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Kit Fisto Respect Thread

Been meaning to get one done. Alright this is my first Respect Thread and I wanted to do my first one with one of my favorite Star Wars characters.

Kit Fisto, the cool Nautolan sporting his epic tentacles (fish dreads lol). He is at home in the waters of aquatic planets, like his planet Glee Anselm. As a Jedi Master, Fisto has an intense focus, particularly in combat. He's a proficient practitioner of the Shii-cho Form and uses it as his main Lightsaber Form. He's a cool Jedi, Master swordsman, with an awesome attitude. Always ready for battle even with his award winning smile.

BTW. I will be using Feats from "Legends/Old EU"(Novels, sourcebooks, 2003 Clone Wars cartoon etc.) and TCW Cartoon

So without further delay

Respect Fisto

No Caption Provided


Here Mace regards Fisto as one the best of the order and the reason he chose him to accompany him in facing Sidious.

Forget not the existence of Sidious. Anticipate your action, he may. Masters will be necessary, if the Lord of the Sith you must face."

"I have chosen four of our best. Master Tiin, Master Kolar, and Master Fisto are all here, in the Temple. They are preparing already."

"What about Skywalker? The chosen one."

"Too much of a risk," Mace replied. "I am the fourth."

Revenge of the Sith Novelization

Shaak Ti supporting Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Tinn and Kolar being the Jedi Order's best.

"Anakin, why? The Masters are the best of the Order. What can you possibly do?"

Source:Revenge of the Sith Novelization(credit to ShootingNova)

And again here Mace regards Kit as one of the three of the most celebrated Swordsman in the Order as well a describing him as a Master of Shii-Cho.

Most of the Jedi are deployed on distant worlds, but Mace manages to assemble a trio of celebrated swordmasters to assist him in arresting Palpatine: Agen Kolar, a Zabrak known among the Jedi to strike first and ask questions later; Saesee Tiin, a solitary Iktotchi who has never chosen a Padawan learner; and Kit Fisto, Nautolan master of Form 1 lightsaber technique, who distinguished himself on Geonosis and Mon Calamari, and who partnered Mace in battling Grievous on Coruscant.

The Complete Visual Dictionary

Obi-Wan, insisting that Kit Fisto was not only one of the greatest swordsmen in the Order, but in all of history:

Now Obi-Wan did face him. "Palpatine faced Mace and Agen and Kit and Saesee - four of the greatest swordsmen our Order has ever produced. By himself. Even both of us together wouldn't have a chance."

Source: Revenge of the Sith(credit to Shootingnova)

Lightsaber Form

As I said before Kit Fisto is practitioner and master of the Shii-cho form. It's the first lightsaber form established in the Jedi Order and it is also known as "The Way of the Sarlacc". It is the most ancient style of fight, based on ancient sword techniques.

A Master from the Sabilon region of Glee Anselm, Kit was a practitioner of Form I lightsaber combat: it was the most ancient style of fighting, based on ancient sword techniques

The Cestus Deception

Basic initiates in the style demonstrated rather clumsy performance, though in the hands of a master, like Fisto, Shii-Cho was fluid but highly randomized and unpredictable.

Here describes the Form and Kit's application of it's raw, random, dangerously aggressive style when applied in combat. He even states that if immersed himself in the Force, it would amplify those traits in the form and himself, and that doing so is "The way of Form One".

Kit sat heavily, his smooth green forearms resting on his knees, sensor tendrils curling and questing like a nest of angry sand vipers. “I should have gone closer to the edge,” he said, the irises within the unblinking eyes expanding until they appeared to glow. “Released myself into the Force, become more unpredictable. More … random.

Obi-Wan heard the concern in the Nautolan’s voice. Form I was wild, raw … and deadly. It also required too much emotional heat for Obi-Wan’s taste. “That would have been dangerous,” he said, choosing his words carefully. “Not to your body, perhaps, but to your spirit.” Kit looked up at him, irises contracting again. “It is the way of Form One.

The Cestus Deception

Lightsaber Skill

In combat, Form I lightsaber combat was wild and raw, relying on deliberate tactics and being primarily aimed towards disarming rather than injuring foes, in keeping with Jedi philosophy. An ancient lightsaber technique that specializes in multiple opponents and multiple blades.

