisters are masters of the Bunduki martial art Teras Kasi since they were young quickly raising through the ranks of the other Teras Kasi students, receiving many honors from their teachers.

- Taken from Shadows of the Empire sourcebook

To give an example of operatives that the Black Sun employs, they have hired the Pike Sisters who are masters of the deadly martial art Teras Kasi.

Anyone who says the Hutts are the leading example of crime have never heard of the Black Sun. Black Sun differs from the Hutt criminal syndicate chiefly in that, not being a sovereign state, it operates covertly and does so with the tacit approval of the Emperor. Black Sun deals in information much like the Bothan Spynet, but Black Sun acquires it in a much more aggressive and ruthless fashion.

Through blackmail, coercion, intimidation and sometimes assassination, Black Sun learns what others would rather keep secret, then uses those very same techniques to turn information into credits.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

The Black Sun operates with the approval of the Emperor(which if anyone knows Sidious, that's a big deal) and they deal with information much like the Bothan Spynet only in a more ruthless fashion.

Taking note the Bothan Spynet...has mastered the art of information/espionage.

What Imperial Intelligence cannot discover for itself, Prince Xizor's operatives often can garner with ease. Because Black Sun frequently gathers information, it has informants not only within the Rebel Alliance, but also the Corporate Sector, Hutt space and even the Unknown Regions.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

What Imperial Intelligence cannot find, they go to the Black Sun. Take note folks, the Galactic Empire's Imperial Intel network is galaxy spanning and they themselves are able to gather a ton of information, utilizing their own highly trained agents and high technology.

Yet even they sometimes go to the Black Sun when they cannot gather the information.

The only other organization that the Black Sun hasn't infiltrated is the Bothan Spynet, it's only real competition in terms of galactic intelligence.

Like the Bothan Spynet, Black Sun conducts its business in secret. Its members might be well known but they lead double lives and their real agenda is only known to the Black Sun.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Straight forward, much like the Spynet, Black Sun does business secret, members have double lives.

To increase his standing, he constantly plots and schemes Darth Vader's downfall, just as Vader plots Xizor's. Emperor Palpatine meanwhile plays one off against the other, perhaps to keep the two from allying against him.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Again this really goes back to what was spoke before, Sidious knows how dangerous Xizor and thus the Black Sun really is and so he plays Xizor against Vader to make sure they don't ally against him.

No one has ever managed to 'resgin' from the Black Sun. Membership is for life and leaving the Black Sun especially following some sort of transgression is an effectively a request for execution. Some members have tried to run and hide, only to discover Black Sun agents can find and kill nearly anyone, nearly anywhere.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

You don't resign from the Black Sun....EVER, you try to 'resign' you die.

Comic Scans

Even Darth Sidious acknowledges the Black Sun's power, it having virtually limitless resources and able to pretty much do anything. Noting that they could be more useful rather than just destroying them, Sidious taking note that the organization could threaten his plans if they weren't crippled.

Sidious notes that they are formidable, each of the 9 Vigos controlling an entire star system with their own armies and bases under Alexi Garyn. This is at the time when the Black Sun wasn't even at its peak of power.

Novel Quotes

The knife was a good weapon, one of Bleyd's favorites. It had a thick haft; the blade as long as the man's forearm and nearly as wide as his wrist. It was made of hand-forged and folded surgical stain-free flex-steel, a drop-point fighter with a circular guard of flex-bronze and a handle of hard and pebbled black rass bone, so it wouldn't slip in a sweaty or bloody grip.

After all, it would hardly be sporting to provide one's prey with a poor weapon. And his research had told him that Mathal was an expert knife fighter. Bleyd knew he would need skill and strength to prevail. Luck was not a factor.

He took a final breath, pivoted the grate cover aside, and dived for the man, headfirst. He screamed the blood cry of his pride:


Mathal looked up, terror on his face. Too late, he raised the knife. Bleyd brushed it aside and reached for the man's throat.

Then they were joined...

Getting rid of the body on board the MedStar would have been easy. A little messy work with an industrial vibroblade, then a trip down to the waste station with a bulky, liquid-proof bag, and hatoo! Mathal, the dead human, would be no more than garbage by now, indistinguishable from the rest of the all-purpose trash that was sieved from waste disposers and even-tually spaced.

The admiral first treated his own wounds-Mathal had been skilled enough with a blade to mark him. Bleyd had known that would be the case going in. It was the way of knife fighting-only a fool believed that facing an opponent with a knife would end without bloodshed.

- Medstar 1: Battle Surgeon

So Mathal(Black Sun operative) was noted as an expert knife fighter, he engaged Bleyd in combat where he had been skilled enough to get a hit on him.

Side Note

The Fringe

^ If one looks at Bleyd's section there, you'll find that this guy was a superhuman in just about all physical attributes. Despite that however, Mathal was so skilled, that Bleyd stated he had a 50/50 shot against him with his vibroknife.

Also in that thread, you'll find Kaird, another Black Sun operative, one of the best in fact.

End of Side Note

Just as Kaird had access to state-of-the-art weaponry, his opponent had, he knew, a full slate of sophisticated defenses. He might be wearing a location confounder, a combination of holoproj and cloaking technology capable of making observers think he was a step or two ahead or behind, leading them to shoot at a target that wasn't there. Or a bounceback, a tightband feedback reflector that would reverb an energy beam back to the attacker, with less-than-salutary results. Or any of a hundred and one other protective devices.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 1: Jedi Twilight

Kaird has access to state of the art weapons much like Xizor, more than likely due to being an operative of the Black Sun with their limitless resources and reach.

But as Xizor walked along one such enclosed path, his four bodyguards ahead of or behind him, an interloper appeared in front of them and started shooting at the Dark Prince with a blaster.

One of the pair of bodyguards in front took a bolt in the chest that pierced his concealed hardweave armor and dropped him. Xizor noticed the chest wound smoked as the guard groaned and rolled onto his back.

The second guard, whether through skill or luck, returned fire and scored a direct hit on the assassin's blaster, knocking it from his hand. The threat was over.

The attacker screamed and charged at the remaining guards and Xizor barehanded.

- Shadows of the Empire

Despite getting surprised by an attacker, one of Xizor's bodyguards was able to blast the blaster from their hand. Another Guard had taken a direct bolt to the chest, but still appears to be alive given he was still moving and wearing hardweave armor.

Xizor left his four bodyguards in the antechamber and went into Darth Vader's personal meeting room. The guards were trained in half a dozen forms of hand-to-hand combat, each armed with a blaster and each an expert shot.

- Shadows of the Empire

All 4 of Xizor's bodyguards were trained in half a dozen hand to hand styles of combat and an expert shot with a blaster.

"Gone to Rodia to connect up with Black Sun." Luke nearly dropped the container of cold water he held. "Black Sun! Is she out of her mind?" Dash smirked. "Oh, you're an expert on them, are you?"

"No, but I talked to Han a lot while we were cooped up on Hoth during the cold, stormy nights. He had dealings with them. He said they were more dangerous than the Empire." He paused a second. "Why would Leia want to contact Black Sun?"

- Shadows of the Empire

Luke notes with his talks with Han, that the latter had dealings with them and noted that the Black Sun was more dangerous than the Empire.

Leia repressed a smile. Direct and to the point, this woman. But Leia had been too long a diplomat to blurt out what she wanted to a stranger. There needed to be some ritual circling, a few feints, a bit of misdirection. One did not leap from a high cliff into unknown waters; there could be dangerous things lurking just under the surface. It was a good idea to probe carefully first

. She didn't know anything about this icy blonde, what her status was in her organization, what their goals were, what they wanted from those they dealt with. While the Alliance would not enter into a partnership with criminals, Leia was not above using whatever eyes and ears she needed to keep Luke alive, and she did not represent the Alliance in this meeting-though she would keep that to herself.

"I understand that Black Sun has a first-rate intelligence-gathering capability," she said. Guri flashed a smile. "We hear things from time to time."

- Shadows of the Empire

Leia notes that the Black Sun has a first rate intelligence gathering capability which fits above that they are only 2nd to the Bothan Spynet.

Precisely." Boba Fett pointed toward the viewport. "As you can see, everything Dengar told you about the incident was the truth. Xizor's cleanup crew didn't leave much of Kud'ar Mub'at's web. Black Sun operatives are known for their thoroughness."

- Bounty Hunter Wars 3: Hard Merchandise

Noted that Black Sun is thorough in their cleanups.

Of course, he had Vader under constant surveillance, too, every time he set foot outside his castle. On Coruscant-yes, it had been renamed the Imperial Center, but Xizor did not care for the new name-virtually everyone of any importance had his or her own spynet keeping track of all the other people of importance. It was necessary. And Black Sun's spynet was second to none, not even the Empire's own. Well. Perhaps the Bothans were slightly better...

- Shadows of the Empire

Noted as having a better Spynet than the Galactic Empire's, with only the Bothans being slightly better.

Now, at the beginning of this meeting, he had nine lieutenants at this table, each of whom was responsible for several stellar systems.

At the end of this meeting, he would have eight lieutenants.

"A final item on our agenda, my Vigos. One of your number has seen fit to use his office to betray us. Not content with the millions of credits he has made by my largesse, the awards, bonuses, dividends, and unreported skim that all of you indulge yourselves in, this... person has dishonored the title of Vigo."

Guri strolled behind the seated lieutenants slowly. Xizor watched them. Those who could, sweated or flushed or otherwise showed signs of fear they could not hide.

She passed Durga, Kreet'ah, Clezo, reached the other end of the table and circled around it.

Xizor continued speaking, slowly, evenly, betraying nothing in his tone. "There are sublieutenants among your ranks who would cheerfully wipe out entire planets to be given such an opportunity as you all have been given. To be a Vigo in Black Sun is to enjoy more power than all but a handful of beings in the entire galaxy."

- Shadows of the Empire

The Vigos of the Black Sun rake in millions of credits, they have more power than all but a handful of beings in the entire galaxy. Each of the 9 Vigos controlling several star systems under Prince Xizor compared to a single system under Alexi Garyn.

Who was likely to have the nerve to make such an attempt? Here was another matter. Black Sun was nearly invulnerable, and while many would cheerfully lop off its leader's head if they thought they could get away with it, not many would be so certain they could do the deed undetected. So narrow that down to somebody powerful, somebody who might, should it become known, survive not only Black Sun's wrath, but the possible ire of the Emperor himself.

Well, that narrowed it down a whole lot more.

Xizor leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers. This was a little game he sometimes played with himself, pretending that he was using reason and logic to arrive at a conclusion he had already made intuitively. He knew who had caused the attack, just as he knew it had not really been meant to succeed. It was no more than a small thorn set in his path, a tiny sticker upon which he was to step and be irritated, no more.

A small grief offered to his person by a man who feared neither Black Sun nor the Emperor's displeasure. There was only one such man.

- Shadows of the Empire

The Black Sun is noted to be nearly invulnerable, even if someone did kill the leader, not many would get away with it.


So there you have it folks! The Black Sun organization!


Star Wars: TCW(08) and Legends(C-Canon)

So I've posted this elsewhere and in some form of fashion on another site, so I figured why not here since a SW debating community is also here...would only make sense yes? Plus I know some aren't on the other sites, so this would also be beneficial and informative in my opinion so here it is.


Now technically yes it is apart of Legends Canon, but it's not really. Or at the least it isn't apart of the overall Canon(C-Canon) that was put into place prior to 08. So I'm going to go over 2 points here as to why one shouldn't try to mesh TCW(08) with the rest of C-Canon...which is what I see a lot of people do. Now this DOESN'T mean C-Canon is ENTIRELY off the table to use...I'll get into that after the two points.


1. It makes NO Sense

That's basically it in a nutshell, TCW(08) makes literally no sense to pretty much ANY prior C-Canon published material. Characters are different either appearance wise from how they should be within the timeline(compared to how they look before) or are completely different personality or how they operate. Or they don't even appear AT ALL. Or these new characters are put in that doesn't add up to the prior C-Canon material or even return.

The most glaring of examples of big changes being General Grievous and Aurra Sing.

The first....I mean come on, how are people seeing Grievous 03 and coming to the conclusion that the 08 is the same. They aren't...at all and it's not just visuals either, it's personality and how they operate.

Sing again another great example, in TCW(08) we see that she's pretty much just a bounty hunter, there isn't any mention of her being a former Jedi Padawan or having Jedi training at all.

Yet still whenever these two are brought up in a battle, people still reference TCW(08) and whatever C-Canon material and I'm just sitting here going "...why??" What because Grievous constantly fights Obi-Wan and that somehow makes him a better combatant despite the fact that you don't really need to see them fight for the hundredth time?

Sing I really don't understand, because I'm pretty sure whatever she does in TCW(08), she can do even better when she's actually a formerly trained Jedi and actually having The Force and a lightsaber.

Durge is another HUGE one because he doesn't even appear at all. Despite the fact he was active throughout the Clone Wars against the Republic. Yeah I'm sure missing one of the CIS' Commanders is a big ? mark. Yeah where's the huge alien trained by Mandalorians who has a chip on his shoulder and is thirsty for killing Clones of a Mandalorian?

Ahsoka and Maul....yeah I don't think I need to explain why they throw a large bag of monkey wrenches into everything.

Then there's the fact that the Nightsisters are all Dark Force Users, when that wasn't the case in C-Canon, they were more diverse, hell even the planet Dathomir is completely different too.

1B: C-Canon and T-Canon DIFFERENCES

TCW T-Canon Dathomir/Nightsisters

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

EU C-Canon Dathomir

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

Now do you see the VAST difference between the two? Let's not even go into the fact that TCW has all of them basically Dark side Force Users and basically destroyed.

EU C-Canon? HA! The Nightsisters are still going strong and they weren't completely Dark Side aligned either, there were various groups of them on both sides of the Force.

Anakin wasn't a Jedi General of the 501st Legion and was pretty much by Obi-Wan's side throughout the entire war. The 501st went through more than 1 General and their Commander was Appo, not Rex.

Oh let's have a look at a timeline aspect here...ok, let's see...after AOTC we have the Battle of Christophsis...which takes place apparently 7 weeks AFTER Geonosis(according to the TCW Novel Wild Space). Here we are introduced to a few new characters, Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano.....oh and also? Anakin is a Jedi General and apparently no longer a Jedi Padawan.

....Anyone who remembers ANYTHING prior to 08 for SW, knows this cannot be possible because guess where Anakin and Obi-Wan were directly after Geonosis?

"Just saying, we've been stationed in the Tion Cluster for weeks. At this rate, the war will be over before we see a battle.

- SW: Clone Wars Video Game, Anakin Skywalker

Yeah, they have been stationed in the Tion Cluster for WEEKS.

Guess what happens after this? The pair head to Raxus Prime....oh and Anakin is still only a Jedi Padawan and Jedi Commander


This is what is called the Dark Reaper Incident from the 03 Star Wars: The Clone Wars video game, which takes place within the SAME YEAR as the Battle of Christophsis among other events and battles within the first weeks of TCW.

There is also the point that the CW: Microseries got completely dumped to make way for TCW as per Genndy's own words himself.

"It’s frustrating that they tried to erase it from being canon," he said. "At first, it was canon. And then once George started doing the CG version, he wanted to clean the slate. And so they de-canonised ours.

- Genndy Tartakovsky

So the Microseries doesn't fit, which means the entirety of the CWMM doesn't fit with TCW. It's a wholly separate Continuity and should be treated as such.

But let's look at more evidence hm? In the CW Microseries comics....5 months after the Battle of Geonosis, Anakin(still a Padawan) was with Obi-Wan on the planet Nivek.

The events in this story take place approximately 5 months after the Battle of Geonosis.

"At least now we know why they call Nivek the "Night Planet"

- Anakin, CW Adventures Vol 1

So let's move onto point 2.

2. The C-Canon Timeline is already complete

Kind of going off point 1, but this is basically why nothing in TCW(08) makes sense with anything prior 08 CW material. The timeline for C-Canon is already completed up to ROTS within the Microseries CW Anakin and Obi-Wan making their way back to Coruscant as Grievous was attacking it. Then adding in the various novels, games and so forth which compliment all of this into a completed timeline.

TCW(08) is basically a separate timeline within Legends, this makes sense since...well nothing seems to coincide with what is noted and new characters appearing or old ones changed or not appearing at all. The 08 series completely started a new slate with which to work off of...you could perhaps think of it like what Disney did to the post-ROTJ EU, where they wiped the slate clean to make the ST. People don't really seem to think about this a whole lot, but it'll save one a bunch of headaches with trying to all figure it out...like trying to mix and match a puzzle piece that just isn't going to work.

GL himself stated that he didn't pay much attention to the EU(he's stated at least twice) and given he was heavily involved....well of course he wouldn't follow what the EU already established because that wasn't his vision. It also makes sense as to why it's in a COMPLETELY separate bracket, otherwise why wouldn't it just be in C-Canon like...literally everything else?

It's clearly a separate timeline so Lucas doesn't destroy everything all those writers put into C-Canon.


Now moving onto what I think is a fair compromise if you really want to treat TCW as Legends, honestly it really should just be Disney Canon at this point...but that's my opinion and I can work a compromise.


C-Canon(TCW Exception)

So C-Canon as we all know just basically stands for Continuity and that in a nutshell is basically something that is continued over a period of time. Now TCW can be used in C-Canon(TCW Exception), this however would be a bit more limited. If you folks notice that, various books and such are all revolved around TCW(this again another added point in that it's a separate timeline). Example those TCW comics or the novels such as TCW: Wild Space.

Now these can be used as a Continuity Canon for the TCW(08) show, that as far as I have seen can be fine because there isn't any huge glaring issues. Same with the Sourcebooks such as The Clone Wars Campaign Guide although for such as these, it would have to be used carefully using S-Canon IE: Ignore what isn't correct and vice versa. Example the Clone Assassins and Blaze Clone Troopers are in there, yet they make no appearance whatsoever in TCW, so they can't be used as any sort of debating point.

Some authors tried to shoe in some TCW stuff or otherwise in some Source or Guide book...but it just...really falls flat on its face and doesn't mesh well. Because again, the show starts a fresh slate of everything.

Oh here's a better way of looking at it. TCW is the foundation, much like the OT/PT for C-Canon EU where the supplement TCW material(novels, comics etc) can be used.


So there it is folks, I've hoped I've explained it well enough, trying my best. But yeah, I just had this in the back of my mind and I figured it was finally time to put it forward here before I just lost interest or forgot about it.

I honestly blame Wookieepedia, they really frustrate me with all the misinformation and the like to confuse a lot of people. This is honestly not that hard to figure if you just stop and think about it.

Now this isn't to say one can't, I mean I certainly can't force anyone to do this. Just to me, I don't really understand the point of trying to put the two together when...to me it just doesn't add up at all in any capacity.

But if you folks can somehow rationalize all of it and fit it to make sense well...more power to you I guess.


Star Wars: Kento Marek(Legends) respect thread!

Alright so here I am once again, coming back with another obscure Force User respect thread! I've noted that when regarding Galen, that his father gets the shaft a lot by many for whatever reason, so I looked into it and in actuality he's a pretty solid combatant. I mean I'm not saying he's anything BIG or what have you, but I think he deserves a lot more credit than many give him for, when his only negative is...losing to Darth Vader of all Sith Lords...which I don't see why that's a slight against him but whatever.

Plus I'm bored, so let's get into this!


Jedi Master Kento Marek

No Caption Provided

Sourcebook/Guide//Game/Databank Quotes

Like many Jedi Knights, Master Kento was discovered by the Jedi Order and brought to the Temple for training at a very early age. Kento was a gifted student. He viewed every mission no matter how dangerous or disturbing as just another adventure, a chance to engage in exciting, death-defying heroics. When the Clone Wars erupted, Kento rushed to the front and fought bravely alongside the clone soldiers and fellow Jedi.

- TFU Databank

At a very early age it's noted that he was a gifted student during his training. He viewed every mission as an adventure, going into death defying heroics and when the Clone Wars came about he fought bravely with his fellow Jedi and clone troopers. At some point he also attained the rank of Jedi Master.

Meanwhile, a hooded figure watches the battle from a perch high above the sand. It is the rogue Jedi Master, and his Wookiee forces are holding tight.

- TFU Prima Official Game Guide

Again restating his position as a Jedi Master.

He’s extremely fast and can quickly circle around you and attack in one fluid motion, so stay alert!

- TFU Prima Official Game Guide

Noted to be extremely fast and can attack in one fluid motion.

The blood of a true Jedi-My blood-Flows through you.

- Kento Marek TFU: Jedi Temple

States that the blood of a true Jedi, his blood, flows through his son.


No Caption Provided

He seems to get Force pushed back by Vader and the hut gets crushed by the latter, though Kento is able to quickly get up and maneuver, using the pieces of the destroyed hut as they get flung about and land safely.

No Caption Provided

He's able to catch Vader off guard with a powerful Force Push which actually tears up the ground beneath the two.

