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The Top 71 DC Comic Runs, Voted by the r/DCcomics Community!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DCcomics/comments/vio4ub/discussion_the_top_71_dc_comic_runs_voted_by_the/

List items

  • "Grant Morrison had touched on Batman multiple times in his 30+ year career in comics, from Gothic, to Arkham Asylum, to Batman's appearances in the 1990s JLA. But when they took over the Batman series in 2006, they set out to craft an epic that would build off the entire history of The Caped Crusader, stitching together one cohesive arc for the hero and his franchise from the beginnings of the Golden Age in 1939 to the modern day. Morrison's Batman was not just a caped crusader protecting Gotham; he was the product of all the the wild, weird and zany life experiences Batman had endured across all the various eras of comics history. Morrison united the disparate history of the character and wrote an epic that pushed the universe and the character forward, whilst strengthening and acknowledging all that come before. This is the tale where Batman meets his son, confronts his darkest failed mirrors, is threatened by the systematic destruction of Batman on a conceptual level, solves his final case, faces the god of depression and all evil and then is reborn for a new generation. This is where Dick Grayson becomes Batman, with Damian Wayne as his Robin. This is the birth of Batman Inc. The saga that would go onto form the spine for the Snyder run to come after and cement Batman as a figure of positive power, it is one that isn't to be missed. However this is a saga not recommended for brand new readers, as it requires at least a basic knowledge and grasp of Batman's colorful history."

    Collected in three omnibus volumes or:

    - Batman and Son (or The Black Glove)

    - Batman R.I.P.

    - Batman and Robin (2009) Volume 1: Batman Reborn

    - Batman and Robin (2009) Volume 2: Batman vs. Robin

    - The Return of Bruce Wayne

    - Batman and Robin (2009) Volume 3: Batman and Robin Must Die!

    - Batman Incorporated

    - Batman Incorporated Volume 1: Demon Star

    - Batman Incorporated Volume 2: Gotham's Most Wanted

  • "This is it - the run. As Waid tells it, DC was planing to cancel The Flash but they gave him a chance to turn things around and boy did he ever. Beginning with a reintroduction of Wally's origin, Waid would reinvent the entire Flash mythos; he created a legacy of speed that transcended time and space, an infinite relay race all spawning from the heroic sacrifice of Barry Allen. His run spans 100 issues and 10 years of storytelling, creating things like the iconic Speed Force, Impulse, and Savitar to name a few. He expands the Flash Family, and creates new powers for the speedsters in it."

    Collected in eight books.

  • "When a cult tries to imprison Death, they make a mistake and trap Dream instead. When Morpheus the king of dreams breaks out, he goes on a quest to rebuild the realm of dreaming, which crumbled in his absence. Sandman is a story about stories, and this title gives Gaiman the freedom to tell a myriad - many of which are some of the finest stories told in comic form."

    Collected in Deluxe Edition Books 1-5 or regular volumes (and 30th Anniversary Edition):

    - Volume 1: Preludes & Nocturnes

    - Volume 2: The Doll's House

    - Volume 3: Dream Country

    - Volume 4: Season of Mists

    - Volume 5: A Game of You

    - Volume 6: Fables & Reflections

    - Volume 7: Brief Lives

    - Volume 8: World's End

    - Volume 9: Kindly Ones

    - Volume 10: The Wake

    - Volume 11: Endless Nights

    - The Dream Hunters

    - Overture

  • "One of the greatest comics ever written, The New Frontier takes a look the political climate of 1950s America, and examines how these larger-than-life superheroes would react. Hal Jordan is front and center as a key star of this and the book is central and essential to his modern revitalization. The book were Hal earns his title 'Highball' and is redefined for a whole new generation."

  • "In 2004, Geoff Johns took helm of the Green Lantern franchise, and a restored a number of classic elements, including the return of Hal Jordan as the main Green Lantern. Also returning was the Green Lantern Corps, the intergalactic police force. Under Johns's direction, Green Lantern became one of DC's bestselling books, spawning a number of companion books (starring characters such as John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and Kilowog) that would cross over for major events.