Fisto demonstrates his excellent lightsaber skill, and speed, as well his proficiency in Shii-Cho against multiple blades here in his famous bout against General Grievous nearly defeating him.

As shown Fisto fends off and deflecting every attack blade against Grievous nearly effortless, retaliating with lightsaber strikes of his own, showcasing excellent speed and Acrobatic skill. Applying Shii-cho's heavy emphasis on using Sun Djem( lightsaber disarm) at (00:47), using combative Force Push at (1:03) displaying versatility with his use of dual blades at (00:50-onward) and capability to casually fend off 3 Magnagaurds.

Now you might say,"But Shii-Cho doesn't really address 1v1 lightsaber dueling and according to sources" and apparently any single opponent could find a flaw in it.

Cin Drallig : Because the ancient Jedi did not have lightsaber-wielding enemies, Form I does not address the lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat.Jedi vs. Sith the Essential guide to the Force

While that's true, to a degree, it doesn't necessarily mean Kit is fallible to 1v1 lightsaber contest or opponents using only 1 lightsaber against him.

For starters Shii-Cho's inherent weakness is Makashi the form that was bred for lightsaber to lightsaber dueling and made to answer for Shii-Cho's lack of 1v1 dueling. He lost to Ventress(who had 2 blades) because she had prep/prior knowledge on Fisto's form 1 while he was fighting unarmed against X'Ting, and she utilized the Makashi lightsaber form.

Secondly, he has mastered, refined and compensated for the Form's lack of 1v1 dueling application, so any single opponent couldn't just find flaw in it.

Shown here.

Kit Fisto has contested against AotC Obi-wan Kenobi(who uses 1 blade) for hours in sparring session with neither finding flaw in each others defenses. After the first hour of sparring Kenobi recognizes that Kit Fisto was the better Swordsman while it was also noted that Kit was deliberately holding back his speed while sparring Kenobi.

Obi-Wan and Kit had been engaged for an hour now, each seeking holes in the other’s defense. Obi-Wan swiftly discovered that Kit was the better swordfighter, astonishingly aggressive and intuitive in comparison with Obi-Wan’s more measured style. But the Nautolan gave himself deliberate disadvantages, hampered himself in terms of balance, limited his speed, emphasized his nondominant side to force himself to full attention, the kind of full attention that can be best accessed only when life itself is at risk. To relax and feel the flow of the Force under such stress was the true road to mastery.

For hours the two danced without music, at first falling into a preplanned series of moves and countermoves learned in the Temple under Master Yoda’s tutelage. As they grew more accustomed to each other’s rhythms, they progressed into a flowing web of spontaneous engagement. Slowly, minute by minute, they increased pace, stuttered the rhythm, increasing the acuteness of attack angles and beginning to utilize feints and distractions, binds, rapid changes in level, and to introduce random environmental elements into the interaction:, furniture, walls, slippery floors. To an observer it would have seemed that the two were trying to slaughter each other, but the two knew that they were engaged in the most profound and enjoyable aspect of Jedi play, lightsaber flow.

The Cestus Deception


Kit Fisto is very proficiently skilled in Force Speed and one of the fastest in the Jedi Order.

Here's a testament to Kit Fisto's skill, his Form 1's unpredictability, and his speed in his battle against a JK droid

First, I'll start off by showing what these droids are capable of.

JK droid Feats

The JK-13s were bio-droids: they used a living circuit design incorporating organics into the core processor, which was actually a life-support unit for a creature known as a dastha eel . Because the eels were Force-Sensitive, they granted the droid some measure of precognitive abilities.

More than superb: it had been perfect. What kind of programming made such precision possible? Obi-Wan could swear that the aim had been almost precognitive, almost …

But there was another aspect of the affair that most eyes had missed, a strange phenomenon that had manifested first with the trooper, but seems even more pronounced with Kit Fisto: the JK had anticipated the Nautolan’s responses.

The Cestus Deception

2) 1 JK was capable of decimating a Destroyer droid that was within Five Meters of it, in an instant. Displaying advanced technological prowess, but it’s capable to absorb energy with its Absorption shields.