"Grab hold of something," the robed man called to them. "Quickly!"

Vader clenched his fist, hard, and the support struts finally cracked. He extended both hands, and the hut shook from side to side. With a sickening sound, the last of its supports gave way and the hut tumbled to the platform below. Wookiees flew bodily in all directions. Splinters and dust filled the air.

Vader didn't flinch as the hut crashed directly in front of him. split open like an overripe fruit.

He didn't move until, out of the thick, dusty haze, he glimpsed a bright blue lightsaber-and its wielder, coming for him like a ghost.

- TFU Novel

In the novel, he's actually crushed within the hut and it crashes right infront of Vader. But Kento doesn't seem any worse for wear as he comes just right out from the destroyed debris.

They fought back and forth across the wooden platform, the tall man's reach a match for Vader's but his strength not as profound. Whoever he was, combat was not his strong point. He had an understanding of the ancient Shii-Cho style but barely a smattering of more advanced Makashi. His attacks were simple to deflect; his defenses, relatively easy to penetrate. Vader toyed with him awhile, then pressed him hard against the side of the fallen I'm, giving him no more ground to retreat to.

- TFU Novel

He knows Shii-Cho and Makashi, his reach is a match for Vader's own. Now I will want to make a note of this, some point as this being something to look at when describing Kento as weak. It isn't ENTIRELY inaccurate, but it's not looking at the bigger picture here.

1. This is Vader, by this point in the timeline he's already killed many Jedi, so...why wouldn't he toy with him?

2. Kento has been hiding for a decade, his skill with a blade is going to most likely deteriorate if he's more focused on raising his son. Even THEN, the text describes as knowing advanced Makashi...correct me if I'm wrong, but advanced is something that is greater than a basic understanding yes? So he knows Shii-Cho(from Padawan training) and Makashi along with apparently more advanced maneuvers of the Makashi form if only slightly.

In his prime, no doubt he was a master Makashi user with Shii-Cho being something he also mastered, since as Younglings they have to master Shii-Cho and as a Padawan they have to master at least one form. (Along with being trained through the rest of the fighting styles)

No Caption Provided

During Galen's visit to the Jedi Temple, he faces off against a vision of his Father where the latter is able to keep pace with him well enough, even able to block his blows and evade him if only briefly.

No Caption Provided

He appears as a Force Ghost to his son.

He had become someone’s worst nightmare.

A golden glow flickered through the honeyish air. He turned his masked head to face it, and made

out a dark silhouette walking toward him. His clawed right hand reached for his lightsaber, which he

selected automatically from the many at his waist. It snapped on, casting a bloody red glow through

the hut.

By that light, a man in Jedi robes was revealed, tall and straight-backed. The face beneath the hood

was smooth-skinned and calm. His eyes gleamed, containing sorrow and pity. Familiar and yet

unfamiliar, known and yet utterly unknown …

The apprentice hissed a low, dangerous sound through his mask’s vocoder and crouched like a

poised snake, master of Juyo, the most vicious form of lightsaber combat known in the galaxy.

The Jedi drew his own lightsaber—a bright sky blue—and adopted a classic Soresu opening stance,

with left arm upraised, palm-down, running parallel to the lightsaber in his right. With his left foot

forward he balanced perfectly on his right, ready to defend himself against any attack.

The apprentice didn’t keep him waiting. He didn’t employ any wild acrobatics or fancy Force


He simply lunged, using his whole body as a weapon, his balance and dexterity utterly

focused. The dark side thrilled through him, harmonizing perfectly with the anger and hate in his

heart. The Jedi was going to die, one way or another. It might as well be now.

Blue blocked red in a spray of energy. The apprentice struck again, higher this time, a deceptively

loose blow that hid deadly subtleties beneath its wide swing. The Jedi blocked it, too; just. Soresu was

a defensive fighting style well suited to the close confines of the hut, but it wouldn’t last forever

against the malignant grace of Juyo.

The Jedi came in hard and fast before the apprentice could rally another attack. He cared little if the

Jedi hit him, so long as damage was minimal. Close hits left flesh sizzling and armor smoking. The

energy he saved on wild dodges he spent on tearing jagged planks from the walls and throwing them

at the Jedi’s head. All were deflected, but it distracted the man, robbed his attack of some of its

momentum. When he paused, the apprentice sent a surge of Sith lightning under his guard.

The Jedi was caught in the flickering storm. His face twisted into a pained grimace.

Then he brought his right arm down and placed the blade of his lightsaber directly in the lightning’s path. The energy was absorbed by the blade, then bent back upon itself in a superconducting loop, striking its source with more energy than it had originally possessed. The apprentice stiffened as pain coursed up his hands and arms.

The agony was unbearable—but bear it he did. His skin melted and warped all over his body, and he gagged on the stink of his own burning flesh. The pain and revulsion only fed the dark side, so the faster the lightning came back to him, the harder and stronger it flowed from him.

The loop couldn’t last forever. With a blinding blue flash he and the Jedi were blown far apart,

crashing with arms outstretched into the walls of the hut and dropping to the floor. Their lightsabers

skittered away in opposite directions, dead.

Flat on his back, the apprentice wheezed through his mask like an asthmatic Gand, only gradually

regaining sensation in his arms and legs. His muscles twitched spastically when he tried to move.

Acrid steam poured from his mask’s narrow eye slits. Fearing that his Jedi opponent might be on his

feet before him, he called on all the power of the Force to lift himself bodily into the air. Hanging

suspended like a doll, with his feet some centimeters off the ground, he blinked his searing eyes until

he could see again.

The Jedi was faring no better. He, too, was upright, but only just. He, too, had lost his lightsaber

and not yet managed to reclaim it. The apprentice leered behind his mask. He had several other

lightsabers to choose from, belonging to all the Jedi Knights he had killed. All he had to do was select

one at random and strike.

Instead he reached out with his left hand and, as his dark Master had done to the first Jedi killed on

this spot, long ago, gripped his opponent about the throat with the Force. Still smoking from the

lightning attack, the young man jerked abruptly into the air.

They faced each other across the ruined hut, neither touching the ground.

“Kill me,” gasped the Jedi, “and you destroy yourself.”

The apprentice laughed gloatingly, a hideous sound that bore little relationship to anything made by

a human throat. Summoning his lightsaber, he activated it and threw it at the stricken Jedi. The blade

went through the Jedi’s right shoulder and deactivated when the pommel hit flesh.

The Jedi arched his back but didn’t cry out. Savoring the moment, the apprentice unhitched one of the other lightsaber hilts from his belt, ignited it, too, and impaled the Jedi again. Over and over he stabbed the Jedi Knight until there were no more hilts at his belt and the ground beneath his victim was stained deep red.

Still the Jedi lived. A flicker of annoyance spoiled the moment, but then he remembered that there

was one more lightsaber he hadn’t used: the Jedi’s own. Snatching it to him, the apprentice ignited the

blade, drew his arm back, and stabbed the Jedi Knight through the heart.

That did the trick. The body dropped to the ground, inert, and the apprentice allowed himself to

stand properly on the soil. The dark side throbbed through him. He was the living embodiment of


Tipping his masked head back, he crowed in triumph like a feral wolf cat.

“I never wanted this for you,” whispered a hollow voice out of the shadows.

He spun, lightsaber back in his hand and lit in less time than it took to think about it. Someone else

stood in the hut: a man with long dark hair and a Wookiee sash down his front. He looked at the body

of the Jedi Knight on the ground, grief and loss in his eyes.

The apprentice went to strike him down, but stopped, recognizing him as the man from two visions:

the father of the boy who had been taken and the man he had glimpsed over Nar Shaddaa.

“I never wanted any of this for you,” the man said. “I’m sorry, Galen.”

Rooted to the spot, the apprentice stared as the Jedi Knight turned to walk back into the shadows.

Vision or reality? Truth or fantasy? His mind felt as though it were turning as fast as a pulsar.

“Father, wait!” The voice burst out of him, unfiltered by hideous deformities or the strictures of the

mask. Suddenly he was the boy again, whole but alone, standing abandoned in the bloody hut. “Father,


- TFU Novel

In yet another vision it seems, Galen fights against his Father(seems to be his young/prime version?), doing pretty well infact.

If the Jedi surrounds himself in a protective Force sphere, back away to avoid his Repulse attack. Similarly, if he uses the Force to lock on to a TIE Fighter flying overhead, back away immediately to avoid being crushed by it.

- TFU Guide

Is powerful enough in The Force to use Force Repulse and grab/toss TIE Fighters.

Specific Accolades

Being a Jedi does not guarantee one's ability to rematerialize, and it is only assumed that the transition cannot be achieved accidently, but rather by some deliberate effort or knowledge.

"For now, I can only assume that the survival of a Jedi's consciousness beyond death may have something to do with training, as well as the will of The Force, or with the individual's openness to the Force"

- Luke Skywalker, Jedi v Sith: Essential Guide to The Force

Now it's probably a mix for Kento, since he couldn't have appeared to his son accidently. So he most likely learned of how to be a Force Ghost when he died and was open to The Force.

Jedi Masters have reached the top of their craft within the Jedi Order. A deep understanding of The Force is a must, for a Jedi Master is able to unlock powerful secrets that few Jedi even dream of comprehending. It is not a journey made quickly, and few Jedi survive long enough to complete it.

- Taken from Threats of the Galaxy.

As a Jedi Master, Kento has a deep understanding of The Force and knows powerful secrets. This probably falls inline with how he was able to become a Force Ghost later after his death.

General Scaling/Accolades

Jedi Knight respect thread

^ Since Kento Marek is a Jedi Master, he benefits from all scaling/feats from your standard Jedi Knight/Master.


Well there you have it folks! Galen Marek's father!


Star Wars: TCW, the mess that it has caused with previous Canon.

So this here has been a long time coming and while I won't argue with those who want to say it is fine, I just have to get this off in a blog because seeing it...it's rather bothering me and I'd rather not keep it bottled up.

So here it is, this blog.

Now before Disney acquired Star Wars, Lucas came out with The Clone Wars(08, not the 03 version) and it was given it's own separate bracket of Canon known as T-Canon, instead of labeling it under C-canon with all the rest of the works such as the novels, comics, sourcebooks, games and the 03 Micro-Series.

Then Disney got Star Wars and pushed everything off a cliff except for TCW bringing it into the Current Canon with the 6 movies along with whatever else would come after in 2014.

Here is my issue with TCW, yes it is technically apart of the old Continuity, however what bothers me the most is people treating it as if it can somehow connect with the prior C-canon....when it doesn't. It just doesn't, it's in it's own separate bracket, meaning it starts with a clean slate, meaning it can do whatever it wants.

Now I know what you're thinking

"What about the supplement sources that reference TCW?"

Well see...that's what the Canon tier system is for. These would fall under S-Canon.

"Use as needed, disregard other things within."

Example, let's take the Clone Wars Campaign Guide.

They have Clone Assassins from C-canon from the ROTS game and the RC: TC novel. They don't appear in TCW at all.

So you can still use that guide if you're talking about them. But you can't just bring them up for TCW, because they don't exist.

There is also the issue, TCW completely throws a bag of monkey wrenches into the timeline that C-canon had completely covered up to ROTS, basically covering a lot of the Clone Wars through novels, comics, games etc.

That should be the biggest indicator that TCW doesn't mesh at all with C-canon and is in its own bracket separate timeline. There is no need for TCW to override and already existing timeline, TCW works fine for the Current Disney Canon sure, but not for the previous.

This isn't even going into the characters, Durge for example makes no appearance in TCW, despite being active throughout the Clone Wars.

Aurra Sing isn't a former Jedi anymore, but just a bounty hunter.

The ARC Troopers are...heh, wow the ARC Troopers are just differently geared Clone Troopers.

Obi-Wan and Anakin were basically together throughout the whole Clone Wars and Anakin never was the sole commander of the 501st as the 501st went through various Commanders.

Darth Maul coming back, that really flies into the face of everything, not even counting Ahsoka so you know nothing really can connect.

So on and so on, nothing really adds up to C-canon, especially when TCW starts...what a mere 6-8 months after Geonosis?


I mean folks, I won't say you can't use C-canon with TCW if discussing previous Continuity, but it doesn't to me add up and makes everything screwy. Now I'm not saying before TCW, the Canon was perfect. But TCW threw everything for a loop and that's why I feel, it does not mesh at all with what was previously established, which is fine, Lucas you do you man, but debating wise it makes things screwy.

Now again I'm not here to change any minds or stop you from doing what you want, I just had to get this out in the open.


Star Wars: Beam-Tubes & Pulse-Wave Blasters(Legends)

So another blog surrounding Star Wars tech, this however going over the precursors to the modern Blaster that everyone uses(or just about everyone) in the SW Galaxy. But make no mistake, the Beam-Tube and Pulse-Wave weapons were still plenty powerful, just not as powerful as the Blaster but more powerful than Slugthrowers, so lets get into it!

Link to Slugthrower & Blaster Blog= https://comicvine.gamespot.com/profile/wolfrazer/blog/star-wars-the-slugthrower-and-the-blaster-legends/130988/#comments-block-1872986



Emperor-4 Beam Tube
Emperor-4 Beam Tube

The ancestors of handheld blasters were beam tubes, which gradually displaced heatbeams and plasma cannons(both which used lasers to heat plasma) because they were safer to carry and wield and required less maintenance.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Warfare

Pretty straightforward really, they displaced heatbeams and plasma cannons, being easier and safer to use.

Advantages of the Beam-Tube

Over twenty thousand years ago during the days of barbarian warlords such as Xim the Despot and long before the rise of the Old Republic, projectile guns and magnetic accelerators ruled the battlefield. Despite numerous limitations, the first Beam Tubes changed the balance of power on those legendary battlefields. Their energy-particle beams easily defeated the armor of the day, which had been designed to protect the wearer against the high-velocity projectiles, not energy beams.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

They changed the balance of power on the battlefields, easily destroying armor that was protecting against projectile and accelerator weapons.

The entire system snaps onto a heavy blast vest that is padded with several layers of composite ceramics to absorb and dissipate kinetic energy from high-impact projectiles.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

The whole system snaps onto a heavy blast vest, which has several layers of ceramics to protect against high-impact projectiles.

This beam tube's power system includes the backpack type power cell, a recharge port and a small refrigeration unit(to keep the cell within safe temperature levels.)

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Has a refrigeration unit to keep the power cell within safe temperatures.

The vest includes a reserve power cell and a comlink with a four kilometer range. A switch next to the comlink antenna activates an emergency homing beacon to guide rescue crews.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

It also includes a reserve power cell and comlink with a homing beacon to guide rescue crews.

Disadvantages of a Beam-Tube

The Emperor-4 beam tube is powered by a massive backpack power cell that weighs over 30 kilograms but delivers less than one hundred shots. The weapon itself severely restricts the soldier's mobility because it must be fired two-handed and weighs over fifteen kilograms.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

The backpack cell weighs over 30 kilograms while the weapon weighs over 15 and needing to be fired with both hands and fires less than 100 shots.

In pounds that would be 66 pounds and 33 pounds respectively, so the trooper is lugging around a total of 99 pounds in just weapon equipment, this isn't even including any means of armor.

Another design limitation is manifested in the sensitive internal refinement tubes, which are easily thrown out of alignment, re-configuring them takes nearly 4 hours.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

The tubes(which there's 12 of them) can easily be thrown out of alignment and fixing that takes nearly 4 hours.

The Emperor-4 requires several seconds to process enough power for a blast, with an optimal range of twenty meters and max range of fifty. Because of the beam tube's limited ammunition and need for recharging, squads often carried a large power generator on a repulsorlift sled.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

It takes several seconds for a blast, the range is only up to 50 meters and with limited ammunition and needing for recharge, squads often carried large power generators.

The wasteful energy conversion process generates tremendous heat. The beam tube's sensitive electronic components are protected by twelve cooling motors, although they direct the hot air into the soldier's face, making it quite uncomfortable to use.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

The wasteful energy generates heat, which while the weapons electrical components are protected, the wearer gets a hot air blast in their faces making it uncomfortable.

Side Note: Heatbeams

Xim Droids were virtually unstoppable in their day. The warlord was one of the first individuals to perfect mechanized combat, entire star systems surrendered in the face of his ruthless automated armies. Even by modern standards, the robots are remarkably resilient and impressively lethal.

Shielded apertures built into the arms and hands housed various chemicals and energy weapons, including archaic heatbeams and particle discharges.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Droids

To put the Beam-Tubes in perspective, Xim the Depost's army was considered virtually unstoppable, entire star systems surrendered.

Han had just begun to let himself believe they were clear, when a yellow heatbeam flashed out of the night. It scored on a rock two meters to Bollux's right, throwing up sparks and globs of molten mineral.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

A heatbeam strikes a rock, melting it.

Defenders that were sufficiently well armed were putting up stiff resistance with rocket launchers, grenade throwers, heavy weapons, and crew-served guns.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

To put better in perspective, a large group of Xim War Droids were later awakened in a mining camp, it takes the miners with rocket launchers, grenades launchers, heavy weapons and crew guns just to put up stiff resistance.

Not counting the actual blasters involved(Han's, Gallandro's and Chewie's )

So the fact it took that kind of firepower, the Beam Tubes really did change the face of the battlefield since before they came around, it was just Heatbeams, plasma cannons, projectile and accelerator weapons.


There are sadly no real showings for the Beam-Tubes, but just from description despite the flaws, they changed the battlefield and made way for the blaster.

So moving on to Pulse-Wave!


Pulse-Wave Blaster

ATA Pulse-Wave Blaster
ATA Pulse-Wave Blaster

Beam-Tubes were replaced by Pulse-Wave weapons, which were imprecise and lacked range; further improvements resulted in the mass production of weapons similar to the modern blaster by 4,000 BBY.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Warfare

Straightforward, they replaced the Beam-Tubes and mass production of these soon saw weapons that were similar to the modern blaster by 4,000 BBY.

Advantages of a Pulse-Wave Blaster

Pulse-Wave blasters were the precursors to the modern energy weapons; they fired a packet of coherent energy that inflicted considerable damage to a target. Pulse-wave weapons operated much like disruptor weapons, causing the target's molecules to separate.

- Taken from Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear

They were precursors to the modern energy weapons, operating similarly to disruptors where the damage was at a molecular level.

A pulse-wave pistol requires a power pack. After 100 shots, the power pack must be replaced. A pulse-wave rifle requires a power pack. After 50 shots, the power pack must be replaced.

- Taken from Kotor Campaign Guide

A pulse-wave pistol has 100 shots, while a rifle has 50. Compare this to the Beam-Tube which had less than 100 to the pistol, the rifle has less but it's more accurate and has longer range.

Although those pulse-wave blasters found today are ancient, many still work well enough and have been banned by most worlds.

- Taken from Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear

Though ancient by the time blaster weapons are in full swing, they work well enough and have been banned on most worlds.

Disadvantages of a Pulse-Wave Blaster

Less powerful than blaster bolts, pulse-wave packets are nevertheless deadly at close range.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

They aren't as powerful as blaster bolts.

The technological predecessor to the modern blaster pistol, the pulse-wave pistol was largely abandoned when blaster technology became common.

- Taken from Kotor Campaign Guide

Pulse-wave technology was pretty much abandoned when blasters came.

The pulse-wave blaster-the forerunner to the modern blaster-is virtually extinct. I've run into some worlds on the Outer Rim Territories where the natives are happy to get any kind of high-tech, no matter how primitive. There's good money to be made selling these archaic weapons to a bunch of nuclear-level warmongers.

- Taken from Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear

It's virtually extinct and considered archaic/primitive by modern galactic standards, nuclear level societies are happy though in getting them.


Pulse-Wave Blaster/Cannon Feats

So the first scan is a handheld Pulse-Wave blaster used by Naga Sadow to blow open a prison door(you'll see a decent sized hole in the door) along with sizeable holes in the mountain walls.

Second scan has a two manned pulse-wave blaster making a giant hole within the size of a mountain.

The first 2 scan shows ship mounted pulse-wave cannons(since recall the modern blaster hadn't yet been invented yet), showing some decent sized explosions and blowing apart buildings and statues.

The last scan showing warbeast mounted pulse-wave cannons also making some sizeable explosions too.


So there you have it folks! The old energy weapons before Blaster Technology came around, kind of puts in perspective how powerful Blasters are when you realize that these weapons are powerful in their own right.


Star Wars: Han Solo respect thread(Legends)

So finally, after all this research I have enough information to give a pretty good detailed respect thread for one of the best Star Wars characters in the mythos. Han Solo, so let's just get right in on it!


Han Solo

No Caption Provided

Sourcebook/File Quotes

Unbelievably, the truth is not far removed from myth. During his career, Solo has smuggled weapons, contraband and people. He has fought slavers, Imperial frigates and TIE squadrons. He has singe-handedly brought down Imperial corporations and outwitted the galaxy's worst crimelords, dozens of bounty hunters are on his trail, hoping to collect the death-mark price promised by Jabba The Hutt. The Empire has also placed a price on his head for crimes against the Empire, including high treason, aiding and abetting Rebel spies, conspiracy, breaking into an Imperial facility, liberating a known criminal, breaking out of an Imperial facility, espionage, operating a starship without a licence and destruction of Imperial property.

