Comics I enjoy

I know very little about comics and like very few of them. I guess this is a list of the ones I have read and come across and found nice (I realize some of them really suck but I often like stupid things).

List items

  • I guess it's sort of a joke in the world of comics but I love Scott Pilgrim, I like the art and I like the characters and it's an enjoyable read and it sort of influenced me and I like Plumtree a lot and I think the film adaptation worked really great and the entire cast and every department was very on point. I'm just really satisfied about Bryan Lee O'Malley having chosen to create this and I can't deny it at all. I have the entire collection at home after it's been released in Brazil but, as usual, reading the original (canadian?) issues online is what works best - some stuff is lost in translation.

  • Tank Girl is my fave and it's got the best aesthetics and it is what really makes me want to read more comics. It's awesome, I love it.

  • When I went to the US for the first time, I bought two comics: a Jughead mag and an Archie mag. I thought it was as dumb and as teen-chaos-issued as I hoped it would be. They're like a ridiculous John Hughes film and sometimes it makes me angry and sometimes it makes me cringe and sometimes it makes me laugh and I like it for that dubious feel.

  • AY CARAMBA! The Simpsons are the best and I love them.

  • I love Uncle Scrooge I will never get tired of reading it and I think it's in my blood because my mom used to read Uncle Scrooge comics and I'm pretty sure it's the only comic she ever got to read and it's still just as good as it was back then.

  • I recently bought an issue of It Girl! when I went to a comic book store for the first time, along with an issue of Fantastic Four and I liked it way better than FF (I have trouble dealing with superhero leagues and movie adaptations that seem really boring to me). Therefore, I respect this.

  • This and other Marjane Satrapi's works have really spoken to me in a cool way as I read about life of a young girl in Middle East and had to imagine what it was like, me being a young girl from a privileged background in South America. I'm thankful for it.

  • Josie and the Pussycats is the best part about Archie Comics and they rock.

  • I'm brazilian and I can safely say I was brought up by Turma da Mônica. I'm pretty sure I've read over a thousand of these, or at least over a thousand of reads (if you count reading some of them more than once). Their old classic stories are really great (not this young adult japanese style weird crap they're putting out nowadays) and it's a beautiful universe and I was very very immersed in it since before I learned how to read, as a little child, up until I got too busy reading dumb teen girl magazines to keep stocking on them, but I still got a lot of merch at home and all the stories are still so funny and obviously hold their place in my heart.

  • W.I.T.C.H. was also so important to me. I'm currently rereading it after years and confirming how great it is. Very few things went wrong in the comics, in my opinion, so I praise it a lot for that.

  • Have always loved TMNT (the cartoon and the live-action films too) and recently got the chance to buy an edition with the very first comics - the ones the two dudes got the idea after getting off work and getting really drunk and used 1,200 dollars to take the first copies and they were larger than standard comic mags size and yeah, I love them even more.