    To this day, it is considered the definitive Green Lantern saga, and a must-read for anyone interested in the franchise. It is to be noted that the introductory series Green Lantern Rebirth may be a bit confusing for new readers, as it directly addresses (or retcons) several points from past events. However, once the Green Lantern Corps has been rebuilt, the saga becomes much more accessible."

    Collected in three omnibuses, partially in four deluxe trades, or:

    - Rebirth

    - No Fear

    - Revenge of the Green Lanterns

    - Wanted: Hal Jordan

    - The Sinestro Corps War

    - Tales of the Sinestro Corps

    - Rage of the Red Lanterns

    - Agent Orange

    - Blackest Knight

    - Blackest Night: Green Lantern

    - Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps

    - Brightest Day

    - Emerald Warriors

    - War of the Green Lanterns

    - War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath

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  • "Beginning with the famous story "The Court of Owls" that introduces a brand new villain, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's run sets the stage for Batman's rebooted continuity in The New 52 era."

    First 33 issues collected in omnibus or:

    - Volume 1: The Court of Owls (Already read.)

    - Volume 2: The City of Owls (Already read.)

    - Volume 3: Death of the Family (Already read.)

    - Volume 4: Zero Year - Secret City (Already read.)

    - Volume 5: Zero Year - Dark City

    - Volume 6: Graveyard Shift

    - Volume 7: Endgame

    - Volume 8: Superheavy

    - Volume 9: Bloom

    - Volume 10: Epilogue

  • (Already read.)

  • "Alan Moore made his debut in the US with the definitive run of Swamp Thing, exploring environmental and socio-political issues."

    Collected in six books.

  • Collected in four volumes. (Already read.)

  • "Beginning with Grant Morrison, JLA paved the way for continuity-driving Justice League stories by incorporating as many heroes as possible, creating a cohesive superhero community. Morrison is followed up by another comic legend in Mark Waid, who wrote the famous "Tower of Babel" story arc, and then later Joe Kelly, who demonstrated how wide the League network goes with "The Obsidian Age". Fair warning: JLA is tied closely to the events of its time, so don't be shocked if you see a blue electric Superman. The core roster consists of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (Wally West), Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter."

    Collected in a Grant Morrison omnibus, nine deluxe books, or:

    - New World Order Essential Edition

    - Rock of Ages

    - Strength in Numbers

    - The Tower of Babel: The Deluxe Edition

    - World War III

    - Divided We Fall

    - Terror Incognita

    - Golden Perfect

    - Obsidian Age Books 1 and 2

    - Rules of Engagement

    - Trial by Fire

    - The 10th Circle

    - Pain of the Gods

    - Syndicate Rules

    - Crisis of Conscience

    - World Without a Justice League

  • Collected in 6 omnibuses, partially in one compendium, or:

    - Sins of the Father

    - Night and Day

    - A Wicked Inclination

    - Times Past

    - Infernal Devices

    - To Reach the Stars

    - A Starry Knight

    - Stars My Destination

    - Grand Guignol

    - Sons of the Father

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  • (Already read.)

  • Collected in three omnibuses; first in 45 issues collected in four big books, followed up in:

    - Princes of Darkness

    - Black Reign

    - Lost

    - Black Vengeance

    - Mixed Signals

  • Collected in Born Again, followed in six volumes.

  • "The Wolfman and Pérez run of the 80's was DC's flagship book, and built many of the foundations of the Teen Titans franchise, including the character growth of Dick Grayson and Donna Troy, and the introduction of classic characters such as Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg. The famous story arc "The Judas Contract" is known for transforming Grayson into Nightwing, and revealing the backstory of Deathstroke, and can be found collected in either Vol. 7 or as a standalone trade."

    Collected in 14 volumes currently.

