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Sometimes, threats need to be dealt with.... PERMANENTLY.



History of the Pack:

Relentless, Ferocious, United
Relentless, Ferocious, United
During the events of the Doomsday Crisis, the world was forever changed.  At Sector 13, Anderson had reached his limit.  Horrible acts of treachery occurred during Apocalypse's massive assault on the mountain fortress of Sector 13.  Anderson suspected that the United Nations were behind a greater threat.  Since their involvement, the entire operation had been sabotaged.

Then, the hero known as Kurrent was locked away for the acts of murder and insurrection.  All along, Anderson knew of Kurrent's innocence in the matter.  Furthermore, he had undeniable proof that would restore the honor to Kurrent's name.  However, certain powers did not want an investigation of the United Nations launched.

Because the world had suffered enough trauma with the destruction of New York City, the invasion of Apocalypse, and several other catastrophic events, certain authorities tried to justify their actions.  Despite his orders to abandon the subject, Agent Anderson defied his orders.  The world was at stake.  The time for politics and other niceties had passed and it was time for action.  Therefore, Anderson went to a man who lived his life in the shadows..... The Hunter, William Greystoke.

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Going under the radar completely, he gave the Hunter the authorization to create an elite team.  This would not be just any team.  The goal of this team was to dispense with the barriers which held back progress in past times.  Instead of merely defending the world, this team would go on the offensive.  Sparing no one, this elite group of individuals would do whatever it took to get the job done.  At times, they would become just as ruthless and dark as the evil which they hunted.  Their motto would be "Relentless, Ferocious, and United."

Thus, they became known as..... Wolf Pack.

Bases of Operation:

 Greystoke Manor (Scotland)
 Greystoke Manor (Scotland)
Primarily, Wolf Pack tends to be constantly on the move.  Very little of their time is spent at one particular base.  However, they have many different bases scattered all over the globe.  For example, they have a somewhat large facilities located in Great Britain, New York, and Japan.  These locations are meant primarily for organization, and serve as a stronghold for Wolf Pack when necessary.  Large amounts of weapons are stored at each location.

 Wolf Pack North American HQ (New York)
 Wolf Pack North American HQ (New York)
Because the team is constantly on the move, they have also set up a large amount of smaller bases and safehouses across the globe.  These are small, discrete locations that serve usually as striking points.  The team can assemble, formulate a strategy, stock up on any weapons needed, and then launch their assault.

 Mountain Fortress (Japan)
 Mountain Fortress (Japan)
Usually, these smaller bases have the appearance of a small shop, restaurant, or club.  Sometimes, they are simply caves within a mountain or underground.  Several smaller safehouses are located in places in the Middle East such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.  There are also many throughout Africa in Egypt, Tanzania, the Congo, Ethiopia, and several other countries.  The same goes for many parts of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  No matter the political tensions or safety issues, Wolf Pack is not afraid to place their bases in the deadliest of places.  After all, they are the hunters.
 The Predator in Action
 The Predator in Action
Whenever travel is involved, Wolf Pack takes flight in their state-of-the-art ship known as The Predator.  During the Secret Wars on Ninjeta, Agent Anderson of Sector 13 provided the team with the ship as a means of spacial transportation.  Though the ship's technology has come from unknown origins, it gets the job done.  It has a special warp core which enables it to travel near the speed of light.  In addition, it has energy shielding, a hardened armored hull, phase canons, and torpedo launchers.  When Wolf Pack shows up to a party in The Predator, everyone better get the Hell out of there.... 

The Pack Alpha:


Real Name:  Hawk Anderson
Identity:   Classified
Age:   Unknown
Height:   6' 8"
Weight:   265 lbs
Notes: Former Weapon X specialist Hawk has been trained and formed into the living incarnate of Death. His speed and strength are just part of a total weapon. Though he acts on heroic instincts, killing is what he is made to do. Hawk is Death from above.
Being an indomitable warrior as well as the Hunter's closest friend, Hawk has been appointed to the new Alüha after the former disappeared. Hawk confidently took the reigns of power and proves exactly why he is the new boss.

The Pack Betas:


Real Name: Olivia Anderson

Identity: Classified

Age: 23

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 127 lbs

Notes: Olivia was three when her powers first manifested. Her mother, Lady Mani was brutally attacked by Gambler which resulted in her brother Nathan's powers manifesting and reducing an entire neighborhood in Texas to smoldering ashes. Whispering a single word, Olivia undid the damage. After the death of Lady Mani, a result of the attack, Hawk took on the guise of Lord's Angel and the world entered an age of turmoil. He became somebody unrecognizable to those who had known him previously and Olivia and Nathan, acting as Whisper and Heat, helped him perpetrate horrible acts against humanity. Among these acts was the death of Hawk's former teammate Ruby Glassman AKA Risky. This reached its culmination after Heat unleashed a world-ending attack, spurred on by her own careless words. With the utterance of five simple words, Olivia reset the 2031 timeline back to before Gambler had killed Mani. As a result, she ended up in an entirely new timeline.