He is currently the 4th most wanted individual in the entire Empire; the dread Lord Darth Vader himself oversees the search for Solo.

- Taken from The Star Wars Sourcebook 2nd edition

Myth isn't far from the truth for Solo, he's the 4th most wanted in the Empire and having a long list of crimes, outwitted the galaxy's worst crimelords, being chased by dozens of bounty hunters, fighting slavers, Imperials and doing a bunch of other stuff.

In his youth, Han's blindingly fast draw became almost legendary among the gunmen, petty criminals and smugglers who haunted the fringes of society. On numerous occasions, he outdrew some of the galaxy's most ruthless gunfighters, until his reputation meant that few would risk taking him on in a straight contest of blasters.

- Taken from Fact File 6

He has a blinding fast drew, outdrawing some of the galaxy's most ruthless gunfighters. It came to a point, where he had such a reputation that few would want to go against him.

The short-range power of Solo's blaster made it effective against stormtrooper armor, while it's owner's skill made him a match for several opponents at once.

- Taken from Fact File 6

His skill with a blaster is so great, he can take on several opponents at once.

Despite being old and well used, the blaster remained deadly accurate, while Han Solo's reflexes seemed little dulled by the passing of time.

- Taken from Fact File 6

Despite getting up in the age post-ROTJ and into the NR era, Han's reflexes only dulled a little bit.

By the age of 17, Han had built a considerable reputation as a swoop bike racer, had picked up a number of alien languages, and was a considerable thief and con-man.


Over the next four years on Carida, Solo showed natural ability, though he never accepted standard Imperial attitudes. Despite graduating top of his year, Solo's military career was abruptly ended on a disciplinary charge after Han refuse orders from Commander Nyklas

Fact File SOL 1(By GreySentinal365)

By age 17 he already had a great reputation as a swoop bike racer, picking up several alien languages and was a considerable thief/con-man. He then graduates at the top of his class at the Academy.

Novel Quotes

All that remained of the Forum itself was broken rubble strewn across a huge empty lot. Han stepped off the sidewalk, into the lot. Glass and gravel crunched beneath his feet as he walked across it, toward the main entrance.

He stood in the empty lot, staring at the desolation, with a cool wind tugging at him and suddenly it struck him as though he were there, that moment, all those years ago:

Standing in the ring. Facing the opponents, with the screams and cheers and taunts of the crowd in his ears. His heart pounding and his breath coming short, as the match flag fluttered down toward the ground, and the other three fighters came at him.

Han took a running leap at the nearest. He got up two meters off the ground and landed a flying kick into the face of the onrushing first fighter. The man's nose broke, his head snapped back.

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunter

Here Han flashbacks to when he was in a Free-For-All fight, he leaped up to one of the 3 fighters that were coming at him, landing a flying kick to his face, breaking his nose and snapping his head back.

Young Han Solo watched the ring attendant, a Bith, hosing the blood from the previous bout out of the ring, and wondered how he'd gotten himself into such a mess.

Well, not wondering, exactly, that wasn't accurate, since actually he remembered the events with a certain painful clarity. Wondering how he'd been stupid enough to get himself into the current mess was more like it. Han stood in the tunnel with the other three fighters, watching the blood get cleaned off the mat he would shortly be standing on, fighting on, and swore to himself that if he got out of the current mess with his skin still holding his insides inside, he'd learn to deal seconds so well that no one would ever catch him at it.

Anyway, how was a traveling man supposed to know that cheating at cards was a felony in some jerk backwaters? "A felony, "Han muttered aloud. He glanced over and up and up some more at the fighter standing next to him. "What did you get sent to Jubilar for?"

The man looked down a considerable distance at Han and said slowly, "I killed some people."

Han looked away. "Right? me too," he lied after a moment. "I killed lots of people."

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunters

The 3 other fighters that Han fought were so big, Han had to look up, one of them having killed some people.

Three of the fighters were what Fett would have expected, big bruisers for whom the Free-For-All ring had been the obvious alternative to conscription. The fourth surprised him; Fett zoomed in on the man?

The face jumped into focus.

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Indeed, 3 of the fighters were big bruisers compared to Han and he was only 17 at the time.

Fett stopped walking and looked sideways at the man. A small motion, but the Imperial found himself staring into the bounty hunter's darkened visor.

Fett's harsh voice sounded like an attack. "He won. It was one of the bravest things I ever saw." He paused. "I'll enjoy collecting him."

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunters

Han had won, Fett noting it was one of the bravest things he'd ever seen.

She shook off his hold as easily as she would have waved off an annoying insect and roared at Shrike. The captain drew his blaster, and chaos erupted.

"Noooo!" Han screamed, and leaped forward, his foot lashing out in an old street-fighting technique. His instep impacted solidly with Shrike's breastbone. The captain's breath went out in a great whoosh and he went over backward.

- Taken from The Han Solo Trilogy 1: Paradise Snare

Han leaped and smashed his foot into Shrike's chest, knocking his breath out and sending him over backwards.

With a muffled curse, Thrackan backhanded Han across the face so hard it split the younger boy's lip. "Shut up!" he snarled. "You've got no right to talk about her. There's nothing wrong with her, hear me?


The blow stung, but Han had been hit often, by experts, and one thing he knew was how to take a punch and stay on his feet. For a moment he was tempted to fly at the older boy's throat, but he made himself relax. There had been genuine pain in Thrackan's eyes as he defended his mother. Han figured he might have done the same thing, if he'd ever had a mother. I have to stay here, he reminded himself. Anything is better than Shrike . . .

"Sorry," he managed to say.

- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 1: Paradise Snare

Here Han gets backhanded so hard that his lip gets split, but he knows how to take a hit and stay on his feet, getting hit by experts who know how to hit often.

All the insults, all the cuffs and blows and beatings--Shrike's as well as Thrackan's--seemed to come to a head.

With a bellow as loud as a Wookiee's, Han went berserk. He slammed his fist against Thruckan's arm, sending the knife flying, and slammed his other elbow into Thrackan's stomach. The breath whooshed out of the older boy, and before Thrackan could recover himself, Han was all over him.

Kicking, biting, punching, gouging--Han used every dirty trick he'd learned on the streets to beat up Thrackan. Stunned and reeling from Han's fury, Thrackan never did recover, until the fight ended with Han sitting astride Thrackan, holding the knife to the older boy's throat.

"Hey . . ." Thrackan's eyes glittered like a trapped vrelt's. "Hey, Han, stop kidding around. This isn't funny."

- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 1: Paradise Snare

Here Han mauls Thrackan, kickinig, biting, punching, gouging, using every dirty trick he learned on the street.

Veham! With a hideous crunch that Han could feel through his entire body, the Ylesian Dream crashed into the surface of the planet, shuddered once, and was still.

Han was thrown violently across the cabin. His helmet impacted with the bulkhead, and he lay there, arms and legs flung wide, dazed. He fought to stay conscious. If he passed out, he'd never wake up again.

Trying to pull himself up into a sitting position, Han grunted with effort. Waves of blackness threatened. He triggered his suit communications channel. "R2

... R2 ... come in!"

"Yes, sir, I am here, sir." The droid's mechanical tones sounded a bit shaken. "If you don't mind my saying so, sir, that appears to have been a most unconventional landing. I am concerned that--"

"Shut UP and OPEN THE CARGO AIRLOCK!" Han wheezed. He managed to push himself up into a sitting position, but he was afraid he wouldn't be able to stay up. He was swaying like a drunk in a high wind.

"But, sir, I warned you that in the interests of security, all entrances would be sealed pending--" Han found the blaster he'd stuck into the outside pocket on his suit and, drawing it, leveled the weapon at R2. "R2, YOU OPEN THAT AIRLOCK NOW, OR I'LL BLAST YOUR METAL HIDE INTO ATOMS!"

The droid's lights flashed frantically. Han's finger tightened on the trigger as he wondered whether he'd have the strength to crawl to the airlock. Blackness hovered at the edges of his vision.

"Yes, sir," the R2 said. "I am doing as you request."

Moments later Han felt the concussion as air whoomped into the Dream with near-explosive force. Gasping, he counted to twenty, then, with the last of his remaining strength, wrenched off his helmet. He let himself sink back down onto the deck.

He gasped, found he could breathe, and gulped huge lungfuls of fresh air.

- Taken from Han Solo Trilogy 1: Paradise Snare

Han remains conscious after a starship crashes onto a planet, getting thrown violently around across the cabin and crashing to the bulkhead.

He was very tense during the eye exam, but Nici's droid had been an expert. The Imperial medical droid found nothing wrong.

Han passed the physical with flying colors. His reaction time and reflexes were in the topmost percentile.

- Taken from HST 1: Paradise Snare

Enlisting into the Imperial Navy, Han passes the physical with flying colors, his reaction time and reflexes were at the topmost percentile.

Imperial Fighter pilots form an elite group within the Imperial Navy. Only 10% of those accepted into training graduate with commissions.

- Taken from Episodes IV-VI Visual Dictionary

To note, only %10 are accepted into training that graduate with commissions.

And I'm afraid . . . Garris . . . that I can't go along with this little scheme of yours . . ." As he spoke, Han had begun lowering his voice, little by little, speaking more and more softly. Unconsciously, Shrike leaned forward slightly to hear--just as Han, with a wild scream, leaped straight at him. One arm swept up in a block, sweeping Shrike's arm, and almost at the same moment, Han brought his knee up into the man's groin. As Shrike doubled over with a grunt, Han punched him in the jaw, hard. The captain went down.

The blaster dropped out of Garris's hand, and Shrike grabbed for it.

Han kicked it away, sending it skittering into the black, sharp-edged shadows.

Then he leaped over Shrike's crouched form and bolted for the ramp leading up to the tallest roof. From there he could hide and catch a horizontal tube or a turbolift.

Han couldn't believe he'd actually managed to down Shrike in a fight.

- Taken from HST1: Paradise Snare

Here Han(post Imperial Navy training) beats down Shrike in two strikes.

The turbolift doors opened. Shrike looked up, just as Han lunged up off the permacrete.

The element of surprise served him for a moment. Han managed to knock the blaster out of Shrike's hand again, but then Garris was on him.

Iron-hard hands clamped around the younger man's throat. Han's eyes bulged as he hooked a leg behind Shrike's and sent the man over backward. Shrike didn't release his grip, so Han went down with him, and they landed in a kicking, punching sprawl.

Han slammed a fist into Shrike's midsection, heard the man grunt in pain.

The fingers around his throat loosened for a second--then Shrike released his grip and tried to gouge Han's eye.

His right eye. The viciously gouging thumb skidded in Shrike's own saliva, and Han turned his head and snapped like an animal. His teeth closed on Shrike's thumb, clamped down. Shrike screamed as Han tore his flesh. The Corellian tasted blood.

Han took advantage of the man's momentary distraction to bring his knee up into Shrike's midsection. The older man's breath whooshed out in a stinking rush of white, into the cold night air.

Han heaved upward, throwing Shrike off him. The man lost his grip and went sprawling backward. Han scrambled for where he'd heard the blaster land--and his fingers found it.

Shrike was already up and heading purposefully for the younger man, when Han came up onto his knees, the blaster pointed directly at him.

Han ostentatiously thumbed the intensity level up to its highest setting.

- Taken from HST1: Paradise Snare

He beats Shrike again even as his hands were around Han's throat(described like an iron grip), kicking, punch, biting into his thumb and throwing him off before grabbing Shrike's blaster.

Shrike's orders aboard the Luck were always obeyed; he was not a man to cross without a good reason and a fully charged blaster. He ruled the clan of traders as a less-than-benevolent despot. A slender man of medium height, Garris was handsome in a hard-edged way. Streaks of silver-white above his temples accentuated his black hair and iceblue eyes. His mouth was thin-lipped; he seldom smiled--and never with good humor. Garris Shrike was an expert shot and had spent his early years as a professional bounty hunter.

- Taken from HST1: Paradise Snare

To note, Garris Shrike wasn't a man to be crossed with, a former professional bounty hunter and expert shot.

The only time Han had been beaten more severely was after the debacle on Jubilar, when he was seventeen. Han had already been bruised and sore from the gladitorial Free-For-All he'd been forced to fight in, after being caught cheating at cards. That time, Shrike hadn't bothered with a strap, he'd just used his fists--battering the boy's face and body until Larrad and several others had pulled him off Han's unconscious form.

And now he's killed Dewlanna, Han thought bitterly. If anyone ever needed killing, it's Garris Shrike.

- Taken from HST 1: Paradise Snare

To note beforehand when Han had won the free for all, Shrike gave him an even worse beating than he had gotten in the Arena.

To this day Han had no clear memory of the next several minutes. They'd recorded the fights, and he'd seen the recording; but the knowledge of what had happened did not connect to his blurred memories of the events themselves. The boy had been hurt, and hurt badly, walking off the mat with a broken arm and a broken jaw, two broken ribs and a concussion and bruises across half his body; the bruises turned purple the next day.

- Taken from Tales of the Bounty Hunters

To note, the beating that Han took in the arena match he won, left him with a broken arm and jaw, two broken ribs, a concussion and bruises across half his body which turned purple the next day.

The bounty hunter gestured with the blaster. "Drop your blaster, kid, or I'll stun you right in the head and scramble your brains good. The Hutts want you alive, but they didn't say nothing about in your right mind. Drop it."

Shaking, Han dropped the blaster from his nerveless fingers. With a grunt of effort, he tried to get up, but his right leg buckled beneath him.

"My leg . . ." he mumbled. "Right leg won't take my weight . . .Shrike kicked me."

"Yeah, I saw him. Not very professional of him, but old Shrike always was hot-tempered," the bounty hunter said. Moving forward, he added, "Now I'm going to give you a hand up. Don't try--" With a demented howl, Han hurled himself headfirst into the bounty hunter's midsection.

This man was younger than Shrike, stronger and faster. But Han was fighting like a madman, with the strength borne of utter desperation.

He had nothing to lose, and he knew it.

The bounty hunter went over backward with a yell of surprise. Han threw himself after him, pummeling the man. Recovering himself, the bounty hunter slammed Han across the temple with the muzzle of his blaster.

Blood spurted, ran into Han's left eye, but the Corellian didn't let it slow him down. He clawed his way up the other's body as though it were a jungle vine and head-butted the bounty hunter, slamming his forehead into the man's nose. Han heard and felt cartilage break against the bone of his skull. The man's shrill scream rang through the night.

Cursing, the bounty hunter grappled with Han, slamming him on the back and in the kidneys with the blaster. Han grabbed his arm and slammed his hand against the permacrete, wham... WHAM! The blaster dropped from the man's fingers. Han butted the bounty hunter in the face again, ignoring the splitting of his own skin.

"You're NOT taking me!" the Corellian yelled, slamming his head into the man's face repeatedly. With a yell of terror, the bounty hunter heaved upward with all his strength and sent Han flying.

The Corellian hit, tried to roll, and slammed up against the structure that housed the turbolift. The bounty hunter, his face a gory mask from his broken nose and split lips, rushed for Han, murder in his eyes.

Han waited until the last possible second, then dodged. As the man went by, Han slammed his full weight into the other's shoulder.

The bounty hunter's head impacted with the stone structure with a crack that seemed to echo throughout the icy night.

The man jerked, went limp, then slid down the wall, to lie motionless on the permacrete.

Weaving, biting his lip, and swallowing bile, Han lurched to his feet and stumbled over to the man.

- Taken from HST1: Paradise Snare

So literally right after his fight with Garriss, another Hunter comes in, by this point Han has a busted leg and yet he throws everything he has at this guy. This Hunter, being stronger and faster than Shrike, Han withstands a blaster muzzle being smashed into his face yet that doesn't slow him down, he headbutts the Hunter breaking his nose and taking all kinds of hits and throws before killing the Hunter by slamming him into stone, his head cracking open and going limp.

Chewbacca wondered aloud what Han was doing. "Fixing my weapon so it won't ever hang up in my holster again," the Corellian explained.

"That was a bad couple of seconds in that tavern, there, when I couldn't draw. I'm a good shot--losing the sight won't affect my aim."

Chewie watched as Han worked.

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Notes as he takes off the scope to his blaster, that his sight won't be affected.

They were halfway there, strolling casually and chatting, when Han suddenly stopped in midsentence and swung around, alarmed--and not even sure why. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of a paleskinned humanoid with two long fleshy tails instead of hair. The Twi'lek was just stepping out of a doorway behind him. There was a drawn blaster in his hand. As Han turned, the Twi'lek shouted, in accented but understandable Basic, "Halt, both of you, or I shoot you now!"

Han knew instinctively that if he obeyed the command to stop, he'd wind up dead, sooner or later. He didn't hesitate for even a second. With an earsplitting yell, the Corellian threw himself to the side, hit the ground, rolled, and came up on one knee, blaster in hand.

The Twi'lek's weapon spat a blue-green burst. Han dodged.

Stun blast!

Han aimed, fired, and the reddish beam struck his attacker midtorso.

He went down, dead or incapacitated.

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Han throws himself to the side, rolls and comes up with his blaster, avoiding a stun blast and killing a bounty hunter.

Han stared at the weapon, his mouth dry. A bounty hunter. Great. Why am I not surprised? This must be Teroenza's doing. He's found out I'm alive, and he wants me

If not for instinct and fast reflexes, Han knew, at this very moment he'd be out cold and on his way back to Ylesia to face a terrible vengeance . .

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Noted to have fast reflexes and that without those and his instincts he would have been out cold.

That night, asleep in his narrow bunk aboard the transport, Han dreamed he was a cadet again, back in the Academy on Carida. In his dream, he was hurrying to finish polishing his boots, then he was assembling in formation on the parade ground, his uniform impeccable, every hair in place, boots shining until he could see his face in them.

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

One of the several planets in the Caridan system, it was a large high gravity world with a wide variety of terrain. It was the site of the Empire's most important training center.

- Taken from Star Wars Encyclopedia

He went to the Imperial Academy on Carida for his Navy training, noting that this planet has a higher gravity than normal.

His hand dropped to the butt of his blaster---just as a blue-green splat of energy from a stun beam came out of nowhere!

Han's reflexes had always been quick, and weeks of living on the run had honed them to a sharp edge. Before the beam splashed against the wall, he threw himself out of the way, landing flat. He rolled across the permacrete, sideways and down. When he came up, his blaster was ready in his hand.

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Han has always had quick reflexes, honed to a sharp edge.

Activating the comm, Han shouted, "I'm coming about, hard to port! You guys get that blasted pirate off my rear!"

The Wookiee snarled as he worked frantically on the shields. Han sent the Star Jewel into a hard port turn, then a second later he felt the faint jolts as the gunners fired.

Another miss!

Han cursed and activated the comm. "Listen up, you guys! I want portside gunner one to target the following coordinates, and fire on my order!"

Glancing at his sensors, Han located the position of the first Drell ship, saw that it had swung far out, then turned and was coming back for another run. Han checked his X-Y coordinate grids and made a rapid calculation. He spat out a string of coordinates.

"Coordinates acknowledged, sir!" the portside gunnery chief said.

"Gunner two, target the following coordinates and fire your burst five seconds after gunner one! Got that?" Han reeled off another string of coordinates.

"We copy, Captain!"

"Gunner three, target the following coordinates and fire your weapon five seconds after gunner one." Again, Han gave the prescribed coordinates.

"Yes, Captain! Ready!"

"Okay . . . gunner one . . . prepare to fire!"

What Han was attempting was a military technique called a limited barrage pattern. It was designed to make a ship dodge a burst of fire, only to run right into another blast. Tricky, but if they could get the timing right .

. .

Han counted seconds in his head as he angled his stern slightly toward the Drell, offering the most tempting target he could. Three two.., one!

"Portside gunner one--fire!"

The deadly beam shot out, but as Han had figured, the agile Drell vessel evaded the blast.

Four... three.., two.., one... Han counted, watching the portside viewscreen. "Yes!" he shouted as the evading ship ran straight into the blast from portside gun two!

Incandescent white fire blossomed against the blackness.

"You got him!"

Cheers erupted from the comm unit.

"Another assassination attempt . . ." Jabba sounded very thoughtful.

Han knew that devious mind was working at lightspeed.

"I think so, sir."

"Interesting," Jabba grunted. "Captain, may I ask where you learned those . . . unorthodox . . . maneuvers?"

"At the Imperial Academy, Your Excellency."

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Not so much a solo showing, but shows that Han can take command when needed as he flies the Star Jewel(Jabba's ship) against some pirates, commanding the Gunners. He later notes to Jabba where he leaved his maneuvers, from the Imperial Academy.

"Hey, pal, you got questions, let's go somewhere and talk about this," Han said. "I can answer every--" Breaking off in midword, Han flung himself at Tedris, using a very dirty Corellian street-fighting trick.

