Marvel Mayhem: Howard the Duck 5

Continued from Marvel Mayhem: Howard the Duck 4

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Previously on Howard the Duck....

Howard and his on again, off again girlfriend Beverly took Future Howard with them to Ma and Pa's Pancake Plaza, to avoid cooking, and the chili in the back of the fridge. (Horror movie music plays) While they were out their apartment was broken into by Future Bong, who left out the window to the ally below.

Future Dr Bong was sitting in a grubby ally next to Howard's apartment, waiting for the duck to return. Sitting next to him was a homeless person with a badly twisted. Before dying he had tugged insistently on Bong's cape, referred to him as 'Charlie', and had ranted about government experiments living in the sewers. [I diagnose you with paranoid schizophrenia] He then twisted the man's head with a cruel snap. [You are cured].

* * *

Howard and Beverly watched Old Howard eat, both trying not to stare at the food stuck in the corner of his bill. "So...what's the future like?" Beverly asked loudly, and slowly. Wiping at the side of her mouth in an obvious way.

"About like it is now. Government trying to control everything, spandex wearing weirdo's punching bad guys." He paused and chewed thoughtfully. "There's more enforced curfews though. And way more robot attacks. They want to be equal citizens. Blah! Taking all the jobs..." He trailed off mumbling something, apparently forgetting the conversation.

The rest of the meal was quiet, as Old Howard had slipped into a sullen silence. The waitress Clarissa came over and dropped the bill without a word. "Don't look at me." Old Howard said. "I left my wallet in the future."

* * *


Howard had lucked out and found a parking spot close to his apartment. It was unheard of. He and Beverly walked a little ahead of Old Howard, partly to talk, partly because he was walking slow. "What are we going to do with him?" She asked, worried. She and Howard had it hard enough.

"Old age home?" Howard suggested.

"Costs money." Beverly replied.

"Really? What about the bad ones where they get neglected a little?"

"Ducky! We are not going to--" She started to say, before he was jerked into the ally way.

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[Did you think you could evade Dr Bong forever?] The figure droned in a flat voice, as he lifted Howard off the ground. [Too long you have postponed your fate. The bell tolls for thee this day, duck].

"Your name...." Howard spat as Bong raised his clapper hand to bash Howard's face, "Is really, really, stupid."

To be concluded!!!