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Most Wanted Powers

This is the list of my most wanted powers. Ever been told "If you could have any power what would it be?", well here's my top ten. Enjoy :)

List items

  • It's too cold? Allow me to raise the temperature. No snow in Los Angeles for Christmas? Allow me. Oh no a forest fire! Allow me to pop a rain cloud above it.

    You could even fly :O

    And having the gift of weather manipulation doesn't all have to be for show, it a great offense too (one word: LIGHTNING).

  • OH GOD who never wishes to be invisible! haha. If its just to do some snooping around, or maybe to fulfill the ultimate prank for some of you pranksters. Or sometimes have you ever found yourself in an incredibly awkward situation and ever said to yourself "I wish I was invisible right now" well wish come true.

    (And adding forcefield abilities is a definite plus, the best defense you'll ever have)

  • Now Wolverine is definitely not one of my favorite characters but you gotta admit having a healing factor is something we can always use ;)

  • Now just imagine being able to hear other peoples thoughts :O Lets just say there will never be a secret hidden from you... ever! (And on top of that, controlling other people's thoughts!)

    And don't even get me started on Telekinesis, but let me just say that I've been in some situations where at times I've been so angry at people that I just want to lift them up and shake em' around >: )

  • I know almost everyone here at one point (maybe even still) wanted to fly, have super strength, those red laser thingys, etc.!

  • I wanna cool my warm drink in an instant too!

  • There will never be a wall in your way... literally :)

  • The ultimate power of disguise. I also wouldn't mind shifting into a celebrity and see how it feels for a day haha (you know some of you feel the same)

  • I know this might look funny to have on this list but I seriously placed Mr. Fantastic here because there has been times where I lay on my couch and find that one comfortable spot and suddenly I see that the remote control is across the room from me!!! Oooh how many times I've wished I could just stretch my hand towards the remote rather then getting up and losing the comfortable spot and never finding it again : (