12 Villains That I Want to See in Batman Arkham Legacy

With the new Batman Game coming up I decided to pick a few characters ta could be great bosses.

They are creative bosses or already have been teased during the games.

List items

  • Some cool songs while we fight + Homage to the original concpet of the Arkham franchise as a music based game.

  • Teased villain

  • Teased Villain+ Great Story potential

  • Teased villain+A new version of the character to get more females in the rougues gallery

  • A lot of potential for mystery and exploration+and unique boss fight

  • Potential funny moments+ Air challenges

  • Teased villain+A lot of Detective work pontetial with clues in the envoriment.

  • Cool villain

  • Potential for "clockwork" missions based on real world time+Timed events

  • There is a new Arkham Knight in the comics...Maybe they can also use the new version on the character

  • Cool character+Batman potential test dummy

  • Interesting villain with a unique perspective on things