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Claremont's best characters.

The best X-men writer of all time Chris Claremont created some very good characters.

This is a list of his best creations.

List items

  • The cute 13 year old kid that thought that "Professor X was a Jerk". She grew up and became a teacher and important part of te x-men.

  • While Claremont didn't create Jean Grey. He did make her interresting with the Phoenix storyline.

  • The man that symbolises ones inner beast. The short humbugging Canadian badass is one of his finest creations.

  • The gentile german acrobat who looks like a devil, but has a heart of gold. Priest, Lover, fighter and true Hero.

  • The African-American Orroro is regal, strong willed and full of devotion. Storm is one of Claremonts finest.

  • The southern belle that has buckets full of love, but can't be touched.

    Mutants have loads of powers and Rouge could have them all, but not without a price. She heares the thoughts of the former owners in her head.

  • The gentile giant. The iron man from Syberia with the heart of an artist.

  • The little girl that couldn't that like a butterfly turned into the woman that could. Betsy can adept like no other and what doesn't kill you (or in Betsy's case even things that do kill you) makes you stronger. This rich girl has a way way way more "crazy life" then Paris Hilton ever had.

  • The cayun lover thief and allround suave guy. Mysterious, dark and funny he is just plain cool.

  • Jubilation Lee was a mallrat that hiched a ride when the cool X-girls came to shop in her mall. She has spunk, fun and fireworks.

  • A snowflake in hell. A little girl kidnaped to Limbo by Balasco and turned into a sorceres/demonwoman. What is not to love?

  • Just like his sister Psylocke he is created by Chis Claremont. Brian is not a very likely man to be guardian of the multiverse. But somebody has to do it.

  • Ali Blaire never wanted to be a hero. She wanted to be a Disco queen rock star. Life intervened and hero she is.

  • Daughter of Jean and Scott from a horrible future is harder then her mom and just as powerful.

  • Mutant from the future just like Rachel, who is a badass that can turn any kind of energy into plasma.

  • One of the better New Mutants. Rich boy that later became a leader of the Avengers.

  • Mom of many heroes and queen of many faces. Badass old woman that can cause allot of trouble.

  • While Lobdell and Morisson made her a hero it was Claremont who made her. The snarky blond teacher of the Hellions and the Hellfire Club.

  • One of the X-men's greatest villains Nathaniel Essex is so evil that the nazi germans feared him more then Captain America and his mery men. Plotting, Cloning and biding his time to strike. Allways interested in Jean and Scotts DNA. Crazy good Villain.

  • Victor Creed has allways been Wolverines achnemessis.