  • "Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason take on Superman in the Rebirth continuity, and deliver heartwarming stories about Superman raising his son Jon Kent, as the two become a father-son superhero duo."

    Collected in an omnibus, four Deluxe Editions, or:

    - Volume 1: Son of Superman

    - Volume 2: Trials of the Super Son

    - Volume 3: Multiplicity

    - Volume 4: Black Dawn

    - Volume 5: Hopes and Fears

    - Volume 6: Imperious Rex

    - Volume 7: Bizarroverse

  • "Formerly Spoiler (and briefly Robin), Stephanie Brown brought a cheerful and quippy attitude to the Batgirl legacy. This fan favorite run from Bryan Q. Miller crafts strong character work and deepens the relationship between Stephanie Brown and Barbara Gordon."

    Collected in two deluxe volumes, or:

    - Batgirl Rising

    - The Flood

    - The Lesson

  • "Gail Simone is considered by many to be the definitive writer for the Birds of Prey. Under her pen, the Birds expanded from a two-woman show to include series staples Huntress and Lady Blackhawk. The team also interacted more frequently with other established superhero teams. However, not all of it is currently in print."

    Collected in:

    - Murder & Mystery (#56-67)

    - Hero Hunters (#68-80)

    - Fighters by Trade (#81-91)

    - Perfect Pitch (#86-90, 92-95)

    - Blood and Circuits (#96-103)

    - Dead of Winter (#104-108)

  • "This is an award-winning run from two of the best urban fiction writers in the business today. Gotham Central focuses on the arduous life and politics of the Gotham City Police Department."

    Collected in:

    - Book 1: In the Line of Duty

    - Book 2: Jokers and Mad Men

    - Book 3: On the Freak Beat

    - Book 4: Corrigan

  • "This run, which vaulted Scott Snyder into superstardom, stars Dick Grayson as Batman, as he pits his optimism against a horrifying and seedy Gotham determined to break him down."

  • "While Mark Waid would create the mythos and the epic Flash Family, something was still missing. Barry's famous Rogues had not been a feature of the book for some time, mainly due to them either retiring or being dead; however, Johns saw this gap and took it upon himself to give Flash a rogues gallery to rival Batman and Spider-Man. Reinventing old ones, creating new ones, he added nuance and pathos to every rogue. Even the Iron Heights prison has character. Johns really makes the reader feel the tragedy of Captain Cold, the humanity of Fallout, and the hubris of Trickster.

    Buckle up because you're gonna laugh, cheer, and cry all the way to the finish line with Wally and his family."

    Collected in 6 books.

  • (Already read.)

  • From Grant Morrison. Collected in one omnibus, or three books.

  • "Ostrander's post-Crisis "Suicide Squad" redefined Task Force X as the rotating team of expendable antiheroes that still exists in that form today. The long-running title made obscure characters like Captain Boomerang relevant, rescued Barbara Gordon from comic book limbo, and built Amanda Waller into a force to be reckoned with."

    Collected in:

    - Trial by Fire

    - The Nightshade Odyssey

    - Rogues

    - The Janus Directive

    - Apokolips Now

    - The Phoenix Gambit

    - The Dragon's Hoard

    - The Final Gambit

  • "This is the big revamp of Wonder Woman that laid the foundation for the future of the character. Every Wonder Woman story since its publication is either influenced by it or is a reaction to it."

    Collected in three omnibuses, or six volumes.

  • (Already read.)

    "Geoff Johns' run in the rebooted New 52 timeline revitalized the character and put him in a central role in the DC Universe. Here, Arthur Curry begins as a superhero living on the shore of Amnesty Bay with his lover Mera, away from Atlantean politics, until deep sea threats and an impending war between land and sea drag him back into the ocean. Johns' saga is followed up by Jeff Parker, who continues to build upon the established mythology."

