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Crushing Krisis' The Age of Krakoa

Prologue to House of X/Powers of X

Dawn of X Wave 1: X-Men by Hickman - New Mutants by Hickman/Brisson

Dawn of X Wave 2: Cable by Gerry Duggan - Wolverine by Benjamin Percy (+ Gwenpool Strikes Back)

X of Swords

Reign of X: X-Men by Hickman continued - X-Corp


X Lives & X Deaths of Wolverine

Destiny of X Events: Death of Doctor Strange - Dark Web

Destiny of X: Immortal X-Men by Kieron Gillen - X-Terminators

Fall of X: https://www.crushingkrisis.com/definitive-guide-to-collecting-x-men-as-graphic-novels/x-men-the-age-of-krakoa-the-definitive-collecting-guide-reading-order/#fox

List items

  • The team’s reformation

    Collected in Epic Collection: Second Genesis

  • Moira

    Collected in Epic Collection: Second Genesis or Omnibus Vol. 1

  • Muir Island

    Collected in Epic Collection: Second Genesis or Omnibus Vol. 1

  • The Proteus Saga in #125-128 (and an epilogue in Classic X-Men (1986) #36)

    Collected in Epic Collection: Proteus or Omnibus Vol. 1 (epilogue in Classic Complete Collection Vol. 2)

  • The Dark Phoenix Saga in #129-137

    Collected in Epic Collection: The Fate of the Phoenix

  • #141-142

    Collected in Epic Collection: The Fate of the Phoenix

  • The team’s battle against Nimrod

    Collected in Ghosts or Omnibus Vol. 5

  • Magneto’s greatest sin

    Collected in Epic Collection: I, Magneto

  • Collected in Ghosts or Omnibus Vol. 5

  • The origin of Xavier and Magneto (and back-ups in Classic X-Men (1986) #12 & 19)

    Collected in Epic Collection: The Brood Saga (Dec. 26, 2023), Starjammers by Dave Cockrum or Omnibus Vol. 3 (+ Classic Complete Collection Vol. 1)

  • The origin of Magik & Limbo

    Collected in Epic Collection: The Brood Saga (Dec. 26, 2023) or Omnibus Vol. 3

  • Collected

  • Magus versus The X-Men

    Collected in Epic Collection: The Gift

  • Magus versus The X-Men

    Collected in Classic Vol. 7

  • The introduction of Betsy Braddock (in America) & Douglock

  • The Horsemen of Apocalypse in #18-26

    Collected in Fall of the Mutants Omnibus and partially in Epic Collection: Angel of Death

  • X-Men vs. Mastermold in #246-247

  • The Muir Island Saga in #254-255 & 278-280 and X-Factor (1986) #69-70

    Collected in Epic Collection: Dissolution and Rebirth. Epic Collection: Mutant Genesis, and Legion: Shadow King Rising

  • Mutant Genesis in #1-3

    Collected in Epic Collection: Mutant Genesis

  • Hellfire Revolt in #281-283 (and a prior visit of the Sentinels’ the Hellfire Club in Classic X-Men (1986) #7)

    Collected in Epic Collection: Bishop's Crossing (+ Classic Complete Collection Vol. 1)

  • Uncanny X-Men (1963) #306, #311-314 & #316-317 and X-Men (1991) #36-37, plus Generation X (1994) #1

    Collected mostly in Milestones and Generation X Classic Vol. 1 or Epic Collection: Back To School

  • Uncanny X-Men (1963) #388-390, Cable (1993) #87, Bishop (2000) #16, and X-Men (1991) #108-110


  • E is for X-Tinction in #114-117

  • The birth of an X-Nation in #515-522 and #534.1

    Collected in Nation X and By Kieron Gillen: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 respectively

  • Sinister’s modernization in #1-4

    Collected in By Kieron Gillen: The Complete Collection Vol. 1

  • #1-12

    "This series is the Hickman X-Men “world building” series. The first 12 issues were entirely composed of 1- and 2-shot stories that set up plots that would be continued elsewhere or picked up much later.

    Issues #10-11 are also included in an Empyre omnibus. See Guide to Marvel Universe Events – Empyre for more information.

    Note that issue #12 is specifically a prelude to X of Swords and so it is collected along with X of Swords below rather than with these individual collections."

    Wave 1 collected in two volumes.

  • #1-12

    "Excalibur is the home of mutant magic in Hickman X-Men. Tini Howard uses a cast of Betsy Braddock, Apocalypse, Rictor, Rogue, Gambit, and Jubilee to explore the connection between mutant powers and magic, including Otherworld and the Captain Britain Corp.

    Moreso than any other title in the line, this is the book that sets up the X of Swords event."

    Wave 1 collected in two volumes or one oversized hardcover.

