Its that magical time of year again when I ask aloud the universe "Can this year just end already?" Way to overstay your welcome 2022

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World without Spider-Man

I'm gonna add more later. Just taking a small break.

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  • Pushed past the limit with Spider-Man, Norman Osborn makes a deal with Mephisto to remove Spider-Man from reality.

    When he awakens from his fevered dream to a paralyzed body, he learns that when you make a deal with the devil, you never win.

  • One day going home late, Jameson is jumped by by New York's newest gang, The Goblins.

    Saved by a masked vigilante Jameson becomes a meta-human supporter, and uses his paper and influence to fight for the super human rights.

    But in a world where super humans are hated and feared more then loved or respected, taking an unpopular stand will win you enemies. How far will he go for his beliefs?

  • Doctor Otto Octavius was a brilliant, upcoming nuclear physicist. His work was unparalleled in the field, and after writing several journals on the subject, he became a very rich, very sought after man.

    Being approached by an a representative of an unnamed organization wishing to employ his knowledge. Doctor Octavius refused to sell his research or himself. Later, during a science exhibition, his machine malfunctioned and tore a hole in reality, exposing him to strange energies.

    Now wracked with pain, trapped in a deformed body, he seeks to regain his humanity. At any cost...

  • Retired from military service, Doctor Curtis Conners was a quiet, unassuming family man, working as a medical college professor. Little did he know he possessed a rare blood type, and was the perfect specimen for nano-genetic rebuilding.

    Kidnapped by forces unknown, he will become an unwilling test subject for they're soulless experimentation. But even his captors cannot foresee the primal horror they will awaken. A nightmare long slumbering in human DNA.

  • Seeking fame and the immortality that goes with it, Quentin Beck used his knowledge of special effects, and gadgetry to remake himself as the hero "Mysterio."

    But is fame truly all its cracked up to be? Or is the ultimate price too high to pay?

  • Working to rebuild his body, Norman Osborn creates a synthetic flesh made capable of replacing skin, muscle, and nerve endings. The ever adapting skin quickly attains human level intelligence, and maneuverability, to carry out its own agenda.