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Naruto ---> The True Heat Power of Katon, Amaterasu & other Jutsu (WIP)

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---> In this Blog I'm gonna talk about the potential heat-power of Katon (Fire Style), Lava & Magma Style and of course Amaterasu.

I was reading again the battle between the New Team 7 against Boro, when I noticed something. . .

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In this panel we can see Boro, member of Kara, melting two shuriken thrown by Sarada due to Lava Style. . . so why is this important? For several reasons:

Stainless Steel ---> Shuriken are weapons made of stainless steel. The melting point of stainless steel is 1510 ℃ (2750 ℉) meanwhile common lava (in our world) reaches 600-1400 °C meaning Lava Style is superior than our world lava. . . but not just 'cause of the melting point --->

Quantity of Lava Style used ---> As you can see Boro used a tiny amount of Lava Style in order to melt and deforming those shuriken. . . not just that, the Lava Style didn't even covered the shuriken in order to melt 'em.

Time ---> Another impressive thing is that those shuriken started got deformed/melted in (we can say) an instant, right after getting hit by Lava Style. . . and the Jutsu didn't even covered those weapons to melt 'em.

^ In this video you can see how much time stainless steel takes to start melting --- 2450 ℉ (300° inferior than ss melting point, who is 2750°) inside an induction furnace for about a hour. . . and still it wasn't melted nor visibly deformed.

In other words melting stainless steel takes time, like alot of time. Something that Boro did instantly and without covering it in Lava Style.

shortly ---> Lava Style > real world lava

  • But this isn't the best part. . . 'cause Sarada managed to counter Boro's Lava Style (of a whole different level) with her Katon (Fire Style). . . meaning it should've been comparable (in both power and heat) to it in order to counter it.

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  • Amaterasu ---> Hot enough to hurt Hachibi, leaving him screaming in pain, when a tidal wave of Lava Style (from a stronger user, Son Goku) couldn't even injure him in the slightest.

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. . . but not just that the Black Flames of Amaterasu did even better than Lava Style against stainless steel ---> hot enough to vaporize it in 1 second (Shin Uchiha Arc).

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  • The anime gives us the exact time:

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  • Same feat against an even bigger weapon:

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---> "Naruto was injured by Roshi's Lava Style" . . . an argument often used to downplay Naruto's heat resistance.

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Then I ask to y'all. . .

1. What makes you think Roshi's Lava Style is comparable to our world's lava?

2. Why it shouldn't be much more hot than our real world's lava, like Boro's Lava Style?

3. What makes you think that a Jutsu is weaker than our real world element?

---> Boro's Lava Style is the perfect example that shows how superior it is compared with our world's lava. Furthermore Son Goku (Roshi) is the strongest Lava Style user of the 'verse (so far and after Rikudo to Current Naruto that can use all the related powers of every Bijuu).

---> Remember that EoS Base Naruto was able to easily withstand the flames of Amaterasu with just KN1 Chakra Cloack.

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