In the next instant the destroyer droid rolled within five meters of the JK, and all questions were answered. In a single moment the JK divided into segments, assuming a spiderlike configuration. In that instant its pose seemed less of a cowering leaf eater than one of those cunning creatures that mime helplessness to lure their prey into range. The destroyer droid spat red fire at its adversary. The sand rippled as the JK projected not a single force field, but a series of rotating energy disks that absorbed the blasts with ease. That was a surprise: typically a machine required less sophistication to deflect energy than to absorb it. This display implied some kind of advanced capacitance or grounding technology

The Cestus Deception

3) JK droids have moved faster than an experienced Clone Trooper's eye could tract.

Jangotat threw himself to the rear, firing as he did, riding it out and rolling backward, coming to his feet in a single smooth motion, turning in the same motion, switching his rifle to maximal energy pulses. Too fast! The JK was a marvel, zigging this way and that, its narrow treads blurring far too quickly to track. Three shots, four. The rifle’s barrel pulsed white as its blasts furrowed walls and floor, always missing the skittering machine.

The Cestus Deception

4) and have shown on video shown to be faster than Jedi/Fisto in their fight.

They watched a replay. “Fast,” Nate said. “As a Jedi?” “Faster,” Forry said. “But speed isn’t everything. Look at this …” He hit other controls. The footage of a Jedi with protruding head tentacles appeared. “From Glee Anselm,” Nate said. “Don’t see many Nautolans around. Jedi, eh?” “Who else would use one of those archaic light sticks?

In some ways his tactics weren’t that different from those attempted by the trooper, but the results were impressively superior. “Beat it.” “Umm-hmmm.” Forry clucked admiringly. “Did you see that timing?” “Uh-huh. Never seen reflexes like that, either. You’re right: the machine was faster, but it didn’t make any difference.

The Cestus Deception

5) Heavily armored are these droids and have advanced and destructive weaponry.They also are equipped with shock tentacles, electrified nets, stun darts and blaster bolts that can crush through stone.

When the soldiers tried to help their friends, the smaller JKS swooped in. They could not be stopped, reasoned with, blasted, or evaded. Shock tentacles, electrified netting, stun darts, and blaster bolts erupted with dizzying variety. It was impossible to predict their moves, or escape them. The JKs restrained and cocooned one miner after another, moving on to their next victim with mechanical dispassion.

The Cestus Deception

Where they struck, rock shattered and smoked.

The Cestus Deception

The JK droids manufacturing and proof that they are force sensitive and precognitive

Source:The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (credit to I_like_swords)

Here's the whole fight of Fisto vs the JK droid.

Part 1: Note that the JK is so technologically advanced that it was capable of strategizing against Kit mid battle. Making Kit’s victory and showing of unpredictability in Form 1 Shii-cho, speed and skill even more impressive

Master Fisto’s lightsaber flashed in his hand, and its emerald length rose from the hilt, scorching the air as it blossomed. The droid emitted a hum that climbed in pitch and intensity until Obi-Wan’s skin crawled. It remained motionless except for its surface, which once again segmented into an arachnid configuration. It seemed to sniff the air. Its insectile whine changed, as if it were wary of its new opponent. It extended tentacles again, but this time they wiggled in an oddly sluggish fashion. Strange indeed. Although previously appearing flexible and alert, was it now about to use the same tactics it had used against the commando? Perhaps the droid was not so advanced as he had initially feared … Kit’s lightsaber swatted the first tendril from the air with contemptuous ease. Obi-wan found his attention straying from the JK, focusing instead on Kit admiring the strength of his stance, the clarity of his angles as he chose lines of engagement. Kit favored the Form 1 style of combat, a fierce-

The JK’s repetition of previous patterns had lulled him into complacency. The tendrils were only a feint. Where, then, was the real attack? He leaned forward, examining the droid more carefully. Its feet. The spiky protrusions were sunken in the sand. And projecting outward from the treads themselves, burrowing under the surface … Were more tendrils, color-camouflaged to resemble sand. This thing attacked on two levels simultaneously, a strategy beyond most living warriors. Even more disturbing, it was deliberately misleading Kit by performing at multiple levels of tempo and efficiency, literally juggling its tactics, luring him to overconfidence

The Cestus Deception

PART 2: Kit's sense of timing/ reactions faster than conscious thought and moved faster than the JK anticipated despite its Precog ability.

