Fan Fic Review: Marvel Re-Imagined Christmas Special.

Ts the season for joy and judgement, after all, judging kids is half of Santa's bit. So what better way to celebrate these duel concepts then by reviewing some fan fic stories? Okay, there probably are more traditional methods, but its been a while since I did a review anyway. And what better way to start a series of Christmas reviews then with a traditional story? And with that I give you TheCannon's Grinch inspired tale Marvel Re-Imagined Christmas Special Aka-- The Red Skull steals Christmas.

Marvel Re-Imagined was conceived to, well, re-imagine the Marvel universe. This was pretty hot on the heels of the Marvel Genesis era, when re-imagining was less commonplace. But not for long as right about that time making groups was the thing to do. Anyway, this Christmas special is an non-canon entry that was meant to be just fun. And in that regard I tip my hat to TheCannon. This is a fun story, even though it is script format. (I've complained about script formatting in the past I'm sure.

A bit of backstory for you. In this universe the Red Skull has captured Captain America and is somehow controlling him, calling him Captain Nazi. This is an important image to have when you read the story.

In the story Red Skull must face the his greatest threat to world domination. Employees that want to take the holiday off! (I wonder if Dr Doom ever has this issue?)

Properly flummoxed by this problem, he puzzles and puzzles til his puzzler is sore, before coming to the most obvious solution to this awkward conundrum; he will steal Christmas itself. Do you know what's truly hilarious? This kind of thing used to actually happen in comics. So if you accept the inherent silliness of comic books, this isn't so outrageous a proposal.

Naturally Red Skull dons a redder Santa hat (Because reasons. You've come too far to ask questions) and Captain Nazi set out to the villainous task with predictably little resistance, only to discover that Christmas is an ideal, not just the commercialism. And presumably the Red Skull's heart grew three sizes that day.


I recommend this for pure, unadulterated Christmas silliness. It reads like a quirky homage to Christmas specials, and the idea of the Red Skull doing this just tickles me blue. Still not a fan of the scripting, but the comedy more then compensates for it. Add to that its fairly short and punchy if you want a quick fun read.

I give this story 5 presents. (No coal)

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