Fan Fic Review: Santa Hamster's Buddy, Rudolph!

As I sit here starring at my computer I realize I did not plan out my schedule very well as here I am reviewing GR2Blackout for a third day in a row. I was a little reluctant to do this one at first because it was another Santa Hamster, and not to abuse the proverbial deceased equine, but the entries in the Santa Hamster to date were some what lackluster. Perhaps this is harsh to say in this context, but I was pleasantly surprised with Santa Hamster's Buddy, Rudolph!

The story (kinda) picks up the plot of The rising of Santa Hamster, and doesn't actually star Santa Hamster, surprisingly. Instead, as its title suggests, it centers on Rudolph questioning the Christmas Owl (Just go with it) who apparently knows something about a killer on the loose at the North Pole. Not Jack Frost or Twister the hellicat, this is a new guy, because this is an expansive universe with deep lore, that's why. The back and forth between Rudolph and the Christmas Owl is pretty funny, til Rudolph goes full bad cop anyway.

There is a bit of a murder mystery, which is as rushed as the rest of the series, and that hurts it a little, but its not terrible. I really can't say too much without ruining the mystery.

As far as plot holes go, some are quirky, with Santa at one point sounding like a stage actor that has forgotten his lines, but he's shouldering on anyway. Some of the other holes are more head tilting, like when you find out who the killer was, and what his motivation was.

And it ends promising us the origins of Santa Hamster. Do we ever get it? I dunno, I'm not reading ahead. I guess we'll find out together.


This was the most enjoyable of the series for me so far, and I actually recommend it. It has a kind of endearing charm and quirkiness. 4 presents/1 coal

No recommended reading this time, sorry.