Isolation is a funny thing. Sometimes people isolate themselves from others for a reason; be it fear, depression, or anger. Then there is the kind of isolation no one wants: isolation by others. This usually happens when the person that's being isolated had done something to a particular group that merits the isolation. I'm only bringing this up because I've seen pretty much every type of isolation happen in this short year that we've had so far. Someone makes a crucial mistake, and instantly they are isolated; not kicked out of a group mind you, just isolated so that they know that they messed up. My main point of this rant is this: either that person can embrace the isolation and really spend that time alone thinking about how to remedy the situation, possibly even get creative and do something productive, or they can go into a state where they completely shutdown. It really has to do with the person being isolated, and that's what I find fascinating about isolation.
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So the novel I'm writing is making me have some doubts about my abilities. It's not that I don't think I'm a good writer anymore, I just think I'm kind of a lazy writer. I haven't done any research for anything really, yet the book is flowing along rather well. So this brings me to a dilemma. Do I stop the good momentum that I have and start throwing in random facts about things? Or do I just ride the tidal wave of ideas that I have going right now and continue to write until I hit a snag. Or, third option; finish the book, THEN go back and add some random facts. Decisions, decisions...

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It's a cold, cold day in New York my friends. I've always preferred the cold to heat any day of the week though. The addition of snow and ice kind of tempers that preference however. I would much rather deal with a cool or chilly spring or fall day over this muck of snow and slush laying around everywhere PLUS the cold.
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Where to start

I haven't really read any comics or graphic novels in the last year. Any new ones anyway, I was heavy into Dark Reign and then when Siege hit, I was kind of dissapointed about what went on and how it ended. The fact that there was no major event to follow Dark Reign just kind of shut me down for a while, and I have to admit, I lost interest. That being said; now looking over the year that was, I find that I missed a lot of new, good storylines. The first thing I want to check out is Shadowland. In addition to that I have to check up on the various Avengers titles, Thunderbolts titles, and of course good 'ol Deadpool titles. Very excited to buy myself some reading material for the new year, even if it's from the last year.

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Frustration over.

Yeah so probably like twenty minutes after I complained, I found the last two crossovers I missed. E is for Extinction and the Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire. I overlooked them because they were so short but now that I found them I'm pretty stoked.
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Frustration in quests.

Sooooooo...I'm trying to get the X-men quest set down. I have everything done except for the X-men crossover quest. I've tried literally every crossover I can think of and I've even looked up a few I didn't know. I'm two short and I have absolutely no idea which ones I could possibly not have tried already. Very frustrated.
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Random thought

Really random. I was looking at my marvel poster today, and I noticed something that I have somehow overlooked for years. Most every male superhero has a mask, yet not a whole lot of female heroines have masks. Pointless thought I know, but the most popular marvel male heroes (Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine,etc...) all have masks. Now I know there most certainly are females who wear masks (Ms.Marvel, Spider-Woman,Moonstone,etc...) but the large majority do not. Look at the X-Men females. None of them wear masks. Odd observation I know.
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I have to say, sometimes I feel just a little guilty as a Marvel fan. You see, I can't stand the Fantastic Four. The first family of the Marvel universe, and I really can't stand them. Human Torch? Yeah I guess he's kind of cool, wisecracking, flight, fire, sure I could like him if he was on another team. Thing? Not a huge problem with him either. I like Ben's personality and he's good as a heavy hitter. But have you ever met a couple where you realize that individually they're cool but together as a couple they're just awful? That's how I feel about the FF. No problem with the Torch or Thing, but Mr.Fantastic and the Invisible Woman? Can't stand either one of them. Invisible Woman, your powers are kind of cool, but you are always going off complaining and whining about something, so I'm sorry but you annoy the crap out of me. Mr.Fantastic? You're a rubber band. Great. Granted you're a genius too, but most of the comics I read with you in them, you come off as kind of a tool. The storylines as well for the FF. Not a fan at all. Again, this is why I feel l guilty, because I know that without them, the Marvel U would not be where it is today. However, I decide to respect them and their position, yet simply stay away from their comics.
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I really like the evolotion of the Thunderbolts. The first incarnation of the Thunderbolts featured a line-up of virtual nobodies (Moonstone, Atlas, Songbird, Fixer, Beetle, and Jolt) , of which really only Moonstone and Songbird would go on to become somewhat big players, with Moonstone joining the Dark Avengers and Songbird becoming specially targeted by Norman Osborn in Dark Reign. The original Tbolts were led by Baron Zemo, who lacks the charisma of most Super Villains. They were formed to fill a need for new heroes after Onslaught ravaged the Avengers, but they were secretly villains simply masquerading as Heroes. After this incarnation failed, the Thunderbolts were turned into a virtual army during Civil War. Led again by Baron Zemo, literally every apprehended super criminal was drafted into the Tbolts. Every D-list villain that is. After Civil War, Baron Zemo was sucked into a vortex of time and space and met his demise. When the team was again assembled, it had gained a couple of new, notable members. This is where I first started getting interested in the Tbolts, as it had old members such as Moonstone, Songbird, Swordsman,  and Radioactive Man; infused with the newly disturbed Robbie Baldwin as Penance, Venom, and the secret member, Bullseye, not to mention that Norman Osborn was now the team leader. As Secret Invasion hit, this team was still together and very active during the final battle with the skrulls, during which Norman got the final kill-shot on the Skrull Queen, launching him into the public eye as a Hero and launching him into new heights as new appointed leader of H.A.M.M.E.R. With his new power, Norman drafted three of his Tbolts (Moonstone, Venom, Bullseye) into his Dark Avengers while murdering Swordsman and publicly disbanding the Tbolts. With the team disbanded publicly, Norman secretly formed a new Tbolts team intended to be almost a black ops style team. With new members Black Widow, Headsman, Ant-Man(Not Pym), Paladin, and Ghost, the Tbolts did Osborn's bidding until Black Widow was revealed to be a spy for Nick Fury, and left the team. Soon Scourge took over as head of the team, which also added Mister X and Grizzly. In a twist of fate, Scourge shot and killed Headsman, Leaving the final Osborn-Sanctioned roster at Scourge, Ant-Man, Paladin, Ghost, Mister X, and Grizzly. With the Tbolts about to get a new look, with Luke Cage of all people leading the team, I have to say I am again pleasantly suprised at the evolution of the Tbolts. The new lineup is set to be Luke Cage, Crossbones, Juggernaut, Ghost, Fixer, Mach-5, Songbird, and Moonstone. Mixing some well known characters with some lesser known characters. The thing I like is that this time constantly crosses over from being a heroic team to a villanous team, with the newest incarnation being supposedly heroic. I am really looking to see where this new team is taken...