Fan Fic Review: DCR -- Night of the Raven

I contacted the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-come, to try and rectify the days I've missed, but instead of taking me back he took me forward. So instead of more Santa Hamster we are looking at Waezi2's Night of the Raven, a DC-Recreated title from the Teen Titan series line.

[Semi-related reviewer drivel]

The reason we are skipping is actually because I can't take anymore Santa Hamster I see him in my sleep oh God oh God oh God The Friday! Santa Hamster: Annual Christmas Party -1 is not a story per se, and does not really lend itself to review. I have posted the link however, in the event you are a completionist and want to read everything in the "saga." I am also going to save the Baby New Years Special for after Christmas.

I never read the DCR line, so can't really offer backstory to this. Unlike some of the other stories I've reviewed so far, I feel that, like Jester's 11, this has a larger connection to the main series, only canon in this case, which is interesting.

The story itself is a Christmas trope we have kinda seen already, that being the true meaning of Christmas. In this case Roy Harper trying to explain to Raven why Christmas is a happy time of year, despite the more negative connotations unfortunately associated with it. Greed and depression and the like.

And what I enjoy about this is it doesn't candy coat the issue. The story takes a hard look at the grim realities of life that don't take the holiday season off. Roy helps Raven understand why Christmas should be celebrated, and more importantly, how it should be celebrated. And the story ends with Raven doing her own part to bring some holiday cheer.

Its a sweet, quick read. If you haven't read it, you should. If you have read it before, give it another read for yourself. Its the season of giving after all.

I give this 5 presents (no coal)

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