    Collected in an omnibus, or:

    - Volume 1: The Trench

    - Volume 2: The Others

    - Volume 3: Throne of Atlantis

    - Volume 4: Death of a King

  • (Already read.)

    "Year One is the most widely accepted modern origin story, and has been used as a basis for numerous adaptations. It also provides a look at the state of Gotham before Batman arrived at the scene, and how James Gordon came to ally himself with the masked vigilante."

  • "This bold direction reinvents Dick Grayson as an undercover spy in Spyral, a shady organization looking to uncover superhero identities. This series serves as both a character study and an exploration of DC's spy world set against a 70s James Bond aesthetic."

    Collected in one omnibus, or:

    - Volume 1: Agents of Spyral

    - Volume 2: We All Die at Dawn

    - Volume 3: Nemesis

    - Volume 4: A Ghost in the Tomb

    - Volume 5: Spiral's End

  • "Kingdom Come asks the question of what happens when the old generation loses hope, and the new generation loses their way. An aged and cynical Superman reforms a new league with familiar friends to confront a group of younger, immoral superheroes."

    Collected in an original trade, an Absolute edition, an 20th Anniversary Edition, and an DC Black Label Edition.

  • "This is the landmark, character defining run of the modern era. It's a brilliant political drama story set around an Embassy, with Diana portrayed as a complex woman, a writer, a diplomat, an icon, a superhero, a friend and so much more. Greg Rucka establishes himself as the best contemporary Wonder Woman writer through this epic tale."

    Collected in three books, or:

    - Down to Earth

    - Bitter Rivals

    - Eyes of the Gorgon

    - Land of the Dead

    - Mission's End

  • (Already read.)

    "Introducing a brand new Lantern, one that is different from all the others, operating as a 'Frontier Lantern', beyond the regular 3600 Sectors of the known Guardian Space, this is a perfect entry point into Green Lantern. It's rooted in the mythology while being off in a corner building all new stuff, tackling the idea of emotional and law enforcement and colonialism on a cosmic level."

  • "Ed Brubaker's run on Catwoman has been the defining run on Catwoman for 16 years, transitioning her from her 90s role of thief with a heart of gold to an anti-hero. Darwyn Cooke provided her not just a great story in Selina's Big Score, but also gave her an iconic look and sense of style. Brubaker's Catwoman is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about Catwoman."

    Collected in Catwoman of East End omnibus, or:

    - Volume 1: Trail of the Catwoman

    - Volume 2: No Easy Way Down

    - Volume 3: Under Pressure

  • Collected in an regular trade, a 30th and a 35th Anniversary Edition.

  • "After spending several years dead, Oliver Queen is returned to life by Kevin Smith, and with him returns the camp and comedy of years past. Smith rebuilds the Arrow family by re-connecting him with Dinah Lance, Roy Harper, and even his illegitimate son Connor Hawk, and introduces a new fan favorite sidekick in Mia Dearden. Kevin Smith's run is highly influential in cementing Ollie with his hot-headed, well-meaning political activist personality."

    Collected in:

    - Quiver

    - Sounds of Violence

    - The Archer's Quest

  • Collected in:

    - Zen and Violence

    - Poisoned Ground

    - Epitaph for a Hero

    - Welcome to Oz

    - Riddles

    - The Peacemaker

  • "Morrison's Action Comics is a bold origin story for Superman that deviates from many others. It captures the feel of Golden Age 1930's Superman in a modern context and integrates it with the rest of the character. Of all the origin revamps of the New 52, Morrison manages to make something strikingly modern, yet exceptionally reverent to the character."

    Collected in an omnibus, or:

    - Volume 1: Superman and the Men of Steel

    - Volume 2: Bulletproof

    - Volume 3: At The End of Days

  • (Already read.)

    "For All Seasons is a story exploring the world of Superman, told by four of the most important people in his life: Jonathan Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and Lana Lang."

