Attention ComicViners, I need your help

As one of you knows, I took the on-road driving test today, and will be taking it tomorrow and on Wednesday(On my birthday, Seriously?). I know this person is probably definitely tired of hearing me complain about sucking, so I'm asking you, ComicVine: How can I stop sucking? Have you got anything for me? Like InstaTips that will make me good. I never had prior exposure behind the wheel, so I blame everyone around me who said they'd help teach me but never did. There's a whole lot of stuff that they never told me about it, and so this is partly their fault. But that's not the point. How can I not suck at driving?


Rogue's power control

forgive me if it's short, but I'm not that used to expressing thoughts/questions/other stuff.

I just found out that Rogue can control her powers now. I, personally was glad because I felt like we were all waiting an eternity for it. But someone around me says it detracts from the character and she should only have it temporarily, that it's like finding Wolverine's origins: "good in the short run, but now we all really just want to forget his origins so he'll be a better/more interesting character again." I must admit, I do miss not knowing about Wolverine as I feel since then, he's been really toned down and I kindof miss his more feral side, the one that Sabretooth fights(fought) when they duked it out. Ah, Sabretooth.(Crying face). What does the rest of the vine think? Was Wolverine's past being revealed only good for the short run(maybe), and should Rogue keep her powers only temporarily(no)? Hehe, asking it like that makes me feel like a brutally honest or off my mind.