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Marvel's best special ops team.

Teams like X-Force and Secret Avengers show another way of being a hero. A stealthier, nastier way of heroics. This team would be the best Special Ops hero team in the marvel universe.

List items

  • This African King is smart, deadly and has resources. He would be the perfect leader for this team

  • Sue is smart, powerful, beautiful and can be very badass. Her invisible forcefields can both cloak and protect the team.

  • Betsy is a warrior. Her telepathy and telekenetics would be a great asset to the team. She is trained by the Hand and very deadly in melee combat.

  • The KGB trained Laynia Petrovna is a mutant capable of manipulating an immeasurable amount of darkforce energy and teleport. She will be the teams ranged blaster and teleporter. I choose her above Black Widdow because she is much more powerful

  • Flash Thompson aka Agent Venom has the alien symbiont and is just an all-round badass.

  • This man is the ultimate badass. He is smart, skilled and the best in what he does. Picking Logan is a nobrainer.