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My Pokemon team (currant)

July 24. Trainer Journal

Made it through Rock Tunnel last night. Managed to catch 2 Clefairy's. A new personal best for me. Butterfree is struggling a bit. I think I just haven't found its niche on the team yet. But I will. Found a Bellsprout after more looking then I expected. But that little plant is already earning its spot. Will challenge Misty tonight. Will my batteries hold out?

List items

  • My starter. I haven't always started with this guy, but I normally do. Or a fire Pokemon in general.

  • Tad cliche I admit. Everyone loves the electric mouse. I got him to cover Charmander's tail.

  • This is an experiment for me. The only bug I have ever trained was a Pinsir. So this should be interesting.

  • This is a maybe. I don't have one yet, but I am headed that way. Seriously thinking of adding one to the team.

    Edit: Bellsprout has officially been added, and is already proving his worth.

  • This one is def on my add to team list.

  • On my list for obvious reasons.