Bjalin went down, then lay on the deck, wheezing for breath, his eyes accusing. Han stooped down, appropriated his old friend's blaster.

He went down on one knee beside his friend. "Listen to me, Tedris," he said softly. "You're not gonna die, though you won't be real comfy for a while."

- Taken from HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Just showing more than Han knows how to street fight very well, taking down Tedris, making him wheeze for breath on the deck.

At the last instant, the warship's captain's nerve gave. The tractor faded as the lighter began a desperate evasion maneuver. With reflexes that were more like precognition, Han threw everything he had into an equally frantic bank. The two ships' shields couldn't have left more than a meter or two between them in that blindingly fast near miss.

Chewbacca was already shifting all shields aft. The Falcon's main batteries, trained astern, hammered at the Authority vessel at close range. Han scored two hits on the lighter, perhaps no more than superficial damage, but a moral victory after a long, bad night.

- Taken from HST 2: At Stars End

His reflexes noted more like precognition.

A fighter could hold only so much gee-compensation equipment, enough to lessen simple linear stress and get to a target or scrap in a hurry, but not enough to offset the punishment of tight maneuvering and sudden acceleration. Dog-fighting remained the testing ground of young reflexes, resilience, and coordination.

Once, Han had lived, eaten, and slept high-speed flying. He'd trained under men who thought of little else. Even off-duty life had revolved around hand-eye skills, control, balance. Drunk. He'd stood on his head and played ring-toss, and been flung aloft from a blanket with a handful of darts to twist in midair and throw bull's-eyes time and again. He'd flown ships like this one, and ships a good deal faster, through every conceivable maneuver.

- Taken from HST 2: At Stars End

During his Imperial days, his life was all around hand-eye skill, control and balance. Drunk he could stand on his head and play ring toss, flung from a blanket with darts, twist in mid-air and throwing bull's-eyes time and again.

Torm jumped to his feet with impressive speed, gun drawn. Atuarre pulled her out too, and pointed it at him. But neither Torm's shot at Han nor Atuarre's at him worked.

"Two malfunctions?" Han inquired innocently, unlimbering the blaster at his side. "I betcha mine works, Torm."

Torm heaved his pistol wildly. Han reacted with a star pilot's reflexes, slapping the gun out of midair with his left hand.

- Taken from HST 2: At Stars End

Here he slaps Torm's blaster pistol out of his hand in mid-air, noting with star pilot's reflexes and Torm had noted impressive speed too.

Then he noticed Han and Bollux and swung his weapon to bear. With only a microcharge in the blaster, Han had to make a quick head shot. The Espo dropped.

"Brown nose," Han grunted, still hanging on to the droid

- Taken from HST 2: At Stars End

Makes a quick head shot on an Espo Trooper who was swinging around his weapon.

"Hmm. Not perfect," Han noted, "but if you supplied the machine with local materials, it would work. And for different serial numbers on each bill you just program that into the machine. That consulting firm must've been a cutrate operation; they didn't even bother to set up a secure currency." The New Regime had obviously been the victim of aggressive salesmanship. "Well, Keek, what do you-" Keek had snapped the end off his scroll's wooden core and pointed it directly at Han, who didn't doubt for a second that he was looking down the barrel of a gun. "Lay, your pistol on that table, alien primate," hissed Keek. "You will now have your automaton take the hand truck and he, you, and the traitor Hissal will precede me down the ramp." Han gave Bollux the order as he carefully put his blaster on the gameboard, knowing Keek would shoot him if he tried to warn Chewbacca. But as Keek reached to take possession of the blaster, Han inconspicuously touched the gameboard's master control. I Miniature holo-monsters leaped into existence, weird creatures of a dozen worlds, spitting and striking, roaring and hopping. Keek jumped back in surprise, firing his scrollweapon by reflex. A beam of orange energy crashed into the board, and the monsters evaporated into nothingness. At the same instant Han, with a star-pilot's reflexes, threw himself onto the security chief, catching hold of the hand holding the scroll-gun. He groped for his blaster with his free hand, but Keek's shot had knocked it from the gameboard.

The security chief possessed incredible strength. Not stopped by the pilot's desperate punches, Keek hurled him halfway across the compartment and brought his weapon around. Just then Hissal landed on his shoulders, making Keek stagger against the edge of the acceleration couch. The two Brigians struggled, their arms and legs intertwining like a confusion of snakes. But Keek was stronger than the smaller Hissal. Bit by bit he brought his weapon around for a shot. Han got back into the fight with a side-on kick that knocked the scroll aside so that the charge meant for Hissal burned a deep hole in one of the safety cushions.

The scroll-gun was apparently spent, and Keek began to club Hissal with it. Han tried to clock him, but Keek knocked the pilot to the deck with stunning force, then turned to grapple with the other Brigian, their feet shuffling and kicking around the downed human. Unable to get around them and recover his blaster, Han tripped Keek. The inspector sank, taking Hissal with him. Suddenly the scroll, which Keek had dropped, rolled into Han's palm. As Keek was kneeling over the fallen Hissal, Han swung the scroll, connecting solidly with the security chief's skull.

Keek's lank body shook with spasms and stiffened. Hissal merely pushed him, and the security chief toppled to the deck. A roar came from behind them. Chewbacca, seeing his partner unharmed, was visibly relieved. "Where were you?" Han cried. "He just about put out my running lights!" Rubbing the bruises he had received, Han recovered his pistol. Hissal, collapsed in an acceleration chair, tried to catch his breath. "This isn't my usual line of endeavor, Captain. Thank you."

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo and The Lost Legacy

Noted again with star pilot's reflexes, throwing himself on the security chief, Keek hurling him halfway across the compartment, Han getting back into the fight, knocking the scroll-gun away, saving Hissal. Han gets knocked to the deck with stunning force, but he recovers his blaster and trips Keek and then grabbing the scroll-gun, smashing it against Keek's skull taking him out as he toppled to the deck.

"Half the galaxy, it feels like sometimes. " There had been many runs,, many deals, jobs, and foul-ups. "How should I know?" But his expression hardened, and Badure thought Han had a very good idea who might be seeking him. Han stood in the middle of the forward compartment, listening. The tech station and most of the other equipment in the compartment had been shut down to lower the noise level, He could feel the vibrations of the Millennium Falcon's engines. He heard a quiet sound behind him. Han spun, crouching, in execution of the speedraw, firing from the hip.

The target-remote, a small globe that moved on squirts of repulsor power and puffs of forced air, didn't quite dodge his beam. Its counterfire passed over him. Deactivated by his harmless tracer beam, the orb hung immobile, awaiting another practice sequence. Han looked over to where Bollux, the labor 'droid, sat; his chest panels were open. Blue Max, the computer module installed in the 'droid's chest cavity, had been controlling the remote.

"I told you I wanted a tougher workout than that thing's idiot circuitry could give me," Han reprimanded Blue Max. Bollux, a gleaming green, barrel- chested automaton, had arms long enough to suggest a simian. The computer, an outrageously expensive package built for maximum capacity, was painted a deep blue, whence came his name. Part of Han's post-Corporate Sector splurge had included the modification the two mechanicals had requested, because without them he and the Wookiee might never have survived. Bollux now contained a newer and more powerful receiver, and Max had been provided with a compact holo-projector.

"That was," the little module objected. "Can I help it if you're so flaming fast?"

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo and The Lost Legacy

Here Han hears the quiet sound of a Remote, executing his speedraw, firing from the hip and hitting the Remote. He then complains that he wanted a tougher workout, the droid saying that was a tough workout and just that Han was so dang fast.

"I know, I know," Han said wearily, sitting down, "now. If I'd known who he was then, I'd have put a few parsecs between us, at least. But what does a character like that want with me?" Badure spoke as to a slow-witted child. "Han, don't make someone like Gallandro back down, then walk away making a fool of him: His kind live on their reputations. You know that as well as I do. They accept no insult and never, never back down. He'll make you his career until he settles with you." Han sighed.

"It's a big galaxy; he can't spend the rest of his life looking for me. " He wished he could believe that. There was a sound behind him, and he threw himself sideways out of his chair, firing in midair, rolling to avoid the remote's sting-shot. His tracer beam hit the dodging globe dead center. "Good try, Max," he commented.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

As he's having a conversation, he hears the Remote again from behind, he throws himself sideways and fires midair at the Remote taking it out.

"Keep it then," Han told Skynx. "But stay down; we're going for a ride." Skynx's muffled voice came from the shoulder bag, "Perfect idea!" They made their way back to the dock. Men from Kasarax's shore gang blocked their way to the embarkation float. Others, not of the gang, had appeared and leaned against walls or stacked cargo, carrying spring-guns, firearms, and makeshift weapons. Han remembered what Shazeen had said: these people had been forced out of a living by Kasarax's racket. None had been willing to risk riding with Shazeen, but they would see to it no weapons were used to keep Han's party from doing so. The rest of the shore gang was scattered around the docks, holding weapons of their own

As Han understood it, any shooting would trigger a general bloodbath, but anything short of that was allowable. When Han was within a few paces, the shore-gang chief addressed him. "That's close enough." Several of his men were whispering among themselves, seeing the size of the cloaked and hooded Chewbacca. Han moved closer, giving out a string of bland cordialities. He had the impression that the man was a good brawler and thought: Victory first; questions later!

The chief reached to shove him back, with a warning. "I'm not telling you again, stranger!" How right, agreed Han silently. He speeddrew, blindingly fast, and placed his gun against the chief's head. The man was shoving and warning one instant, falling the next, with a look of surprise on his face. Han had time to backhand another man and give the shore-gang chief a stiff shove, such was the surprise he had generated. Then he had to duck a truncheon, and the scene erupted.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Here Han is approached by the chief of the Kasarax shore gang, noting that the chief was a good brawler. Despite that, he speeddrew his blaster, the man falling with a look of surprise, Han backhanding another man, shoving the gang chief and then ducking a truncheon.

The shore-gang chief felt the vibrations in the hawser, saw Han, and sawed more furiously at the tough fiber. The chief took a moment to slash at the pilot. Han suddenly realized how impetuous he had been; as if another man entirely had occupied his body for a moment. He didn't quite avoid the stroke and the knifepoint cut across his chin. The water pulled at them both. But Han avoided the back-slash with dexterity gained in zero-gee acrobatics drills. He lashed out flat-handed in a disarming blow, and the knife plunked into the water. As the knife fell, the shore-gang chief began to lose his grip on the hawser. He grabbed at Han, and both men plunged into the water.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Here Han fights the gang chief, avoiding the knife the latter had, thanks to his zero-g acrobatics drills, he then disarms the chief before Han and him plunge into the water.

"There's nothing on her at all. And what's it doing out here anyway? Look, they had to have carved away half that cliff to build it." Han was concentrating on the field with his remarkably acute vision. There, guidance lights and warning beacons were dark, understandable at a hidden base; but they seemed to be of a very outdated design. He could make out several craft that appeared to be about the size of spaceboats, and five larger ones. It was difficult to see any details because their tails and afterburners were pointed in his direction. Then he knew what was bothering him.

"Badure, they've got those ships parked and tied down with their rear ends into the wind." Since the craft on the field followed common aerodynamic design principles, the sensible way to position them would have been with their noses into the prevailing air currents.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Noted to have acute vision, spotting several craft in a field.

Swaying, clasping his wounded arm to him, Han heard Gallandro say, "That was very good, Solo; you came closer than anyone's come in a long time. But now I'll take you back to the Corporate Sector-not that I care about the Authority's justice, but there are those who have to be shown what it means to stand in my way."

- Taken from Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Here Gallandro who was the fastest gunman in the galaxy(before Han) notes that Han came closer than any other he had went up against in a draw.

The swoop-rider turned to the woman with an odd smile. "I thought you said Zlarb sent you alone. " He then stared at Han.. "You have a fatal sense of timing, friend. " His hand dipped into the utility pouch on his belt. When it came up again it held something that filled the air with an insistent hum.

Han identified it as some sort of vibroblade, perhaps a butcher's tool or surgeon's instrument that the weapons scanners would register as an industrial implement. It had been home-altered to include a large blade, and its haft was fitted with a bulkier power pack. The blade, half again as long as Han's hand, was difficult to see, vibrating at an incredible rate. It would cut through flesh, bone, and most other materials with little or no resistance.

Han jumped backward as the vibroblade slit the air where he had stood, its droning field sounding aroused now. The woman's voice rang out firmly, "Just stop right there! "

Both men saw that she had produced a small pistol, but when she motioned with it the vibroblader turned on her, blade held ready. His defiance put doubt on her face, but she still pointed the weapon directly at him.

"Quit fanning him with it and shoot!" Han yelled. He saw her finger convulse at the trigger.

Nothing happened. She looked at the pistol in amazement and tried to fire again with no more success. The vibroblader turned to advance at Han again, light-footed, making quick cuts and exploring Han's defenses, which, in brief, were retreat and avoidance. Against a regular blade Han might have tried to block or parry; a simple laceration, even a deep one, could be set right with the contents of any medi-pack and would have been a price he would have accepted to end the match. But a vibroblade would simply lop off anything that got in its way; standard responses would only get him carved to bits slowly.

Whoever he was, the vibroblader was good. Han was suddenly and tardily sorry he had descended. The man advanced on him more confidently now, weaving his blade in the air, driving Han back step for step, ready to leap forward in an instant if the pilot turned to withdraw.

Han caught sight of his scooter out of the corner of his eye. He side-stepped that way hastily, still facing his opponent. The man circled that way just as quickly, slashing where he thought Han would be, assuming he meant to escape.

But Han stopped and bent sideways at the last moment, snatching his safety helmet off its clip. Enraged at having been tricked, the vibroblader hurried a clumsy backhand stroke. Han swung the helmet by its chinstrap with all his might but only caught the man with a badly aimed blow that bounced from his shoulder and glanced off the side of his head. The light material of the helmet wasn't enough to down him.

The vibroblader brought his weapon around and up in a move that would have opened Han vertically, but he had jumped back out of range. They shuffled on again, Han still retreating.

The fight had changed subtly. Han swung away with the helmet, aiming for the hand that held the weapon. Though he was still at a tremendous disadvantage, he just might connect, opening the vibroblader's guard. Then he might close with the man and immobilize his wrist, the only chance he needed.

But his opponent knew that as well as Han. His advance was still strong, but he was careful to avoid the flailing helmet. Then the vibroblader caught the safety helmet with a slash; a broad segment of the tough duraplates went flying free. Seeing that the helmet was too slow and clumsy, Han whirled what was left of it underhand and flung it upward at his opponent's face.

The man avoided it, ducking * quickly to one side, but in that split second Han was inside his guard, his left hand around the wrist that held the weapon. Their free hands locked and they strained against one another. The man was far stronger than he looked; he forced his vibroblade nearer. Han heard the dull burring of the knife's field by his left ear and, distracted by it, fell victim to a deft leg-trip. He fell to his back and the vibroblader fell with him, the two still locked together.

Han managed to roll over, gaining the top position, but his antagonist used the momentum to force another roll, regaining it and bringing Han up sharply against some unseen obstruction. The vibroblader rose a bit, using his weight, straining to bring the blade down. Its drone filled Han's ears as the duel narrowed to a singleminded contest over the few centimeters that separated the blade from Han's neck.

Suddenly the atmosphere of Bonadan seemed to be filled with a tremendous roaring, a flood of sounds. The vibroblader was ripped away so quickly that Han was almost dragged with him. As it was, he was hauled around, nearly wrenching his shoulder before his grip was torn free of the other's hand and wrist.

- Taken from HST 2: Han Solo's Revenge

So here Han goes up against a swoop biker, who held a modified Vibroblade, it having been altered, being as big as Han's hand. He avoids the blade, using a helmet as a weapon and then getting into the other man's hand, grabbing around the wrist that held the weapon, they fall to the ground, rolling around and Han holds back the other, who was noted to be far stronger than he looked before he gets pulled off of Han.

There were three full-grown Wookiees in prison uniforms hunched together in the corner, squatting together, sloshing around in what looked like an entire ocean of blood. Han could see that the fur of their faces was slathered in gobbets of meat, and they were snorting and smacking and breathing heavily as they tore into a pile of human remains sprawled around them. The corpses they were devouring appeared to be wearing Imperial guard uniforms.

Han breathed, "What the ... ?"

All at once they looked up.

It happened instantaneously-a blur of bloody hair and hot, shaggy musculature jolting toward him faster than his eyes could process. Han's reflexes took over and he opened fire on the closest one, the point-blank assault tearing the Wookiee's chest apart, laying it out flat on the floor where the thing flopped and coughed and tried to right itself. The one behind it went pinioning sideways and landed on its side, scrambling to get up while the third trampled over it. Han shot it in the face, snapping it backward. Then he opened on the one that had been trampled, blasting it until he'd reduced it to a mangled heap of trembling fur.

- Taken from Death Troopers

Here Han blasts 3 full grown Death-Wookiees, they moved in blurs but his reflexes took over as he blasted 3 before they could get to him.

"It means Drop everything and run like hell" Han said. Leia looked back over her shoulder at the massed rock creatures that still kept pressing forward no matter how many Han blasted. "He always was the brains of this operation."

"I was thinking the same thing." Han had to leap back and dodge, ducking toward her as the rock creatures started to flow out of the walls to either side of him. "Go! Chewie, get the droid! I'm right behind you!"

Chewbacca swept R2 up in his massive hairy arms and shambled off unsteadily, though his gait was strengthening with every step. R2 kept his holoprojector aimed at the ceiling to provide as much light as possible. Leia pelted along after them, throwing glances back to make sure Han was still right behind her, which he was, running hard, firing at random back over his shoulder.

The rock creatures came after them in a swelling wave of stone.

They ran.

Han drew even with her, puffing. "Got any idea... where we're going?"

"Sure." Leia's breath had gone short, too. "Away from them."

"I mean... do you have a feeling... what might be up ahead?"

"You went pretty fast. .. from it's one thing to see Luke do it to Use the Force, Leia, didn't you?" She tried for her usual crisply tart tone, but the wheeze of her breath only made her sound tired. "My line of work... you gotta be a... flexible thinker."

"Just keep running. Follow.. . him." She waved a hand toward Chewbacca, who pounded along the cavernway ahead of them.

- Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Han runs even with Leia, noted that she went pretty fast, possibly using The Force to an extent.

Before Han could make sense of what he saw, the man had leapt across the floor and seized Han by the throat with one enormous hand and lifted him effortlessly into the air. Han smacked him across the face with his empty blaster hard enough to lay open one cheek to the bone, but the huge man didn't seem to notice; he only cupped Han's chin with his other hand and began to push his head back, and back, while pulling with the hand that wrapped Han's neck and growling.

Cartilage crackled and something popped in his cervical vertebrae, and the only sound Han could make was a thin gargling rasp. He was starting to seriously wonder if maybe Leia'd had the right idea with her don't antagonize him thing, until she shouted something that sounded, blurred and vague through the roaring in his ears, like Stop! If he dies so do I!, which Han thought was a pretty darn silly threat to make, since both of them dying appeared to be the point of this whole exercise-but to his foggily half-conscious astonishment, the pressure on his neck slackened and the roar in his ears faded as blood began to circulate again.

"Let him go." Leia stood with the empty hold-out's emitter jammed up under her own chin and her finger on the trigger. "I mean it."

The huge hand opened, and Han sagged to the floor, gasping. The man stood with hands once again open and spread. Leia said, "Now back away from him. Slowly."

The huge man took a step back, but only one. "Keep going."

The man dropped to one knee and slowly lowered his right hand to the floor, and in the instant his palm touched the luminescent lichen, the entire cavern went dark.

Han felt an inhumanly swift rush pass by him; he kicked blindly in the darkness but missed. All he could do was croak, "Leia, look out!"

"Han..." Whatever she'd hoped to say was smothered to snorts and gasping; then there were only muffled sounds of struggle. Han scrambled to his feet in the darkness and lunged toward the noise. Something hit him across the legs and he fell-And the floor he fell on splashed.

This can't be good, he thought. He managed to make it to his hands and knees.

- Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Han gets grabbed by the throat and lifted effortlessly into the air, he smacks the guy across the face hard enough to open a cheek to the bone. His cartilage in his neck cracked and something in his cervical vertebrate popped, even half-conscious at this point, he was still able to kick after he had been let go and then even getting to his feet and lunging, hitting the floor again and getting up once more.

Han's vision had cleared enough now for him to see Dracmus, and it was plain that the Selonian was more than prepared to give a good fight. She had her mouth open, putting her needle-sharp teeth on clear display.

The only thing Han had going for him was surprise, and he decided to use it He shouted at the top of his lungs and charged straight for Dracmus, his head down.

He got under her guard, if just barely, and managed to give her a good solid head butt to the gut. He hit her hard enough to knock down a human, but she managed to use her tail to steady herself against the floor and stay upright. She took a swipe at his head with her left handpaw. She didn't connect fully, but it was enough to send him sprawling.

