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Review 2

Brian Azzarello’s enters his third’s (and apparently last) year at the helm of the Wonder Woman’s boat. We’re about to reach the climax of his epic, yet he doesn’t shy away from keep building up the world and its characters, giving us a dialogue heavy issue.WritingIn the aftermath of the First Born’s defeat, Wonder Woman is the new God of War, and Apollo wants her to be part of his little inner circle of deities. Of course, she doesn’t like the idea, and from there, things escalate. A lot of stu...

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Do you like good Stories? 0

Valiant efforts to rebuild their universe continue, as they keep producing some of the best superhero titles currently available on the stands. Eternal Warrior is definitely not a tale of capes and costumes, but it still maintains the high quality we come to expect form the resurrected publisher.WritingThe issue divides itself between two timeframes, as the Eternal Warrior is confronted by his violent daughter in the present day Africa, while dealing with an Indian massacred in the 1877’s West. ...

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The Fellowship of the Cliché 0

Of all the MARVEL NOW titles, Thor God of Thunder has definitely been one of the overall strongest and solid month after month. While it did have its share of problems, the first maxi epic revolving around the figure of the Gorr the Gods-Butcher is almost an instant classic, one of those big evergreen stories you can give a newcomer to help get into comics. So it’s with a heart filled with sadness that I read these last few issues and realize how far we’re from that great beginning.WritingAs the...

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A competent enough start 0

While many people called it “stupid” or even “offensive” DC Comics is fully behind the concept of Superman and Wonder Woman being an item, and gave written Charles Soule and artist Tony Daniel the mission of convincing the disgruntled readership that this is a good idea. Do they succeed? Well, not entirely I’d say, but their efforts are worth a look.WritingStructurally, it’s a classic “in medias res” type of issue, as we start with our two protagonists in the middle of a crisis on Norway, and th...

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Endless Wartime Review 1

I love Warren Ellis. He’s one of the many genius British writers that I try to follow as hard as I can, from book to book, from superheroes to creator owned. All of his books are connected by this wonderful string of bizarre yet technically sound ideas and inventions, an addictive cocktail of action and introspection, dark humour and transhumanism, flesh and machines. He’s a writer that always manages to make me feel a little bit smarter each time I complete one of his works.Yet, upon finishing ...

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A diamond in the dust 0

Geoff Johns run on the Avengers wasn't exactly memorable, and had the misfourtune of being sandwiched betweem Busiek, one of the mightiest writer of the mightiest heroes, and Chuck Austen who is... Chuck Austen. Johns gived us three main storylines: World Trust that was lame. Search of the She-Hulk that was boring. And in the middle, Red Zone, that is freaking awesome, probably my favourite Avengers' book. StoryA deadly red mist containing a flesh-eating virus starts to spread in the USA killing...

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It's a Comedy 4

Another series that doesn't deserve all the hate that got. Just like DK2, people went in thinking to find a grim tale of the dark, badass Batman that Frank Miller showed us in Year On or DKR. But this isn't the case: All Star Batman & Robin it's not supposed to be taken seriously... it's a comedy (or at least, it's what I think...) and a damn good one.    Hilarious Dark Politicaly Incorrect Humor Why I say it's a comedy? Because... come on... every single character refer to Batman as "The Go...

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A Misunderstood Masterpiece 0

People hated this story. People exploded with rage, insulting his writer, thinking he went mad, that he was only doing this to cash in, to flip the middle finger to an entire generation of fan that waited fifteen years to a sequel of another masterpiece. They we're all wrong. This story, this graphic novel, this comic book, however you want to call it, it' a masterpiece of epic proportions. Not perfect, I'll admit that, but still a masterpiece.    The Story Superheroes as freedom fighter, but wi...

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Thunderbolts 150 0

 While most people enjoyed this issue, I've find it kinda of a letdown.Still good reading, but a lot of things pissed me off, and it was inferior to the others.      Story: a long issue, very good fights sequences, but some problems with the dialogues and the action: Luke Cage want to quit because... because he's a PUSSY thats why! I mean,how many missions so far? 3? What, you expected to turn into good clean cutheroes a bunch of psycho terrorists with only 3 missions?! Sorry sunshine, you need ...

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Thunderbolts 149 0

Story: like the others issues of Parker run, T-Bolts149 it's primary an action-driven comic with smart and fresh dialogues. The twist of Crossbones new (awesome) powers it's well placed, and so it's the dramatic and sad ending. Art: I actually like more Shalvey art than the one of designeted artist for this series, Kev Walker. Moonstone face it's sometimes a little off, but overall, the action it's fluid and the frames easy to follow. Characters: this line-up it's simply amazing, Jeff Parker wri...

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