  • "Cassandra Cain was a young girl taught by assassins to become an elite fighter, but not to speak or write. After being accepted into the Batfamily, she took on the Batgirl mantle and turned her life around under the care of Barbara Gordon. This run is very notable for conveying a story through art over exposition."

    Collected in:

    - Volume 1: Silent Knight

    - Volume 2: To the Death

    - Volume 3: Point Blank

  • (Already read.)

  • Collected in an omnibus, two books, or:

    - Volume 1: All Over the World and Other Stories

    - Volume 2: The Fourth Man

    - Volume 3: Leaving the 20th Century

    - Volume 4: Spacetime Archaeology

  • Collected in an omnibus or:

    - Volume 1: When I Grow Up

    - Volume 2: Planet of the Capes

    - Volume 3: Parent Trap

    - Adventures of... Volume 1: Action Detectives

    - Adventures of... Volume 2: Intergalactic Showdown!

  • Partially collected in one compendium. fully in one omnibus, three Absolute volumes, five hardcover books, or:

    - Unmanned

    - Cycles

    - One Small Step

    - Safeword

    - Ring of Truth

    - Girl on Girl

    - Paper Dolls

    - Kimono Dragons

    - Motherland

    - Whys and Wherefores

  • "Peter David's Young Justice is a fan-favorite run that popularized the third generation of legacy heroes with Robin (Tim Drake), Superboy (Kon-El), Impulse (Bart Allen), and Wondergirl (Cassie Sandsmark). It's especially for for its laid-back comedic approach and capturing the fun aspect of the teenage superhero life."

    Collected in six books.

  • "As one of the most influential Batman creators in history, Paul Dini's run on Detective Comics and so forth built a living and breathing Gotham City populated with lively characters and memorable villains. Fans of Batman: The Animated Series should certainly give this a look."

    Reading order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6zwOlSnyB0&t=99s

  • "Tomasi and Gleason flesh out uneasy father-son relationship between Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne, while also incorporating other members of the Batfamily as they figure out how to deal with Damian's sudden presence in their lives."

    Collected in an omnibus, or:

    - Volume 1: Born to Kill

    - Volume 2: Pearl

    - Volume 3: Death of the Family

    - Volume 4: Requiem for Damian

    - Volume 5: The Big Burn

    - Volume 6: The Hunt for Robin

    - Volume 7: Robin Rises

  • "Kate Kane's acclaimed solo story penned by the famed Greg Rucka fleshes out her origins and uncovers some dark family secrets. If there's one story that defines the character, this is it."

    "Batwoman's first ongoing series follows up from Greg Rucka's run, and explores the supernatural corners of Gotham with a Lovecraftian horror inspiration. This run was controversially cut short due to editors nixing a plot point, and the creators' intended ending never came to fruition."

    Collected in an omnibus or:

    - By Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III

    - Volume 1: Hydrology

    - Volume 2: To Drown the World

    - Volume 3: World’s Finest

    - Volume 4: This Blood is Thick

  • "Considered widely to be the seminal Green Arrow story, The Longbow Hunters moves Oliver Queen from Star City to Seattle with Dinah Lance, taking the character to a darker and more down-to-earth approach, eschewing the trick arrows and campy tone of earlier stories for a crime story revolving around a serial killer and drug trafficking. This story is highly recommended for anyone looking to get into Green Arrow, and is followed up with Grell's ongoing series."

    Collected in an omnibus, or:

    - The Longbow Hunters

    - Volume 1: Hunters Moon

    - Volume 2: Here There Be Dragons

    - Volume 3: The Trial of Oliver Queen

    - Volume 4: Blood of the Dragon

    - Volume 5: Black Arrow

    - Volume 6: Last Action Hero (omnibus ends here)

    - Volume 7: Homecoming

    - Volume 8: The Hunt for Red Dragon

    - Volume 9: Old Tricks

  • Collected partially in one Deluxe Edition book and:

    - Volume 1: The Death and Life of Oliver Queen

    - Volume 2: Island of Scars

    - Volume 3: Emerald Outlaw

    - Volume 4: The Rise of Star City

    - Volume 5: Hard Travelin’ Hero

    - Volume 6: Trial of Two Cities

  • "Wonder Woman co-leads a new Justice League Dark team with Zatanna in this run blending horror and fantasy to explore every corner of DC's magic universe."

