My ideal team

List items

  • Perfect leader in every way, Steve Rogers is an obvious choice to lead any team.

  • Compliments Captain America very well. Cockiness mixed with genius.

  • Who wouldn't want the power of a God on their team? I know it looks like an avengers lineup right now but a wild card is about to come up.

  • Told you. Every team needs a crazy wild card that listens to their impulses rather than their reason.

  • Speaking of crazy, Moon Knight is driven by Vengeance. While Deadpool provides comic relief, Moon Knight provides crazy seriousness.

  • Because it just wouldn't be a team without him.

  • One I've always enjoyed. Bounces back and forth between being a smartass and a serious leader.

  • Because you need a little diversity on teams,and because she's my favorite fiery irish redhead.

  • Love her diversity and skill set. Thinks on the fly and isn't afraid to improvise.

  • Odd choice I know, but you need a handyman, and who better than a mechanical genius?

  • Fearless. Extremely loyal and extremely stubborn.

  • Super spy. Stealth expert. Looks good in black leather. Nuff said.

  • Weather manipulation? Sure I'll take it.

  • A lesser known entity in the Marvel Universe, I've always liked his skill set.

  • ...not much to say about this one.

  • Because I wanted one more super heavyweight on the team other than Luke Cage.