The sand tendrils were within centimeters of their target before Kit sensed them. His lidless black eyes grew wider still as the sand erupted. A stalk snaked around his foot, trying to yank him onto his back. Other vines raced to assist the first group. The onlookers gasped in amazement as they realized that they were about to see the unthinkable: a mere droid defeating a mighty Jedi! But Kit was far from vanquished. As if he, too, had merely been playing a game, he crouched and leapt forward, spinning on his body’s vertical axis like some kind of carnival acrobat, surging directly at the JK. He rode the JK’s yanking motion instead of fighting it, slipping between the tendrils, the Nautolan’s sense of timing faster and more precise than conscious thought.

Whatever its powers, the droid had not anticipated such an assault, nor could it adjust in time. It released him and retreated up a step, all tendrils lashing at the Jedi. Kit’s lightsaber rained sparks. Tentacles flopped onto the sand, some of the larger pieces twitching, more like separate creatures than severed limbs. The Nautolan hit the sand, rolled, and bore in again instantly, his face tightened into a fighting snarl.

The Cestus Deception

PART 3: The last part in which Kit’s skill and form become to unpredictable for the droid to process. Kit was still able to baffle its reactions,with his unorthodox attack. .

But Kit had entered lightsaber range. At this more intimate distance, the droid was at a disadvantage. Now Kit was the predator, the JK reduced to the role of prey.

Hissing, it retreated on its slender golden legs, tentacles wavering, as if it couldn’t crunch data fast enough to counter the unorthodox attack.

The Cestus Deception

While producing the speed of his light saber to appear everywhere to JK in combat. Kit also accelerated at speeds enough to baffle Obi-wan's (who has seen the world in slow-mo and deflected torrents of blaster fire) gaze, he finally defeats the JK

Kit’s emerald lightsaber blade was here, there, everywhere: unpredictable, irresistible. The spinning energy disks no longer absorbed the strikes: now they merely deflected them, sparks raining in all directions. Kit accelerated into a blur of motion complex and rapid enough to baffle even Obi-Wan’s experienced gaze. The Nautolan Jedi’s lightsaber wove between the energy shields, descending on the JK’s housing for the first time. The droid emitted a painfully thin shriek. Its gleaming legs shivered.It collapsed to the sand. It twitched, struggling to rise. And then then spilled onto its side spewing smoke and sparks.

The Cestus Deception.

Speed continued

Kit moving fast enough baffle Obi-wan's sight.

Kit accelerated into a blur of motion complex and rapid enough to baffle even Obi-Wan’s experienced gaze.

The Cestus Deception

Kit produces a Cyclone of blazing blue light with saber strike and handily dispatches 2 Magnagaurds avoiding their strikes and cutting them to pieces. A testament to his speed and Mastery of Form 1.

To the rear of the car, where Grievous's pair of MagnaGuards had made the mistake of pitting themselves against Kit Fisto, the Nautolan's blade was a cyclone of blazing blue light. Resistant to the energy outpourings of a lightsaber, the phrik alloy staffs were potent weapons, but like any weapon they needed to find their target, and Kit simply wasn't allowing that. In moves a Twi'lek dancer might envy, he spun around the guards, claiming a limb from both with each rotation: left legs, right arms, right legs...

The speed of the train saw to the rest, ultimately whisking the droids into the canyon like insects blown from the windscreen of a speeder bike.

Labyrinth of Evil

Magnaguards have near light speed reaction, are Jedi like in skill (at least in the EU/Novel) and 3 in the past have given Obi-wan difficulty.

Three MagnaGuards, each with a double-ended weapon that generated an energy field impervious to lightsabers, each with reflexes that operated near light-speed, each with hypersophisticated heuristic combat algorithms that enabled it to learn from experience and adapt its tactics instantly to any situation, were certainly beyond Obi-Wan's ability to defeat, but it was not Obi-Wan who would defeat them; Obi-Wan wasn't even fighting. He was only a vessel, emptied of self. The Force, shaped by his skill and guided by his clarity of mind, fought through him.

