Fan Fic Review: Jester's 11 Christmas Special

And yet another delay. Traditionally the holidays are fraught with unexpected delays, changes of plans, and general mayhem. And speaking of mayhem, Marvel Mayhem is the name of another Marvel re-imagined type group that to this day still has flares of activity. Originally created to be the Marvel version to Joygirl's DC Mayhem. It was originally led by Irishlad, who for one reason or another dropped out, and left the keys to ImpurestCheese who still holds them, if anyone is interested in writing for that group.

However, before I reviewed Marvel Mayhem: Jester's 11 Christmas Special 1 - & 2 I felt I needed more info, despite being in the group and being friends with Imp Cheese. So I managed to snag her for a brief interview;

I was hoping if you had a moment could you tell me a little about why you wrote Jester's 11?

Ah, well it stems from my love of low list villains, they have so little history they are almost akin to OCs. Not to mention that I believe that every character should be in the spotlight at least once.

Was there any inspiration for the Christmas special?

Just had that Yuletide Spirit, also Yule is a time for giving and I felt that my friends on the Fan-Fic board deserved something for putting up with me all year, particularly my takeover of Marvel Mayhem a few months earlier

Jester's 11 is a non-cannon special based off the Jester's 11 mini-series. It stars a cast of characters you may have never heard of as they put their own spin on the Christmas heist story trope. It opens with our villains during a meeting. Not surprisingly their laundry list of misdeeds have landed them squarely on the naughty list. Jester expounds on how he was going to make an army with toys, which I assume he was banking on Santa to bring. What he didn't know was that Santa hamster had dumped half the presents at one house after the Red Skull stole Christmas. Did anyone else ever notice how weird this holiday is?

As fate would have it, Tony Stark is planning a huge toy giving event, which the Jester crew crash and stealing the limelight, a blow to Stark's ego that no doubt hurt worse then any physical attack the villains could do. The story ends with some tie-ins to other Mayhem events, but they don't involve Christmas so not going into that bit.


The cast is unique, and you are bound to discover someone you never knew. but its obvious Imp knows these guys, and writes them well. The plot, despite the fantasy setting does feel like a update to the Christmas stealing story, and is believable. And the humor is delightful and quirky. Even if you have read these stories before (like me) they are worth a second read for Christmas, or any time of year.

I give Jester's 11 Christmas special 5 presents (no coal)

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