This is what I would do

I think looking over the Marvel Universe and taking a little bit of time to see how things are being run on the inside to get a better feel of things. 
1) Fire Joe Quesada. Quesada has pretty much killed Spider-Man. Spidey revealing his ID to everyone in the Civil War was just a violation of everything that Peter Parker/Spider-Man was about. And then the whole One More Day crap that occurred was even worse. When Quesada said that MJ and Spidey being together made it tough to tell some stories, that is when I knew he was being lazy. 
2)  Pretty simple as well. Don't really mess with the movies too much. Now there needs to be times when Marvel steps in and stops some awful things from happening (Cyclops and Professor X dying the first 5 minutes of X3), but when they have a successful director and franchise let him to his thing don't force other things on top of it (Gwen Stacy and Venom in Spidey 3).

3) Focus on the characters and not gimmicks. One of the beauty in the initial stages of the Ultimate Universe is that Marvel for the most part got back to their characters though they updated some of it. And there seemed to be a lot of fun that the writers and artists were having. That makes for better work. 



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It's not that simple

It's more a complex thing that just saying good art is better than writing or vice versa. You need both. And it is more than just a good wrtier and good artist working on something together. Both parties need to have a sense of fun and like this is really cool. To me when i work with my artist, I look at it as a partnership between both.  Sure, I might be the creator of the universe and have a general idea on the epic storyline and a general idea of what they should look and feel like.

Beyond that though I leave a lot up to my artist. She should feel like an equal part in the creation. And as writer, it is my job to give her the freedom and the challenge of doing different locales and what things look like.  To make sure that she doesn't get bored doing it.

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