  • "Fallen Angels redefines Kwannon as she returns to her original body and searches for a place in a mutant society who knows her as Betsy Braddock’s imposter. It also expands on Sinister’s corner of Krakoa, though this would be a more prominent theme when it continued in Hellions in Wave 2. Wolverine/X-23 and Husk also co-star."

  • #1-12

    "Marauders is anchored by Kate Pryde and Emma Frost and stars Iceman, Pyro, Storm, Bishop, Callisto, Sebastian Shaw, and more! Hickman himself is on-record saying that this is the book that initially tied most-tightly to the concepts introduced in HOXPOX, and at times it feels like the “main” X-Men away team of the period."

    Wave 1 collected in two volumes or one oversized hardcover.

  • #1-12

    "New Mutants tells the same story with two different casts and authors.

    Hickman himself reunites the original team of Dani Moonstar, Rahne, Sunspot, Karma, Doug, Magma, Magik, and Warlock alongside Chamber and Mando for an adventure into space to share the good news of Krakoa with their friend Cannonball.

    Meanwhile, on Earth Ed Brisson uses Armor, Glob Herman, and Boom Boom to spread the word to young mutants around the world – and, they’re eventually joined by Dani and Magik when Hickman’s arc is completed."

    Wave 1 collected in By Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brisson.

  • #1-4

    "This book explores the still relatively-new Teen Cable and his place in a world his older self had a hand in creating."

    Wave 2 collected in one volume or one oversized hardcover.

  • "The aftermath of HOXPOX combines with the major events of Empyre to create a particular challenge for mutants based on their grim history. Some of the focus members of the cast include Monet, Angel, Madrox, and Magik, though many other characters appear.

    This is the likely the last chronological X-Men story prior to Excalibur #12, X-Men #12, and X of Swords."

  • "A series of Giant Size X-Men one-shot explored a meta-narrative about Storm while also seeding future plots for several characters – most of all, Magneto – with a plot point that would become significant in Marauders after X of Swords.

    Around the same time these issues were released, Marvel also released a special edition of Giant-Size X-Men: Tribute To Wein & Cockrum (2020) #1. This was an exact copy of the plot and script of the original Giant-Size X-Men (less a few offensive words), but with a different artist drawing every page or spread. This issue was not collected alongside these new Giant-Size issues."

    Including: Jean & Emma, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Fantomex, Storm

  • #1-4

    "Hellions continues Mister Sinister’s corner of Krakoa and his alliance with Kwannon as he forms a disposable suicide squad of Havok, Greycrow (AKA Scalphunter), Wild Child, Empath, Nanny, and Orphan Maker to clean up his old messes."

    Wave 2 collected in one volume or one oversized hardcover.

  • "While Juggernaut is not explicitly a Krakoan comic, Juggernaut was least seen in Uncanny X-Men (2019) and the end of the series does connect with current X-Men continuity. However, it is a non-essential read if you are following the core story of Krakoa. It is not entirely clear on if this occurs before or after X of Swords."

  • #1-3

    "X-Factor is absolutely central to Hickman’s new mutant metaphor! Leah Williams assembles an investigative team of Polaris, Northstar, Rachel Summers, Prodigy, Eye-Boy, and Daken to confirm mutant deaths and the circumstances surrounding them.

    This book plays with several dangling plot threads of the X-Men universe, including the Mojoverse and characters we haven’t seen since Academy X and Peter David’s X-Factor."

    Wave 2 collected in one volume.

  • "Chip Zdarsky’s mini-series deals with the intersectionality of being a mutant. What happens when being a mutant is just part of your identity – and, what happens when your family objects? Kitty Pryde is a feature player here, alongside Logan, Rogue, and several others.

    X-Men / Fantastic Four (2020) #1 Director’s Cut included the full script of the issue, as well as B&W and unlettered artwork. It is not collected."

  • #1-5

    "After over half a decade away, Wolverine returns to a new ongoing series! This series is tightly coordinated with X-Force, and it references and expands many of the plots from that title."

    Wave 2 collected in one volume or one oversized hardcover.

  • "This series ends with a strong connection to Krakoa; to say more would spoil it!"

  • "Want to jump right from HOXPOX to X of Swords? I recommend you read X-Men (2019) #2 & 12 and Excalibur #1-2 & 12 for a quick crash course, but really all of Excalibur leads up to the status quo of this event.

    Note that at this time it is unclear whether the original content from a Free Comic Book Day: X of Swords story will be included in the collection below. Also, the X of Swords Handbook (2020) with new Handbook of the Marvel Universe entries for current X-Men characters does not appear to be collected at this time."

  • #16-21

    "A series of one-shot stories with the theme of a newly-formed X-Men team running throughout."

  • "Collects just the core of the Hellfire Gala issues from Marauders (2019) #21, X-Men (2019) #21, Planet-Size X-Men (2021) #1, S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #6, material from Classic X-Men (1986) #7."

