Fan Fic Review: Santa Hamster Conquers the World #1

Santa Hamster Conquers the World -1 is the last Santa Hamster story to be posted, and presumably the last one canonically, but that is speculation. I'm doing this slightly out of order to save the New Year's special for last, for reasons you can surmise on your own. I gave this story one sin at the start, but then immediately removed that sin for this opener--

Everyone's favorite (well, some people's favorite) killer hamster with a santa hat is BACK!

Somehow GR2 anticipated that I would be sick to death of this series two and a half years before I began this review series. And that deserves to get at least one free pass.

The story is about Santa Hamster infiltrating the Hellicats (remember them?) secret base for the purpose of.... look, if you are still expecting explanations at this point, then you clearly have not been reading these reviews. I guess there to take revenge? Wasn't that a cliff hanger a while back? Or was that the gnomes. Its all blurring together now.

After mowing through the Hellicats with his trademark efficiency he investigates a random crate, and discovers Agent Grambleshout, who I assume is supposed to a James Bond arch-type. This character is on a mission to arrest Santa Clause for breaking into every child's house in the world. Is he a new foil for Santa Hamster? Is this a classic hero meet and beat misunderstanding? Do you need to ask? Personally I'd rather know if the squirrel ever found his girlfriend. Oh well.

And it teases another story involving the Easter Bunny, and the wedding of Uncle Sam. And we still don't have the origins of Santa Hamster.

4 coal/ 1 present

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