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Time to get your geek on.... (Spoilers) 0

OK so anyone following Arrow would be well across what they've been doing, introducing and building towards - and the latest offering just jumped it up to 11! Now - fair warning- this DOES have Spoilers. I figure you've watched it by now, or you don't watch the show in which case - you don't care. I'm not going to spoiler block, so if you DO care and haven't watched it (WTH is wrong with you?!?!?) leave now. So the episode is picking up Ollie being resuscitated by Barry, at which point he has h...

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Superman/Thundercats Crossover Review 0

When I discovered this, I just couldn't help myself - and it seems that this hasn't made it onto the ComicVine community yet, so I thought I'd put it out there. Growing up I was a bit of a Thundercats fan and was pretty happy when I saw the cartoon make a comeback a couple of years back. When I discovered they had put them together with my all time favourite Superhero - I was pretty keen to see how it all went down. The StoryReleased by Wildstorm, a story is concocted stating that there is a dup...

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