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My top 10 favorite comicbook characters ever

I am from Europe so this list has some european comicbook characters in too.

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  • The english telepathic socialite, supermodel, airplane pilot, secret agent turned japanese ninja assasin. What is not to like?

    I would love to write a comicbook series about her and I would call it "the crazy life of Elizabeth Braddock"

  • I have an X-men bias and this guy is just truely the best at what he does and what he does ain't nice.

  • Kurt looks like a demon, but has the heart of a Seraphim.

  • The big gaul stonecutter that loves his wild bores and slapping some romans. While Asterix is the fast and smart guy, Obelix is the best character from the best comicbooks ever from Europe.

  • Captain Haddock from Hergé's legendery Tintin series. In early european comics there were 2 giants Hergé and Franquin. I liked Hergé more. The grumpy Captain Haddock was the best character from the Tintin comic.

  • One of Europe's best comicbook writers is Jean van Hamme. He wrote the viking tales of the half human half alien Thorgal, who married a viking princess and doesn't like adventure at all. He is a hero out of need. To save his family.

  • The best menber of the FF period. Sue is too momsey. Jhonny is a arrogant bleep and Reed is just a nerd. Ben is cool.

  • A radioactive spider ... jadajadajada we all know the story. Peter Parker is your everyday kid who is likeble a bit nerdy and has girl problems. He also has the powers/responsibilities to make a difference

  • Jean van Hamme also wrote XIII. A great bourne-like story about a guy who killed the president of the USA, but doesn't remember a thing.

  • Another X-man. Rogue. I liked her best when she didn't have the control over her powers and all the drama that brought. The lively southern belle who can't touch anyone or they will get hurt.