He slammed his left shoulder into the side of the raised platform and almost fell. He recovered and spun to his right just in time to dodge another open-handed slap at his head.

And in that split second Han knew he could trust her, at least part of the way. He saw her claws retract in the split second before her hand-paw whipped past his face, and she had missed by less than the length of those claws.

No claws. She could have raked them across his face twice by now.

She was playing fair, or would be until it came down to killing Han or Thrackan's goons killing them both. He would have to lose fast, and convincingly.

That ought to be easy. He could do it with both hands tied behind his back. At least he'd better be able to do so. He pulled at the bindings on his wrists, but it was clear that they weren't going to give.

Han dodged another swing from the left, but ran straight into the sucker punch to his chest. The blow knocked him clean off his feet.

He landed on the hard stresscrete floor, taking most of the fall across the top of his back, even though he managed to crush his hands and bounce the back of his head off the stresscrete.

Dracmus was lunging for him before he could even begin to recover, and it was either Han's dumb luck or Dracmus's superb reflexes that sent her diving left as he rolled right.

Han managed to roll to his feet one more time-and almost collapsed again. His ankle had somehow gotten twisted in that last fall. Just what he needed. A bad sprain. He swore under his breath and hobbled to the far side of the chamber as fast as he could. His right eye was beginning to swell, and he was pretty sure his nose was bleeding. If this was going easy on him, he'd hate to deal with Dracmus in a bad mood. But he was going to have to trust her.

Either she was going to change her mind and kill him, or she wasn't.

She swung around and came toward him in the stalking, wide-stepping gait of a wrestler, her arms spread wide, her tail slashing back and forth. The men on either side of the chamber were hooting and cheering and cursing. The air was getting thick, and the lights in the room seemed to have dimmed. Han shook his head again to try to clear it, and instantly regretted it as his dizziness got worse.

He was not going to last much longer.

Finish it. He would have to finish it quick, and go down fighting, satisfy Thrackan that he had gotten a good show. Han knew that Thrackan, at least the Thrackan of old, would only be satisfied if Han were knocked out by a blow from Dracmus. He'd feel cheated if Han simply passed out, collapsed in a heap, but that was going to happen if Han stayed in this thing much longer. And Han did not want Thrackan to be dissatisfied. Not when he had a blaster handy to vent his frustrations and Han available as a convenient target Han thought that Thrackan wanted him alive, but he wasn't sure enough to bet his life on it. Besides, a wellaimed blaster bolt could maim him and still leave him perfectly alive.

Keep fighting. Han staggered to the right, circling around.

Dracmus came no closer, but circled as well, watching for her chance.

Han yanked once more at his wrist restraints, out of frustration as much as anything else, and was astonished to feel them snap.

Either the restraints' locks had been damaged in the fall or, more likely, Thrackan had put him in gimmicked restraints to start with, something that could released by remote control at whatever moment seemed most amusing to the operator. It didn't matter. He had his hands.

He spread his arms wide in a wrestler's stance and moved in on Dracmus.

Dracmus was at least as surprised as Han to realize her opponent suddenly had his hands free. She back pedaled a bit, putting a bit more distance between Han and herself. She snarled, a sound full of anger and frustration, and Han felt sure she meant it. She wasn't acting.

She might or might not want to kill Han, but she had every intention of beating him.

Well, he was going to make her work for it. The advantages were all still with Dracmus, but maybe, now, he had a fighting chance. He feinted to the left, once, twice, and then to the right before diving straight in, grasping his hands together in a pile-driver punch to the gut, to knock the wind out of her. He remembered at the last possible moment to strike higher on her abdomen than he would on a human. He caught the right spot, but just barely. She staggered backward, and Han scrambled to regain his own balance and follow up. She had sagged down enough that Han could try for a punch in the snout, a delicate spot on the Selonian anatomy. He swung and connected cleanly-and then instantly wondered if doing so was such a good idea.

From the expression on Dracmus's face, it clearly hurt a lot-but it also got her good and mad. Those sharp jaws swung around and snapped down on thin air a centimeter from Han's arm, and even before he had stopped dodging, an iron-hard fist hit him square in the chest.

If it had hit him in the stomach, he would have doubled over in pain, but Dracmus had placed her blow too high. As it was, Han was thrown onto the floor. He recovered and winced with pain as he got back to his feet. It seemed likely that either the blow or the landing had bruised or cracked a rib.

Dracmus's tail was lashing back and forth, and she had her fangs bared-but she did not dive in to get her teeth around his throat, or rake her claws across his eyes.

She was still restraining herself, at least somewhat.

Han realized that he had to throw this fight immediately, before she lost all control of her anger and moved in for the kill. "Use your tail he bellowed to her in Selonian. "Batter me with that!"

The mad, angry light in her eye seemed to dim for a moment, and she looked at him, as if she were surprised to see him there. Good.

Maybe that meant the words were reaching her-though Han could not be altogether sure. She swung toward him and snapped her jaws at him again, and Han dodged back to his left. Even though he had urged her to make the move, he didn't even realize she was still swinging around, pivoting on one foot to bring her tail around. She had it raised high, and caught Han neatly in the head with it.

Han staggered one last time, and lurched backward, slumping over until he was facing his cousin on his throne. Han's vision was going, going black, but he could see Thrackan grinning at him, laughing, that face that was so similar to his own contorted by a cruel, sadistic leer.

Han was almost glad when the darkness closed over him.

- Taken from Corellian Trilogy: Assault at Selonia

So here Han fights Dracmus(a Selonian) while handcuffed, he hits her hard enough with a head butt to knock down a human, but she using her tail to steady herself. She swipes at him, and though not fully connecting, it still sent Han sprawling, his shoulder slamming to the side of the platform.

In short Han takes a serious of blows, yet he still keeps going, getting some bad injuries yet still standing, even though Dracmus wasn't wanting to kill him, she was wanting to beat him, she was restraining herself somewhat during the fight.

This being more an endurance, durability feat as Han takes some pretty nasty blows, yet still able to avoid and take her attacks despite all this before finally falling unconscious.

'I'm sorry, too,' Han snapped. In that instant, he cleared his blaster from its holster, aimed it directly at the figure in black, and began to pump laser bolts Vader's way.

But the man who may have been the fastest draw in the galaxy was not fast enough to surprise Vader.

- Taken from ESB novel

Noted as the man who may have been the fastest in the galaxy with a blaster.

Mara winced in sympathetic pain as Solo was thrown backwards into the guardrail at the front of the hologram pit. Through the crackle of the lightning she heard Organa Solo shout her husband's name and jump to his side, dropping her blaster and igniting her lightsaber just in time to catch the third blast of lightning on the green-white blade. Abruptly, C'baoth shifted his aim upward to the damaged catwalk hanging precariously over their heads. The lightning flashed again—

And with a crack of exploding metal the center of the catwalk split apart. Pivoting on its last remaining support strut, it toppled ponderously downward toward Organa Solo.


Her head movement must have caught Karrde's eye. He looked up at her, his face expressionless. Still patting the vornskrs, he tilted his head fractionally toward Solo and Organa Solo. Frowning, Mara followed his gaze—

And froze. Beside the section of catwalk wreckage still half covering his wife, Solo was moving. Slowly, a couple of centimeters at a time, he was creeping across the floor.

Toward the blaster Organa Solo had dropped.


"They're not too bad," she said, catching his arm to help steady him. "But Han's going to need medical treatment—he's got some bad burns."

"So does Mara," Karrde said grimly, coming up the steps holding an unconscious Mara in his arms. "We have to get her to the Wild Karrde as quickly as possible."

"So give them a call," Han said. He was kneeling over the dead Luuke clone, gazing down at him. "Tell them to come pick us up."

- The Last Command(In-Sidiousvader)

Here Han gets thrown back by C'baoth's lighting, yet he's still able to move if not slowly towards a blaster Leia had dropped. Later noting to have some bad burns.

Comic Scans

Here Han takes hits from Warto(a Boltrunian), getting sent flying yet not really injured, he then one shots another bar patron after avoiding his swing before getting hit again and again not really being injured.

Warto- A hulking green-skinned Boltrunian, Warto was working as a laborer aboard a Corellian freighter. He made a meager living mugging weaker beings and as a starport crate-buster, hauling strong-boxes for spacers who couldn't afford to rent binary load-lifters.

- Taken from Gamer 4

Warto was a laborer, being a starport crate buster and hauling strong-boxes for those who couldn't rent load lifters.

Heavy Lifting- The Droid's lifting arms are equally powerful and able to lift several tonnes without straining their hydraulic pivots.

- Taken from Fact File 30

Now load lifters can lift several tons without strain, now I doubt that all the boxes Warto handled were in that range. But the fact that people would need Load Lifters to move boxes, would suggest even one box would be considerably heavy, probably taking more than 1 or 2 with human strength to lift.

First 2 scans has Han avoiding a hit from a large droid, then taking a hit. The droid was able to send Chewie flying.

The 2nd two scans has Han surviving a speeder crash.

First 2 scans has him withstanding torture, Choba saying that Han was the stronger than anyone he's ever had.

The last scan has him reacting and firing at a Garrals which leaped at him from behind.

Garrals are the guard beasts genetically engineered by the Empire. Decades ago, Imperial ground commanders realized that no matter how well a trooper was trained, it was still possible for guards to lapse and allow an enemy to pass in Imperial territory. An Imperial garrison commander, Luthos Garral, bred a predatory animal, crossbreeding the Mantessanpanthac and a number of similar domestic and wild beasts.

The result of Garral's experiment was named in his honor: a two-meter long gray-furred killing beast.

- Taken from The Last Command Sourcebook

Garrals were genetically engineered killing beasts, to help with patrol, using them as watchdogs as Mara Jade notes.

In a rage, Han breaks free of an Imperial Sentinels Iron-like grip. These guys towering over even the likes of Chewbacca, even able to hold him.

Here Han takes on a group of Trandoshans, taking a few hits from him and dealing hits of his own, actually able to stagger and push them back with his

Trandoshans are fiercely strong, predatory, and natural hunters. They have scaly, foul-smelling hides, powerful, three-clawed limbs and ugly, canine-like skulls, characterized by sharp teeth and bulbous, hypersensitive eyes.

―Star Wars Fact File: 32

Trandoshans are fiercely strong, predators and natural hunters.

From infancy, the males are trained as warriors and are shown many different methods of hunting.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Aliens

The males from infancy are trained as warriors and in hunting.

Here Han fights with Jahan Cross against a group of thugs while holding a conversation with the latter, Han able to knock down a Gamorrean with a single hit.(Which are noted for their strength.)

So getting stranded on Raxus Prime, Han is being chased down by Mandalorians. Yet despite old age and getting wounds, he comes out on top. Here he is fighting one in H2H and being crafty with a trick.

He travels halfway across Raxus Prime and for a week he's been fighting Mandalorians all the while having no real supplies other than what he's able to scrounge up. Finally Boba Fett calls it quits and thanks Han for weeding out the Mandalorians who weren't gonna be apart of his army and there were still a bunch of Mandalorians around.


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

He takes a backhand from a Imperial Scout Trooper, getting sent to the ground, he gets up and prevents the Trooper from drawing his pistol, throwing him against a tree and engaging him in H2H.

They flattened to the ground and watched.

Han was engaged in a rousing fist fight with one of the scouts -he hadn't looked so happy in days.

- Taken from ROTJ novel.

Han has a rousing fist fight with the Scout.

To note: Stormtrooper respect thread < To see just what Stormtroopers go through for their brutal training.

No Caption Provided

Drew faster than a wink of an eye on Vader.

Faster than the wink of an eye, Han draws his blaster and pops off a couple of shots directly at Vader. - Taken from ESB script


Well there you have it folks! Now obviously...there's a lot more for Han Solo, but I believe I got a good sizable chunk of his stuff to showcase what the guy is capable of.

So enjoy!


Star Wars: The Slugthrower and The Blaster(Legends)

So here's a blog that will detail the differences, the advantages and disadvantages between a Slugthrower and a Blaster within the SWU(Legends) so people will get a better understanding of the technological difference between the two. So let's get started.

Link to Beam-Tubes and Pulse-Wave Blasters: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/profile/wolfrazer/blog/star-wars-beam-tubes-and-pulse-wave-blasters-legen/131383/

The Slugthrower

Tusken Raider with Cycler Rifle
Tusken Raider with Cycler Rifle

Among the first ranged weapons developed, projectile pistols and rifles remain in limited use throughout the galaxy, especially on backwater worlds where blasters are expensive or difficult to acquire. Literally thousands of projectile weapons exist, but nearly all use an explosive chemical reaction to fire some sort of bullet or slug.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons &Technology

There's an endless variety of projectile weapons: rifles, pistols and machine guns.

- Taken from The Star Wars Sourcebook

A brief look at what a Slugthrower is, for those unfamiliar with the word. Essentially...they are basically what we have on our Earth. Guns and there's a thousands/an endless variety of them.

Advantages of a Slugthrower

Like many other Slugthrowers, Luke's rifle was easy to repair and maintain.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons &amp; Technology

They are easy to repair and maintain.

Bounty Hunters and Assassins often use projectile weapons for night missions because they do not produce the bright bolts common to blaster weapons.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Useful for night missions, not leaving a bright bolt compared to a blaster.

Nick drew his right hand gun, turning it over as though admiring it for the first time. "Thing about slugs is, they only go one way," he said lazily. "Blasters are all well and good, but I don't particularly care to eat my own shot. Slugs don't bounce."

"Off a vibroshield they will."

Nick shrugged. "Not off a lightsaber."

- Taken from Shatterpoint

They don't bounce off a lightsaber, so the user wouldn't have to worry about a shot being sent back at them, unlike a blaster bolt.

It was hard even to imagine. Of course, the fastest moves in the galaxy couldn't block a blaster's particle beam or a projectile from a slugthrower.

- Taken from Medstar 1: Battle Surgeons

Not even the fastest moves of someone could block a slug from a slugthrower, this barring of course those with superhuman abilities that we see. IE: Force Users, superhumans etc.

Projectile weapons do tend to have a number of basic advantages however. They tend to be less loud and explosive than blaster weapons. Even a slugthrower may have its noise silenced and its barrel flash suppressed by means of attachments. Unlike blasters, projectile weapons may be loaded with special ammunition that produces effects other than raw damage. Finally projectile weapons tend to be more durable and more easily repaired than their blaster equivalents.

- Taken from Arms & Equipment Guide

They aren't as loud or explosive, can be silenced and can be loaded with special ammunition, they are also more durable compared to blasters and easily repaired.

Unless otherwise noted, most slugthrowers use a type of bullet or slug, usually a jacketed shell to deal damage. Here are a few special ammunition types.

Explosive Ammunition

Mercy Ammuniton- These are soft gel bullets intented to stun an opponent.

Pyro Ammunition

- Taken from Arms & Equipment Guide

Use jacketed slugs/bullets for the most part, but can also use special ammunition like explosive, stun and pyro ammunition.

Ammunition also varied, as slugs made of metal, ceramic, and hardened plastics. Specialty rounds can release toxic or stun gasses, or acid, or carry explosive heads.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Can also have toxic, acid, stun ammunition.

Typical of the slugthrower variety, these long-range weapons include a magnetic pulse accelerator to propel the projectile through a long, sturdy barrel.

- Taken from Fact File 83

Unlike the guns of our world though, Slugthrowers can have a magnetic pulse accelerator as well, which as far as I've researched, fire projectiles at extreme velocities.

Case in point.

He rolled, coming up to slam her hip joint with his shoulder. The impact folded her over him; he lifted her, turned, and sprang back for the corner. Bright flares of blaster bolts bracketed invisible sizzles and finger snaps of hypersonic slugs.

The compound flooded with smoke and flame, with flashes of blaster bolts and snarls of hypersonic slugs. Mace paced through it all with relentless calm, his only expression a slight frown of concentration, his blades weaving an impenetrable web of lightning. He gave more and more of himself over to the Force, letting it move his hands, his feet, letting it guide him through the battle.

- Taken from Shatterpoint

There's hypersonic bullets coming at Mace Windu.

Disadvantages of a Slugthrower

Any pistol or rifle that fires solid projectiles is colloquially called a 'slugthrower'. Considered archaic by most, slugthrowers still have their place in the modern galaxy. Though not as generally not as powerful or efficient as blasters and other energy weapons.

- Taken from Fly Casual

Slugthrowers generally are not as powerful or efficient as blasters and other energy weapons.

The Slugthrower's main disadvantage is the need for the soldier to carry ammunition: blaster gas canisters and power packs are considerably lighter. It can be difficult to find compatible ammunition since slugthrower calibers vary so wildly.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Blaster gas and packs are considerably lighter than carrying ammo and it's difficult to find compatible ammunition for the slugthrower since calibers vary.

These various primitive weapons are almost never used by modern armies, due to their ineffectiveness against even the weakest of modern armor and their tendency to run out of ammunition at awkward times.

- Taken from The Star Wars Sourcebook 2nd edition

The slugs can be stopped by even the weakest of modern armor and they tend to run out of ammunition at awkward times.

Case in point.

Han clamped the carbine stock to his hips and squeezed off a burst. The weapon stuttered with a deafening staccato and reeked of burned propellant. A stream of slugs plucked at the enforcer's chest but only ripped away fragments of cloth. Egome Fass was wearing body armor under his outsized coveralls.

- Taken from Han Solo & The Lost Legacy

Han Solo using a Slugthrower carbine, sending a burst of slugs to Fass, it only ripping away cloth since he was wearing body armor.

The Tuskens began to catch up about the same time they reached the end of the oasis. Han didn't see any Sand People, of course; he simply went sprawling when a slugthrower projectile splattered against his back plate. Leia also went down when a slug caught her in the calf armor. They rolled to their backs and fired in the general direction from which the projectiles were coming.

"You okay?" Han yelled.

"It'll be a terrible bruise," Leia answered.

"But are you okay?"

"I think so," she said. "This armor really works."

"Sure, as long as nobody points a blaster in your direction."

- Taken from Tatooine Ghost

Han and Leia, wearing Stormtrooper armor, get hit with slugs from Tusken Cycler Rifles, the best that happens is them getting knocked down and at best Leia was gonna have a bruise on her calf.

The guerrillas have pretty good luck with them, even though they take a lot of practice-slugs are ballistic, y'know. You have to plot the trajectory in your head. Shee, gimme a blaster anytime."

- Taken from Shatterpoint

Have to plot where your bullet needs to go before firing.

Mace frowned at the slug pistols holstered on Nick's thighs. "You should borrow a blaster."

"Fine with these."

"Blasters are more accurate. More stopping power." Mace's voice was grim. "More shots."

- Taken from Shatterpoint

They aren't as accurate nor having as much stopping power or shots as a blaster.

Company made Slugthrowers

Some companies have endeavored to make more advanced slugthrowers, many of which rival modern blasters.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons &amp; Technology

Now what's interesting, Blaster/Projectile weapon companies have made advanced slugthrowers which rival the modern blasters. So let's take a look at some of these.

Morellian Weapons Conglomerate Enforcer .48 Enforcer Pistol

No Caption Provided

The projectile equivalent of a heavy blaster pistol, the Enforcer is produced in limited quantities by the Morellian Weapons Conglomerate for its used by its corporate security force.

- Taken from Arms & Armor Guide

It's equivalent to that of a heavy blaster pistol.

Barosa's dominance as a survivalist goes without question, but those of you who stand a chance of encountering him in combat of any sort should keep in my his weaponry. Most often he makes use of his Enforcer, a gun that should be part of a Star Destroyer's arsenal rather than a hand weapon.

The recoil on that thing can knock a Gamorrean down, but Warren just squeezes off round after round without effort. Don't think a landspeeder is enough to cover you. You should have seen what he did to Maashan's XP-38.

- Taken from Alliance Intelligence Reports

So the Enforcer's recoil is enough to knock down a Gammorean(these guys can stand up to 5.9 feet and weigh in excess of 220 pounds in just about pure muscle and are noted to be really strong) so it takes extreme strength just to even fire the damn thing.

It's also compared to something that should be part of a Star Destroyer, not in a hand weapon and a landspeeder can't protect you from a shot.

That things sounds like a Jexerian cannon when its fired. And the hole that it leaves! He could probably peel the armor off an AT-AT if he hit it just right, so make it a point not to get in his way.

- Taken from Alliance Intelligence Reports

It's pretty much like a cannon and could probably peel armor off an AT-AT if it hits just right.

Adostic Arms 8-gauge Scatter Gun

No Caption Provided

A powerful, large-bore slugthrower produced by Adostic Arms, their 8 gauge scatter gun fires a hail of small steel pellets. Though based on primitive slugthrower technology, the weapons bestial stopping power rivals that of a heavy blaster pistol. Made of modern, lightweight materials, the scattergun incorporates a sophisticated recoil system to reduce the weapon's big kick when fired.