Revenge of the Sith(credit to ShootingNova)

Kit moves his blade fast enough to produce a Web of light from the residue of his saber.

This Cestus affair grows uglier by the moment, Kit Fisto thought bitterly. Then regrets and second guesses dissolved as a web of lightsaber light filled the air around him, and guards crumpled to the ground. He flirted with battle fever, the howling demon in his mind trapped behind the bars of discipline, but guiding him as he slid down Form l’s razor edge

The Cestus Deception

Kit evading blaster fire from JK droids while saving a family of 4.

"Cover me!” Kit called, and dashed out. He felt the tingle before the beam struck, and skittered aside. He weaved wildly, fiercely, Form I-style improvisation applied to pure evasion. He dodged and dashed, covering ground toward the crouching family with blistering speed. Sizzling bolts missed him by bare centimeters. Where they struck, rock shattered and smoked. He felt a brief, intense electric jolt as a bolt grazed his hip, splashing against the ground. The Nautolan had begun to dodge even before the beam arced in his direction. Kit thanked his Jedi skills, and knew that his only hope was to stay out of range

The Cestus Deception

Kit fighting Ventress while moving his hands, feet and lightsaber at blurring speeds, which were described as "impossibly fast" and a "mind-numbing blur".

Now, finally, Kit drew his lightsaber. Ventress drew a pair of blazing, red blades. She inclined her head, breathing more quickly, lips curling into a smile. “Finally,” she said. “Your pleasure,” Kit hissed, and went at her. He was like fire, Ventress like smoke. The dance had substance but not form, a blur of light that seemed impossibly fast, unbelievably deadly. The two leapt and swerved, collided and bounced away. Single against double lightblades. Hands, knees, feet, all in a mind-numbing blur. Obi-Wan would have given his right hand to join. Or even to watch such a display.

The Cestus Deception

Kit Fisto and Plo Koon deflects blaster fire while producing after images out of their blade

No Caption Provided

Kit Fisto and Koon deflects dozens of blaster fire while taking down a room full of Armed Prisoners and Kit alone deflects blaster fire from Durge,all while creating long after images of his blade.

Kit also displayed combative Force Push here

Kit deflecting a barrage of blaster fire

credit to Silver2467
credit to Silver2467

H2H and Martial Arts Skill

Kit Fisto is also very skilled in Form 1's application of unarmed combat. He showcases his H2H skill very impressively in his fight against swams of X'Tings

Here Kit fights a group of chitinous armored/skinned X'Ting soldiers. Beings described as a "Martial Arts Hurricane", moving in 2 places at once, breaking bones,limbs, twisting joints, tossing around X'Ting. Showcasing extreme flexibility moving and incapacitating every X'Ting he touched

Kit Fisto snarled, surrendering to the pull of Form I’s unarmed techniques. His attack was absolute fluidity, one motion flowing into the next without a wasted effort. Heads cracked, limbs twisted against their joints, and X’Ting flipped howling into the lake.

From the corner of his eye he saw that Kit had made his way almost to Ventress, and what he saw as the Nautolan increased his efforts almost broke Obi-Wan’s concentration. His companion was a living, martial hurricane, his body moving in two and three directions at once, joints flexing, unlimited by human vertebral restraints. Who he touched went down. And those who went down, stayed down. Ventress might have gathered a rabble, but the youthful X’Ting were fearless, and fought as if for their lives

The Cestus Deception

Kit disarming and incapacitating an X'Ting with a kick all in one motion before it could make a sound.

He slipped into the room, and the single guard didn't have time to turn around before Kit hurled him self forward. The guard managed to level his sidearm as Kit sliced it from his hand. The Nautolan continued the motion into a kick to the head, disabling the hapless Cestian before he could make a sound.

The Cestus Deception

Kit incapacitating a Huge X'Ting with a pressure point attack.

On the way a huge technician swung a pry-bar at him. Sick at heart, the Jedi spun to the inside of the aggressive spiral and twisted it out of his hand.

