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Wither (CVnU)

Don't fear the Reaper.

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Name: Matthias Lorn

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Alias:Wither, the Reaper, the Agent of Death, the Deathbringer


Hair: Dark brown


Height:5'9 (176cm)

Weight: 120lb (54kg)

Place of Birth: Unknown


His mutant power manifested when he was merely a toddler, and his parents were presumably killed by him. Abandoned at birth because of his abilities, he was raised on the streets to kill in order to survive. He was known as the cursed child, the death bringer among other names. There were many who feared his power, yet sought for his protection. He took many children under his wing and taught them the essentials to survive on the streets. As he grew older, he moved off the streets and decided to acclimate himself to the world of superheroes and super villains. Thus, making a name for himself as Wither, he sold his skills to the highest bidders and brought death upon his enemies.

Powers and Abilities:

Hand to hand combat
Skilled in fighting from many years of street fights, he fights dirty and can easily resort to using cheap tricks to win fights.
Enhanced Senses
His senses of sight, hearing and smell are enhanced to the peak human level. Able to detect the smallest of changes in his surrounding and is also able to detect the heart rate of someone nearby.
From his time spent on the streets, he learnt the methods of moving undetected and unseen by those around him. Throughout his childhood, he used this skill to pickpocket and steal from others, making his escape without the unsuspecting victim ever being alerted. He can pass through crowds without standing out and disappear without a trace.
Death's Touch
At the slightest touch, he has the ability to decay and disintegrate all organic lifeforms. The power works on organic objects and people and breaks them down into ash and dust within a matter of seconds. He is immune to his own powers. As a result of his powers, he must wear special metal-lined gloves to cover his hands so that he is able to interact with certain objects without destroying them.
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