Current Pull List

Current Pull List, it will be updated and subjected to change on a constant basis. I will include dropped series that I have tried out, but they will be labeled.

Rating is based on how well the series is currently doing, shifts are normal and any series that would be lacking could experience cancellation.

List items

  • This has been one of the biggest DC turnarounds and is one of my favorite series that I am reading. Lemire and Sorrentino have done so many amazing things on this book and I see no reason to jump off this ride.

  • Really, I need an explanation....

    Zero Year has been dragging on, but it definitely isn't bad, and I am definitely interested, I am just losing interest, and I feel that this book is better with its dark and gritty feel.

    (This story has been non stop consistent. I love what Greg and Scott are doing on this title, and after a few months Zero Year will be on its way. Its a huge gamble, that may very well lose or gain some readership. But I am with this title until these guys are gone)

  • My first Marvel series, and it is fantastic. It has definitely hit its ups and downs, but I really love these characters, and as long as the story is progressing, I am onboard.

  • This has basically replaced RHTO as the one book that is so much fun with amazing art and great characters. I love everything this book was doing and drooled at the spectacular artwork. Pichelli looks like she is leaving, and I will be so bummed if its permanent because Bradshaw is in for an arc and then McGuiness will be on for an arc.

  • Replacing All-New X-men, this series is in only one issue, and everything is great so far. Cyclops is one of my favorite Marvel characters and I love reading about his old and younger self in present day times, adding in space pirate dad, and Marvel cosmic shtuff, with really good art, this is hard to pass up.

  • This title definitely needed time to win me over. I came on board for the Coipel one shot, but got really lost and confused with the art and plot. Only after the shocking issue 14 did I start reading again. McNiven will be missed but I am warming up to Acuna's art and I am in until the arc is finished.

  • Only started reading this due to always wanting to read an issue of Manapul's artwork, and was really impressed with the first two issues. It is definitely a refreshing Batman story that I need while the main Batman title is off in Zero Year. I am definitely giving this arc its shot, and hopefully it wont disappoint.

  • Gave this series a shot, and I am glad I did. Nice art, and fun stories, but I think I will buy an future issues in trade, due to the lack of a linear story in place of one shot stories. It definitely is good, but I'd rather pull a book with a story in mind, and its not like I dislike the book, I just would want to try something else

  • I have bought so many issues of this series in random order, but it definitely is interesting. Didn't dig Battle of the Atom, but I really dig Kitty Pryde, and Young Cyclops, but I just don't find myself drawn to this book anymore.

  • Picked up issue 17, and fell in love with the art, but after a while the story just got too slow and boring. Then after the whole drama this book was under, I left it. After a while I can see this book being picked up again but not just yet.

  • Just didnt grab onto what Tynion did with this book. Hard to believe I dont read this title anymore, but I dont care for the story or art anymore.

    Loved this series since issue 1, in a bit of a hiccup since Timothy started on art, but the story hasn't been to par recently. I think Tynion being the new writer is needed to energize this series back to life.

    (I have a strong connection with this book, and it will take a lot for me to drop this book. Tynion has a huge chance, and Mico isn't going to be on the book for long, so we might still have some artist problems)

  • After Coipel left, I lost interest in the story, and dropped this.

  • Picked up issue 3, but added to my list at issue 12.

    Might be dropped following Death of the Family

    (This series is officially droppeD)

  • Started around issue 7, peaked past issues, but was interested in the War of the Robins.


    (May be picked up around issue 19)

    Has been temporarily picked up due to the team up issues

    (I have dropped this again, but might pick up the Nightwing issue)

  • This was a really nice book, and I loved what James did and thought he had a fitting end for this book. Hopefully we cna see more of this character in the future.

    Read since the 0 issue, loved every issue

    (Apparently this title is going in a new direction, and it will be huge. Talon will soon be more invested in the DCnU and that is a weird/nerve wracking thing. If James can pull it off, especially with a new artist, than this book will pull off a huge success)

  • This was one of my first series I followed, adn though it wasn't always pefect, yu can tell that Higgins was passionate. It is a shame this book was cancelled, and Nightwing was just put to the wayside, but I will leave my anger and frustration in place of appreciate for what Higgins did for this character.