  • #6-12

    "This volume concludes, having told a single 12-issue story about Cable, his extended family, and his place in the world (and in time)."

    Wave 2 collected in one volume.

  • #16-26

    "Free from the burden of setting up X of Swords, Excalibur digs in deeply to several long-standing continuity questions and character histories."

    Wave 2 collected in two volumes or one oversized hardcover.

  • #7-18

    "Sinisters plots become even more twisted in the wake of X of Swords as he continues working to usurp Krakoa from within the Quiet Council, using his suicide squad to do the dirty work."

    Wave 2 collected in two volumes or one oversized hardcover.

  • #16-27 & King in Black: Marauders (2021) #1

    Wave 2 collected in two volumes or one oversized hardcover.

  • #14-24

    "In the wake of X of Swords, Vita Ayala refocuses this title on both the original New Mutants and the youngest generation of mutants on Krakoa, including newer characters like No-Girl, Scout, and Cosmar. Both groups contend with the influence of the Shadow King."

    Wave 2 collected in two volumes.

  • #8-19

    Wave 2 collected in two volumes or across two oversized hardcovers.

  • #5-10

    Wave 2 collected in two volumes (#5 in Vol. 1).

  • #15-26

    Wave 2 collected in two volumes or one (upcoming) oversized hardcover.

  • #1-9

    "In the wake of the Hellfire Gala, Cyclops and Jean Grey reform a proper X-Men away team to live in the human world and show that mutants are more than a self-interested separatist group."

    Wave 2 collected in two volumes.

  • "Vita Ayala introduces a new team of non-mutants with little to do with Krakoa aside from their fandom."

  • Collected.

  • Collected in Hellfire Gala or Red Carpet Edition

  • #1-11

    "In the wake of X of Swords, the X-Men go orbital as well as intergalactic with this title focused on their outpost in space and their colonization of other planets."

    Collected in two volumes.

  • #1-5 & X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1

    "Simon Spurrier revisits his Legion by way of focusing on Nightcrawler and his quest to find a code for moral living in the Age of Krakoa."

  • "An anthology title of three-color Logan stories from throughout his comics history. This contains only a few present-day tales in the Age of Krakoa."

  • "X-Men Unlimited is a weekly digital comic available exclusively via the Marvel Unlimited app."

    "A single issue that collects the Hickman/Shalvey story from #1-6"

  • "An extension of Williams’ X-Factor investigating a shocking crime at the end of the Hellfire Gala."

  • "A glimpse of the corporate side of X-Men, starring Monet, Angel, Madrox, Trinary, and more."

  • "Jonathan Hickman draws his era in the Age of Krakoa to a close with a series that introduces some startling developments into the plot of Moira MacTaggert."

  • "In the wake of Inferno, Benjamin Percy continues Moira’s story, referencing her connection to Wolverine established back in Powers of X."

  • "A team-up between Cyclops & Jean’s X-Men away team and Black Knight by Simon Spurrier, who also wrote a preceding Black Knight mini-series."

    Collected in Death of Doctor Strange Companion

  • Collects X-Men: Hellfire Gala (2022) #1, The Secret X-Men (2022) #1, X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic (2021) #50-55, X-Men: Hellfire Gala Confessional Strips, Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #9, and material from Free Comic Book Day 2022: Avengers/X-Men #1.

  • "Marvel’s major mid-year event, which saw Gillen mashing up his runs on both Eternals and Immortal X-Men to have the Celestials pass judgment on all of Earth."

  • "A mini-event crossover with Zeb Wells’s Amazing Spider-Man."

  • #1-10?, Ongoing

    "Kieron Gillen pens one of a trio of X-Men flagship books. It focuses entirely the Quiet Council, with a strong focus on Sinister, Mystique, and Destiny."

  • #10-

    Volumes 2-4 currently

  • #25-33

  • #20-

  • #27-

  • #1-10?, Ongoing?

    "Steve Orlando relaunches the Marauders as a space-faring team. Kate Pryde leads a motley crew of Bishop, Tempo, Daken, Aurora, Somnus, and Cassandra Nova."

  • #1-10?, Ongoing?

    "Al Ewing continues the themes and some of the cast of his SWORD onto the X-Men’s occupation of Mars in a third flagship title anchored by Storm and Magneto."

  • Related to Excalibur

  • #1-10?, Ongoing?

  • Ongoing

    "In a surprise twist, Deadpool was pulled back into the X-Men line with his late 2022 relaunch for the first time in over a decade!"

  • "An uproarious one-shot following the exploits of the X-Men who did not win the Hellfire Gala X-Men vote in 2021."

    Collected in Hellfire Gala - Immortal.

  • "This event is in the style of Age of Apocalypse, with several of the line’s ongoing titles shifting to alternate-timeline versions for three months at the beginning of 2023."