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Pak Falls Flat, but Van Lente Gives a Save 0

This score is the highest I can give. First off is Roland Boschi's art. He has a style in these chapters that I didn't find appealing. It's possible the team was trying to get an artist with a more gritty looking style for the Sabretooth vs. Logan fight, but it just falls flat, and is more annoying that gritty or dark.Moving on to the story & characterization. That doesn't deliver on Pak's end either. Pak co-writes this series with Fred Van Lente and has stated he writes the first half of th...

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Terrible Characterization 0

It seems clear by this point that Pak isn't good for these characters. The only reason I gave this a 2 is the art. Pak's mistreatment of most of the cast has been going for 15 chapters now -counting the Totally Awesome Hulk chapters. Lady Deathstrike is nothing but a prop. Warpath's powers change based on plot. Meanwhile, Sabretooth & Domino are caricatures. Domino has been reduced to a money-fetish and Creed has been reduced to an unthinking animal. Both things that other writers have been ...

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