Marvel's Netherealm fighting game (wild picks/guest characters)

So Netherealm is doing a video game about Mavel...That is a huge Surprise!!

I wanted to make wishlist of characters that I want to see in the game, but being honest with myself...after seing what happened with MvC it is clear that the characters that are being the focus of movies/TV shows in the near future are going to be in the game...So this list have a few wild picks and some potential guest characters for the game.

Wild picks


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Being direct to the point here, Gwenpool is awesome and deserves more attetion!! Please go read her solo comic book run to understand the potential for gameplay and the famous awesome dialogue Netherealm is great at.


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Knull is one of the best Marvel villians created in the last few years...If there is one wild card villian that deserves to bve in the game is him.

And that is it for my wild picks for now...Like I said, with Marvel focusing more and more on movies/TV shows most of the chacters I can think off are problaby already in the game.

Now the fun part. The guest chacters that Netherealm is also famous for.

-All Might

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Yeah, belive it or not this is a crossover that happened in Deadpool manga...I think is the perfect guest for Marvel to take advante of huge fanbase they have in Japan.


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nother crossover that happened, Invincible is friends with Spider-man and would be fun to see they interect again.


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Since Injustice 3 is not happeing for now, this is the perfect oportunit to have this crossover...And having just one DC character is much better than a Marvel vs DC game.


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A Star Wars character to represent the franchise...Mando with the Dark Saber is the best option!


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Ryu is perfect to honor the MvC legacy...and if Netherealm is putting MK character in the, we will finally have the MK vs SF crossover!

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