Pokemon gen 7 wish list

Some things I'd like to see added,changed in Sun/Moon. Probably never happen but here's hoping

List items

  • Pre-evolution. Preferably something with a 50/50 gender ratio so it can also evolve into Miltank

  • Also overdue for a pre-evolution.

  • These four just look like first stage Pokemon. They really, REALLY need to evolve. V

  • ^These four^

  • Actually add this guy to that list too.

    I would add Luvdisc, but I don't think anyone would use it even if it evolved.

  • Maybe a shared pre-evo connecting this to Cacnea.

  • Move this to the top of the desperately-needs-an-evolution list

  • Should be Fairy/Grass type

  • This needs to be Fairy/Grass. It learns more Grass moves then Fairy moves after all.