Duck Sightings

Howard the Duck sure gets around the Marvel Mayhem U. This is my list of his (possibly) random appearances.

List items

  • First appearing in his own series (of course) He also co-stared in the Mercy Liddle Interlude

  • Howard appeared again in Villains tale #3 driving Overrider and 8-Ball home

  • Howard may have given Frank a ride, or maybe that was just an illusion.

  • Dallas also caught a ride with Howard, right after he dropped off Mercy.

  • Charles and Howard co-starred in the 3 part mini "Howard and Charles vs The Dimension of Zombies." Howard also encountered Siege in this series.

  • Spider-Man took refuge behind Howard's taxi while the duck slept one off. Presumably happens after Howard's adventure with Charles.

  • In The Initiative, Howard is one of the possible candidates as chosen by Tony Stark

  • Howard, working for A.R.M.O.R. appears in Hecate: Five Day War issue 1.

  • Howard appears at the end of Villains Tale 12. Spectre pays him to take the annoying Doombot head anywhere away from them.

  • Misfits #1. Howard's footprints are apparently embedded in the side walk in front of a Chinese theater.

  • Villain's Tale "Wedding Crasher's"

    Howard appears as a limo driver.