Fan Fic Review: For the man who gave everything

Blah blah Christmas blah blah review. lest just get to it before I become even more of a humbug.

Today's story is from six years ago by a user named Nighthunter that I know absolutely nothing about. But surprisingly enough this isn't one of those authors of yesteryear that you occasionally rediscover. In fact, this user was active as recently as April. Apparently they are more active in RPG village these days. So lets talk about their Superman story For the man who gave everything

Lets see, so far we've seen Christmas being stole, usurped and saved. We've had the true meaning given to us a few times, its been the stage for revenge, and its had more blood then I ever associated with it growing up. It only makes sense that we have a story combining all those concepts together (minus the blood I mean)

Superman is doing one last patrol of the city, and checking his to-do list. And one of his things to do is bring Christmas to everyone on Earth. Including Lex Luthor. Oh boy. Its one of those stories. We'll assume for the sake of story that Superman is going to respect people that don't celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, or lack thereof. And hey, if Santa can do the job in one night, surely Superman can as well.

This story is unique in that it's kinda five micro stories that make up the larger whole. Instead of looking at them all I will just cover one, and the ending.

Superman goes to see Lex, who was apparently expecting him and was ready with gold kryptonite. I assume he didn't use green because its the holiday season. But in a stunning twist of logical leaps and presumption, Superman has anticipated being rendered helpless and uses his sad state to manipulate Luthor into being charitable. This isn't exactly what was on his holiday to-do list, but even the Man of Steel can't win them all. And the story ends with Superman and Kara giving gifts to everyone in the world, and Superman gets a letter of thanks signed by every king and president in the world, making me wonder if this was supposed to be set in the golden age. And now we know Kara was collecting autographs when she should have been handing out gifts. Way to go Kara.


This is painfully cute. Not necessarily a bad thing, just not to my taste. Not a terrible story, but slightly rushed and some of the dialogue feels very alien and strange. And sadly there are numerous issue of tense, and general typos.

I give this 3 presents/2 coal

I was going to link Nighthunter's page, but apparently he doesn't have one. However, his body of work is simple enough to find with a few clicks. Page N-P-

Come back next time for even more Santa Hamster. .....Yay.....

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