There is a new Godzilla series like every few years, yet it always sneaks past me. Where is my targeted advertising, Hmm?

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The League of Extraordinary Meh 6

When the world is in danger, five heroes must put aside their differences to save it. No this isn't the Avengers, or The League ofExtraordinary Gentlemen, though it does follow the formula almost to a T.No, instead of reviewing a great movie, or even that mediocre movie, I'm reviewing Rise of the Guardians. Let me save you some time and just say this movie blows. If you care to know why it blows read on.Plot:The boogie man (named Pitch Black for some reason) is sick of not being believed in, so...

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Frozen 3

I watched Frozen for the first time the other night, and I too wanted to do a review while it was fresh in my brain pan. Unlike some reviewers I went into this movie with absolutely no expectations at all. I did see the commercials, and to be honest, I was less then wowed. I figured I would borrow it from the library one day. Anyway, my friend wanted to watch it, so I said okay.Music:I'll start with the songs. I love Disney songs. Actually, I just love when characters break out into remarkably ...

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