CV User quotes

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  • Lykopis:

    "And shut the f*ck-up, @sshole. I am a ray of f*cking sunshine 'round here!"

  • Gwahlur Rising:

    "I aim to please. And destroy."

    "No such thing as a wrong spot; just a matter of finding the right thing to hit it with."

  • Fuchsia Nightingale:

    "Beards on anything make them better"


  • Nico4ever:

    "snakes always came across as deformed dragons to me lol"

  • Bruxae:

    (Thehipkid) "You know what they say about a man with a big nose"

    Bruxae, "Good at oral?"


    "I wish more men grabbed my ass and handed me a pack of sperm."


    "I get more chocolate star then the sky can hold."

  • BumpyBoo:

    "I have toes" O_O