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Better than Fant4stic. 0

I feel like this and Rise of the Silver Surfer have been getting flak. They are definitely better than Fant4stic. The acting was decent, the tone was lighthearted and it was definitely better to watch. If only Fox gave Story a third film rather than the reboot we have today. Michael Chiklis as the Thing is the MVP of the film....

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Skip this version. Just watch the Snyder Cut. 0

After watching the Snyder Cut, this Whedon Cut definitely is the worst. The tone was messed up, the acting and effects were bad, there was too little of the story and the jokes are more awkward. The Flash talks about brunch and Pet Sematary in a couple of scenes. Superman asking Batman "Do you bleed" made me feel unclean. Just pretend this version never happened....

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Deserving of its cult status. 0

Jennifer's Body is one of my favorite 2000s horror films. Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried did a great job as Jennifer and Needy. The writing, horror, comedy and themes were amazing! What I didn't like was the marketing. Tom Rothman messed up the marketing like he did for Fant4stic, Origins: Wolverine and Dragonball Evolution. Diablo Cody did a great job writing and everybody should watch this film!...

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Why butcher Homestar Runner? 0

I am a big Homestar Runner fan but the Homestar sketch is too far. Seth Green and his pals didn't ask the Brothers Chaps permission to spoof Homestar and traced over the lines of the Flash assets with Seth Green doing bad impressions of the characters. Why not have a better plot, the action figures or have Brock Baker to voice the Homestar characters? That way, the sketch is much better....

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The best episode! 0

Everything about this episode is an improvement. The characters aren't jerks, the song is catchy, the animation is better, Cyborg is the heart of the story like the Snyder Cut, the '80s homages are epic, all of it is great! I'd rather rewatch this episode than any other episode....

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The only good live-action Dr. Seuss movie. 0

I'd rather watch this over The Cat in the Hat. It's amazing and Jim Carrey did a great job as the Grinch! Taylor Momsen, Molly Shannon, Bill Irwin and Christine Baranski also did a great job! It is one of my favorite Christmas movies of the 2000s. It did deserve the Best Makeup Award at the Oscars....

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A justice to Justice League! 0

While the film can drag on for four hours, it is amazing! I loved the improved characterizations and the music. Darkseid is my favorite character in the Snyder Cut. Jared Leto did a great job as the Joker and Harry Lennix did an amazing job as Martian Manhunter. I highly recommend watching this masterpiece and put aside Joss Whedon's version....

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A Spider-Masterpiece! 0

Spider-Verse is right up there with Spider-Man 2 as one of the best Spider-Man movies of all time! The animation was awesome, the voice acting was great and there is nothing that is bad about this whole film. It's a must see for any Spider-Man fan and really amazing to watch, pun intended. I'm looking forward to the sequel and what's next in store for the Spider-Verse. Sony Pictures Animation has really done their finest work....

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