My old school Ruby team

I'm playing the GBA Ruby, not Alpha Ruby. Cause I'm hipster like that. Also too broke for Alpha Ruby.

List items

  • Gender Female: Odd for a starter.

    Name: Mudpie.

  • Gender: Female

    Name: Knockout. Its original name was Knkl dstr, but I didn't think anyone would get it if I ever fought another trainer on the world battle net.

    I was originally going to have Seedot to evolve to Shiftry for its Grass/Dark type, then was going to have Sableye for its Dark/Ghost type and replaced Seedot with Shroomish. Turns out Sableye is a Sapphire version exclusive. #realWorldProblems

  • Gender Female:

    Name: Psych. This one started my naming craze because Ralts sounds dumb. Srysly.

  • Gender: Male

    Name: Gatorbait

    Was originally going to have Aron, then found this alligator/bear trap/Japanese mythological nightmare. I had actually forgot they were in gen 3. Thought it was gen 2 for some reason.

  • Gender: Don't remember

    Name: Hot Sauce.

    Another one I forgot was in the game. Almost went with Torkoal.