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Fan poems - Moon Knight

Have you ever been SO bored in a meeting that if you didn't start playing with some writing, you were sure to find either sleep or madness? I decided to try a simple quatrain on Moon Knight, but as the meeting dragged on it turned into a sonnet:

Egyptian moon soaks any path you take,

Enveloping your tense form in white light,

As you prefer it. Let approaching night

Marauders see you, consider the stakes.

Egyptian steel cut into curves for flight,

Moons in your hands as if you were the god;

Gilt ankhs cross in your hands as if you hold

The over flowing Nile by Pharoah’s right.

Egyptian idol wrapped in silken folds

Reminds you of the task to serve and shield

late travelers, weak ones; to try to wield

The fist that strikes from moon-bleached shroud.

You hold the thought while tortured brain withstands:

The death conquering power, in your hands.


Then a couple days later, it was a dull conference call. Same theme, but in free verse:

Moon Knight

Bathed by moon,

your thoughts attuned

to the ancient voice,

you wrap the traveler,

in the folds

of your unseen cape.

Ankh of gold,

you hold your blows

in reserve, await

the moment foes

commit beyond return.

Stalking, striking,

dealing such justice

as can be had.


too controlled

to be mad.