    Collected in:

    - Volume 1: The Last Age of Magic

    - The Witching Hour

    - Volume 2: Lords of Order

    - Volume 3: The Witching War

    - Volume 4: A Costly Trick of Magic

    - Endless Winter (?)

    Continues as an uncollected backup in Justice League (2018) #56-71.

  • "Nightwing's first (and often considered definitive) ongoing series sends him out to the city of Blüdhaven, where he establishes himself as the city's crimefighter, much to the expense of the local crime organization. Dixon's character-driven run builds up his well-loved romance with Barbara Gordon, matches him against the villain mastermind Blockbuster, and redefines his relationship with the Batfamily."

    Collected in:

    - Volume 1: Blüdhaven

    - Volume 2: Rough Justice

    - Volume 3: Fast Starts

    - Volume 4: Love and Bullets

    - Volume 5: The Hunt for Oracle

    - Volume 6: To Serve and Protect

    - Volume 7: Shrike

    - Volume 8: Lethal Force

  • "Gail Simone's "Secret Six" is a team that functions much like the Suicide Squad - which is to say, dysfunctionally. But when they're not trying to kill one another or run off on personal vendettas, the mercenary band of charming and disturbing misfits is capable of almost anything. Violent, darkly humorous, and packed with entertaining characters, Simone's "Secret Six" has become a cult classic. The first volume covers the formation of the team, but also ties into the event Infinite Crisis, which may put off some readers. Volume 2 moves forward with an adjusted roster, and reads better on its own."

    Collected in:

    - Villains United

    - Money for Murder

    - Cat's Cradle

    - Caution to the Wind

  • (Already read.)

  • (Already read.)

  • (Already read.)

  • Contents collected in:

    - Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen by Jack Kirby

    - New Gods by Jack Kirby

    - The Forever People by Jack Kirby

    - Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby

  • Collected in two volumes.

  • Collected in:

    - Recharge

    - To Be a Lantern

    - The Dark Side of Green

    - Ring Quest

    - Sins of the Star Sapphire

    - Emerald Eclipse

    - Blackest Knight: Green Lantern Corps

    - Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns

    - The Weaponer

  • (Already read.)

  • Garth Ennis' run. Collected in:

    - Volume 5: Dangerous Habits

    - Volume 6: Bloodlines

    - Volume 7: Tainted Love

    - Volume 8: Rake at the Gates of Hell

    - Volume 12: How to Play With Fire

  • Collected in:

    - Volume 1: A Rage in Arkham

    - Volume 2: Ten Thousand Bullets

    - Volume 3: Local Heroes

    - Volume 4: The Ace of Killers

    - Volume 5: Tommy's Heroes

    - Volume 6: For Tomorrow

    - Volume 7: Closing Time

  • Simon Spurrier's run. Collected in:

    - Volume 1: Marks of Woe

    - Volume 2: The Best Version of You

  • "Peter Tomasi's Nightwing centers Nightwing in the city of New York, where he finds himself investigating mysteries on behalf of the great DC Universe."

  • "Chuck Dixon is often credited as Tim Drake's definitive writer, and for good reason. Dixon wrote Tim's first ongoing series, created a memorable love interest in Stephanie Brown, and established rivalries with various Bat rogues."

    Partially collected in:

    - Volume 1: Reborn

    - Volume 2: Triumphant

    - Volume 3: Solo

    - Volume 4: Turning Point

    - Volume 5: War of the Dragons

  • Geoff Johns' run collected in:

    - Last Son of Krypton

    - Escape From Bizarro World

    - Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes

    - Brainiac

  • (Already read.)