Fan Fic Double Review: Santa Hamster; Trick or Treat 1 / Revenge of the Snowman

Today's featured stories are unrelated, and by different authors because both are rather short, and they share the theme of generally being scary. Our first story is another chapter in the ongoing saga of Santa Hamster by GR2Blackout Santa Hamster & The Headless Horseman: Trick or Treat -1

Santa Hamster & The Headless Horsemen (the crossover everyone wanted to see I'm sure) was supposed to be the first of a series of holiday mash up/spin off stories for Santa Hamster. Unfortunately part 2 never surfaced, so I'm giving it a piece of coal at the start. Now, this could have been a great story. I love the Headless Horsemen myself.

Dracula has awakened in time for Halloween, and that's bad I guess, and its up to Santa Hamster to save the day because.... Anyway, like I said, Santa Hamster and Headless teaming up to save Halloween from Dracula is a fantastic idea, but it literally goes nowhere. And I don't take the excuse that GR2 didn't have time because I am doing these in the chronological they were posted, and there are four more Santa Hamster episodes to go. Sadly we may never know what awesomeness may have came from this, and for that reason and others listed, I must give this 5 coal (no presents)

Next up is poze's The Revenge of the Snowman (Not related to the Goosebumps story of a similar title)

This one is very short, and typo laden due to the writer's grasp of English at the time of the writing. The story is about, well, insanity. It centers around a snowman, and presumably an entity bound in some way to the snow, as it had memories of being built up in years past, and remembered melting. At fist read this story seems very simplistic, til you begin to think about it.

Imagine some entity that had never known form, and suddenly it was given a body, no real life. No companionship. No explanations or reason for existing. Then it lost its form with the spring, or worse, was destroyed by bored teenagers. What affect would this have on an intelligent, sapient mind? So this is more then a messy story of a snowman gone wrong. Its the take of a snowman that never knew how to be right.

I remember reading this long ago, and thought I would rate it lower, but rereading it, it is a masterpiece that brings to mind existential chains of thought. I give this 3 presents/ 2 coal.

Poze does not have his own page, but you can find him here with a little scrolling.