- Taken from Edge of the Empire: Fly Casual

Large bore, 8 gauge scattergun, its power rivals that of a heavy blaster pistol, made of lightweight modern materials and having a sophisticated recoil system to reduce the weapon's big kick.


Ord Vaxal: Prison Planet of the Empire

Slugthrowers have become a vital accessory in Tof Soren and nearly every citizen carries at least one. Although the terminology remains the same between weapons from different artisans, the appearance and ammunition used by different guns can vary wildly.

- Dungeon Magazine #106: Ord Vaxal: Prison Planet of the Empire

So the planet Ord Vaxal has Slugthrowers and one of the towns(Tof Soren, the largest settlement on a planet of 180k) has it where nearly every citizen is carrying, becoming a vital accessory, a status symbol even.

The guns lack a standard caliber, with each gunsmith choosing his own in order to create a captive market.

- Dungeon Magazine #106: Ord Vaxal: Prison Planet of the Empire

There isn't a standard caliber for the guns that are manufactured, each gunsmith can choose their own.

Guns are identified by the name of their designers, with Fassa, Gules, Sachra and Toddle being four of the largest gunsmiths in Tof Soren.

- Dungeon Magazine #106: Ord Vaxal: Prison Planet of the Empire

There's 4 major gunsmiths in just Tof Soren alone(there's also other Smiths found within Khorma, Bahn and Paast, each of these having their own districts, markets and so on.).

If these weapons were somehow exported off-world, compatible ammunition could be easily and cheaply fabricated.

- Dungeon Magazine #106: Ord Vaxal: Prison Planet of the Empire

If the guns ever got off world, the ammunition can easily be reproduced and for cheap.

Slugthrowers of Tof Soren

No Caption Provided


Tof Soren Hunting Rifle "Hunter"

This weapon fires 5 shots before it must be reloaded, it uses a 5-shot internal magazine. Equipped with only iron sights, hunters can be modified with simple telescopic sights. The weapon uses a bullet of approximately 6mm in diameter, with a large powder charge behind it.

So the Hunter has a 5 shot magazine, equipped with iron sights, though can be modified with telescopic and uses a bullet of 6mm with a large powder charge behind it.


Tof Soren Slugthrower Pistol "Cracker"

This weapon fires 7 shots before it must be reloaded, it uses a 7-shot internal magazine. The average bullet diameter is somewhere between 10mm to 11mm.

The Cracker pistol has 7 shot magazine and the bullets are either 10mm to 11mm in diameter.

Sleeve Gun

Tof Soren Hideout Pistol "Sleeve Gun"

This weapon fires 2 shots before it must be reloaded, it uses a 2-shot internal magazine, bullets are inserted individually. Referred to as "Sleeve Guns" by the population of Tof Soren, the typical hideout pistol uses an 8mm diameter bullet(though this varies by manufacturer)

The Sleeve Gun has a 2 shot magazine, the bullets being inserted individually and uses an 8mm diameter bullet, typically though it can also vary.


It should be noted however, that ore materials is something very rare and large deposits have caused bloody conflict to control them.

Full-scale mining on Ord Vaxal is nearly unheard of. The planet has never been rich in ores of any kind, although tin, lead and copper can be found in limited quantities. Areas and settlements with significant deposits of these metals are held in high esteem, if not envied by local warlords. Control of such resources have sparked several bloody conflicts.

- Dungeon Magazine #106: Ord Vaxal: Prison Planet of the Empire

Yet even despite that, gunsmiths can melt down the materials to create the brass bullet casings needed for their guns.

They smelt down the locally collected copper and zinc, using it to make brass for bullet casings. The gunsmiths also manufacture lead projectiles and gunpowder.

- Dungeon Magazine #106: Ord Vaxal: Prison Planet of the Empire

Despite all the limited resources for guns, this is still a planet of 180,000+ people. Yet the largest settlement Tof Soren has nearly every citizen carry a gun, which their gun ammunition is varying wildly with caliber.

Put this into perspective now of what actual Slugthrower companies of the galaxy at large would have at their disposal and you can get a pretty rough idea of what they could do with the proper resources, facilities and so on.

If taking real life ammunition calibers for the 6mm, 10-11mm and 8mm diameter bullets.

6mm Hunter(Rifle) caliber= 39 different cartridge types.

10-11mm Cracker(Pistol) caliber= 15 different cartridge types(not including revolver)

8mm Sleeve(Pistol) caliber= 2 different cartridge types

Now recall this is just from Ord Vaxal, some backwater world(compared to the galaxy at large). If looking at the galaxy at large, there's clearly much better Slugthrowers out there, some produced by companies.


So there's the rundown for the most part of what a Slugthrower is within the SWU and the advantages and disadvantages it has.


The Blaster

Rebel Trooper with an A280 Blaster Rifle
Rebel Trooper with an A280 Blaster Rifle

The most common weapon in the galaxy, blasters can be found on nearly every planet in the Republic, and are manufactured by thousands of different companies. Personal blaster designs range from small. easy concealable hold-out blasters, to the more durable heavy blaster pistols. Blaster technology has also produced larger weapons, including blaster rifles, repeating blasters, blaster cannons and blaster turrets.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

The blaster is the most common weapon, ranging from hold-out pistols all the way up to blaster turrets and are manufactured by thousands of different companies.

Advantages of a Blaster

Blasters fire coherent packs of intense light energy. On its highest setting a blaster is capable of vaporizing almost any material it hits. Individual weapons usually come with an intensity setting, providing the user with everything from stun mode to full power.

- Taken from The Star Wars Sourcebook 2nd edition

On its highest setting, they can vaporize just about any material and they usually come with an adjustable intensity setting.

Case in point.

Swearing in six nonhuman languages, Han thumbed the indicator on his weapon up to its highest power, and blasted the door. The proprietor howled in protest, but the Corellian and the Wookiee were already gone.

- HST 1: Hutt Gambit

Here Han with his DL-44 at full power(before any serious modifications), blows apart a locked door.

"Old-fashioned hypno, " Han dismissed it, "nothing you can't overcome if we scare you enough." Gallandro stepped forward with a wintry smile, pulling his pistol in one fluid motion, adjusting it one-handed. A low-power, high-resolution beam sizzled into the ground at the captive's feet, blackening and curling the grass.

- Taken from Han Solo and the Lost Legacy

Here Gallandro draws his blaster, on low setting he blackens the grass at a captive's feet.

One blaster technology was developed, armor went into decline. No known armor can stop a full powered blaster bolt, so most people simply stopped wearing the armor that had been developed to counteract slugthrowing weapons.

- Taken from The Star Wars Sourcebook 2nd edition

When blasters came around, armor was pretty much pointless to wear for protection.

A blaster fires a concentrated beam of high-energy particles. In the most powerful blasters, these beams(or bolts) can punch through advanced alloys with relative ease. When used against organic tissue, most blasters cause irreparable damage.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Blasters can punch through advanced alloys with ease and against organic tissue, can cause irreparable damage.

Though soldiers trapped in a shootout would swear otherwise, blaster bolts themselves carry no heat. But their displacement of matter produced kinetic energy that causes heat. The atmosphere is superheated by the bolts' passage; materials struck by a bolt deform and fuse; and liquids inside bodies instantly change into steam, expanding and doing terrible damage to surrounding tissue.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Warfare

Atmospheres are superheated by a bolt, materials struck are deformed and fused and liquids inside of bodies turn instantly into steam and do terrible damage.

Blaster technology is relatively easy to grasp, which has allowed the weapon to spread across the galaxy. A blaster relies on two key components: a gas chamber and power pack. The gas chamber can be filled with any number of energy-rich gasses, including Tibanna gas from Bespin.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Blaster tech is easy to grasp and relies on two key components, the gas chamber can be filled with any number of energy rich gasses, such as Tibanna gas.

Despite research into sonic and other weapons, blasters remain the most pervasive ranged weapons in part because of their reliability and accuracy. Blaster power packs, which can provide energy for up to one hundred bolts, are cheap and can be replaced in under ten seconds or recharged at portable generators. Blaster gas is also readily available and a full chamber and fuel five hundred bolts.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Even with research into sonic weapons and others, blasters remain at the top due to reliability and accuracy. Power packs can provide energy for up to 100 shots and the Blaster Gas can fuel 500.

Blasters can be easily repaired using common hand tools; spare blaster repair kits and parts can even be found at the smallest and most remote galactic outposts.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Blasters can easily be repaired, parts can be found even at the smallest and remote of outposts.

Probably the blaster's most important trait is its versatility. Not only can manufacturers modify the basic design to produce literally thousands of variants, but individual owners can often make small, easy modifications to increase a blaster's performance.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Blasters are versatile, can produce thousands of variants on the basic design and owners can make small, easy modifications.

Mace frowned at the slug pistols holstered on Nick's thighs. "You should borrow a blaster."

"Fine with these."

"Blasters are more accurate. More stopping power." Mace's voice was grim. "More shots."

- Taken from Shatterpoint

They are more accurate, have more shots and more stopping power compared to a Slugthrower.

The Slugthrower's main disadvantage is the need for the soldier to carry ammunition: blaster gas canisters and power packs are considerably lighter. It can be difficult to find compatible ammunition since slugthrower calibers vary so wildly.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Blaster gas and power packs are lighter than carrying ammunition for Slugthrowers.

From his weapon's top barrel, a bluish-white high charged energy beam shot outward and upward. A microsecond after the beam's ignition, a second shot from the lower weapon's barrel rang out. To the two occupants of room 547, the shots were virtually simultaneous. The energy beam produced by the first shot hit the penthouse window three centimeters away from the ambassador's chest, through this hole a lead alloy slug fired from the weapon's barrel sped through, hitting the ambassador.

- Taken from Criminal Organizations, Hutts 1, Bresallis 0.

A blaster bolt shows to be faster than a slug round.

It was true that it had been developed originally as a response to blasterfire and other projectile weapons, but over the centuries it had developed into much more. "Of all the seven forms," her Master had told her, "Form Three, with its emphasis on anticipating and blocking lightspeed energy blasts, requires the greatest connection to the Force. The road is long, but it is worth the journey, for a true master of Form Three is invincible."

- Medstar 2: Jedi Healer

Stated to be lightspeed, note don't take it literally but this is just showing that blaster bolts are extremely fast.

Of course, Den mused, she obviously used the Force to warn her of lasers or particle beam blasts that were about to be fired at her. No one was fast enough to block something traveling at or near lightspeed.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 2: Streets of Shadows

Again stated to travel at or near lightspeed, again don't need to take literally just putting to perspective of how fast a bolt can travel and since it has outsped a bullet round as noted above, it's not farfetched.

Disadvantages of a Blaster

Blasters aren't without their drawbacks. They can be prone to overheating, especially when inadequately maintained or modified for full-automatic fire. An overheated blaster will lock up, or worse, explode in the user's hand.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Blasters can overheat if not maintained properly, or modified for full auto. They can either lock up or explode.

On backwater worlds such as Tatooine, blasters are considered expensive weapons because they require a constant supply of power packs and blaster gas.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

They can be expensive on backwater worlds.

They are commonly used by criminals on worlds with strict weapons policies, while custom authorities can be quite effective at stopping smugglers from bringing in blasters from off world, there's very little to stop a gang from designing slugthrowers.

- Taken from Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Custom authorities are effective at stopping those from bringing in blasters from off world, compared to Slugthrowers on worlds with strict weapon policies.

Finally projectile weapons tend to be more durable and more easily repaired than their blaster equivalents.

- Taken from Arms & Equipment Guide

Blasters aren't as durable nor more easily repaired than a Slugthrower.

Impervious to both heat and energy, cortosis was prized in the construction of armor and shielding by both commercial and military interests, especially with the galaxy at war. Highly resistant to blaster bolts.

- Taken from Darth Bane: Path of Destruction

Armor made from Cortosis(along with other expensive materials) are highly resistant to blaster bolts.

Personal deflector shields are composed of entirely limited radiant shielding, a field that can absorb energy but little else. Therefore, personal deflector shields offer little protection against weapons other than blasters. The Merr-Sonn Munitions Military Mobility Shield was originally designed for use on the battlefield and can absorb fifty full power blaster bolts before its rendered useless.

- Taken from New Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology

Personal deflector shields can protect from blasters, up to 50 full powered blaster shots.


Well done and done folks!

Now obviously there's more to be said, especially for Blaster tech but I'm not gonna read through the hundreds of sources for Blaster tech, that would take more time than I'd really care to use.

This blog was more about the basic mechanics of a Blaster and Slugthrower.

So enjoy folks! If there's enough information, I might also end up doing a Beam Tube and Pulse-Wave technologies blog too somewhere down the line.


Star Wars: The Inquisitorius!(Legends)

So here's yet another Star Wars blog, obviously Legends. This here will be more an overall general look at the Inquisitorius as a whole rather than a single character. Unlike the Canon Inquisitors, the Legends ones aren't a factory standard, they are diverse in their characteristics and power.

So let's get to it then!


No Caption Provided

Sourcebook/Guide Quotes

A secret division of Imperial Intelligence, the Inquisitorius, consists of Force-trained agents called Inquisitors. This select group performs various functions for Intelligence, including intelligence gathering and surveillance missions, but the Inquisitors are most often called upon to assist with prisoner interrogations. When time permits, the leader of the Inquisitorius, the Grand Inquisitor, orders his agents to conduct searches of the farthest reaches of the Empire, most notably the Outer Rim Territories. The target of these searches is Force Users- adapts, shamans, dark side devotees and alien students of The Force in all their forms, as well as any ancient Jedi that may have escaped the purges of the previous generation.

- Taken from Rebellion Era Sourcebook

An overview of what the Inquisitorius does, from helping out Imperial Intelligence, to hunting down Force Users and Jedi that have escaped the purge.

= Link to Dark Jedi blog

^ 2nd section to look at the abilities of a Dark Force Devotee, which is what the Inquisitors go after.

= Link to Jedi Knight blog

^ A blog detailing the abilities of your standard Jedi Knight, which the Inquisitors also go after.

Side Note: Force Adept

Force Adept
Force Adept

Force adepts use The Force to survive on fringe worlds, and they often have signature Force powers that they use particularly well.

- Taken from Star Wars Core Rulebook

The Inquisitors also go after Force Adepts, who use their abilities to survive on fringe words and have Force Powers that they use particularly well.

Force Treatment: You are considered trained in the Treat Injury skill. You can administer first aid, treat disease, treat poison and treat radiation without the requisite medpac or med kit.

Fortified Body: The Force shields you against aliments, toxins and radiation poisoning, making you immune to disease, poison and radiation.

Attune/Empower Weapon: You can imbue weapons and objects with the power of The Force.

- Taken from Star Wars Core Rulebook

The Adepts can treat injuries without a medpac or med kit, can fortify their bodies making them immune to disease, poison and radiation. They can also empower their weapons with The Force making the weapons stronger. Example of a more well known user of this, is Vodo-Siosk Baas with his Force Attuned Quarterstaff.

They can also of course use TK as shown above with the image.

Spirit Adept- On worlds far removed from the hyperdrive routes and galactic events, the Force is understood only in terms of local superstitions and traditions. In primitive cultures where the accepted belief system includes ancestor worship, the will of the Force seems like the murmurings of ancient spirits to those who can perceive it.

The spirits of the ancestors grant strength and vision to the chosen ones who can hear their voices and who heed their counsel. These 'spirit adepts' learn to perceive the spirits, to focus their energies and call upon their power. The spirits give adepts the power to look into the hearts and minds of others and walk into the spirit world. Frequently, the spirits speak of the future and the past, and of other worlds beyond the sky.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Force Adepts also can be called Spirit Adepts, can call upon their ancestors to grant them strength, they can perceive these spirits and focus them to call upon their power, able to look into the hearts and minds of others and walk into another world. The spirits can speak of the future and past and worlds beyond the Adepts primitive world.

But not all spirits are kind and wise. Some whisper dark secrets, tempting the unwary into performing evil acts. The dark spirits give their worshipers the power to hurl bolts of lighting and to choke the life out of others from afar. Dark spirit adepts have been corrupted by the evil of their ancestors and if not stopped, can wreck havoc across the land.

- Taken from Hero's Guide

Though some spirits are evil and corrupt the Force Adepts, enabling them to hurl lighting bolts and choke others and if not stopped, they can wreck entire lands upon their homeworld.

====End of Side Note===

Taken from The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
Taken from The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Your standard Imperial Inquisitor has Force Grip, Mind Trick, TK, Improved Force Sense and Surroundings, their focus is on lightsabers and they are proficient in lightsabers, pistols and simple weapons. They carry a lightsaber and blaster pistol.

They can also enhance their battle prowess(Battle Strike), can absorb or deflect a Force Power(Rebuke)

The Dark Jedi are Force-Attuned Individuals who reject the teachings of the Jedi and, for some, the Sith. Every Dark Jedi is a tragedy, a terrible shame that stains the illustrious history of the Jedi Order, but when a Jedi Master falls, it is tragedy beyond compare.

Although many Dark Jedi Masters have grand designs of their own, some, such as Jerec, are actually in the employ of the Sith, serving as Imperial Inquisitors, Hands of the Emperor or in just about any other capacity the Dark Lord of the Sith can conceive.

- Taken from Threats to the Galaxy

A Dark Jedi Master is something described as tragedy beyond compare in the Jedi Order and some of them serve as Inquisitors to Darth Sidious in the Galactic Empire. An example being Jerec.

Taken from Threats to the Galaxy
Taken from Threats to the Galaxy

A standard Dark Jedi Master is as you can expect folks, a powerful foe able to do much more than a standard Imperial Inquisitor(far as experience wise goes) and obviously the regular Dark Jedi who are powerful themselves as shown in my Dark Jedi blog.

The Dark Times, the years between the establishment of the Empire and founding of the Rebellion, was truly the lowest point in the history of the Jedi. During that period, the Jedi were all but exterminated; only a handful survived. Very few Jedi exist during the Rebellion era, since most were hunted down and destroyed by Darth Vader and the Emperor's other minions.

Although the Empire wiped out the Jedi Order, for at least some time, many survivors of Order 66 continue to train Padawans. Most of these apprentices, along with their Masters, are tracked down and killed by the Empire. Typically when Jedi fall to the dark side, the Emperor gives them a place in the Inquisitorius.

- Taken from Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Most of the Jedi were hunted down by Vader and the Emperor's other minions, which of course includes the Inquisitors, even those few Jedi Masters who do train Padawans are eventually tracked down and killed or if they fall to the dark side they join the Inquisitors.

Potential Inquisitors were carefully tested and examined, first by Imperial Intelligence, then by the Grand Inquisitor and finally by the Emperor himself. Applicants had to convince the Emperor of their ability with The Force without seeming either too powerful or too critical of the Emperor's cause, as such extremes indicated that his or her quarry, could prove unreliable.

- Taken from Jedi v Sith: Essential Guide to The Force

Potential Inquisitors were tested by Imperial Intelligence, then the Grand Inquisitor and then the Emperor.

Imperial Inquisitors are known for their ruthless determination. A lone inquisitor can easily divert a fleet and destroy half a world just to find one Jedi trainee. He may torture a village full of innocents to draw a Jedi ambassador into a trap, or crush the windpipe of a Jedi Padawan simply to fill the youth's master with rage and the power of the dark side.

- Taken from The Dark Side Sourcebook

They are pretty ruthless, they can use whole fleets just to find a Jedi trainee, or torture a village or just crush the windpipe of a Jedi Padawan.

No Caption Provided

They have knowledge of Jedi lore, can Drain Knowledge, TK/Force Grip, Telepathy, Force Speed.

Few Imperials are feared more than the secretive Imperial Inquisitors. Adept at using the dark side of the Force, the intimidating Inquisitors pursue rogue Force user throughout Imperial space and beyond.


What is known is that few targets escape an Inquisitor for long, let alone defeat one in combat.

-- Force And Destiny Core Rulebook(Added by Zapan871)

Few targets escape an Inquisitor, let alone defeat one in combat.

The presence of Inquisitors in Prak City and the Citadel, constantly scanning for Force-users, puts Force-using characters at a severe handicap if they wish to avoid detection. If a hero successfully uses a Force power within 100 kilometers of Prak City or Citadel Inquisitorius (basically, most anywhere on the overview map), a monitoring Inquisitor gets an opposing Use the Force check (1d20 +19) versus the hero’s Use the Force check result. If successful, the Inquisitor detects the Force-using hero and sends investigators to track him or her down.

- The Sword of the Empire

An Imperial Inquisitor can sense the usage of The Force within 100 kilometers of Prak City or Citadel Inquisitorius. This being on the planet of Prakith, which is basically the Inquisitorius' base of operations.

It seems foolish to assault the Citadel aboveground, where the skies and surface are strictly monitored and Inquisitors can sense Force-users for kilometers around.

- The Sword of the Empire

Again just reiterating, the sky and surface of Prakith are being constantly monitored and Inquisitors can sense Force Users for kilometers around.

Links to Individual Inquisitor Respect Threads!

