Bizarre and sexy heroes and heroines of Fumetti, Eros Comix etc.

List items

  • real name unknown, a kinky Italian jewel thief, murderer and criminal genius, clad in a tight latex suit. (Fumetti)

  • real name unknown, a skilled Italian mercenary assassin and bisexual sociopath. (Eros)

  • A futuristic French space adventurer and keeper of the 'orgasmotron'.

  • A ravenous, promiscuous Italian vampire and iconic cover girl of Fumetti pulp. (Fumetti)

  • A vampire heroine of alien heritage.

  • real name Mona Virgin (also known as The Spider Woman or the Tarantula Woman), an Italian superheroine who gained powers after being bitten on the vagina by a radioactive spider. (Fumetti)

  • The demonic, transsexual daughter of Satan. (Fumetti)

  • real name Anthony Logan, a master criminal and sadistic killed dressed in a black and yellow skeletal suit. (Fumetti)

  • real name unknown (also known as Satanik in France), a photorealist clone of Kriminal, a much more vile and psychotic criminal who loves to torture women. (Fumetti)

  • real name Marnie Bannister, a talented, deformed biologist who under the influence of a formula became a beautiful and diabolical criminal mastermind. (Fumetti)

  • real name Fedra Garland, a wealthy heiress turned lethal crimefighter/vigilante. (Fumetti)

  • real name Lon Flag, a vigilante hero (similar to Diabolik), enjoys to hang his victims with the noose he wears around his neck. (Fumetti)

  • Diabolik's lover and partner-in-crime, a beautiful criminal of royal blood. (Fumetti)

  • An Italian photojournalist and adventurer lost in erotic hallucinations and dreams, her boyfriend Philip Rembrandt is a superhero with psychic abilities (known as 'Neutron).

  • real name unknown, a tough, violent, bisexual gang leader dolled up in leather gear. (Fumetti)

  • real name unknown, a bloodthirsty soldier, shameless Italian rip-off of 'Rambo'. (Fumetti)

  • real name Coley Cochran, a bisexual male porn star and 'voodoo love-god'. (Eros)

  • A cross-dimensional Celtic enchantress. (Eros)

  • real names Lilian Cunnington and Agatha, two young, promiscuous, time-traveling witches. (Eros)

  • real name Ellen Patrick, a sexy masked pulp hero in 1930s LA. (Eros)

  • real name Nadine, a Italian wealthy noblewoman and secret master thief. (Fumetti)

  • real name unknown, a pig-tailed young witch. (Fumetti)

  • real name Ulla, a top model who in moonlight transforms into a gruesome werewolf. (Fumetti)

  • A mystical adventuress in the Middle Ages and lover of Satan. (Fumetti)

  • real name Jacula Velenska, a predatory vampire who seduces and ruins young men and women with her bloodthirsty lover Carlo Verdier. (Fumetti)

  • real name Zora Pabst, an aristocratic vampire possessed by the spirit of Dracula. (Fumetti)

  • A humble shephard girl living in the Middle Ages who becomes a bloodthirsty vampire. (Fumetti)

  • An immortal zombie girl who longs to return to human life. (Fumetti)

  • real name Isabella De Frissac (also known as Isabella Duchessa dei Diavoli), a sword-wielding gypsy and swashbuckler of royal blood. (Fumetti)

  • A beautiful gunslinger from the Wild West. (Fumetti)

  • real name Jolanda de Almaviva, an abducted countess turned vicious, female pirate. (Fumetti)

  • real name unknown, a homeless woman kidnapped and experimented on by a mad scientist and turned into a leopard lady. (Eros)

  • real name unknown (also known as the Blonde Viper or Baghera in France), a special agent. (Fumetti)

  • A gruesome, perverted monster with bubbling green & purple flesh. (Fumetti)