Fan Fic Review: Santa Hamster & Baby New Years: A One-Shot

Here we are people. We have survived the ordeal. The twelve reviews that became the twelve labors are finally over. This is the final Santa Hamster story, and best of all, its a one-shot. No more silly no starts. Oh happy day. Santa Hamster & Baby New Years: A One Shot

Its Christmas time again, though I'm not sure where in the time it fits. Mother Nature and her gnomes are present at the party, and Santa Hamster doesn't have any problem with them. The Headless Horsemen is also present, so I guess him and Santa Hamster got that Dracula nonsense untangled, so this automatically has more continuity then 90% of the series. It even has Mother Nature inspiring the character Elsa for Frozen. No seriously, check the date of this, and that movie--

"Oh! I love this song!" said Mother Nature, creating a snow storm.

I made a joke about GR2 seeing the future in the last review, but this is getting ridiculous. True to form, the story itself has almost no substance. The story beyond the party is Santa Hamster and other guests discussing where to get a present for Baby New Year. There are some kinda funny jokes, like a group of characters "once again" assembling to form a team of heroes that has never been mentioned in this story before. What makes this enjoyable is the silly back and forth the characters share, easily making this the most enjoyable of the saga to date.

But I'm still giving it a sin because there is nothing about Uncle Sam being married. Just a reference to him having dated the Tooth Fairy. GR2 saw the future, but he couldn't see I would be a freak for continuity.

For actually trying with this one, I give it 4 presents/ 1 coal.

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