He shifted his attacker against the wall as his eyes rolled up, voluntary nervous system paralyzed by a strike to the nerve plexus beneath his arm. “Sleep,” Kit Fisto whispered as the technician slumped. “All life is a dream".

The Cestus Deception

Regular X'Ting's look like this

No Caption Provided

So him successful putting down a large one is pretty impressive.

And here is Kit knocking a large 2 headed thug with a punch

No Caption Provided

Force Jump

Kit Fisto using the Force to Jump a very far distance and avoid a large explosion.

No Caption Provided

Force Telekinesis

Using the Force to telekinetically lift and roll a large Agrocite Canister. That same sized Canister took a faculty machine claw to lift.

Here Kit casually decimates a Destroyer droid and uses Saber Throw via Force TK

Force Sense

Kit Fisto while injured sensed that Obi-wan was in danger of being killed by Ventress, and cut down the dock they stood on, sending both into the water and rescuing Obi-wan.

Floating below the dock, Kit Fisto could still hardly move. He had barely evaded death from a lightsaber wound to the head, and his senses still were far away. But some deep instinct had warned him that his compatriot Obi-Wan was in trouble, fighting to protect both their lives. He woke up enough to reach for his lightsaber. He triggered it, and sliced the pilings supporting the dock. Ventress howled in surprise as she and Obi-Wan tumbled into the water.

The Cestus Deception

Sensing Durge's presence

No Caption Provided

Cold and Heat resistance

Kit uses the Force to resist extreme freezing and boiling water temperatures in intense water pressures.

Kit’s head slammed into the severed section, knocking it ahead of him. He eeled through, kicked himself away from another wall, and found himself in an even narrower channel, water pressure increasing the speed and intensity of the flow. Ahead the water was passing through a flash-heating ray, boiling it for a few seconds before passing the heated water on to another system of pipes. The ray brushed his skin, and Kit’s nerves screamed with shock. No! He swam upcurrent, caught between icy flow and the boiling heat ray. Fire and ice, he thought, suddenly aware that the cold had leached strength from his body.

The current pushed him back toward the boiling water, and he pulled at the sides of the channel, trying to lift himself out. No purchase. The first thread of panic wormed its way into his mind, and Kit Fisto clamped down on it instantly, concentrating on each stroke, centering himself, allowing the Force to find his way between the onrushing currents one meter at a time, until he reached a ladder, only two meters overhead. Kit concentrated, dived down in a fast loop, and burst up out of the water to grab the bottom rung and lift himself out. He shivered: the snow runoff was as cold as the cauldron had been torrid. It took a moment before his body adjusted and the shaking diminished.

The Cestus Deception

Underwater Force Ability- The Jedi Aquaman

The Nautolan Jedi Masters displays how great his Force ability, speed and skill can be accumulated to aquatic settings during the first Battle of Mon Calamari.

at (00:58-1:04) he deflects multiple blaster fire from manta droid subfighters, destroys 3 subfighters with a single saber strike each.

at (1:35-1:44) He evades, deflects and repels turret blaster fire from enemy Quarren and at 1:47 creates massive Force Bubbles to destroy the legs of a, military grade armored, Acclamator-class assault ship.

And of course he ends it with a cool smile on his face ;)

Kit Fisto vs Moappa:Under Water fight and 2nd part to the Battle of Mon Calamari

Here Kit Fisto faces off against thousands of sentient aquatic being called Moappa who where telepathically community with the Quarrens to instigate battle against the Calamari of course we found out that they had good intentions.

However, when they formed together by the 1000's, the Moappa became a threat. Fisto and the Moappa engaged for a while and after a few failed strikes from Kit Fisto (due to the Moappa regenerative ability and quick reactions), he brilliantly and instinctively used the Force to create a Hydro Pump harmlessly dispersing 10's of 1000's of Moappa.Thus breaking their connection and power for few hours, ending their conflict.

Well that's it. That's all I got and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope I did well enough for you guys and you if have any questions about the Comic issues, tips, corrections or whatever just let me know in the comments.

Also feel free to add any feats, sources or quotes of Kit Fisto. Especially if you have any, that I missed or could not provide.

Peace Out! R.N.S