Inquisitor Jerec(By Zapan871)

High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne

Inquisitor Valin Draco


Novel Quotes

Grand Inquisitor Malorum

Ferus circled him slowly, holding his dark gaze. So. A former Jedi and a Sith pretender were about to fight. Interesting.

Malorum charged. The two lightsabers clashed. Ferus felt a surprising amount of power from Malorum. Maybe this wouldn't be so easy.

But it would be done.

He whirled around in a one-hundred-eighty degree turn, kicking out with his foot at the same moment. He missed Malorum's chin by a whisker.

Ferus liked to fight with his boots as well as his lightsaber. He had learned to fight without a lightsaber when he'd been a regular citizen of Bellassa. Sometimes that meant fighting dirty. Looking for openings, using whatever materials came to hand. He could still street-fight if he had to.

He fought without urgency just yet, circling Malorum, challenging him, watching him for weaknesses. Ferus ticked them off in his head. Malorum relied on agility but had little grace. He had strength but did not know how to use it effectively. But most of all - and this was what Ferus was sure would defeat him - Ferus could feel Malorum's emotion in his style. Anger fueled his attacks. It was a mistake many made. Not a Jedi.

- Taken from The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo

So here Malorum squares off against Ferus Olin in a lightsaber duel, Malorum described as having a surprising amount of power and it wouldn't be easy for Ferus to defeat him.

The energy gates sprang open. Ferus jumped forward, swinging his lightsaber. Malorum parried and came a little too close to connecting to Ferns's shoulder. He had to leap backward, and the energy gates shut again.

"I've learned from the best," Malorum grunted through his teeth.

"SIN Tachi. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Soara Antana. Yoda himself." Ferus didn't know if Malorum could hear him, but he felt the names of his teachers resonate inside him like a powerful chant. "You don't know what the best is."

The energy gates opened again and Ferus surged forward, driving Malorum backward. "Want to be a Sith, Malorum?" he taunted. "Is that it? Palpatine's puppy is tired of biting ankles?"

Rage darkened Malorum's face. Good. Exactly what he'd hoped.

Malorum sprang forward in a fast combination that Ferus had a tough time parrying. The dark side of the Force hummed with him now as his anger grew.

Okay, maybe it was time for a new strategy.

- Taken from The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo

As the two fight, Malorum parries an attack and almost connects to Ferus' shoulder, then when Malorum gives into his rage Ferus has a hard time parrying his attacks.

Malorum reversed directions and was able to run out onto a catwalk. Ferus leaped to follow him. He wondered if Malorum was heading for an exit. He knew if Malorum was able to get out of here, he would lose him. It was almost as if Malorum knew the way and was leading him on. Maybe he was trying to lead him back to the Imperial army, hoping they were still fighting.

They fought furiously now, using every inch of catwalk. They fought around the deep central core, hundreds of meters down. Ferus used his advantage of Force agility to leap and somersault, giving power to his thrusts. He fought using the lightsaber only, saving another kick or an elbow for when he needed it, when Malorum wouldn't be looking for it.

He pushed Malorum back, forcing him to rely on balance to avoid falling into the pit below. Malorum twisted and turned, but he was beginning to sweat.

Ferus saw his chance. He left himself slightly open, and Malorum charged. As he came in, Ferus slammed his elbow directly into Malorum's forehead. It stunned him for a split second, and Ferus used the hilt of his lightsaber to smash Malorum's lightsaber out of his hands. The lightsaber shot outward, directly over the pit.

Malorum's mouth opened in a cry that echoed off the walls. "No!" he shouted. Ferus could feel the Force pulsing as Malorum leaped into the air, straining to catch the lightsaber as it spun. Straining to harness the Force to push the lightsaber hilt toward him and carry him safely to the next catwalk.

Don't . . strain ... Ferus watched Malorum make the elemental mistake of any early-year Jedi student.

He saw that Malorum was blinded by need. If he lost the lightsaber, he would be disgraced. He would never be a Sith.

Malorum's lightsaber dropped like a stone. Still in midair, Malorum lost his grip on the Force. His cape flapped around him, and Ferus saw the panic in his eyes.

Then he dropped down, down, down, into the central core. And Obi-Wan's secret went with him.

- Taken from Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo

So they continue to have a furious fight, until it is ended rather...anti-climatic with Malorum showing the ability to Force Leap...but unable to Force Pull his saber to him due to panic and need.

A pretty short appearance as far as Force/Saber combat goes for Malorum, but from what is noted the fight was a nice one against Ferus Olin. H was pretty powerful himself and of course being a former part of the Jedi Order.

Link to Ferus Olin RT: Ferus Olin Respect Thread(By Fated_Xtasy)

Inquisitor Shynne

One of the most devout among all the Inquisitors, Inquisitor Shynne is a hard woman with dark features and an angular face that gives her body an appearance of sharpness. Trained in the powers of the dark side by the Inquisitors on Prakith, Shynne chose the Deep Core itself as her jurisdiction in order to remain close to the Citadel Inquisitorius, where she was raised.

- Taken from Byss and the Deep Core

One of the more devout Inquisitors, trained by the Inquisitors on the planet Prakith.

No Caption Provided

She knows Affect Mind, Battlemind, Drain Knowledge, Enhancing her abilities, Force Grip, Fore Stealth, TK, Telepathy, proficient in lightsabers, blasters and simple weapons. Can dissipate energy, sense and Force Speed.

3 Inquisitors

Jax's first view of the scene on Gallery Row was from inside the first-level entrance of their building. What he saw-and felt-made his blood run cold. People fled something that was going on farther up the block near the corner with a main cross-street-Rainbow Parkway it was called, though it had no park, and no rainbow had been seen by the citizens of this level of Coruscant for uncounted centuries.

Until now.

Now they saw a display of the Force that shot brilliant ribbons and pinwheels of power in every direction-an explosion of variegated energy near the corner of Rainbow Parkway and Gallery Row-an explosion being generated by more than one Force adept.

He hesitated, checking the street for angles of egress. He did not want to be seen coming out of this building or sensed coming from this direction. Pol Haus and I-Five caught up with him as he was considering his options.

"I take it we have a situation," Haus said.

"There's a Force battle going on down there," Jax said.

"Our rogue adept?"

"Yeah. And at least three others, maybe four. Hard to tell when some of them arc wearing taozin."

"And you need to get there without being noticed."

The caves and buttresses of the buildings were his best chance of that. Maybe if he worked his way down a back alley toward the comer ...

"We'll take my speeder." Haus was already on his way toward the rear of the building, along a corridor that housed a warren of small studios and conapts.

Jax turned and sprinted after him, leaving I-Five to bring up the rear. "You can't be seen with me."

Haus let out a dry laugh. "No kidding. I've no intention of it. But I can lend a hand ... or an airspeeder."

With the three of them squeezed into a speeder built for two, Haus darkened the windows and darted the vehicle down a long, dank alley that roiled with greasyfog. He came out on Rainbow Parkway and turned a sharp right, then stopped his speeder at the corner, tucking it skillfully beneath the buttressing of a tower that housed three restaurants and a purveyor of artist's supplies.

"This is as close as I dare get," he told Jax. "But if you like I can at least keep the Imperial goons out of it. Tell them the Inquisitors are on it and don't need their interference." He grinned, showing sharp white teeth. "I try to run interference between the Inquisitorius and the Imperial regulars whenever I can. It's good for department morale."

Jax popped the canopy and leapt out of the speeder. "Thanks. I-Five, why don't you stay-?"

"As if that would ever happen," the droid retorted, extricating himself from the small cargo area behind the passenger seat.

Jax threw him a grim smile and darted to the corner, drawing his lightsaber as he ran. The street was emptying quickly of its last few inhabitants, leaving as audience only the people trapped within the businesses on cither side. He took in the scene at a glance: Kaj was about twenty-five meters distant on the right side of the street. Jax realized with a jolt that Laranth was with him. The two stood in a strangely distorted bubble of air-a Force shield that Kaj was using to hold off the two Inquisitors prowling just beyond its perimeter while he stared up into the smudgy air, looking for something.

Jax's hesitation was minuscule-only long enough for him to assess the situation-then he ignited his lightsaber and hurled himself at the Inquisitors, hoping that with their attention on Kaj, they'd never see him coming.

In the same instant that he saw Jax's crimson lightsaber our of the comer of his eye, Kaj beheld the resurrected Inquisitor above him on a high, narrow ledge high up across the street. That he'd wounded him horribly in their previous meeting was obvious from the scars on the man's face and the nadulterated hatred in his eyes.

He glanced at laranth, then flicked his eyes upward to telegraph his intentions. She, too, had seen Jax round the corner, and stepped lightly toward the Inquisitor'to her right, leveling her blasters at him.

Kaj shut down his Force shield and leapt straight up into the twilight.

From where Rhinann cowered in the apothecary, peering out through the thick transparisteel, it looked as if the boy had taken flight or simply teleported. One second he was there, staring upward, the next he had rocketed out of sight, leaving laranth at the mercy of the two Inquisitors.

Even as Rhinann was reacting to that, Jax's lean form soared into the picture from the left, his blade a slash of gleaming red against the window. One of the Inquisitors spun to engage him. while the second was forced to somersault backward to flee a blast from Laranth Tarak's weapons. She charged after him, disappearing from view.

Rhinann twisted around to look at Dejah. "We've got to get out of here. Surely, there must be some way we can slip out..."

"Are you mad?" she asked. "That street is a war zone. The most intelligent thing we can do is stay here and hope that Jax wins."

Rhinann snorted his disagreement and, seeing that Jax was battling his adversary into the middle of the street, started toward the door. As it slid open before him, the facade of the building began to crumble.

Rhinann quickly changed his mind and dived for cover.

Jax didn't have time to think about where Kaj had gone. He met the Inquisitor blade-to-blade in a sizzle of brilliant energy. Within the obscuring cowl of his robe, the Inquisitor's face showed momentary astonishment that the lightsaber locked with his was the same shade of gleaming crimson. His astonishment lasted but an instant. Then he was all business.

He parried Jax's first stroke, but he had leaned away from the attack and put himself at a disadvantage. Jax pushed him back toward the middle of the street in the direction Laranth had dashed after the second Inquisitor.

This would be a test, he knew, of his raw talent and his training. The Inquisitors were said to have received advanced instruction from Darth Vader himself, and were rumored to be far more powerful than the Jedi by virtue of their not being limited by what they thought of as a pacifist philosophy.

Jax suspected this was little more than propaganda aimed at inspiring fear-the Emperor would hardly care about truth in advertising-but even so, he could feel the tentativeness of his own strokes, as if he were fighting a complete unknown.

He rejected his own trepidation. He'd fought Aurra Sing and Prince Xizor-he doubted this one could do anything more unexpected or accomplished than those two.

He feinted, his blade meeting the Inquisitor's blade at the hilt. Continuing the movement, he swept it down and around, catching the adept's robes and charring them. Simultaneously, he leapt, using the point where the two lightsabers crossed as a fulcrum. He somersaulted through the air, landing lightly on the far curb. The moment's respite gave him a chance to look for Kaj. He glanced upward just in rime to see the facade of the building housing the apothecary ripple like the surface of a stormy lake. Masonry began to rain down from above, narrowly missing the charging Inquisitor. Still there was no sign of his boy.

Kaj came to rest in the high support scaffolding of the apothecary building. He barely noted that he'd leapt many times higher than he'd ever managed before, but was pleased with the vantage point. He'd seen Scarface just there-across the street on that ledge, several stories down.

He was gone now, but to Kaj's eyes, he left an oily smudge in passing, not unlike the phosphor-trailing spotted slugs back on his parents' farm. Mind going back to that day-the day the Inquisitor assigned to his village had taken their farm-Kaj aimed his stored outrage at this Inquisitor.

His eyes followed the slug trail along the ledge. It stopped abruptly. So he'd leapt from there to . . . Kaj swept the front of the building, seeing no movement, catching no recommencement of the trail.

Where had he-?

The realization struck Kaj as suddenly as if someone had flung open a window in his mind. He leapt again, arcing across the street to a higher ledge even as a bolt of Force-lightning struck the spot where he'd stood, dancing across the durasteel frame of the scaffolding.

Kaj's heart hammered in his breast, frip, but that had been close. He'd forgotten the taozin's deadening effect. He leapt a third time, straight up, and lost himself in the shadows beneath a docking station. He did not lose track of the Inquisitor, though. Nor had the Inquisitor lost track of him. Scarface had dropped to the buttress he'd just fried with his Force-lightning and was taking aim at the docking station.

Kaj shielded with one hand and held the other out, cupped to collect whatever there was that could be collected. He needed ammunition-the energy and matter in the air would provide it.

The salvo of Force-lightning from the Inquisitor enveloped the docking station and sundered it, exploiting every crack and crevice in its aging fabric. It blew apart dramatically, chunks of duracrete flying in all directions. Beneath it, in his Force cocoon, Kaj waited until he was sure the docking station had shed its last loose piece. Then he dropped his shield and thrust energy and matter away from him in a huge wave, sweeping everything in its path directly at the Inquisitor.

Masonry bombarded the scaffold, carried on a tide of Force energy. The solid surface beneath it heaved, then rippled like a banner in the wind. Bits of the facade broke loose and fell away, crumbling beneath the metal buttressing until the huge bolts lost their grip on the masonry. With a groan of surrender, the scaffolding toppled toward the street, carrying a trail of debris with it.

At first Jax wasn't sure who had fired the volley; then he saw the flutter of scarlet robes among the falling debris. The Inquisitor who only seconds ago had been charging him had vanished. Taken out by the debris? Unlikely. He was too resourceful for that.

Jax dodged back under the overhanging eaves of the building behind him, scanning the sidewalk for Laranth. He saw her just up the street to his left, craning her own neck to sec where her opponent had gone. She didn't see him leap from the concealing debris, because she was spinning toward Jax, leaving her own flank exposed.

In an instant too brief to measure, he saw what Laranth saw-the cloaked figure atop the overhang, lightsaber drawn, preparing to plunge it downward through the duracrete into the top of his head. His reaction was instantaneous: he dodged sideways, shoving his own weapon up through the ledge and raking it sideways with a strength borne of desperation. It parted the duracrete as if it were a dense, heavy liquid. There was an answering shriek of agony from above him.

A split second later he heard Laranth's blasters fire. He turned and saw her adversary evade the shot, catching one bolt with the blade of his lightsaber and vaulting backward into the street. A large chunk of masonry rolled from atop a heap of rubble to obscure him from view.

Jax somersaulted out from beneath his protective overhang, angling toward Laranth, but ready to defend against attack from above as well. He rolled to his feet just as the wounded Inquisitor reared up for another attack. His left leg was gone from the knee down, leaving a charred stump, but he was not about to surrender. He loosed a charge of Force-lightning from his free hand and dived at Jax like a stooping raptor.

It was a shrewd move. Jax was forced to parry the lightning with his lightsaber and was out of position to defend against his enemy's blade. Time slowed to glacial speed. Jax knew that if he leapt out of the way, the second Inquisitor, hidden in the rubble on the street, stood a very good chance of striking him down.

He'd have to take his chances with the lightning.

He dropped to his knees, hoping the Inquisitor wouldn't be able to adjust his flight. There was a strange, sharp tingle in his Force sense and a split second later a thin line of blue-white energy cut through the thick air and made the wisdom of his maneuver academic. The beam severed the Inquisitor's sword arm at the shoulder. The Inquisitor was carried to the ground several feet past Jax on his own momentum. His arm and weapon took their own trajectory.

A second laser beam sliced through the Inquisitor's throat, stopping his howl of pain.

Jax looked to the source of the blasterfire. I-Five stood, gleaming, in the dust and debris, the index finger of his right hand still aimed at the crumpled enemy.

"Thanks," Jax murmured, then realized that his awareness of Laranth through the Force was gone. He pivoted, lightsaber still armed, and was flooded with relief to see her racing toward him.

The relief was short-lived. The second Inquisitor had moved since he'd gone to ground, covered by the fury at his cohort's death. He fell on Laranth from a ledge above the sidewalk, aiming one bolt of Force-lightning at her unprotected back and a second at Jax and I-Five.

Jax leapt, trying desperately to angle himself above the flow of searing energy. But he knew even as his feet left the ground that he would be too late to save Laranth.

Kaj had touched down gently amid the debris, senses thrumming, waves of Force issuing from him like ripples from a pebble in a still pool.

Oh yes, his enemy was still here somewhere, still present. And if his sense was true-and he knew it was-the taozin ward had been destroyed or stripped away.

He heard and felt the battle going on down the street as he searched the rubble, seeking the Enemy. All of the anger he'd felt over his parents' dispossession, all the loss of being sent away from them to Coruscant, all his hatred of the Imperial Order roiled beneath his breastbone and he invested it in this quest. If there was any life left in the scar-faced Inquisitor, Kajin Savaros would extinguish it.

He followed the dark ripples in the Force to a twisted mound of wreckage where the bulk of the scaffolding had fallen, letting the pure flow of energy seep in among the randomly toppled blocks and struts. He felt frustrated. The trail told him the Inquisitor was nearby, and the inconstant Force energies told him the man still lived, but something was obscuring his ability to sense it clearly and find it.

But wait-there was movement in that wreckage, a flutter of power like a flame fighting to take hold. Kaj moved closer, his eyes on the spot where the Force emanations were strongest, where Scarface struggled to rise.

A tug at his senses caused him to pause and glance across the street. Laranth Tarak had turned to run toward where Jax and I-Five stood near the body of another Inquisitor. Kaj allowed himself a moment of fierce celebration, then saw the danger Laranth was in.

In the duracrete barrow, not two meters away, the third Inquisitor used the Force to thrust rubble away from him.

Torn, Kaj swung back toward where his enemy rose, again, from what should have been his grave. He knew he had the means to send him back again-once and for all this time.

But the Inquisitor high above Laranth's head had leapt, Force-lightning sparking from his hands in two deadly, dancing streams.

Kaj turned and raised his hands, delivering a massive

Force-push from every angle against the Inquisitor. One moment the Inquisitor was falling toward Laranth, power streaming from his hands-the next he was simply gone. Where he had been there was only a fine swirl of ash. In seconds it, too, was gone, tugged apart by the air currents above the street.

Laranth had half fallen against a slab of tilted masonry and was staring up into the empty air; Jax and I-Five raced to her side, hurling aside obstacles as they ran. Jax using the Force, I-Five using his innate strength.

Kaj breathed out a sigh of relief; the Twi'lek would be fine.

He swung back to his own target now .. . and found it gone. He swept the area with the Force, uncaring at that moment if every Inquisitor in the sector felt him.

It did no good. The Inquisitor was gone.

His first impulse when he had emerged from the rubble-where he had lain twisted painfully despite his effort to cocoon himself-was to continue the fight, to let his sheer rage empower him. But then he had seen that boy-that untrained adept-use the Force to . . . atomize Mas Sirrah. Destroy him so thoroughly that not even an echo of his Force signature remained. It was as if he had never existed.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Ok so these Inquisitors do have names, but they were just mentioned as Inquisitors in this fight. This fight having The Force being thrown around, Force Lighting being shot out, lightsaber fighting and all other things.

Now I know some will notice that an Inquisitor was completely disintergated to the point where his Force signature wasn't even a thing anymore. That was Kajin...who throughout the novel and as I recall others, was an extremely powerful Force Wielder...wasn't completely trained, however he wasn't a novice in using The Force either, but just from this fight you can see him throwing up Force barriers, using omni-directional TK to disintergrate others, throwing things and so on.

Inquisitor Probus Tesla

Tesla blinked. A new quest? He had yet to complete the old one. "My lord, I am close to finding Jax Pavan," he said in cool, even tones. "I am sure of it. I've been working one sector at a time, and..." A horrific thought occurred to him. "Do you believe me incapable?"

Vader paused in his pacing and raised a gloved hand. "Nonsense. I believe you quite capable. It is because of that that I am giving you this new mandate. When you find Pavan, you arc neither to challenge him nor to harm him. Your mission will not be complete until you have found the protocol droid that has been his sometime companion-the I-Fivewhycue unit that reportedly was the property of Pavan's father. Pavan is a means to an end: find Pavan and let him lead you to the droid. Of course, if you should be able to locate the droid in some other way, Pavan can wait."

Had he heard right? Tesla shook himself mentally. It took every bit of discipline he possessed to remain stone-faced. He was somewhat taken aback when Vader sensed his dismay.

"Is there a problem. Inquisitor?"

"No, my lord." No, no problem, save that he had just been assigned to the scut work of locating a droid.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Here Tesla is noted by Vader himself as being quite capable.

He bit back a chuckle of dark mirth. That would be futile. Probus Tesla knew without ego-or nearly so- that his abilities were exceptional. He had been trained by one of the greatest masters in the College of the Inquisition, and he had earned his place in the Inquisitorius by utterly defeating that master.