Now a part of Vine Prime, Whisper has become a trusted member of the Wolf Pack, taking her place as Hawk's daughter. Her foremost objective in this timeline is to prevent Hawk from ever becoming Lord's Angel, but perhaps even more important than that is the protection of her counterpart, Olivia Anderson. Still young and unaccustomed to her powers in this timeline, Whisper watches her incredibly closely to make sure that no harm befalls her, for she knows that if anything does happen to Hawk or if Nathan ever does get out of control, it's going to be up to the two of them to stop it.

Real Name:  Ruby Glassman
Identity:  Need-to-Know
Age:  24
Height:  5' 6"
Weight:  130 lbs
Notes:  Fearless to some, reckless to most, the female merc' named Risky found a new home in Wolf Pack after the Zero Squad was disbanded by the government. Being a master of many weapons but most of all guns Risky is a worthy addition to a team that does not always apply the most integer methods.

Like the name suggests, Risky works hard with her tactical abilities earned in many years of military service and further trained by legendary teachers like the Taskmaster, Akira Overdrive and Ronin to make the Pack a well-working fighting unit, one where the members stand together like wolves. To the present date her tactics have been described as unconventional, sometimes even mad and mean but how mean will show when the next poor villain will meet the Wolf Pack.  

Death Dealers (Wolf Pack Elite):

 Name:  Sylver Tiana Cathal
Identity:  Secret
Age:  3,808 years old
Height:  5'9"
Weight:  130 lbs.
Notes:  Described as a phantom hunting the guilty of New York City, the fiery spirited warrior known as Sylver embraces her nickname and instills fear into anyone who would dare harm the innocent. An Elf by birth, Sylver was gifted with the powers of immortality, enhanced hearing, sight, agility, and strength, as well as flight and the ability to change her superficial features.  From the time she was a young girl, Sylver was trained in an elite group of Elves, making her an expert in hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, and archery.  Upon her home's destruction thanks to that of a demon, Sylver remained a protector of her race's remnant, watching the world change through time around her.

One night, Sylver was attacked, and transformed into a vampire.  Isolating herself from her previous life, Sylver took on a darker side to crime fighting.  She would only drink the blood of animals, but if the situation demanded, she would drain that of a criminal also. Taking on her role as New York's unseen protector, Sylver gained a magic staff known as the Staff of Duende, and uses it also to fight any enemy who challenges her, be it human or not.  Once befriending William Greystoke, Sylver joined Wolf Pack, hoping to bring justice to whatever needs her help.

Real Name: Christopher Angelys

Identity: Not publicly known

Age: 36

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 220 lbs

Notes: Gaining the power of telepathy at a relatively young age, and compounded by the death of parents and siblings, a wild  Christopher Angelys got bitten by the Xavier bug early. Never an X-man - too smart to get into that racket, too smart or just too wary - he’d choose to go his own way, a way that led him to serve t his country with distinction

Distinction that tought him discipline, tactics, and a way to put it all on the line when he has to.   Living the Xavier dream so to speak, just acting on it differently. Now working with the Wolf Pack, he’s doing all he might to serve in a whole new light, a whole new way.



Real Name: Mark Stuart Mann

Identity: Public

Age: 34

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 321 lbs

Notes: Mark was a soldier, a damn good soldier. However, breaking up a fight led to him being discharged from duty. After this, he set up the Militia, first breaking into metahuman confrontations. After the Bucharest Incident, the first outcries of discomfort over the Militia's actions began to be heard, and this snowballed until Mark was faced with the threat of war by the UN. There was a condition that would have pleased all parties, and as such, Mark secretly disbanded the Militia. Approximately 800 Militia troops, however, still follow his command.

Following the disbanding of the Militia, Mark moved to one of the most violent, conflicted countries in the world, Cuba. His goal was to protect those caught in the crossfire of the conflict. Whilst there, he came across the daughter of a US senator, and his attempt to rescue her was his first encounter with the Wolf Pack.


Real Name: Meili Kaneko

Identity: Classified

Age: 18

Height: 5'8

Weight: 118 lbs

Notes: A beautiful young seductress born in the busy city of Shanghai, China, with decedents hailing from both China and Japan. Meili Kaneko was an magic extraordinaire gifted along with telepathic abilities, which she used in conjunctions to bend the mind, body, and soul of others. Her life as an elite heiress was thanks to her father's membership in Japanese political branch that gave him access to Japan's Inner Circle, which made her family a constant target from enemies. Unknowingly, her gifts and affinity towards witchcraft was from her mother, like daughter like mother. Her mother was a high Shinto priestess and soon without warning or trails vanish, leaving Meili in the care of her father and grandmother. By the time she turned eight, her father immigrated her and her grandmother to the United States to keep clear of the forces that he thought was responsible for the disappearance of her mother. Years later, like she lost contact with her father, leaving her alone with her grandmother, but in return she gained the inheritance that was left for her.

By the time she turned sixteen years old, a member from the Inner Circle contacted her and enlisted her as a member to replace her father and mother's position. At first she refused, questioning on their whereabouts and their disappearance in which they said they knew nothing of it. Unpersuaded by their answers, she joined, in order to find out the truth. Working as a spy and priestess they trained her to grace her talents and renew herself like a butterfly in full flight. Soon when the organization met their end, she cut off all ties with existing members and resume her life in a more proactive way. When she finally graduated high school, she enrolled into college and press forward in life, while at the same time joined the Wolf Pack on the behalf of the Hunter. To put her skills to uses.