It hardly mattered. Tesla reached out with the Force and grasped the fleeing figure, yanking it to him. The boy fell backward, his tattered cloak fluttering about him. Tesla could feel the presence in his hand almost as an actual, tactile sensation. He tightened his Force grip and dragged the boy toward him.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Tesla was trained by one of the greatest masters of the Inquisition....and then he defeated him.

One pale hand reached out of the tattered cloak as if to try to arrest his headlong slide. Tesla smiled grimly and squeezed-then cried out in surprise and consternation as his feet were wrenched out from under him. He landed hard on his back, air driven from his lungs, and dropped his lightsaber.

He took only a second to recover, by which time his quarry was gone again. The boy might be young, but he was obviously no novice; Tesla would not allow himself to be lulled into stupid complacency again.

He picked up his lightsaber and hooked it to his belt, then went after the boy with both hands. This time he would not be deflected or caught off-guard. He would capture this prize for his master. Failure was not an option.

At the mouth of the energy corridor, he reached out anew with the Force, using one hand to restrict his target's limbs and the other to haul him in. Concentrating his full attention on his task, he almost failed to catch the sudden movement of a five-meter-long section of fallen buttressing that swung suddenly toward his head.

Tesla whirled, using both hands to deflect the deadly length of metal. In his frustration and anger he did more than deflect it-he sent it flying. It hit the edge of one of the repulsor fields and exploded skyward. By the time it fell, hitting the ground with a shriek of metal on stone, Tesla was in motion, pursuing his elusive quarry into the wriggling corridor of energy.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Here he Force Pulls Kajin to him, then he swings to deflect a 5 meter long piece of metal...or well actually send it flying.

The boy reached into the transparent energy fabric of the repulsor field-something that should have been impossible-and literally wrenched out a blazing ball of energy, molding the mass of writhing static between his hands as if it were made of modeling gel instead of highly charged energy particles. Then he flung the blindingly bright ball at Tesla.

The Inquisitor whipped into a defensive position, erecting a barrier against the salvo. It seemed to matter little; it still took him by storm, knocking him backward almost to the entrance of the corridor. Only his own well-honed control of the Force kept him from tumbling out of control. He jackknifed in the air and came at the boy again, this time with his lightsaber lit.

He saw the boy's face clearly as he charged. The cowl of his cloak lay back on his narrow shoulders, his hair floated wildly about his head, and his eyes were huge with fear and fury.

Feeling the youth's anger, Tesla was exultant. He had a fleeting thought of what a prize this child would make for his lord, but the proud thought was swamped by survival instinct-and by his own wrath. He would not be bested by a mere boy! He roared aloud, using the Force to amplify the sound, and saw the teenager's eyes widen farther.

Tesla was ready when the second ball of repulsor energy came flying at him. He raised his lightsaber to parry it-and was blown upward into the heights of the field tunnel in a flash of scaring crimson light. At a height of seven or eight meters, he collided with a ripple in the energy barrier that deflected him downward again with just as much force. He came down on the gritty duracrete surface face-first, only just gathering the presence of mind to wrap the Force around him like a cocoon. It was all that kept him from breaking bones.

He levitated back to his feet, enraged, and threw back his own cowl. "Fool!" he roared at the retreating form. "I offer you freedom and you choose to hide with the vermin!"

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Here Tesla faces Kajin who uses repulsor energy in a blazing ball against the Inquisitor, Tesla shows himself being able to defend himself rather well, using The Force to erect barriers and keeping his bones from breaking. Noted as having honed his Force abilities well.

The boy turned back, his gaze meeting Tesla's so strongly that the Inquisitor heard it as a rending sound in his head and felt it as a scaring pain behind his eves. His heart pounded, his breath was suddenly constricted - he felt like a lidded vessel tilling with some white-hot substance until it must surely burst. The fire gnats were crawling over him again, inflaming every nerve in his body.

"Leave me alone," the boy said quietly, and the words sounded in Tesla's head, each one like an icy dagger in his paralyzed brain. "Just leave me alone."

Then suddenly he was free. He stumbled to his knees, fury and humiliation sweeping through him in waves. Tesla lifted both hands and fired a bolt of Force-lightning at the corridor just above the boy's head, uncaring of the result. If the wretch would rather die than be taken by an Inquisitor, then so be it.

The lightning struck the rippling surface and bifurcated, each sizzling lash recoiling to strike again centimeters apart. They twinned again, then quadrupled.

Tesla cut off the flow of Force-lightning from his body, but it had little, if any, effect. Suddenly the corridor was filled with a dozen random lightning strikes, then twice that many. They were advancing on him in a trenchant storm, eating up the passageway before him. He couldn't see what had happened to the boy; his figure was lost in the erratic pulses of light. Tesla threw up a defensive barrier and backed swiftly away from the advancing lightning. Surely, with its motive energy cut off, it would soon fade.

He kept moving, staying just ahead of the scaring, draining discharges until he was certain the exit must be directly behind him. He glanced over his shoulder. It was not. In fact, only a meter or two farther along the passage, what had been an open passageway seemed to end in a pocket of charged and warped air.

He hesitated, heart thudding. How was this possible? The interstice in which he stood was formed by a cancellation effect. The two fields' overlap was unstable, but the instability was linear. There was no way the two opposing fields could meet and meld in that way, no power that could...

He peered beyond the barrier, through the fluctuations in the cul-de-sac. Beyond them, out in the open debris field, he saw a lone figure standing atop a slab of ferrocrete. A figure with a bright mane of pale hair, rippling and warping as if viewed beneath the surface of a storm-tossed sea.

The dance of energy on the left side of his face alerted Tesla to the fact that he had hesitated too long. He had barely enough time to stiffen his Force shield against the lightning before it struck, exploding the tiny pocket of relative calm in which he stood...

"He's a traitor then. He's chosen his side."

"Has he?" The Dark Lord turned, and Probus Tesla saw his distorted reflection in the curved black surfaces of the Dark Lord's optic panels. His image was warped, but the marks of his brush with death were still clearly visible on his face, notwithstanding the hours spent in a bacta tank. No matter. The scars served their purpose.

- Taken from Courscat Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

So here Tesla shows Force Lighting, being able to send multiple bolts enough to fill a corridor and showing of Force barrier to shield himself from the lighting as it exploded where he stood. Later he's shown with just scars on his face from it.

The Inquisitor, Tesla, immobilized by shock, seemed to come to himself suddenly. He ignited his own weapon and met Jax blade for blade, intent on keeping the Jedi from his obvious purpose. With the place coming down around them, and with no way of reaching Vader, Jax found himself in a standoff with the Inquisitor.

He glanced at Kaj, huddled with Laranth in their corner, face white and terror-filled. What had Vader done to him, to keep him from even attempting to use the Force?

How had the Dark Lord turned him from an unpredictable and implacable enemy into a pet he dared let out of its cage? Jax knew he'd never get any answers to those questions if he couldn't end the stalemate.

Above the sizzle and clash of the two crimson blades, Jax heard a blessed sound behind him: the whine of I-Five's laser. The droid had freed himself and was working on the doors. Jax caught his breath when he saw the condition his friend was in-one arm all but severed, dangling by a few wires, and most of his upper torso crushed. He'd had to drag himself to the doors, and his single functioning laser was sputtering badly. Nevertheless, he persevered.

Marshaling all his energies, Jax bore down on the Inquisitor, pushing him back toward his dark master. He handled the Sith blade as if it were an extension of his body, as if his mind wielded it without the intermediary of his arms and hands. Thrust, parry, thrust; high to low, then high again.

Tesla, his face shiny with sweat and twisted into a rictus of pure rage, tried to hold, but was forced to give ground. His gaze bored into Jax's as if he might do him physical damage with that as well. Jax knew he wanted to.

Back and back, closer and closer to Vader the two fought, until a clever feint by Tesla pulled Jax slightly off-balance. The Inquisitor's grimace became a death's- head grin of elation. He shifted his blade to one hand and whirled it in an arc toward Jax's side.

A glancing blow of Vader's erratic power struck the Inquisitor and tumbled him, head over heels, into a tangle of wrecked machinery and optical fibers. His lightsaber extinguished and spun away, clattering to the floor.

- Taken from Courscant Nights 3: Patterns of The Force

Later Tesla has a fight with Jax Paven meeting him blade to blade and fighting among Darth Vader, though Tesla is KO'd by a glance blow of Vader's power, ending the battle.

Link to Jax Paven RT: Jax Paven(By Fated_Xtasy)

Inquisitor Adalric Brandl

"Truth is, Ross, Brandl never touched her. Never laid a hand on her," he puffed, "yet there she lies dead. And there ain't nobody on the planet, not even you, who can tell me Brandl didn't do it."


Before Ross could question him, Brandl turned and started along the trail. "What did the Najib tell you about me?" "He said you killed a Twi'lek girl," Ross blurted. After a moment he pressed. "Did you?" The Jedi's reply was abrupt and forthright. "Yes."

"How? You never touched her." "I asphyxiated her." "She suffocated? In an open room?" "A sophisticated talent," Brandl sneered, "not meant for the faint of heart."

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

Showing of Force Choke, or well...implied, but he killed a Twi'lek.

Provoked by the sinister edge in Brandl's voice, Ross drew his blaster. The Jedi apparently heard him, and spun around to face the blaster. Ross fired a three-round burst at the Jedi. Honed by several seasons as a bounty hunter, he centered the bolts to explode in the square of Brandl's broad shoulders. Before the deadly energy could land their mark, Brandl deftly snatched a cylindrical object from his belt.

Momentarily, a narrow shaft of white brilliance ignited from the base, feinting and parrying with the precise motions of the Jedi's wrist. Deflected by the lightsaber, the blaster bolts were harmlessly shot off into the field.

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

Deflecting a 3 round burst from Ross, a seasoned former bounty hunter and doing it after Ross had already fired.

Thaddeus Ross is a handsome, easy-going spirit of 28 who comes from a long line of smugglers. A non-traditionalist, he broke free of the family legacy and became a bounty hunter. His ability to capture particularly dangerous criminal personalities quickly gained him a reputation as a good enforcer.

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

Just a quick note about Ross, he had gained a reputation as a good hunter with capturing dangerous criminals.

Aghast, Ross could only watch as the destructive rounds dissipated into oblivion. Abruptly, he felt the crushing pinch of invisible fingers clenched against his throat, constricting his airway and lungs. Choking, the smuggler dropped to his knees as the serene landscape of Trulalis blurred before him.

"There is one rule of the theater that applies to real life, Captain Ross," Brandl declared. "Only heroes die."

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

An actual showing of Force Choke from Brandl, dropping Ross to his knees.

"Never mind!" Ross shouted, strapping himself into the acceleration chair. "Brandl has one of my thermal detonators and I think he plans to-"

A muffed explosion reverberated through the docking corridors, blowing smoke and debris into the auxiliary bay. Several smaller explosions echoed from the passage, rattling TIE fighters and shuttle craft in the nearby racks.

Bewildered, Kierra gasped. "What would ever possess him to pull such a stunt?"

"He had to protect his family." The smuggler replied wearily. "But with him dead, there's no guarantee the Empire won't find them."

- Taken from The Last Exit, Adventure Journal 4

He uses a thermal detonator in a 'suicidal death', causing several explosions.

"An Imperial Inquisitor? Brandl's father is a Jedi-killer?"

"Evidently Brandl went rogue and took off, prompting a galaxy-wide manhunt. They found him, following a string of corpses that he left from one sector to the next. And when they finally caught him, he went berserk and committed suicide." The status line scrolled over Brandl's face, flashing the word 'deceased' across the screen.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kokehng, Adventure Journal 8

Brandl left a string of corpses as he went from sector to sector.

Recognizing Brandl's profile, Fable slowly walked down the center aisle towards the stage. Waves of black hair betrayed streaks of silver running through the closely cropped sides, shadowing Brandl's solemn face. At his right temple, obtuse veins of scar tissue erupted from otherwise smooth skin, winding a cruel path around the outer edges of his eye. Severely traumatized, the eye itself was damaged, sheathed in pupilless, irisless remains of a clear, yellowed orb.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Turns out though, Brandl survived the thermal detonator, obviously not coming out unscathed with some scars and a damaged eye. But given a thermal detonator's power, that's pretty impressive for him to survive such a thing.

Brushing off the possible insult, Fable shrugged. "But he is powerful." Shaking her head remorsefully. " I can't beat him. At least, I don't think so."

"When we seek the dark side, we seek our doom. Too often, we are successful."

"So you'll help me?"

"Viaclo's undoing is inevitable. Even I have seen this."

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

He is able to see the downfall of Viaclo(an Inquisitor who was trained by High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne.)

Up the steepest mound, she halted at the crest, finding herself surrounded by wax cylinders, hundreds of them. Metalic ball bearings were precariously perched on each cylinder.

Brandl slowly descended from the mound, stepping inside the perimeter of the training circle. Fable flinched as he drew his lightsaber and moved towards her. With a resonating power that spread out from it in all directions, the lightsaber became a smear of brilliance as Brandl worked his way through the wax cylinders. He destroyed one ball bearing after another, leaving no perceptible mark on the wax. Fable watched in awe as the weapon danced through a score or more ball bearings before Brandl completed the cadence and disengaged the weapon.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

He moves his lightsaber in a dance like manner, striking through ball bearings without leaving a mark on the wax.

Like other Masters before him, Jedi Master Vo'ren Faalo developed his own formal lightsaber training for his young apprentices. Some Masters studied his practice techniques(which he called "cadences") and adopted them as part of their own training for their Jedi.

Duration: One Hour, First Cadence

Steel ball bearings of no more than 1 millimeter in diameter are recommended for these exercises. Make a batch of 19 wax cylinders(10 centimeters high and half a centimeter in diameter. Also obtain 190(idealy steel) ball bearings.

Duration: Two Hours, Second Cadence

The second Cadence requires 72 cylinders and 2,701 ball bearings.

Duration: Three Hours, Third Cadence

The third Cadence requires a total of 180 cylinders and 16,290 ball bearings.

- Taken from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments From the Rim

So this explains the whole candle and ball bearing thing above, developed by Jedi Master Faalo. Given that above, there were hundreds of Cadence, this means that Brandl did the Third Cadence which had 180 cylinders and 180 ball bearings and he completed it without leaving a single mark.

Fable chewed anxiously at her lower lip. "Jaalib, why didn't you become a Jedi?"

"All I ever wanted was to become an actor." he remarked, swinging his legs against the stage. "And that's exactly what I've become. I've learned the lightsaber and other meditations of the Jedi, mostly to appease my troubled sense of loyalty. Beyond these, my father seems reluctant to teach me anymore. And I'm reluctant to ask."

Staring at the row of candles, Fable was reminded of the wax cylinder exercise. "The lightsaber exercise, the one using the ball bearings? Can you do it with candles?"

Jaalib shrugged. "That's how he taught me. I never used wax cylinders until much later."

"Can you show me your secret? Your execution is almost flawless, elegant and equally effective."

He removed the lightsaber from her hands and began the cadence. His movements were slow and deliberate so she could follow him; but even those movements were faster than her most frenzied attempt to complete the exercise. Fable swallowed doubtfully, wondering how she would follow such a flawless performance.

- Taken from UhlEharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Now Brandl had a son who he trained in the use of a lightsaber and other techniques, showing that he can perform the Cadence flawlessly and that even his slow deliberate movements were faster than what Fable had tried to perform when she was giving it her all.

She then later with his help, completes the first and second Cadence.

Fable heard the pulse of the lightsaber before she saw it. Wondering how Vialco had gotten hold of his weapon without sensing it, she whirled, igniting her lightsaber. Vialco arced his blade toward her vulnerable legs. In a wild strike, she severed his head from his body, never losing momentum.

But as he fell, she clearly saw his empty hands. The lightsaber was still on the ground, several meters from his body. "Who's tricking who?" Fable hissed, enraged by Brandl's careful deceit.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Able to cast illusions, making it appear as if Vialco had his lightsaber, forcing Fable to kill him.

Lunging towards her mentor, she met the abrupt thrust of his lightsaber. Dominating and powerful, he knocked Fable off her feet and drove her back into the opposite mound.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Easily dominates Fable even after her training, knocking her off her feat.

Feeling the subtle constriction of his throat, Jaalib resisted panic as his wind pipe contracted, sized by invisible fingers. "No less arrogant than my father," he rasped. Desperate for air, he dropped to his knees, slowly losing consciousness as the grip tightened around his throat. His father abruptly released him and the cool, damp air flowed through his body.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Another showing of Force Choke, choking Jaalib.

No Caption Provided

He can absorb/dissipate energy, accelerate healing, control his pain, resist stun, Farseeing, projective telepathy, Affect/Control mind, Dim another's senses.

Inquisitor Vialco

Trained under the infamous High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, Vialco assumed at one time he would be chosen to replace the Jedi Lord, should the need for a replacement ever arise. Vialco made every effort to turn or kill any Jedi or latent Jedi he encountered. His favorite hunting techniques include stalking his victims from a distance, haunting their minds and senses with disturbing images.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Trained under High Inquisitor Tremayne, hunting and killing or turning Jedi or latent Jedi, able to stalk victims from a distance, invading their minds and senses with disturbing images.

"Didn't do Arecelis much good," Fable scowled. Her body was bruised from her momentary encounter with Vialco, a dark Jedi assigned to the garrison. One feint and one block was all he needed to launch her across the width of the construction corridor.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Vialco easily dominated Fable, with one feint and block that launched her across a construction corridor. This being a pre-trained Brandl Fable, though even before her training with Brandl, Fable had been trained by her mother, enough to use The Force for combat sense, controlling pain, enhancing her physicals and telepathy.

Yanking the lightsaber from her belt, Fable lunged savagely. She faked a left feint, deftly bringing the lightsaber down and across to the right. "That's it, girl! Anger is the control. Your fear is the power. And your fear is great, little one." His voice reverberated through the darkness, washing over her consciousness.

He's in my room! Fable thought frantically, struggling with the nightmare. The lightsaber flared in her grip, burning her hand and she dropped it to the floor. As the weapon clanked against the deck plates, Fable woke frantically to find herself standing in the center of her cabin.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

He's able to invade the minds of others over vast distances.

Sensing her peripheral thoughts, he whispered. "No, no more bad dreams, girl. I've come for the harvest." A sinister determination shadowed his pallid face. "What shall it be, hmm?"

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Able to sense Fable's thoughts.

Vialco's face flushed with rage as he began a series of short lunges, forcing Fable to move back along the perimeter of the muddy basin. Feinting to the left, she swung around behind him, delivering a swift kick to Viaclo's backside. Enraged by her insolence, Vialco turned on her, gripping his lightsaber tightly in his hands. Deliberately stretching her defenses, he attempted to penetrate her confidence.


Fable heard the soft spoken voice from the past and without turning toward the shadowy image on the edge of her peripheral vision, she knew the illusion to be Arecelis.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Able to force Fable back, who at this point is better trained under both Brandl and his son, also showing the ability to cast illusions while in combat.

"Wretched girl!" Vialco hissed. "If you will not be turned, you will die!" Summoning the corrupt powers of the dark side, Vialco felt energy coursing through him. He extended his arms, curling his fingertips as the first tendrils of lighting surged from his hands. Fable flinched, awkwardly balanced as she tried to back away. The arc of lighting shot through her, ripping into her flesh.

Screaming in pain, she dropped to the ground, curling into a fetal ball as the agony washed through her. Before she could collect herself, a second and third blow left her tortured body paralyzed.

- Taken from Uhl Eharl Kohehng, Adventure Journal 8

Showing of Force Lighting, immediately dropping Fable to the ground with one blast, then two more paralyzed her body.

No Caption Provided

Knowing Absorb/Dissipate energy, Feed on Dark Side, Force Lighting, Telepathy, Affect Mind, Control Pain, Resist Stun.


Well all done and done folks! The Legends Inquisitorius! There's more stuff to be added frankly, but that's a lot of reading to go through for just this stuff. I might add more to it later, but I think this is a pretty good showcase of what the Legends Inquisitors can do.

So enjoy!


My stance regarding Star Wars: TCW and Exceptions.

This is something that has been bothering me lately and I'm just wanting to address my stance regarding The Clone Wars. I liked it well enough....but honestly, I want nothing to do with it in debates if we're arguing Legends for the Characters.

Sorry, TCW being this hybrid of Legends and Canon just doesn't sit right with me. It's strictly Canon to me regarding the Characters within.

There's plenty of Legends material that detail through the Clone Wars, that isn't TCW if people don't remember, IE: Comics, Books and the OCW.

Now I do have exceptions to this, namely the Senate Commandos and other minor things, but these don't really fly in the face of Legends material and make a mess of it.

But as far as Characters like Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace etc go? I want nothing to do with TCW if Legends is being debated. (Not that I want to be tagged in Force User battles, I keep getting tagged in them despite not responding, clearly because they aren't my forte really.)

Sorry, but there's too many inconsistencies with the characters in the show and then pre-TCW Legends Clone Wars material for it to make much sense to me.

Sorry, I just can't try to force fit pieces of a puzzle in, if they can't fit in the dang puzzle.

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